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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Larry W. Fitzgerald and Carolyn F. Spradlin to Anton L. Hall and Kayla B. Agee. 109 S. Hillcrest Dr., $156,200

Brian Grinstead and Dana Grinstead to Allison Cullimore and David W. Musick. Lot 4, section 1, Sandusky Park, $250,000

Charles L. Massie and William C. Massie to Aaron S. and Sarah A. Lockhart.252 Sunset Dr., $325,000

Steven W. Sigmon to Bill Duane and Kelly Grier Williams. Parcel, off of Robinson Gap Road, $190,000

Janet Bryant to Theodore Gus Macheras. Parcel, Woody’s Lake Road, $20,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Elissa Aigeldinger. Lot 9, Coolwell Manor, $144,900

James C. and Kathryn C. Bryant to Amherst Auto & Tire LLC. 3596 S. Amherst Highway, $275,000

Stephanie H. and Paul D. Henson III to Laurice Dannis and Demetrice Diggs Garland. 187 Hillcrest Circle, $190,000

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Kacie Maddox. 132 Troy Lane, $156,000

Kirk E. Parker to Joel Michael Wendland. 1062 Old Stage Road, $250,000

Good Investments LLC to Hudson B. and Ashtyn B. Cunningham. 287 Ridge St., $297,786.55

Pattie C. Day and Karen C. Jardine to John L. and Jody M. Thomas. Lots 31 and 32, Clearview Acres, $12,500

Appomattox County

Sharon L. Canterbury to Otis Johnson Sr. Parcel, near Police Tower Road, $269,900

David D. Elder to Philip D. Hertzler. Parcel, Mount Pleasant Road, $48,000

Patricia A. Bonnewitz to Gary A. and Sandra C. Clapp. Lot 2, fronting west side of Sunnydale Ave., $85,000

Allen R. and Della M. Roberts to Trent A. and Nancy Clarke Baker. 1249 Confederate Blvd., $260,000

JKM Investments LLC to Brittany T. and Justin M. Bryant. Lot 2, section III, Duck Pond Subdivision, $475,000

Bedford County

Carl V. and Deborah Y. Mauney to Amanda Grace and Sean Michael Severns. Lot 12, section I, Lakefield, Lakes District, $2,349,000

Herbert H. Smith II to Patrick Joseph White and Jennifer Doyle White. 1360 Hermitage Circle and additional parcel, Lakes District, $579,900

Providence Properties LLC to Megan Elise and Benjamin Thomas Downey. Lot 64, Pleasure Point, Blue Ridge District, $575,000

Giles R. Henry Jr. to Norman E. and Elaine L. Mattson. Villa 31, phase 13, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $475,000

Evelyn M. Deel to Daniel R. and Trevaesa N. Fisher. 1196 and 1198 Blackhorse Gap Road, Blue Ridge District, $325,000

JTC Construction Inc. to Mac Lee and Tony Lee Lloyd. Parcels, Meadors Spur Road, Blue Ridge District, $315,000

Frank V. and Victoria E. Acevedo to Aaron Joseph and Lindsay Anne Jacque. Lot 2, Watson Woods, Lakes District, $299,900

Dennis J. Van Aalsburg and Lavonne I. Van Aalsburg to Brian K. and Rose A. McDaniel. 2407 White House Road, Lakes District, $298,600

Charlene R. Boone to Christian L. and Alice H. Oberholtzer. Lot 15, section 2, Brookledge, Blue Ridge District, $259,900

Todd Morris & Sons Construction Inc. to Derek and Ashley Bender. Lot 8, Colvin Acres, Lakes District, $254,900

Clayton P. and Emily F. Hurt to Robert D. Harris and Travis J. Harris. 1255 Russell Dr., Lakes District, $246,001

Nyla J. McDilda to Mason Alexander Kingery. 1138 Cinnamon Ridge Road, Lakes District, $238,100

Kelcey J. and Shelly D. Branch to Brent A. and Linda K. Dicker. 6298 Saunders Road, Blue Ridge District, $236,000

Chance Merriman Witt to Austin B. Turner. 1040 Bethesda Dr., Lakes District, $185,000

Della M. Brown to Slade L. and Angelique B. Showalter. 512 Ridgelake Road, Blue Ridge District, $130,000

Barbara Jean Pendleton and James Brown Pratt to Jonathan W. and Kasey C. France. Parcel, Camp Jaycee Road, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

Stephen L. and Teresa J. Avery and Tara M and Theodore Kamprath Jr. to The County of Bedford. 3031 Otter Hill Road, District, $25,000

Michael Todd Anderson to Joey M. Creger and Elizabeth S. Creger. Parcel, Our Cove Road, Lakes District, $18,500

Spencer T. Bobbitt to Nevin D. Ranck and Eileen R. Ranck, 3287 Cool Springs Road, $148,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Glyndal G. and David W. Partington Jr. Lot 11B, phase II-A, Oakwood Villas, $369,900

James M. Chadwell and Beverly T. Chadwell to Brian Douglas Corner and Nancy Jean Eichenberger. Lot 6, Joplin Terrace, $384,000

Mira Gibbs Goldsmith Anderson, Reese Goldsmith, Sarah Goldsmith, John Goldsmith III and Frances Goldsmith to Silas and Stacy Mount. Lots 13-16, fronting Va. 43, $169,900

Ricardo F. Orozco, Gayle H. Maimo and Christie M. Orozco to Amy Elizabeth and Gordon Weld Mcilvain Jr. Lot 36, section 1, Jefferson Woods, $226,001

Mary L. Temple to Patrick Morgan and Britney Diane Gross. Lot 21, Lake Manor Estates, $599,900

Robert S. Bonheim Jr. to Richard C. Renshaw and Sharon D. Renshaw. 8820 Charlemont Road, $329,900

Brian David Booth to Larry and Laura S. Fleshman. Lot 3, section II, Walnut Ridge Subdivision, $410,000

Anthony Campos Jr. to Erin Hayes. Lot 17, section 2, Yukon Subdivision, $350,000

West Crossing LLC to Francesco and Rosemarie Anne Bisulca. Lot 26, section 5, Farmington at Forest, $52,000

Harlis C. Breeding to Cody B. and Bailey R. Moses. Lot 52, Forest Edge Subdivision, $309,900

Loren Shimpock to Lauren Wooldridge Morris and Joan C. Woolridge. Lot 29, section II, Lake Vista, $300,000

Valtim Leasing Company LLC to Justice Real Estate LLC. Lot 2, phase II, Ashwood Park, $349,000

Kelly D. and Bradley L. Mann Jr. to Blair S. and Patricia N. Kooshian. Lot 3, section III, Burnbrae Subdivision, $560,000

Virginia Mountain Land Holdings LLC to Blaze Builders LLC. Lot 7, Bells Mill at Goode, $20,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Maurice N. and Bonnie R. Hansen. Lot 12A, phase II-A, Oakwood Villas, $369,900

Phillip Davis and Ann J. Davis to Gwen D’Lynn Hooks and Joshua Hooks. Lot 8B, London Downs Townhouses, $385,000

Cynthia M. Gramlich-Covello to John and Cynthia Capen. Lot 21, Jason Anthony Manor Subdivision, $55,000

Claudia C. Davidson to Carol T. Poftak. Unit 57, Jefferson Oaks, $223,000

Jennie C. Martin to Michael T. Shockey and Emily E. Helman. Parcel, Bowyer Subdivision, $260,000

Stephen James Acree to Kimberly A. and Thomas C. Schacter. 1304 Park St., $299,900

Campbell County

Dana M. Robb to Jonathan C. Parker and Jessica L. Turner. Lot 3, Hickok Village, $255,800

Chandler H. Reynolds to Ashley Diane King. Lot 12, Park Meadows, $110,000

Mark A. Scott and Hilary K. Scott to Aaron Niles and Lydia Coleeta Hubbard. Parcel, near Spring Mill Road and Red House Road, 48.69 acres, $182,000

Janet Hendren Rogers to Christopher and Kristina M. Driver. 5928 Collins Ferry Road, $275,000

Jadon LLC to Brian Wynn. Lot 17, phase I, English Commons, $189,900

Brenda T. and A. Willard Arthur Jr. to Rod Burnett. Lots 13 and 14, section II, Howard’s Manor, $76,000

Robert A. Pierpoint to Jean W. Henry. Lot 10, section 1, Russell Springs, $251,000

Brenda Gayle Owens to Cory L. and Beverly A. Geesy. Lot 1, Callahan Estates, $27,900

Wards Road Trust to George E. and Angela R.D. Coleman. Lots 1-8, Wards Road, $185,000

Evelyn May Lookadoo to Angela C. and Lesley Mackzum. Lot 8, section 6, Lawyers Road, $125,000

Mary Elizabeth Miller and Jacob Luke and Hallie Elizabeth Hunter. 121 Beechwood Dr., $153,100

Jacob R. Roberts to Glynn T. and Lynn E. Joshua. 1209 Haven Court, $145,000

Peter B. Jung and Grace Younjung Choi Jung to Alexandria Waller. 120 Barbour Dr., $236,900

Lawrence E. Powell Jr. to Justin David Lovelace. 185 Clearview Circle, $259,900

Jadon LLC to Donnie Preston Flounoy II. Lot 16, phase I, English Commons, $188,900 

City of Lynchburg

Reeves Property Solutions LLC to Michael J. Wright Jr. 1512 Augusta St., $123,500

Steven Combs to David and Britnee Lee Ochabski. Lot P14, Cornerstone, $325,000

Earl M. Driskill Inc. to Tiffany Spencer. Lot 37, block H, section 8, Blue Ridge Farms, $125,000

Turner Properties LLC to Elijah D. Klepac and Lily S. Morris. Part of lots 2 and 3, block 6, Homewood Acres, $145,900

Jeremy G. and Morgan Ashley Stone to Kyle A. and Joanna J. Jeffreys. Lots 43-45, block 5, College View Terrace Addition, $185,000

Jamon D. Hill and Naome Anoba to Valinda M. Lewis. 1174 Harborough Dr., $375,000

David A. Ochabski and Britnee L. Ochabski to Joshua A. Kelsey and Meng Shan Ho. Lot 26, section 2, Heritage Hills Subdivision, $250,000

Arthur Wayne Keesee to Kyle C. Faix. Lo t7, block 2, Melwood Addition, $88,000

Jonathan W. and Alexandra E. Steltzer and Jennifer A. Danles to Justin Emanuel and Lori Mercer. 552 Leesville Road, $227,000

Brandy Barnes O’Neill to Crystal D. Horsley. 4925 Myrtle St., $148,550

Jimmy David Ferrell to RJC Holdings LLC. 618 Sussex St., $136,000

Dorothy M. Coleman to Donald A. Garlock Jr. and Julie A. Garlock. Lot 14, section 2, Chestnut Hill, $176,900

New Line Properties LLC to Cameron R. and Hannah R. Seavers. 1420 Garfield Ave., $84,900

Peyton E. Scott to Robert W. and Julie A. Belcher. Lot 7, section 3, Chestnut Hill, $170,000

James H. and Betty D. Mann to Glenn A. Babbitt. Lot 18, section 4, Hudson Tract, South Land Acres, $195,000

Charles Henry Robertson III to 743 Sandusky Drive Trust. 743 Sandusky Dr., $128,000

Carissa J. and John H. Kerstetter IV to Brett Thomas Matthews. 304 Westover Blvd., $205,000

Shawn C. and Robin C. Butler to Ethan Alexander Leighty and Nguyet Thi Anh Nguyen. Lot 10, block 11, section A, Sandusky Acres, $229,900

Larry E. Rose to Elise Marie and Michael Brian Rose. 205 Rockwell Road, $110,000

Dylan A. Duff and Carsen R. Baldree to William Thomas Ferguson. 1412A Ashbourne Dr., $135,000

George C. Wortley and Susan L. Wortley to Clifton C. Simmons and Moose K. Simmons. Lot 9, section 2, The Bluffs at Riverside, $240,000

Stephanie L. McLemore to Lakeisha Genine Cameron and Unique A. Cameron. 1401 Langhorne Road, $369,900

Goff Masonry Inc. to Clark123 LLC. Lot 1, Country Club Estates, $52,500

Daryl H. Yoder and Wanda L. Yoder to Tyler M. Hanson. Lot 14, block 2, section B, Linkhorne Forest, $339,900

Deborah J. and Levi D. Coleman Sr. to Christine G. Smith. 316 Beverly Hills Circle, $230,000

Theodore J. Craddock to Hyperion Properties LLC. 1607 Somerset Dr. and 3001 Longfellow St., $126,000

Leech & Hicks Inc. to Bobby James Walker Jr. 203 Morgan St., $80,000

Jeremy D. Rowlett, Melissa A. Rowlett and David M. Rowlett to Patricia Anne Mattingley. Lo t8, unit 402, Wyndhurst, $175,000

Kyle R. Blanchard and Kathy D. Blanchard to Todd Wurtz and Joshua Wurtz. 742 Crestwood Circle, $182,000

E&I Investment Group LLC to Christopher Gideon Oliver. Lot 3, block 8, Westover Heights Land Company, $187,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

New Covenant Schools, 122 Fleetwood Dr., addition, $350,000

LU Wards Road Center Holdings, 2305 Wards Road, new construction, $750,000

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business, 3900 Wards Road, renovation, $550,000

Lynchburg (Wards Crossing) LLC, 4024 B Wards Road, renovation, $660,000

Liberty University Inc., 1940 Liberty Mountain Dr., addition, $433,556.96

Maddox and Son Construction Inc., 1500 Main St., renovation, $450,000

Virginia Episcopal School, 400 VES Road, new construction, $8,000,000

Harclay Corporation, $3502 Mayflower Dr. Unit B, renovation, $60,000

LU Candler’s Mountain Road, 4550 Mayflower Dr., renovation, $1,139,930.23

SBA Towers IX LLC, 2144 Lakeside Dr., addition, $29,000

M.B. Long, 7412 Timberlake Road, addition, $29,000

City of Lynchburg, 2624 Lakeside Dr., addition, $29,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3405 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $225,000

Westwood Corporation, 111 Wiggington Road, renovation, $5,000

Rock-Tenn Company Mill Division Inc., 1805 Concord Turnpike, repair, $140,000

Marketplace of Lynchburg LLC, 1125 Main St., addition, $12,000

T. Delaware Properties LC, 1101 Madison St., repair, $40,000

Interchange Investors LLC, 3105 Odd Fellows Road, renovation, $32,911

Lynchburg Ready Mix Concrete Co. Inc., 101 Halsey Road, new construction, $200,000

TCM Properties Inc., 7429 Timberlake Road, renovation, $9,500

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc., 102 West Edge Way, new construction, $3,000,000

Freedom Financial Group LLC, 414 Bay St., repair, $38,000

Salvation Army, 2215 Park Ave., renovation, $210,107

Stephen McCombs, 4340 Gorman Dr., addition, $60,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 222, new construction, $160,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 224, new construction, $160,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 226, new construction, $160,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 228, new construction, $160,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 230, new construction, $160,000

Maddox & Son Construction Inc., 420 Breezewood Dr. 232, new construction, $160,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC, 119 Waughs Landing Dr., new construction, $230,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC, 607 Elmwood Ave., new construction, $230,000

Bernadette Svrcek, 3604 Ridgecroft Dr., addition, $49,586

Dottie Carey, 119 Berkshire Place, addition, $5,025

William, Bumgarner, 4116 Audubon Place, addition, $125,546

Larry Walker II, 3709 Sherwood Place, renovation, $8,000

Kevin McLaren, 2740 Greenhill Lane, renovation, $78,000

William Flint, 2715 Hurdle Hill Road, renovation, $68,000

Aquilino Estrada, 351 Smoketree Lane, addition, $6,200

Easy Selling Lynchburg LLC, 2322 Garfield Ave., renovation, $70,000

Curtis Baker, 4717 Locksview Road, renovation, $5,500

Patricia Barlowe, 5312 Boonsboro Road, renovation, $5,500

Main LLC, 1500 Main St., renovation, $450,000

Brenda Wood, 204 Blue Ridge St., addition, $100,000

Trevor Berryman, 2109 Westerly Dr., renovation, $1,000

Nathan McClure III, 111 Carriage Way, addition, $16,880

Granville Sewell, 1125 Running Cedar Way, renovation, $48,000

JES Construction LLC, 112 Wayne Dr., renovation, $8,500

David Speroni, 4325 Greenway Place, renovation, $4,000

Katelyn Ross, 128 Bon Ton Road, renovation, $59,556

Believabuild LLC, 264 Payne St., renovation, $20,000

Anthony Johnson, 1040 Long Meadows Dr., renovation, $14,790


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