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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Cory Heath Steele to James Edward Mitchell. Lot 19, Orchard Hills Estates, $52,500

David A. and Diane H. Werner to John J. Ahern II. 1235 Earley Farm Road and additional parcel, $330,000

Gary L. Smith, Gary Lee and Jeanie B. Smith to Lucinda L. Simmons. Tracts 5, 6, 16, and 17, section 5, Amherst Plantation, $270,000

Janice B. Housman to Michael W. and June B. Bryant. Lot 23, Scarborough Fair, $37,000

Benjamin R. Sanders to Joshua A. Ashcroft. Parcel, Va. 740, 1.170 acres, $134,900

Clinton W. Moorefield and Kristin Reed Moorfield to Matthew and Raina Proffitt. Lot 2, section II, Pleasant Ridge, $224,000

Jacqueline L. Bruggemann to William H. Nicely. Parcel B, Mountain View Farm, 0.392 acres, $178,000

Nicholas C. Banks to Eric B. Hudnall. Tract 4, section 8, Amherst Plantation, $265,000

AZ Homes LLC to Cameron Tate Price and Autumn Campbell. 1330 Boxwood Farm Road, $130,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Jason Sanders and Rima Rimawi. Lot 2, Wynbrooke, $196,043

Appomattox County

Brandon Pickeral and Kelly A. Tracy to Elizabeth Oxner. Lot 1, Police Tower Road, $83,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Dennis Lee Hackett. Lot 75, section IIIB, Sunset Ridge Dr., $45,900

Benjamin E. Brown to Benny O. Marston and Jerleen P. Marston. Parcel, Marston St., $7,800

Ginna Lee Stratton to Pioneer Developers LLC. Lot 71, section IIIB, Sunset Ridge, $40,000

Jonathan Taylor Martin to Raymond E. Scruggs Jr. 10441 Red House Road and adjacent parcel, $139,900

Michael E. Frazier to Kelly Scott. 4704 Salem Road, $179,900

Gehad Natour and Sabah Nur Natour to Noor 8 LLC. 403 Old Courthouse Road, $600,000

Bedford County

Doris V. Evans to Rosemarie E. Shannon and Coleen Shannon. Lot 23, Lakeview Knolls Subdivision, Lakes District, $30,000

S & S Investment LLC and Henry T. Fairtrace and Shirley F. Fairtrace to Darren R. Thomas. Lot 20, Overlook Estates, Lakes District, $35,000

Patricia A. Horne to Pedro Carlos Santiago and Malitza Ann Lowery-Santiago. Lot 4, Dark Hollow Subdivision, Lakes District, $22,500

Eastlake Community Church Inc. to Glenn Rebman. Parcel off of Hendricks Store Road, 26.931 acres, Lakes District, $150,000

Tamra S. Drager to Carl Jay and Melanie M. Hamilton. Lot 25, Pleasure Point, Lakes District, $370,000

Kimberly D. Nicely to Jessica L. Feamster. 5364 Joppa Mill Road, Lakes District, $155,000

Mark H. Roberts to Daniel J. and Jane E. Bishop. 1888 Alpha Dr., Lakes District, $630,000

David R. and Noel M. Lukeson to David John and Anita Rae Landess. Lot 5, Buckeye Gardens, Lakes District, $745,000

Robert M. Rood and Joan M. Rood to Steven A. and Kathy K. Bush. 6835 Horseshoe Bend Road, Lakes District, $770,000

John A. and Diane P. Realmuto to Brittain Delsin Conde. 7130 Joppa Mill Road, Lakes District, $140,650

David H. Murphy to Clyde Cecil Cox Jr. Lot 15, section 2, Tuckaway, Lakes District, $16,000

Brandon Keith Cox and Laura Anne Cox to Lisa K. Taylor. Parcel, adjacent to parcel on Fawn Dr., Lakes District, $385,000

Craig E. and Talona J. Ryan to John P. and Nichole M. Whatley. Lot 30, Lakeland Pines Subdivision No. 1, Lakes District, $519,000

Kathy Amoroso to John D. and Melissa Ann Corliss. Lot 9, Mallards Crossing, Lakes District, $822,500

Danny R. and Deborah S. Wise to Nathan and Jennie Hampton. 1075 Tiger Dr. and additional parcel on Tiger Dr., Blue Ridge District, $252,000

Shirley S. Staples and Robert L. Staples to Laura J. and Christopher L. Griffith. Parcel 10, section III, block A, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $27,900

James W. and B.M. Catriona Erler to Kenneth Edward Fasanella and Cynthia Helen Dittman. Lot 2, Cedar Key Fishing Resort, Lakes District, $315,000

Richard P. and Sandra E. Downey to Ronald E. and Sherry L. Mattox. 106 Duma Circle, Blue Ridge District, $279,950

DDHH Corporation to Ashley Chanelle Goin. Unit E2e, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $78,000

John W. Craig to Bianca N. Craig. Lot 11, Marshall Woods Subdivision, Peaks District, $134,500

Grandview Course LLC to Charles A. and Lori B. Matthews. Lot 29, Grandview Course, Jefferson District, $296,000

Bradford Crossing LLC to GSA Properties LLC. Lot 6, Bradford Crossing, $55,000

Jacqueline A. Pagon to Heather Clements Elder. Lot 7, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $225,000

Foster Builder Inc. to Brian O. and Kathy B. Kidd. Lot 38, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $354,900

Randall C. and Sandra J. Schmiedeknecht to Gerardo V. and Andrea P. Guillermo. Lot 36, section 8, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $289,000

Albert William Mauser and Gayle S. Mauser, trustees to Don H. and Gerlinde H. Friedewald. Lot 22, Peakland, Center District, $364,000

Joseph B. Willis to Christopher S. Gunn. 1783 Lake Manor Dr., $600,000

Kirk J. Gomes to Sarah D. Testerman. Lot 32, section 1, Jefferson Woods, $199,900

Christopher M. and Suzanne C. Pfeiffer to Nicholas E. and Brielle P. Reitmar. 1466 Willow Oak Dr., $342,000

David R. Ratliff II to Christopher M. Pfeiffer. Lot 12, section 1, Pleasant View Acres, $390,000

Piper L. and Larry D. Davidson to Jonathan and Jody Davison. 1340 Old Goffs Road, $105,000

Mills Restoration LLC to Brandon C. and Samantha J. Sloan. 1991 Gumtree Road, $349,000

Brandon C. and Samantha J. Sloan to Amanda D. Wright. Lot 8, section 3, McIntosh Subdivision, $239,900

Shawn L. Fountain Jr. and Kristie N. Fountain to Sharon A. Bogdan. Lot 141, section 6, Somerset Meadows, $424,900

Cottontown Partners LLC to David Anthony Jacobs and Anna Grace Clay. Lot 31, section 1, Autumn Run, $339,700

Sharon S. Coats to Michael Gavin Spradlin. Lot 4, Forest Edge Subdivision, $232,500

Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC to Debra B. Robinson. 107 Holiday Bob Court, $232,500

West Crossing LLC to Tanya G. Martin. Lot 9, section 18, Farmington at Forest, $259,900

Tanya Gail and William R. Martin II to Jason M. and Kimberly A. Salois. Lot 234, section 8, Somerset Meadows, $419,900

John Clifton Laughlin to Cornerstone Contraction of VA LLC. 2622 and 2636 Centerville Road and 2 additional parcels, $149,900

Jacqueline M. Collins to William L. Cash. 103 Harmony Lane, $240,000

Jan F. Blazejewicz and Marie Blazejewicz to Mark E. and Lisa G. McCormick. Lot 10, section 2, Peters Estate, $299,900

Richard Clark and Lisa Taylor to Robert V. Boos Jr. and Michelle Mamo. Lot 172, section 7, Somerset Meadows, $448,500

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Nathaniel Karl and Rachel A. Chocholous. Lot 20, section 16, Farmington at Forest, $275,000

Dominic R. and Kristen B. Lehmann to Ronald J. and Sharon E. Redlinger. Lot 27, section 2, Jefferson Woods, $221,500

Ivy Trace LLC to McGehee Family Revocable Living Trust. Lot 6, Pilgrim Place, $30,000

Stephen Brooks and Debra Lynn Mills to Jeffrey and Tena Campbell. Lot 45, section 4, Farmington at Forest, $488,900

Richard and Juliet E. Walker to Bryan M. and Allison Hartnett. Lot 24, section 11, Blumont, $242,500

Wyllys D. and Anne M. Vanderwerker to Nathalie Coleman. Parcel, Bedford Ave., Town of Bedford, $237,000

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC to Joni W. and Steven L. Hamlett. Lot 7, section 1, Boonsboro Meadows, $388,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Highland Oaks Partners LLC. Lot 12, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

John J. and Marian C. McNevin to Trey and Elizabeth A. Gibson. Lot 32, section 2, Ivy Hill, $380,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Highland Oaks Partners LLC. Lot 11, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Tommy L. Housman to Coty Charles Bartholomew, Nicholas Charles Bartholomew and Megan E. Dehond. 1856 Thaxton Mountain Road, $430,000

Campbell County

JW Dalton and Phyllis E. Dalton, trustees to CMH Homes Inc. Parcel, off of Brookneal Highway, 5.03 acres, $22,750

Alex R. and Stephanie A. Kessinger to Scott C. Massie and Amanda M. Millington. 121 Peaksview Dr., $296,500

James C. Whitehead and Allen C. Whitehead to Boxwood Investments LLC. Lot 2, Timberlake Manor Subdivision, $5,000

Allen Carter Whitehead and T. Allen Dukes Jr. to Boxwood Investments LLC. Lot 142, East Quadrant, $30,000

D.S. Zechini Chonstruction Inc. to Goutam Raj Panda and Shilpi Singh. Lot 11, Emberly Way Subdivision, $314,900

Jeffrey D. Carpenter to Lawrence Herbert and Joyce Attelia Soper. 120 Laughlin Road, and additional parcels, $135,900

Jamie A. Long to Kevin Eugene and Loree Rowland Sheffield. Lot 93, section 2, Braxton Park, $179,000

Janet C. Powell, trustee to Pannha Chet and Kunpidor Prom. 1639 Waterlick Road, $170,000

Victor C. Racel and Madison A. Skala Racel to Christine R. and Robert W. Quarles Jr. Lot 8, block A, Loray Acres, $198,400

Cynthia Brooks to Taylor Anderson and Mikayla Bennett. Lots 1and 3, block 89, Subdivision No. 2, City View Addition, $177,000

BJC Properties LLC to Destin Properties LLC. 1942 Long Island Rd., $135,000

William F. Overacre to James David and Lynn Holofchak. Lot 8, section 1, Federal Hill Estates, $420,000

Debra Zinn to Nancy Rachel Titus. 95 Grove Terrace, $295,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Jonathan and Mariko Locke. Lot 7, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $342,554.63

City of Lynchburg

ZZ&ZZ LLC to Robert S. Noble. 100 Miles Place, $226,500

Reginald Wayne Tyree to Ashley Dawn Layne. 490 Oakley Ave., $48,000

William P. Cooper and Christy L. Vanwinkle to Correy Marcel Morgan Sr. Lot 42, section 1, Courtney Springs, $174,500

Katie L. and Allen Haag and Matthew J. Haag to Byron K. and Lee R. Robinson. 220 Peninsular St., $114,500

Affordable Residential Solutions LLC to Dumitru Florinel and Ileana Olga Asanache. 1920 Union St. and additional parcel, $140,000

Graves Mill Associates LC to Titanium Gears LLC. Unit 6, McConville Park Condominium, $105,000

Thomas L. and Patricia T. Mceleveen and Susan E. and James C. Adams Jr. to LCG Properties LLC. Lots 4 and 5, block N, Park Avenue Addition, $32,000

William Scott Breckinridge Smith to Alicia Michelle Guridy. 622 Harrison St., $175,400

Thomas M. and Margaret Ann McGrath to Timothy Allan Brown. 821 Trent’s Ferry Road, $146,000

Gregory D. Jones Jr. to TT Rehab LLC. 948 Cabell St., $62,000

Aubrus Properties LLC to TT Rehab LLC. 942 Cabell St., $66,000

Harold L. and Rosetta S. Anderson to TT Rehab LLC. 1903 and 1905 Grace St, $63,000

Robin R. Grover and Joyce V. Bader to TT Rehab LLC. Lots 3 and 8, Rivermont Addition, $90,000

Kelvin Moore and Rhamonia Woodson to Buscher Enterprises LLC. 3022 Hillsview St.,$ 4,220

Byron J. and Lisa A. Woods to Matthew Schweiger. 128 Seven Oaks Dr., $330,000

Jeffrey L. Boyer, trustee to Ethan L. Berry. Lot 15, section IV, Willow Bend, $214,500

4708 Fort LLC to RJJ Properties LLC. 4708 Fort Ave., $100,000

Brandee Anne Eubank to Streamline LLC. Lot 18, Centerdale Addition, $16,500

Megan D. and Jeffrey E. Messenger Jr. to Lucas V. Villani. Lot 29, block C, section 6, Blue Ridge Farms, $166,500

Glenn A. Trent Sr. and Jane M. Rigney-Trent to American Investment Properties LLC. 1700 12th St., $120,000

Ann L. and Charles W. Skalaski III and Charles W. Skalaski IV to Braden W. and Margaret B. Cloud. Lot 97, College Square at Wards Ferry, $148,500

Justin W. and Holly M. Toone to Mason L. Meyer and Donna Lee Meyer. 1223 Cedar Hill Dr., $166,000

Joseph A. Valenzuela to James Douglas Passmore. Lot 31, Water Gate Subdivision, $191,000

Kurt D. Cornfield and Nancy N. Cornfield to Benjamin S. and Kirstin E. Spivey. Lots 11 and 12, block 4, Sunset Heights Addition, $165,000

Robert M. Scott and Lynn P. Scott to Carson Leigh Scott. 1304 McKinney Ave., $130,000

Mark D. and Alice M. Townsend to Neil H. Buckley. 3921, 3931 and 3933 Harbor St., $650,000

John W. Gardner to Ethan J. DeHoniesto. Lot 22, section 1, Courtney Springs, $240,000

Deborah K. Stinson to Bucher Enterprises LLC. 2506 Loraine St., $50,000

Yogendra C. Patil to William R .Martin II. Lot 24, unit 200, block I, Wyndhurst, $161,670

Ashley B. Thompson to Joseph O. Shay II to Jordan and Abigail Kreitzinger. 209 Denver Ave., $164,900

Joni F. Westcott, Steven A. Franklin, Susan F. Viar, and Robert Gene Mills to Jacob H. Shelley. Lot 36, section 3, Cedar Ridge, $190,000

James L. Campbell, Nancy Ann Campbell and Jamie A. Campbell to Robert S. and Nancy K. Kenny. 1809 Broadway St., $164,000

James Oliver Howell to Andrew J. Allen. 607 Fleetwood Dr., $138,900

Allen A. and Corann H. Harper to Tryg Eugene and Sara B. Brody. 2301 Rivermont Ave., $525,000

Raina S. Proffitt to White Oak Family Properties Inc. 1505 Russell St., $116,900

ECP LLC to Steven H. Deyerle. Lot 303, Wiggington Place Townhomes, $154,900

Valerie M. Mitchell to SPF Properties of Blacksburg LLC. 1515 Club Dr., $156,000

Michael C. and Dana J. Pflieger to Matthew D. and Melissa L. Busse. Lot 7, block 2, Boonsboro Forest, $209,900

Valerie M. Jaworski to 2404 Old Forest Road LLC. 2404 Old Forest Road, $75,000

Long Meadows Inc. to WSR Inc. Lots 21, Stonehaven, $209,900

Isaac D.M. and Keren L. Vestal to Karen Sue Parks. Lot 52, section 1, Kenwood Hills, $260,000

Peter S. and Ashley A. Reich to Sheila Key and Robert L. Thornburn II. 3877 Boonsboro Road, $229,900

Lawrence W. Eason and Wendy G. Arrington to Profits LLC. 225 South Princeton Circle, $135,000

Paul D. and Heika T. Ufema to John H. Silva. 231 Margate Dr., $183,000

LP Apartments LLC to Profits LLC. Lot 4, section 1, Long Meadows, $127,500

Otter River LLC to Quinn Hershberger. 608 Euclid Ave., $27,000

Building Permits

Campbell County

Austin Mill Properties LLC, Leesville Road, cell tower, $85,000

Jadon LLC, 121 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 125 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 127 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 131 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 135 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 139 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 143 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Jadon LLC, 149 English Commons Dr., new townhome, $175,000

Lynchburg Land Lease LLC, 337 Hackeberry Road, deck/porch. $1,100

Cedric Marshall, 5234 Browns Mill Road, garage, $49,500

Mark Roberts, 303 Deerwood Dr., finish room, $1,000

Richard Plant, 225 Cattle Lane, deck and porch, $25,000

David Larew, 1120 Oxford Furnace Road, side porch, $1,920

Michael Cobb, 2497 Sunnymeade Road, porch, $10,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 66 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 88 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 70 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 74 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 78 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

21934 Timberlake LLC, 82 Zentry Place, townhouse, $190,000

Joshua Morton, lot 5, Oxford Furnace, ne dwelling, $200,000

Elmer Bernard Jr., 203 Stevens Road, garage, $18,000

George Phillips, 2599 Browns Mill Road, addition/alterations, $25,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, lot 64, section 3, Leesville Road, new dwelling, $169,282

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, lot 63, section 3, Leesville Road, new dwelling, $179,004

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, lot 33, section 3, Leesville Road, new dwelling, $146,262

Joan Haskins, 390 Spring Mill Road, deck/porch, $2,500

Hugh Bateman, 3593 Waterlick Road, signs, $500,000

Richard Moszumanski, 53 Embrey Court, deck, $1,500

Stephen Reaves, 875 Brooks Farm Dr., new dwelling, $150,000

Bradley Carner, 1793 Timberlake Dr., deck, $2,500

MJS Enterprises VA LLC, 316 Village Highway, commercial office, $2,000

David Pearson Jr., 550 Sunnymeade Road, two decks, $1,500

BWXT Nuclear Operations Group Inc., 1570 Mt. Athos Road, build out and renovation bay 17A, $2,770,000

John Mize, 140 Kiowa Road, deck, $7,000

William Hughes, 833 Greenhouse Road, alterations, $2,500

Jeffrey Carter, lot 3, Spring Mill, new dwelling, $350,000

Fralin Company of Central Virginia, lot 27, section 3B, Carriage Grove, new dwelling, $169,282

Francisco Diaz, 287 Traverse Dr., pool, $80,000

Town of Altavista, 400 Broad St., deck/porch, $30,000

Charles Falwell, 1886 Timberlake Dr., deck, $2,000

Bethlehem United Methodist, 42 Phoebe Pond Road, roof, $2,440

Seth Bussert, 4683 Browns Mill Road, deck, $13,200

Willia, Ballagh Jr., 207 Summerdale Lane, finish basement, $20,000

Mark Lambert, 4420 Lambs Church Road, solar panels, $49,224

Samuel McCartney, 184 Charldon Road, basement, $14,000

Hezekiah Petty Jr., 289 Greendale Dr., deck, $12,000

Troy Dunn, 426 Clearview Circle, pool, $5,000

B&W Fuel Company, 1724 Mount Athos Road, maintenance building, $397,490

Ron Porterfield, 108 Farm Meadow Dr., garage, $24,000

Steven Chamberlin, 110 Gracie Court, pool, $40,000

Dwight Doss, 160 Stone Road, accessory building, $32,000

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