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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Mark W. and Rachel M. McCormick to Manuel and Rachael E. Lastre. 146 Coolidge Road, $141,500

Tana M. Ballowe to Elizabeth Charlene Hanna. Lot 2, block 1, phase V, unit 102, Royal Gardens, $169,900

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Sergio Torres. Lot 18, section II, Pine Ridge, $146,000

Brittney Cox and Ryan Cox to Ray L. and Ann P. Cunningham. Parcel, Allen’s Creek Road, $2,142.86

William H. Nicely to Sebastian Gil Rojas and Leslie Elizabeth Garcia. Parcel B, Mountain View Farm, $213,000

Jared Tyson Kerlin to Alexander James Lingle and Ashley Nicole Finney. Lot 40, Fairfax Hills, $158,000

Jon Marc and Paula K. Waller to Equity Trust Company. Suite 102, Madison Square Condominium, $89,000

Keith R. and Nancy L. Brightbill to Jason Hewitt. Parcel, Poor House Farm Road, $80,000

Ann Jennings Maddox to Nicolas Evan Cooke and Anna Lynn Creammer. 104 Buck Hill Dr., $166,000

Delores C. Irving and Teresa C. Irving to Raymond and Pamela Chupp. Parcel, near Coolwell, Va. 661, 0.363 acres, $115,000

Frank R. and Betty Morcom to George D. and Diane M. Pace Morcom. 184 Sirocco Lane, $250,000

Thirty-Thirty LLC to Thomas Vasil Mouharemis and April Dawn Harper Macinnis. 192 Stratford Place, $266,000

Corey A. and Krista K. Sheron to Morgan Leigh Briles. Lot 1, Dock Jordan Lot, $179,000

Appomattox County

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Barber Maqbool and Carolina Lopez. Parcel, 65.053 acres, off of Lime Plant Road, $125,000

Michelle Rene Grose to Christopher T. Anthony. Parcel A, Va. 644, 18.98 acres, $72,500

Mark Landis and Stacy Landis to Linda S. Weinstein, trustee. Parcel, Blackberry Lane, $41,000

Dorothy H. Bryant to Ashley Claire Mitchell. 1055 Skyline Road, $265,000

Rene N. Ballowe and Ryan K. Smith to H. Curtis Pearson Jr. 2355 Country Club Road, $143,000

Rachael Blunt to NBS Real Estate LLC. Parcel, Va. 654, 4.80 acres, $55,000

Susan S. Ponton to Linda Coker. Parcel, Va. 719, 2.25 acres, $350,000

Promise Lane RD LLC to Lucian H. Reed. Parcel, 56.93 acres, Va. 604, $107,500

Bedford County

Robert D. and Sarra J. Kaplan to Jeffrey Ethan and Linda Vacaro Treese. Lot 106, section 4, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $1,525,000

Kenneth G. and Jan M. Kellstrom to Alan B. and Kathryn W. Stayton. Lot 86, section 4, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $1,490,000

Leesville Lake Associates to Little Tree Land LLC. Parcel, 458.09 acres, frontage on Va. 608, Lakes District, $1,150,000

BDSML LLC to Siriat Kongdee. Lot 11, section II, Lakeland Pines Subdivision, Lakes District, $564,000

Jeremy W. Smith and Alicia F. Smith to Dorothy J. Hess. Lot 31, section 1, Deerwood Pointe, Lakes District, $400,000

Robert F. and Geraldine M. Collins to Bobby L. and Sherry L. Hartman. 102 Morning Dove Lane, Blue Ridge District, $379,950

Jack and Kristen Lynn Prayto to Jennifer Sacco and Michael Sacco. Lot 2, section 2, Hickory Cove, Lakes District, $320,000

Antoinette M. Miller to Ralph Martin Caskey and Deborah Jean Sutton. Part of lot 20, Lakeview Knolls, Lakes District, $285,000

Lendale R. and Marcia D. Mason to Page M. Wetterberg. 1271 Meadow Acre Road, Lakes District, $283,100

Robert A. Pitre to Shann and Tammy Dalton. Lot 28, section II, Park Shores, Lakes District, $280,000

S and S Farms Inc. to Cassandra Lynn Burroughs and Evan Wylie Johnson. 2583 Meadors Spur Road, Lakes District, $279,950

Brian Paul Baynes and Michelle Leigh Baynes to Christine L. and Wesley F. Phillips III. Lot 7, section 2, Stauton River Estates, Lakes District, $215,200

Kevin T. Malick to Kristen Edith Wagner. Lot 2, Skyview Properties Subdivision, Lakes District, $199,900

David W. Nelson to Destinee Nicole Whitley. 12776 West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, Blue Ridge District, $147,900

Jason W. Williams to Lauren Patterson. 1175 Berryman’s Road, Blue Ridge District, $125,000

Cynthia Witt Shevos to Dylan T. McKinney. 6896 Bishops Creek Road, Lakes District, $115,000

Gladys P. Hunley to Travis G. and Chandra R. McLaughlin and Rucker W. Hurt. Parcel, 13.420 acres, Va. 616, Lakes District, $70,000

Sunshine Richards to Chrystal Lanee Lee Stacey and Damon Paris Richards. Lot 21, Village North, Lakes District, $60,000

Barbara M. Robinson to Coolaid Investments LLC. Lot 36, Boardview, Lakes District, $55,000

Esperanza Forero to Kimberly Nicely. Parcels, Marley Hills, Lakes District, $38,000

Craig S. Eddy to Kevin L. and Angela G. Harmon. Lot 6, section 2, Hickory Lake Club, Blue Ridge District, $26,000

Gary K. Durandetto and Junko Durandetto to Leander K. and Catherine C. Carrier. Lot 11, block 2, Snug Harbor, Lakes District, $25,000

Darrell E. White to SWW Farms LLC. Parcel, Mutineers Circle, Lakes District, $19,000

Carl E. DeHaven to Roy Wayne Basham Jr. Three parcels, off of West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, Blue Ridge District, $17,500

Richard L. and Jennifer A. West to Austin Lee Crisp and Samantha Ann Marie Costa. Tract 14, section 1, block A, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $17,000

Katherine A. Wasicko to Lelia Mae Hyatt. Tract 40, section 2, Brumfield Graves, Lakes District, $15,000

Daveen S. Woods to Jared A. Downey. Lot 27, section 1, Deerwood Pointe, Lakes District, $12,000

Goshen Living LLC to Eric Ludwig and Jenna Marie Gilbertson Holland. 505 and 507 West Cook St., $151,000

Angela Palladino Smith to Lori S. East. 312 Otterview Road, $20,000

John H. Rosser and Susan W. Rosser to Rodney Burnett. Lot 29, Oakview Subdivision, $150,000

Anthony W. Robinson to John L. and Melissa D. Vollmer. New lot 17, section 15, Farmington at Forest, $349,900

Ray E. Porter III to Nicholas P. Ferguson. 102 Hunters Creek Road, $462,000

Daniel W. and Ana B. Schepens to Ryan M. Somers and Schuyler Godsey Somers. 1695 Trent’s Ferry Road, $879,000

Steven R. and Kelsey L. File to Bradley Anthony and Erika Raquel Bohon. 1191 Bellvue Road, $374,900

Douglas E. Blake to DRV Construction LLC. 1177 Settlersway Lane, $30,500

Hazel S. Tyree to Erin C. Tomlin. Lot 1, section 1, Valleywood Townhomes, $138,900

Calvin Warren Massie to Tracey Worley and Robert Mack Bryant Jr. Two parcels, Shady Lace Lane, $65,000

Kevin H. Turner and Rebecca L. Turner to Spencer T. Bobbitt. Lot 6, Boxwood Estates, $25,000

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Lorraine Taylor. Lot 33, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $369,900

Woodland Resources LLC to Equity Trust Company Custodian. Parcel, 5.34 acres, near Suck Mountain Trail, $28,350

Kendahl Barker to Lisa A. and Robert T. Caldwell. Lot 16, Twin Peaks, $50,000

Pamela C. Byers and Marcia C. Knight to Tina M. Chaffin. 1211 Oakwood St. and additional parcel, $168,700

Adam C. and Erica A. Plaster to John Pitts and Maria Michelle Curtis. Lot 10, property of Cottontown Investments LLC, $465,000

Stephen P. Leech and Betty L. Brockwell to Barry D. Woodard and Robin M. Woodard. Parcel, Va. 811, $925,000

James C. Wood Jr. to Kyle L. Chamberlin and Christine N. Chamberlin. Parcels, Forest Road, $660,000

Sandra J. and Veldon D. Holaday Jr. to FOI Builders Inc. Lot 24, Ivy Woods, $25,900

Westwood Corporation to Thomas Eugene Fariss and Donna Brizendine Fariss. Lot 3, Folkestone, $35,000

Matthew W. and Sara R. Coplin to Spenser M. and Hannah J. Foley. Lot 2, section 10, Blumont, $290,000

Campbell County

Langdon Rentals LLC to Blue Ridge Builders of Virginia LLC. Lot 10, Evington Acres, $34,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Gary and Meejin Pearce. Lot 8, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $209,900

Buford D. and Renee E. Gallian to Jason Michael and Kerry Lamphere Bowles. Lot 21, section 3, Hunters Mill Subdivision, $478,000

Jadon LLC to David R. Proffitt. Lot 41, English Commons, phase 1, $179,000

D&D Land Holdings LLC to Matthew Mark and Deanna Elizabeth Simpson. Lot 5, Ruckers Ridge, $259,000

Jadon LLC to Gorman L. Woodfin. Lot 40, phase I, English Commons, $184,900

Raymond F. Knicely and Barbara B. Knicely to Gary C. and Kathy L. Brown. Parcel, Pauls Road, $180,000

Cynthia Gayle Mason to Harold Allen Crouch and Tammy I. Irvin. 16076 Leesville Road, $170,000

Chester Collins III to Cynthia G. Mason. 17441 Leesville Road, $85,000

Wendy B. Coffey to Mayra Lisseth Matute Acosta. 81 Greystone Dr., $153,500

Kimberly Anne Taylor and Sherry Leigh Bennett to Kara Lindsey Taylor. Lot 11, Lakewood, $185,000

Jadon LLC to Joshua Daniel Hill and Madisen Rebecca Hooper. Lot 23, phase I, English Commons, $179,900

Jack J. and Sandra S. Carr to Carrington Wyatt and Jessica Davidson Elliott. Parcel 1, off of Brookneal Highway, 131.819 acres. Parcel 2, off of Winfall Road, 36.313 acres. Parcel 3, 215 J&J Lane, $550,000

Mark W. Marston to Kevin D. and Breigh Anna Campbell. Lot 4, section 1, Spring Oaks, $252,450

Christopher G. and Angela K. Casola to Justin R. Mason. Lots 2 and 3, Winfall Estates, $51,000

City of Lynchburg

James M. Shopshire Sr. and Ramonia L. Lee to Monica Mobley. 2616 Old Forest Road, $80,000

Jerry Ray and Lisa Thomas Drennan to Elizbeth Ann Thomas. Lots 46-51. Block 3, Hollywood, $162,000

Brenda B. Grant, Dennis E. Bomar and Debra B. Magann to Mark B. and Virginia P. Dow. 123 Adams Dr., $180,000

Cole Rice Inc. to Anthony E. Markham and Jason M. Spinner. 803 Mansfield Ave., $65,000

James S. Mizio to Christopher James and Michele Suzanne Carlson. 210-212 Harrison St., $170,000

2210 Memorial Ave. LLC to Virginia 2210 LLC. 2210 Memorial Ave., $65,000

Thomas E. Troyer to Alison M. Pulliam. 4931 Sycamore Place, $130,000

TT Rehab LLC to The Fontaine Foundation Inc. Polk St., $30,000

Westbound Properties LLC to James River Investments LLC. Lot 13, block E, Town Center at Wyndhurst, $265,000

Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC to Gabriela Isabel Caudill. Lot 15 and one-half of lot 14, block 7, Roseland Park Addition, $141,000

Edward V. Ridge Jr. and Elenir F. Ridge to Brittany N. Shearin. 1019 Sheffield Dr., $195,000

Caitlin E. Seaman and John A. Seaman IV to Tyler Glen Thomas. 213 Northwynd Circle, $200,000

NBS Real Estate LLC to Trevor C. Foshey. 1028 Oakmont Circle, $139,900

Joshua T. Brown to Anne Hodges. 907 Centerdale St., $74,000

Daniele C. Mason LLC to Michelle Thomas. Lot 3, block 4, Trent’s Ferry Road, $239,000

Carolyn Britton, Scott Britton and Leonard Bracey to Scott Britton. 510 Florida Ave., $3,000

Carolyn Britton, Scott Britton and Leonard Bracey to Scott Britton. 600 Florida Ave., $3,000

Yesh and Teresa Khanna to Myscha Gaines. 1611 Taylor St., $1,000

DeJan and Sarah M. Muminovic to Bobbie J. Johnson. Lot 10, section 3, Oakwood Farm, $293,000

Graham West and Lori West to Jon C. and Tammy Dupin. Lot 1, section 5, New Towne, $214,200

Graham West and Lori West to Jon C. and Tammy Dupin. Lot 3, section 5, New Towne, $214,200

Cheryl A. and Robert M. Middleton III to Carol A. and Robert D. Harper Jr. Lot 18, block 1, Mountain Ridge Addition, $80,000

Justin W. Bigham and Paul E. Root to Chantay R. Lemar. 101 Duncraig Dr., $157,500

Emily K. and Todd Foster to Joshua Berlin. 1424 Edley Place, $137,000

Terry L. Jamerson and Dixie C. Jamerson to Pedro Rodriguez Pelaez. Lot 3, block 3, section C, Bedford Hills, $262,400

Elmer Vicente Martinez Nolasco and Guadalupe Ramos Hernandez to Phillip Martin and Rachel Arlene Dickerson. Lot 16, Doral Acres, $251,000

Marc and Amy Corbett to 5th Street Development LLC. 1110 Fillmore St., $20,000

William Eugene Sanford II to Mary Grey Foster. 1688 Spottswood Place, $350,000

Lynchburg Community Action Group Inc. to Galleria Partners of Lynchburg LLC. 915 Main St., $750,000

Kenneth Ray Martin and Mary Elizabeth Burleigh to Benjamin M. and Samantha R. Dooley. 110 Kenwood Place, $120,000

Alison D. and John D. Pettit Jr. to Tammi G. and Kendall S. Moore. 4600 Alabama Ave., $147,000

Nicholas J. and Heather H. Dorrell to Jared Nathan and Nicole S. Perkinson.5101 Wedgewood Road, $228,500

Steven A. Aichinger Jr. and Angela D. Aichinger to Timothy R. and Lorraine C. Hoy. Lot 31, section 1, College Park, $240,000

Tony West to Walid Khoury. 200 Florida Ave., $5,000

Lorraine Taylor to Thomas Charles and Carol Ann Rehrer. Unit 301, parcel 2, Tradewynd Square Condominium, $183,000

Venita L. Bernius and Brenda D. Bernius to Lisa B. and Hunter G. Garrett Jr. 3704 Mathews St., $123,000

Lynchburg Renting LLC to Andrue J. Morgan. 316 Oakridge Blvd., $97,000

Stephen J. Field and Ellen P. Field to Keith A. and Loraine A. Bennett. 1801 Richmond Ave., $208,500

Hugh Beverley Jackson to Ingeborg V. Hodnett. 4913 Windsor Ave., $95,000

Lory and Richard Stephens to Matthew O. Jordan. Lot 2, section 1, The Parks at Wyndhurst, $283,200

Carlton G. Ferguson Jr. and Constance M. Ferguson to Mark L. Abbott. Lot 8, block B, section 2, Tate Springs Farm, $190,050

Tyler Cash to Nikolas Jacob Thers. 7 Fredonia Ave., $189,900

David Michael Ballowe and Lisa Ballowe Hutchens to Craig and Mary-Catherine Steigerwald. Lots 19-21, block 15, Golf Park, $125,000

Double Doc LLC to 610 Investments LLC. 610 Commerce St., $325,000

Marcus L. Rose to Joshua Christopher Millson-Martula. 219 South Princeton St., $215,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

Stallworks LLC, 9056 Oakville Road, addition, $25,000

Appomattox County Sherriff’s Office, 179 Morton Lane, remodeling of interior rooms, $75,000

Carl Mangrum, adjacent to 414 Thomas Farm Lane, shed, $8,000

Robert Adam, lot 6, Womack Subdivision, new dwelling, $450,000

Heather Day, 1769 Chestnut Mountain Road, shed, $11,600

Addison and Lena Blair, 11692 Richmond Highway, shed, $50,000

Clara Ferguson, 10766 Oakville Road, remodel bathroom, $19,000

Noel Martinez, Meadow Dr., new dwelling, $250,000

Terry Campbell, 750 Looner Den Road, addition, $75,500

Sharon K. Bryant, Meadow Dr., new dwelling, $130,000

Dustin Canterbury, 3029 Salem Road, steel building, $8,900

Theron Perry, Lime Plant Road, new dwelling, $83,300


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