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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Patricia M. Brockman and Sarah S. Brockman to Maple Hill Cottage LLC. 488 South Main St., $338,000

George Walter Springer to Roger S. and Catherine P. Snodgrass. Parcel, 3.461 acres, $29,000

Warren L. Tomlin to Zachary Neil Votaw. Parcel D, Love Lady Creek Road, $35,500

Curtis B. Wade Jr. and Samantha M. Wade to Marcos Ascencio. 1401 Boxwood Farm Road, $141,000

Matthew D. Dushaw to Jacob Michael and Caroline Sue Whitmire. 126 East St., $134,900

Paul G. and Carolyn G. Burgess to Andrew Reeser. 144 Winesap Road, $81,000

Nicholas B. and Molly J. Jensen to Stephen Nast. Lot 5, Wynbrooke Subdivision, $235,000

Jeffrey W. Kidd to Martin G. Ludeke. Parcel, Early Farm Road, $150,000

David L. and Vallha D. Carter to Patrick E. and Autumn B. Paige. Lot 43, section 10, Amherst Plantation, $35,000

Appomattox County

William Berry Crafton to Alexis W. and William Alexander Brown Jr. 3549 Holiday Lake Road and additional parcel, Holiday Lake Road, $85,000

Frederick R. and Rhonda F. Vine to K&A Homes LLC. Lots 2 and 3, fronting Va. 607, $67,500

Deborah M. Foster to Walter Thomas Bailey. Parcel, Evergreen Ave., $60,000

Wilfredo and Maureen Bobe to Roddrick Lee and Rena Shanay Barbour. 726 Columbus Road, $339,900

Gary L. Thompson to Rockydale Quarries Corporation. Parcel, Quarry Road, $37,500

Debra Sue Robak to Rockydale Quarries Corporation. Parcel, Quarry Road, $37,500

Bedford County

Brian M. and Whitney G. Sportelli to Sheridan C. and Alina D. Dawson. 3379 Trading Post Road, Lakes District, $736,150

Jacob D. Rothgeb to Brian S. and Robin S. Umphlet. 3659 Joppa Mill Road, Lakes District, $505,000

Neil F. Huddleston to Dennis A. and Gina S. Brown. 4056 Saunders Grove Dr. and two additional parcels, Blue Ridge District, $435,000

Joseph and Tory Shepherd to Scott F. and Debra W. Werthman. Unit A2b, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $375,000

Fred Associates LLC to Richard F. and Jennifer R. Dimarco. Lot 12, Park Shores, Lakes District, $370,000

William W. and Paula M. Bobbitt to Marc R. Morris. Revised lot 12-A, Wenwood, Blue Ridge District, $265,000

Robert Michael and Sonya M. Henry to James J. Stagliano and Kerin Montana. 4174 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway and additional parcel, District, $245,000

Marvin E. Harris Jr. and Betty K. Harris to Christopher Ray Weekley and Tamalea Wright Weekley. 6068 Dundee Road and additional parcel, Lakes District, $200,000

Randy L. Wade and Jennifer Macleod to Jessica and Ronald Bates Jr. Tract 8, section 3, Scenic Acres, Blue Ridge District, $175,400

Rosemary Luck to Heather N. and Timothy M. Hodges. 1044 Colonial Fort Dr., Blue Ridge District, $160,000

Christian Y. Torbert and John D. Amshey to Ronnie Lynn and Jordan H. Giles. Unit 2103, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $101,000

James Robert Padgett to Santana Kinlaw. Lot 1, section 1, Jay Gee Subdivision, Lakes District, $62,000

Countryside Land Company LC to Clyde S. Sisk Jr. and Karen J. Perry. Parcel, Goodview Road, Blue Ridge District, $49,000

Wayne and Karen Turner to Joyce G. Payne. Lot 1, section 2, Cliff View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $31,600

Carl J. and Linda Dianne Puffenbarger to Joyce G. Payne. Lot 3, section 3, Cliff View, Blue Ridge District, $28,000

Nellie E. Richards to Christopher and Leigh Ann Atkins. Lot 129, section B, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $15,000

P.D. Garrett to Steven T. and Nancy M. Barber. Lot 55, section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $9,000

James F. and Catherine J. McLaughlin to Thad E. Mertz. Lot 12, section II, Walnut Hollow Forest, $253,000

Solomon Holdings Inc. to C Square LLC. Lot 5, section B, Bedford Court, $65,000

Pacot Builders Inc. to Travis L. and Cassie R. McCall. 2536 Indered Farm Road, $400,000

Raymond Swanson and Lisa Swanson to Melvin Leroy Adams Sr. and Sandra Joy Adams. 938 Ashland Ave. and additional parcel, $340,000

K. Wade and Margaret Ann Markham to Luke Kieran and Jessica M. Franzelas. Lot 9, section 2, Peters Estates, $349,900

Wayne A. Dufort and Valerie E. Dufort to Todd R. and Patricia H. Jennings. Lot 15, section 2, Overlake Knoll, $629,000

Hayley F. and Henry S. Mullins III to Daniel and Karen Berkenkemper. Lot 49, section 2, Hunter’s Creek, $380,000

Peaks View Construction LLC to Carlos A. and Ana Maria Cruz. Lot 4, Coffee Road Estates, $335,000

Carolyn Sue Sheffield to Mark A. and Sonia M. Lanham. Lot 8, section 2, Brooknoll Estates, $73,500

Viola F. Woodward to Robert Glen and Kristy Lynn Perkins. Lot 2, Center District, $270,000

Zachary Aloysius and Melisa Jane Nemaec to Brian Andrew and Christy Beall Marker. Lot 4, Cherry Tree Estates, $277,500

Candon L. and Benjamin L. Stanley to David and Susan Boyd. 400 Quail Ridge Dr., $370,000

Judith A. Szean to Walter J. and Joyce Querying. Parcels, Boonsboro Place, plan C, $331,200

Brian W. Frank to Michael Tawon Snead. Lot 18, section 4, The Meadows, $205,000

David R. and Victoria L. Wonnacott to Ruth and Fredrik Eckhoff. Lot 32, section II, Governors Hill, $230,000

James P. Towner and Virginia Weeks McCabe to Douglas H. and Braley and Catherine Price. Parcel, Town of Bedford, 0.327 acres, $388,400

Grandview Course LLC to John Jared and Kimberly Cox Hesse. Lot 5, phase 1, Grandview Course, $354,000

Campbell County

Richard W. and Joan M. Garman to Donald Mattoon. 258 Timber Ridge Dr., $330,000

John E. Ansted and Barbara A. Fallis-Ansted to Michael and Angela Sheriff. Lot 1, Va. 694, $408,300

Robert Lee Savage Vance to Ethan W. and Ashley Neas. 2172 Lynbrook Road, $275,000

Jacob Ryan Shelton and Lauren Barber Shelton to Jonathan Jose Fernandez Rodriguez and Juana Iris Infante Castillo. Lot 6, Leewood Subdivision, $186,000

Noel E. and Virginia W. Gibson to Betty Diane and James Hudson Mann Sr. 61 Levonne St., $245,000

Malcolm L. Bailey and Steven A. Bailey to Kevin W. Snead. Parcel, Three Creeks Road, $150,000

Cynthia L. Akers to Charlie G.A. Watts II. 141 Church Lane, $92,000

Mark Len Nichols to Redwood Property Investments LLC. 218 Autumn Dr., $32,500

James Robert Marstin, Michael Earl Marstin and Carroll Wayne Marstin to Rebecca Martin and Ryan Keith Angel. 2587 Sugar Hill Road, $125,000

Sheila M. Roper to Elisah and John McGee. 11978 Red House Road, $525,000

Mark M. and Laura C. Bennett to Engelberto Robert Lopez. Lots 39 and 40, Lakewood, $214,300

Stacey Jean Saum to Phuoc Nguyen. Lot 166, section 3, Braxton Park, $250,000

Yolanda Smith and David J. Bulthuis Jr. to William C. and Theresa A. Dunbar. 92 Squire Circle, $199,900

21934 Timberlake LLC to Carol H. and Nicholas R. Nuzzi Jr. Lot 61, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $215,900

CMH Homes Inc. to Timothy M. and Shelly L. Penny. 605 Marysville Road, $277,555

City of Lynchburg

Donald P. Ray to QS&B Enterprises LLC. 903 Fillmore St., $33,000

Courtney D. Lewandowski to Leah C. Horton. 300 McConville Road #32, $138,500

Matthew S. Runals to James Forest Dudley. 2101 MacLeod St., $133,000

Anthony E. Markham and Jason Maurice Spinner to Mia Bradley. 803 Mansfield Ave., $139,900

Ki Dong and Sung Bun Park to CCM Property LLC. 114 Hexham Dr., $775,000

Kimberly Kovalesky to Barry A. and April Y. Gallagher. Lot 33, section 1, Heritage Hills, $246,000

Charles A. and Nancy L. Phelps to Linda M. Thieneman.1210 Shirley Road, $115,000

B. Doulgas and Nancy T. Brockman to Julia W. Chipley. Lot 22, section 5, Oakwood Club Estates, $70,000

Melissa Jacobs Childress to Jerry W. Campbell. 1705 James St., $72,000

JCM Giles Investments LLC to EJLD LLC. 312 and 314 Warren Ave., $163,298

Stephen P. Clarke Jr. to Whitney John and Marzena A. Hofheins. 1306 Harding St., $139,500

Helen S. Howard to Patricia Ann and Stephen Everett Brooks. 812 Sanhill Dr., $203,880

Emily J. Swecker to Amber Arthur. 4819 Carver St., $154,600

Troy V. and Chaka T. Burnett to Joseph Robert Gordon Dekreon. 655 Wyndhurst Dr., $205,000

Centra Health Inc. to Virginia Baptist Homes, Incorporated. 1700 Enterprise Dr., $6,480,000

Donna and Ken Harber to Kimberlee D. Torres. 211 Duncraig Dr., $325,000

Darcy E.A. and John M. Lancaster III to Griffin W. Spencer. 1514 Madison St., $150,000

John Jared and Kimberly C. Hesse to Daniela M. and Roger K. L’Ecuyer Jr. Lot 36, section 1, Kenwood Hills, $300,000

Ross L. Mecham III to Caleb A. and Autumn L. Wade. Lot 3, block 4, section A, Bedford Hills, $242,000

Elmer A. and Doris Albertson to Barbara Diane Spivey. 305 Meadowview Dr., $190,000

Christine Hawks to Adam Karol. Lot 25, section 3, Cedar Ridge, $162,500

Connie L. Landreth to Tracy Anne Durham and James Henry Gaul. 811 Dinwiddie St., $5,000

Stephen G. Pettyjohn and Betty W. Pettyjohn to Stephen Toff and Annette B. Pettyjohn. Lot 4, block A, Morey Hills, $200,000

Andrew David Trowbridge to Noah M. Holmes, Anthony V. Holmes, and Cynthia H. Holmes. Lot 4, section 1, Sheffield, $226,000

Jillian L. Kennen to Todd Marsh Lucado. 808 Westview Dr., $139,900

Brandon James West and Alaicia Rae West to Chad L. and Rebecca R. Nelson. Lot 5, block A, section 1, Seven Oaks, $239,900

Mary F. Thornhill to Major Transport LLC. Lot 5, block F, Lacy Grove Addition, $35,000

Elise N. Cole to Vivian J. and David M. Schrock Jr. 304 Perrymont Ave., $145,000

Joanna M. Matheny, James M. Matheny, Joel M. Matheny and John M. Matheny to Sharon Dunham. 1725 Heritage Circle, $240,000

Harold D. Hamner III, Nathan C. Hamner and William D. Hamner to Robert L. and Judith B. Aylor. Condominium unit No. 9, Carriage Square Condominiums, $289,900

Mildred D. McQueen to NBS Real Estate LLC. 2211 14th St., $15,000

Banks of the James to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 8, Dearington, $24,000

Samantha Casey Turner to Timothy W. DuBose and David A. DuBose. Lot 6, block W, Forest Townhouses, $145,000

Carlos Munoz and Marta M. Martinez to Dylan T. and Heidi M. Chapin. 1206 Dearing St., $165,400

Copper Fox Rei LLC to Leap Forward Investments LLC. 1219-1221 Pierce St., $120,000

Gregory A. and Renee R. Maca to John R. and Elizabeth A. Salasin. Lot 10, Bethel Park Subdivision, $570,000

Diane M. and Ernest E. Jones Jr. to Heather Biggs. Lot 6, Candlewood Court Villas, $225,000

Christopher D. Allison to Karen Denise Seward. 309 Hood St., $120,000

Tanner J. Ray and Rodney C. Ray to Dennis Tyrone and Mavis Almeater Lee. Lot 5, section 3, Cedar Ridge, $261,100

Phillip U. and Andrea S. Gabathuler to SPF Properties of Blacksburg LLC. 423 Riverside Dr., $170,000

Wendy Kristen Hawkes and Kelly Leigh Hawkes to Tramaine Wright. 110 Aaron Place # 107, $170,000

Bethel Partners LLC to David D. and Robynne C. Garrard. Lot 30, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $64,000

MB Development LLC to Foss Enterprises Inc. 2530 and 2540 Fairview Ave., $790,000

Michael E. and Lisa B. Pinelli to Almedin D. and Senada Hamzic. 189 Irvington Springs Road, $460,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 Old Mill Road, new construction, $262,260

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 Old Mill Road, new construction, $37,184

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 Old Mill Road, new construction, $7,875

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 Old Mill Road, new construction, $20,312

Leonard Jenkins, 2810 Campbell Ave., renovation, $1,000

Frito Lay Inc., 230 Jefferson Ridge Parkway, addition, $10,000,000

CMT Properties-Lynchburg LLC, 3710 Old Forest Road, renovation, $10,000

Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg, 501 VES Road, renovation, $16,900,000

Genevas Place LLC, 722 Commerce St. 3, renovation, $3,000

Agree Central LLC, 4119 Boonsboro Road, new construction, $1,194,552

City Markey Lofts LLC, 1225 Main St., renovation, $75,000

Eleven 25 of Virginia LLC, 1125 Old Graves Mill Road, addition, $5,000

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 1 Old Mill Road, new construction, $2,820,703

Millers Rest Apartments, 6125 2 Old Mill Road, new construction, $2,906,084

Elmwood Holdings LLC, 115 Waughs Landing Dr., new construction, $230,000

James Weaks, 103 Pacos St., renovation, $5,500

Candlewood LLC, 116 Chateau Place, new construction, $215,000

Candlewood LLC, 118 Chateau Place, new construction, $215,000

Candlewood LLC, 120 Chateau Place, new construction, $215,000

Candlewood LLC, 122 Chateau Place, new construction, $215,000

Robert Allen, 207 Yeardley Ave., renovation, $8,100

Mark Engelke, 101 Dean St., addition, $9,100

Ariel Weisman, 1800 Wiggington Road, addition, $5,000

Stuart Kettinger, 305 Preserve Dr., renovation, $21,930

Christopher Toler, 302 Yeardley Ave., renovation, $10,260

Mark Stubstad, 1101 Greenway Court, renovation, $50,000

Daniel Bathurst, 147 Melinda Dr., renovation, $20,000

Bethel Partners LLC, 309 Two Creek Dr., new construction, $250,000

Bethel Partners LLC, 104 Two Creek Dr., new construction, $250,000

Kenneth Hill, 3301 Cranehill Dr., addition, $20,646

David Cannon, 3711 Sherwood Place, addition, $10,000

Curtis Gray, 1209 Brandon Road, addition, $4,000

Richard Giles, 1714 Moormans Road, renovation, $5,000

Empire Capital LLC, 911 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $60,000

Reed Burks Jr., 312 Buckingham Dr., addition, $9,500

Bryce Murphy, 1101 15th St., repair, $50,000

Sandra Wilson, 3843 Fort Ave., renovation, $45,000

Across the Bridge LLC, 409 Rivermont Ave., repair, $100,000

Stephen Baldwin, 1030 VES Road, renovation, $56,000

Cook Family LPI, 4631 Oxford St., repair, $4,500

Cook Family LPI, 4635 Oxford St., repair, $8,200

Iron Orchid LLC, 1340 Bedford Ave., renovation, $19,900

Sergius LLC, 1021 Harrison St., renovation, $7,500

Juvis Guzman, 621 Gum St., addition, $53,895

Angela Hefner, Et al, 5924 Rhonda Road, repair, $45,000

Shawn Dressler, 1101 16th St., renovation, $35,000

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