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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Burkside LLC to Tyler J. and Thalita D. Lacey. 502 Blue Ridge Lane, $170,000

Charles J. and Tiffany R. Ross to Drew Giovanni Lamartina. 173 Shannie Lane, $337,750

Amanda Marie Inc. to Brian C. and Susan L. Anderson. Lot 27, section 1, West Briar, $185,829

Christine S. and Richard L. Drescher Jr. and Stephan F. Rawlings to Matthew D. and Cathy B. Gibbs. Lot 4, West Briarwoood, $57,500

Harmoni Nicole and Larry Darnell Walker II to Daniel A. Gonzalez-Garcia. Lot 6, Stoney Creek, $41,000

Robb Egel to Joshua Earl and Lauren Alyssa Wilson. Lot 9, block 3, Magruder Hills, $199,900

Samuel Wilson Davis III and Deborah Jean Davis to Joshua L. Dobyns. Two parcels, Ambrose Rucker Road, $37,500

Michael T. and Christina S. Erman to Amy Ann Gregor. 263 Crescent Lane, $135,000

Best Properties LLC and Howard Glenn Wood to Best Bet Motor Sales Corp. 699 Dillard Road, 4448 and 4454 S. Amherst Highway and additional parcel on Dillard Road, $625,000

Maria Morano, successor trustee to Dancing Pedlar Farm LLC. 886 Molly Mountain Road, $895,000

Michael A. and Dena G. Lee to Brian Charles and Melissa Baker Wredt. 295 Braxton Ridge Road, $395,000

Appomattox County

Booth Properties LLC to Kiva M. Preston. 1568 Confederate Blvd., $110,000

Clayton C. Bryant Sr. to Luverta Page-Omar. Lot 2, fronting Old Courthouse Road, $89,900

Bridget Ann Wieck to Clyde Holt Hamlett III. Lot A, fronting Va. 727, 2.15 acres, $74,900

Ronald H.L. and Ella M. Newman to David L. and Shunna M. Harvey. Lot A, Va. 604, 4.93 acres, $23,800

Margaret Fleshman to Tiffany R. Ross. 341 Phelps Branch Road, $229,000

Jacob S. Almond to Adam R. Wilmouth, Lori Anne Wilmouth, William N. Maheffey and Ruth Dianne S. Mahaffey. 704 Snapps Mill Road, $125,000

Crystal Machhi to Secily Baker. 1045 Lee Grant Ave., $119,900

Sean McCleese to Christina and John P. Ritchie III. Lot 1, Spring Brook Subdivision, $210,000

Robert Alan Layne to Sharon Bryant and Sheila Kay Roper. Parcel, fronting Snapps Mill road, 2.403 acres, $100,000

Bedford County

S and S Farms Inc. to Derek A. and Sommer L. Dennis. 2559 Meadors Spur Road, Lakes District, $272,500

Kay F. Mundy, trustee to Paul E. and Rebecca B. Miller. Lot 11, section 1, Forest Cove, Lakes District, $725,000

James H. Berkeley to Charles P. Pebbles Jr., trustee. Unit B, C-2, phase 6, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $560,000

James R. and Ellen C. Mullen to Brandon I. and Ashley P. Vaughan. 5340 Sandy Ford Road, Blue Ridge District, $372,500

Bernice Maciorowski to Randy L. Chang. 11679 Hardy Road and additional parcel, Lakes District, $185,000

David A. Monahan and Michelle M. Monohan to Susan N. Dittmar, trustee. Lot 9, section 1A, The Cove at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $409,900

Cara David and Sheryl Hardesty Holbrook to Alyce Putman. Unit E0e, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $68,000

Angus Valley Farm LLC to Meletha Dawn and Emual Russell Adkins. 1724 Scenic View Road and six additional parcels, Scenic View Road, Lakes District, $550,000

Teresa Kay Carter to William Scott and Gwendolyn M. Collins. 2145 Lipscomb Road, Lakes District, $168,000

David Zack and Susan P. McDonald to Joseph F. Fournier II and Lisa R. Fournier, trustees. Parcel, near Buccaneer Road, Lakes District, $32,500

Jillian Orth to Loraine S. Batiuk. 1069 Meador Road, Lakes District, $215,000

Ann S. Shaffer and Hubert A. Shaffer Jr., trustees to Michael E. Judd and Dale S. Judd. Unit 32, phase 3, Mariner’s Village Condominiums, Lakes District, $244,900

Mark A. and Deborah L. Giles to Jonathan Y. Tice. 2626 Quarterwood Road, Blue Ridge District, $210,000

Christopher D. Price and Heather Kay Price to Jonathan E. East and Tasha N. East. 1378 McCrae Road, Lakes District, $285,000

Teddie R. Smith Jr., Sylvia Smith, Cheryl Lynne Smith-Clifton, Don Clifton, Steven Keith Smith and Jaci Smith to Thaddeus Joseph Gray III and Teddie R. Smith Sr. Lot 71, section 2, Harbor Village, Lakes District, $505,000

NRZ REO VII LLC to Brennon Luke Bays and Sydney Varney Bays. 4018 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $110,000

Seleena M. and Herbert N. Krebs II to William D. and Teresa A. Andrews. 1375 Minter Farm Road, Blue Ridge District, $223,925

Chad S. and Catherine A. Powell to Brendan C. and Sarah C. Grace. Lot 9, section III, Lake View Estates, Lakes District, $536,500

Hannah Shelton Benson to Timothy A. Porter and Elizabeth A. Cox. 108 Trapper Lane, Blue Ridge District, $189,950

UB Properties, Inc. to Michael Todd Anderson. Lot 3, Westcove, Lakes District, $15,000

Perry M. and Phyllis A. Pinion to Zachary A. and Lindsay R. Key. 2120 Lizard Ridge Road and additional parcel, Lizard Ridge Road, Peaks District, $265,000

Jessica A. Jenkins, Lisa Renee Johnson and Reginald Wayne Johnson to Roger Fons. Lot 72, section 1, Forest Dale, $180,000

James H. Wilkes to M.J.D. Builders, Inc. Lot 3, Harold’s Acres, Jefferson District, $45,750

James H. Wilkes to M.J.D. Builders, Inc. Lot 1, Harold’s Acres, Jefferson District, $45,750

James H. Wilkes to M.J.D. Builders, Inc. Lot 6, Harold’s Acres, Jefferson District, $45,750

Howard L. Jennings and Linda C. Jennings to Suzanne J. Conine and Beau R. Conine. Lot 15, block 1, section 1, Ivy Hill, Jefferson District, $305,000

Marguerite L. Riddlebarger to Austin J. and Susan E. Lake. Lot 1, section 18, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $239,900

Mark Edward Ramsey to Peter R. and Kelli L. Peterman. 1700 Stony Brook Road and additional parcel, Peaks District, $650,000

Daphney Denton Harvey to Roberto Arturo Orozco and Maria Orsario Orozco. Lot 9, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $200,000

Marjorie Jardine Williams to BR549 LLC. Lot 2, Governor’s Hill, Town of Bedford, $196,000

DRV Construction LLC to Jennifer Binger and John Wyatt Choate. Lot 38, section 1, Foxwood, Center District, $275,000

Leiauanna R. Allen to Jean Watson Henry. Unit 4, building 16, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $223,500

James N. Furr Jr., Lisa F. Coleman and Brenda D. Furr to Grapevine Hollow Farm LLC. Parcel, Grapevine Hollow Road, Peaks District, $177,000

Margaret B. Fishkin to Lindsey E. and Herbert H. Edwards Jr. Lot 33, near Village of Holcomb Rock, $57,500

Sherman Hudson to Shackle Properties LLC. 1677 Powell School Road, $50,000

West Crossing LLC to Foster Builder, Inc. Lots 17-19, 35 and 36, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $265,000

MHD LLC to Zehad and Christina M. Boksh. Lot 15, Fox Creek, Center District, $259,900

Mehrdad Mirgheshmi to Richard Zhang and Erica Brittany Zhang. Lot 29, section 1, Walkers Crossing, $489,000

Cobbs Corner-Forest LLC to Amanda M. Warden. Lot 5, Cobbs Corner, Jefferson District, $41,500

Rose M. Fongeallaz to Jeffrey David Fariss. Lot 3, block 3, section 1, Forest Park, Jefferson District, $180,000

Robert Buckner Barner to Charles Michael and Susan R. Reeves. 3rd Amended lot 13, section 1, Glenbrooke, $265,000

J&B Properties to Gristmill Land Holdings LLC. Parcel, Forest Road and four additional parcels, $962,500

Cory A. Ross to Justin Spakes and Paula Duty. Lot 8, McGhee Subdivision, $141,000

West Crossing LLC to James Fitch. Lot 13, section 18, Farmington at Forest, $255,000

Campbell County

NBS Real Estate LLC to Keith A. Seacrist. 141 Doewood Place, $129,900

Colen Eugene Davidson, trustee to Jeremy A. and Jennifer D. Mixon. Mount Olivet Church Road, $175,000

Ryan Hunter Blair to Ryan T. Agee. 426 Sunburst Road, $73,000

Ronald L. and Debra B. Moore to Jackie Lynn Robinson. 1441 Spring Mill Road, $65,000

Teresa O’Brien Wohlford, Karen O’Brien Knowles, G. Michael O’Brien, Patricia O’Brien Strain and John Anthony O’Brien to John Anthony O’Brien. 4516 Waterlick Road, $96,000

Peyton S. and Sandra P. Baker to Kenneth Sale and Ashley Nicole Johnson. Parcel, Bear Creek Road, $87,000

Gala Shelburne, Dianne Witt and Anne Smith to Bryana Johnson. Lot 7, section B, Farfields, $235,000

D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. to Daphney D. and Kevin J. Harvey. Lot 20, Emberly Way Subdivision, $358,000

Eleven Construction LLC to Jason and Amanda McCoy. 245 Timber Ridge Dr., $341,000

Kevin Lamar Davis to Blake A. Eisenhauer. 821 Carwile Road, $125,000

Barry E. Hall to Charles G. Toler and Christopher David Toler. Parcel, Down Creek Road, $2,500

Julia Huff-Jermone and Carol Place to Susan Elizabeth Stewart. Lot 82, map 1, phase 1, Runaway Bridge, $232,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to SD-MF Holdings LLC. Lot 10, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $45,000

Nida D. Finch to Trevor R. and Hillary S. Yeatts. Lot 41, and parcel A, phase I, Leesville Road Estates, $285,000

Dennis and Deanna Morandy to Jeremy D. Knisely and Pennie Hartley. 2876 Camp Hydaway Road and additional parcel, Camp Hideaway Road, $149,900

WK Land and Timber LLC to Edward Poe Jr. 4682 Colonial Highway, $280,000

Holly H. Templeton to Jonathan Edward and Sarah Templeton Franklin. 5463 Spring Mill Road, $250,000

Mark A. Lanham to Daniel M. Sable, trustee. Lot 23, Concord Estates Subdivision, $239,900

Jeremy W. and Anber Cook to William C. and Jasmine C. Glaize. Lot 61, phase IIB, Leesville Road Estates, $257,200

Betty Pollard Ginther to Lawrence D. White Jr. 107 Falling Hill Road, $171,500

Robert W. and Kathryn C. Turner to Joel S. and Kristin E. Nelson. Lot 18, Leesville Road Estates, $245,000

D & D Land Holdings, L.L.C to Seth W. and Katherine T. Winslow. Lot 2, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $248,900

Christina Burford Dale to Tristin R.Williams, Beau D. Williams and Tina B. Williams. 157 Brooklawn Dr., $202,000

James W. and Wendy C. Walker to Erica S. Ivey. Lot 2, Buffalo Springs, $235,000

George N. and Erica S. Ivey to Benjamin L. and Kristina M. Woodford. Tract 8, section 9, Wildwood Estate, $274,900

City of Lynchburg

Brian Becker and Rhonda Becker, trustees to John M. Abbett. Lot 16, section 6, block D, Vista Acres Subdivision, $172,500

Ping Fan, Streamline LLC. 412 Holly St., $38,000

Xiaoping Fan to Elevation LLC. 1219 17th St., $17,000

Paul and Nicole S. Kogan to Kemp McDaniel Houck and Sarah Wayland Bell. 324 Woodland Ave., $449,900

Brendia Hood to Russell J. and Sharon K. Huggins. 196 Oakley Ave., $85,000

Christopher M. Glover to Susanne M. Thibodeau. Lot 1, block 12, Edley Addition, $198,500

Luis A. and Kristen C. Rodriguez to Joshua A. and Paola Isabel Gibbs. Lot 19, section 3, Chestnut Hill, $158,000

Mann Custom Builders Inc. to Troy D. and Raven T. Jennings. 113 Seven Oaks Dr., $316,900

Kemp M. Houck to Rebecca H. Shelnut. Lot 23, block 75, Randolph Macon Heights, $249,900

Teresa T. Christian to Rena G. and Harry J. Hooss Jr. 222 Ivy Dr., $297,000

John M. and Shirley C. Arrington to Blue Willow Investments LLC. 1543 Augusta St., $53,000

Robert J. Holleran to Justin P. Salak and Mark P. Salak. 507 Smyth St., $145,000

Robert Buckner Barner to Charles Michael and Susan R. Reeves. 1118 Doulton Circle, $265,000

NBS Holdings LLC to JG Investment Club LLC. 1113 16th St., $54,000

Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Laquena Eggleston. 2417 Mosby Ave., $145,000

Connie M. Poore to Reed Street Properties LLC. 17 Reed St., $55,000

Suzanne Reid Baker to Laurence Miller and Sheila King-Miller. Lot 143, Sterling Park Townhomes, $128,500

Kevin and Lisa Armstrong to Kevin Ray and Charissa Lynn Hansen. Lot 10, phase 2, Ivy Creek Park, $435,000

Lindsay A. and Lewis L. Thomas II to Andrew Michael and Katheryn Laura Wert. Lot 28, section 4, New Towne, $196,500

Delia Mae Robinson to Aaron and Janaye Klazinga. 2106 Early St., $59,900

Benjamin M. and Meagan L. Johnston to Jesse and Amanda Ruth. Lot P32, block P, Cornerstone, $219,900

JAAI LLC to Ashley Louise Lane. Lot 1, block 17, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Company, $189,900

Matthew R. Smith and June H. Smith to Lauren P. Williams. Lot 119, Northwynd Village, $213,000

Strategic Funding LP to Jonathan E. Price and Casey Lou Olson. Lot 16, block C, Fort Hill Manor, $110,000

William D. Canfield to Kendall V. and Camden C. Becraft. Lot 3, block 3, section 4, Sandusky Hills, $165,000

Ashley C. Goin to Kelly R. and John W. Ashley. Lot 21, section 2, Skyview Park, $184,900

Daniel P. Myers and Jean H. Myers to Steven D. and Beth J. Colpetzer. 6012 Piedmont Place, $144,000

Amanda C. and Leonard C. Vest Jr. to Mid Atlantic Property Services LLC. 1216 Harding St., $79,900

Deborah K. Hedrick to Caleb J. Rider and Ellen Elizabeth Lipford. 1710 Edmunds St., $60,000

Rhonda G. Becker and Brian J. Becker to Robert B. Jones Jr. Lot 17 and parts of lots 16 and 18, Golf Park, $176,500

Brad A. and Kendra K. Soucie to Teresa T. and Michael Christian Jr. Lot 26, section 3, Boxwood Subdivision, $399,900

Michael L. Dillard to Elizabeth Marin. 2330 Fairview Ave., $104,000

Lucille E. Beard to JGY LLC. Lot 23, block 90, plan B, Rivermont Company, $20,000

Jacob L. and Erin E. Gossom to Lindsey D. and Joseph Samuel Perrow. 1019 Oakmont Circle, $183,500

Scott and Emilie Zalizniak to Steven Gonzalez. Lot 6, block 25, Westover Heights, $181,900

Terry I. Hamlet to Landon Green and James W. Green. 304 Euclid Ave., $7,000

John A. and Trudy M. Neiderer to Michael Shawn and Tami Reed Houck. Lot 12, Ridgecroft, $425,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Jesus Galindo, 1227 Commonwealth Dr., pool, $40,000

Deborah Benyo, 136 Sailview Dr., renovations, $45,000

Todd Morris & Sons Construction Co. Inc, Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, new dwelling, $180,000

Randy Brown, 1521 New London Road, garage with breezeway, $46,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc., lot 20, section 19, Farmington at Forest, townhomes, $150,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc., lot 21, section 19, Farmington at Forest, townhomes, $150,000

Taylor Heagy, 3410 Hawkins Mill Road, solar panels, $16,740

Jeffrey Stratton, 108 Hunters Creek Road, solar panels, $48,235

Jerry Marshall, 1099 Jefferson Dr. W, pool, $45,675

Grandview Course LLC, lot 34, phase 1, Grandview Course, new dwelling, $185,000

Craig Norris, 101st Christopher Court, deck, $38,401

Todd Morris & Sons Construction Co. Inc., lot 21, Highland Oaks, new dwelling, $400,000

Amy Jones, 217 Meadowridge Dr., solar panels, $15,939

Philip Ronisha, 2445 Otter Hill Road, half bathroom, $2,000

Gerald Heilman, 308 Ivy Lake Dr., deck, $11,600

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc., lot 22, section 19, Farmington at Forest, townhomes, $150,000

Lloyd Smith, 2243 Thomason Lane, fire restoration, $75,000

Nanci Harris, 1977 Thomason Lane, storage room addition, $12,000

Grandview Course LLC, lot 33, phase 1, Grandview Course, new dwelling, $165,000

Stormie Shelton, 1913 Bell Town Road, deck, $4,000

John Routt, 2617 Moneta Road, addition, $97,892


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