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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Amanda S. Hurt to Jeremy G. Elder. Lots 54-57, block A, Midway Heights, $159,900

Nancy Suzanne Hahn to Christopher M. Murray, Jason D. Campbell and Scott D. Campbell. 3403 S. Amherst Highway, $42,000

Brian J. and Cynthia J. Tilton to Robert Samuel and Donna Whitt Donovan. Lot 16, section 1, Honeysuckle Hills, $348,000

Amanda L. Aguirre to Scott Rockefeller. 168 Alcock Road, $110,000

William K. Cumby to Dorothy E. and Edward L. Dawson Sr. Lots 64-68 and one half of 69, block B, Midway Heights, $75,700

Sweet Briar Institute to Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. 154 San Angelo Dr. and adjacent additional parcel, 410.75 acres, $2,500,000

Ann Elizabeth Hubbard, Jonathan William Reed and Kelsie Ann Brumet to Terrence J. and Julie L. Glover. Remainder of lot 2, Fairview Place, $200,000

DRV Construction LLC to Robert E. Boyer. Lot 59, section 4, Lamont Acres, $199,900

Dorothy H. Hughes to Christopher Day. 2516 Elon Road, $160,680

Jeffrey L. Floyd to David Glenn Johnson and Alyssa Joy Elliott. Parcel A, Va. 610, near Pleasant View, 13.583 acres, $215,000

Philip L. Harris and Susan M. Harris, trustees to Lloyd Properties LLC. Parcel off of Lipscomb Hollow Road, $175,500

Appomattox County

Mary Ann Marshall to Anthony P. and Carolyn Cinardo. Lot 58, section II, Jonesfield Subdivision, $195,000

Countryside Land Company LC to Roman E. Nelson. Lot 6, Notestein Subdivision, $34,900

Lofton Leasing LLC to W7 Properties LLC. Parcel, U.S. 460, near Evergreen, 3.88 acres, $160,000

Clyde T. Mayberry Jr. to Russell K. Fender and Robin A.R. McVoy. Lot 4, Western Way Subdivision, 21.13 acres, $54,000

Sherry D. Garrett to Brian S. and Shana Page. Lots 33-39, facing Virginia St. and lots 99-101, Celestial Heights Subdivision, $219,900

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Andrew T. and Sarah Aspacher. 272 Stevens St., $110,900

Bedford County

Stephanie Pitsenberger Cook to Matthew B. and Jean Harshbarger. Lot 18, Windhurst, 4.968 acres, Blue Ridge District, $167,000

Jennifer A. Pace to Trevor Ray Short. Parcels, Hickory Lake Club Inc., Blue Ridge District, $420,000

Mark A. Tyree to Thomas Michael Sullivan and Linda Gail Sullivan, trustees. Lot 48, block II, section A, Wildernest, Lakes District, $120,000

Aubrey B. Merchant Jr. to Kevin S. Carlin and Nora A. Carlin. 1089 Ransom Lane, Lakes District, $432,000

Ernest T. Waldron to John M. and Mary E. Sharff. Lot 22, Village North, Lakes District, $7,000

Michael J. Streff and Sara L. Streff, co-trustees to Scott F. and Jennifer W. Singleton. 210 Blarney Stone Court, Lakes District, $428,000

Dennis A. and Gina S. Brown to Charles M. Hunter V. 1449 Lovers Lane and two additional parcels, Blue Ridge District, $324,000

James Douglas and Barbara S. Smith to Neil L. Moser. Parcel, off Otey Farm Road, 18.358 acres, Blue Ridge District, $25,000

Barbara G. Creasy and Gary W. Creasy to Gary W. Creasy. Parcel, off of Moneta Road, Lakes District, $16,700

Brian J. and Susan E. Marazzi to Timothy J. and Nancy L. Worley. Lot 6A, Snidow Subdivision, Lakes District, $260,000

Four Fifty-Five LLC to Joshua B. Dudley and Sabrina N. Forrest. 1681 Ashley Dr., Blue Ridge District, $180,000

James W. Stokes and Deborah Stokes to Whitney B. Sewell and Chelsea Sewell. 5704 Altice Road, Lakes District, $650,000

Richard B. and Susan L. Peterson to Charles D. and Nancy J. Barrall. Lot 39, Lakewood Terrace, Lakes District, $850,000

Marilee M. Earle to Ann Frances Ferraguto and Clive R.P. Lowe. Lot 7, Cedar Key Fishing Resort Extension, Lakes District, $625,000

Ware & Shotwell Properties LLC to Evelyn Bowles. Lot 25, section II, Governors Hill, $192,000

Martin and Deborah Trum to Donald H. and Verdean M. Abernathie. Lot 2, section 1, block 2, Ivy Lake Dr., $615,000

Barbara H. Vanderhaar to Brian Wayne and Deidra McIntosh Simpson. Lot 4, block A, section I, Meadowridge Farms, $362,000

Ben Bayse and Bnnie W. Byler to Fiddlers Corner LLC. Parcel, 12.62 acres, fronting U.S. 460, $54,000

Profits LLC to Devan C. Snodgrass and Mercedes B. Hamilton. Lot 2, Park St., $177,500

Anthony A. Spencer to Hannah Blencowe and Heath Franklin. Lot 13, section II, The Woods on Wiggington, $225,000

Evelyn B. Bowles to Michael and Barbara Roach. Lot 21, Summerfield, $275,000

Michael and Barbara Roach to Alvin M. Rose and Susan Nicole. Lot 2, Hunter’s Ridge, Center District, $286,500

Rhonda G. Robertson, trustee to Eric M. Jewett. 1115 Middlebrook Court, $490,000

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Glenn Adair-Stantiford and Mildred R. Adair-Stantiford. Lot 32, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $310,000

Elizabeth Ann Rowlette to Bruce Cabot and Laura Gayle Thayer. 1468 Matthew Talbot Road, $418,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to M.J.D. Builders Inc. Lot 8, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $65,900

William H. Stafford II and Sherry D. Stafford to John P. Sullivan. Lot 3A, Walnut Hollow Estates, $95,000

David R. Ratliff II to Laurel A. and Robert L. Weaver II. Lot 11, section 1, Pleasant View Acres, $395,000

Ware & Shotwell Properties LLC to Catherine M. Bolen. Lot 24, section II, Governors Hill, $192,000

Bailey D. Evans to Jennifer Anderson. Lot 79, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $159,900

Jack B. Peters Jr. to Steven Whitney Myers. Parcel D, 0.982 acres, Cornerstone Estates, $175,000

1024 Blue Ridge LLC to Joseph Louis and Michelle Leigh Lugo. Lot 14, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $154,900

James J. and Carrie A. Wirges to William P. and Mary Katherine Deal. Lot 2, block 10, section 1, Ivy Hill, $293,400

Dallas Keith and Jennifer Anne Neel to Nicholas A. and Savannah N. Rice. 1215 Longwood Ave., $219,900

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Eva C. and Marcus L. Calloway III. Revised lot 45, Lake Manor Estates, $639,900

John Nance Bradley to Kristopher W. Stober. 4345 Wheats Valley Road, $189,000

Elizabeth Virginia Bozic LLC to Erin D. Cleveland and Ross M. Cleveland III. Lot 30, The Fields, $50,000

Jean R. Bradshaw to James A. and Patricia G. Dalton. Lot 28, Manor Court Townhomes, $239,900

Robert J. and Jann M. Sloper to Waymon S. and Carolyn S. Hawkins. Lot 13, Hurricane Hill Subdivision, $57,000

Campbell County

Bonnie A. Burnette to County of Campbell, Virginia. 619 Village Highway and 2 additional parcels, Village Highway, $475,000

Ronnie R. and Sharon N. Young to John J. Divers. Lot 14, Winston Ridge Subdivision, $206,000

Emberly Way LLC to D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. Lot 9, Emberly Way Subdivision, $55,000

Michael R. Hayes and Jennifer K. Hayes to Erin E. Gossom and Jacob L. Gossom. Lot 38, section4, Wildwood, $249,900

Maddox & Son Construction Inc. to Kimberly Walsh DeFliippo. Lot 2, Robertson Village, $299,000

Cherie Washburn and Gordon and Betty Burton to Abigail L. and Jonathan E. Hald. 93 Brenna Lane, $244,300

Jesse Lee Puryear to Kenneth M. Cyrus. 2249 Three Creeks Road, $103,750

David H. Thacker to Joshua Michael and Sydney C. Detwiler. Lot 5, block C, section 2, Jefferson Manor Subdivision, $165,000

Omar D. Hussamy to Bong Thi Dang. Lots 1-A and 26, block A, Lo-Ray Acres, $210,000

Jean Watson Henry to Michael B. and Mary P. Stephens. 21 Preston Place, $287,000

Jeana M. Holdstock, Darlene F. Hoffman and April S. Darnell to Derrick Moon. 300 Addie Way, $245,000

Scott E. and Rhonda M. Raines to Michael E. and Whitney N. Boorman. Lot 3, section 4, Wildwood, $247,250

Tina L. Dudley and Kenneth E. Thacker to Robert L. Thacker Jr. 102 Forest St. Ext., $121,000

James D. and Jamie L. Holofchak to Jessica M. and Robert D. Markey Jr. Lot 25, section B, Issac Circle (now Westwood Manor), $260,000

Jesse M. and Lauren M. Schekman to Chadwick W. and Amy D. Jenkins. Lots 131-140, Homewood Dr., $118,000

Roy H. Smith Jr. to Steven W. and Debrah C. Shaw. Lot 7, section 1, Plantation Acres, $79,900

Joseph John DEmato Jr. to Nicolas E. and Emily E. Scruggs. Lot 70, section 6, Rainbow Forest, $170,000

Denise T. King to Frances M. Hughes and Charles O. Tucker. 107 Lynview Dr., $154,000

Clyde N. Dawson and Paulette N. Dawson, trustees to Michael A. and Shanee L. Dawson. Lots 350-355, Hill-n-dale Dr., $200,000

Clara M. Booker to Melvin and Sarah M. Marple. Lot 5, section 1, Connie Estates, $, $185,000

City of Lynchburg

Phillip G. Milakovic to Timothy Andrew and Casandra Renee Nordan. Lot 73, Sterling Park Townhomes, $171,000

J. Barrett Jones Jr. and Susan J. Randolph to Jeffrey F. and Aimee W. Houghton. Amended lot 24, block 3, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $312,500

NE Holdings LLC to Blake M. Shorter. 1413 Jackson St., $22,000

Rhonda B. and Thomas W. Wooldridge Sr. to Reba Jones. Lot 39, section 2, Heritage Hills, $234,900

Joshua L. Brooks and Elizabeth A. Harris to Caleb H. Metz and Hunter R. Miller. 129 Richeson Dr., $197,000

Cole T. Phillips to Caleb and Hannah Borders. Lot 8, block 20, Westover Heights, $169,000

Scott and Kaitlin R. Brodd to Matthew R. Boardwine. 4621 Greenwood Dr., $130,000

Paul J. and Karen J. Dudley to Davina H. and Harold L. Bare II. 1510 Rivermont Ave., $469,900

Andrew R. Nyikos to Lynchburg Properties LLC. Lot 12, section 7, New Towne, $192,000

Zachary D. and Sarah L. Grafman to John R. and Toni G. Travis. 1001 Brentwood Ave., $117,000

Gene R. Falwell to Liberty University Inc. 4522 Campbell Ave., $275,000

Gustavo A. and Kristina J. Herrera to Beeler Properties 2 LLC. 2112 14th St., $55,000

John A. and Lynda Criswell to BVM Holdings VA LLC. 1709 Memorial Ave. A, $450,000

Gwen Elizabeth Watson and Margo M. Floyd to Emily A. Mezzano and Diane E. and Dominic F. Mezzano.525 Capstone Dr., $269,900

Amelia C. Houliares to Carl Joe and Betty H. Mullen. Unit No. 10, Heritage Condominium, $200,000

Ann C. Barbara to Roger Fons. 3064 Link Road, $137,500

Karin S. Lipscomb to Clifford W. Brown and Karen Ambrose-Brown. Lot 6, block 3, Hickson Addition, $105,000

Kenneth J. O’Brien and Joan Sebanc to Tyler A. and Kaitlyn M. Bentley. Lot 1, block B, The Townes at Blackwater Ridge, $172,000

Glen S. and Jorie L. Wiley to Double Play Rentals LLC. 1320 St. Cloud Ave., $120,000

Emily A. Mezzano to Jared and Danika Delello. Lot 8, block 9, Westover Heights Addition, $177,000

Ernest Beaumont to James L. Carrig and Sarah Elizabeth Iddings. 1801 Floyd St., $115,300

Michael D. Sowell to Patrick and Whitney Loraine Logan. Lot 23, block L, section 12, Blue Ridge Farms, $140,000

Zachary D. and George E. Fore to Darren N. and Tiffany A. Wheelock. 1901 Boston Ave., $106,000

Long Meadows Inc. to White Cliffs Properties LLC. Lot 22, Stonehaven, $209,900

Jerry B. and Martha C. Smith and Jane S. Sydnor to BPS Properties LLC. 1935 Cleveland Ave., 1010 and 1014 Pansy St., 103 Smyth St. and 409 Birch St., $665,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Grove Family Investments LLC. 7710, 7710 B, 7712, 7714 and 7716 Timberlake Road, $300,000

NBS Holdings LLC to JG Investment Club LLC. 1201 Eighth St., $54,000

Michael S. and Ronda Adams Neuland to Gregg B. and Susan P. Amonette. 3824 Peakland Place, $495,000

Ryan L. and Abigail C. Barr to Thacher R. Jennings and Sophia C. Bolton. Lots 2-4, bock C, Spottswood, $255,000

L & M Land Company LLC to Rice Land Company LLC. 120 Bradley Dr., $1,600,000

William Sherer Thomasson to Hill City Wholesale Co. Inc. 1600 Kemper St. and 1601 Buchanan St., $30,000

Kathleen D. Miles to Ruby Grooms. Lot 4, block 14, Homewood Acres, $32,000

Daniel C. and Emily E.S. Smith to Jerrod Daniel and Kelsi Lynn Justice. Lot 18, Bethel Park, $485,000

Walter C. McDermott III and Elizabeth M. Love to Paula G. Ironmonger. Unit 20, Heritage Condominium, $80,500

John P. Sullivan to Matthew A. and Sarah B. Grigg. 2001 Mimosa Dr., $258,000

Micah W. and Taylor A. Curtis to Logan Sage Bosiger. 803 Pershing Ave., $193,900

Carol B. McAlexander to Venita L. Bernius. Lot 16, block E, section 2, Georgetown Forest Townhouses, $49,700

William F.M. Patterson to Steven Wayne Pleasant. 614 Eldon St., $158,000

Colton Cardie and John Heath Cardie to Taylor Brooke McGee. Lot 7, block 4, section 2, Sandusky Hills, $214,000

Bryan A. Rigg to Logan Clayton Smith. Lot 38, block 2, Central Park Addition, $92,000

William Aaron Tomlin to Kenneth P. Arpino, Dustin C. Williams and Joan Monaco. Lot 22, Ivylink, $240,000

Kevin D. and Marlene Corsini to Jason and Susan Ross. 3601 Sunset Dr., $505,000

Ronald E. Camden to Alexander Tartter. Lot 9, block M, section 9, Vista Acres, $185,000

James E. Tracey to Shameka Wood. Lots 22-25, block R, Mountain View Addition, $5,000

Building Permits

Amherst County

Amherst County Historical Museum, 154 S. Main St., addition/renovation, $6,700

Kenneth Miller, 124 Shelter Lane, roof, $5,000

Euripides Fuentes, 145 Dixie Airport Road, covered porch, $1,400

Douglas Thompson, 268 S. Main St., garage, $22,500

John Shimp, 2758 Lowesville Road, new dwelling, $190,000

Brian Harvey, 359 Oak Grove Dr., $40,000

Good Investments LLC, Wild Rose Lane, new dwelling, $160,000

Terrence Conner, 531 Sardis Road, pool, $10,000

Timothy Clements, 551 Woodland Dr., finish basement, $20,000

William O’Brien, 313 C & O Lane, deck, $4,000

Larry Wolf, 1048 Gidsville Road, addition/renovation, $98,500

BV 140 LLC, 4764 S. Amherst Highway, addition/renovation, $34,000

William Streicker, 1172 Little Piney Road, solar panels, $30,250

Trevor Ramsey, 131 Nottaway Dr., deck, $3,500

Bruce Curtin, 546 Sunset Dr., deck, $13,366

Philip Borchert, 267 Kimberlea Road, solar panels, $21,000

Timothy Gordon, 450 Cloudcroft Dr., bathroom addition, $50,000

Kelvin Brown, 618 Sunset Dr., renovation, $4,000

Ronald Tyree, 325 Briarwood Dr., new dwelling, $125,000

Stephen Robinson and Mary Robinson Living Trust, 11400 Rodgers Estate Lane, new dwelling, $362,250

Kristie Tyree, 417 Woodland Dr., enclose carport, $25,000

Theodore Sweet, 431 Woody’s Lake Road, pool, $11,500

Bryan Burford, 623 Windingway road, new dwelling, $400,000

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, 197 Madison Heights Square, alterations for new online grocery pickup program, $79,000


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