Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Forrest and Diane Bryant to David Wray and April Bently. Parcel 1, 65 acres, Va. 624 and parcel 2, 16.215 acres, Madison District, $170,000

Patricia Tomlin Cash to Charles R. Falls and Patricia L. Falls. Parcel, 0.48 acres, Elon District, $80,000

Mary N. Contarino to Dixie 400 LLC. Lot 6, on the Old Country Road, Elon District, $126,000

Michael W. Dowdy to Wendell K. Moses and Ellen G. Ford. Lot 60, section 1, on Mountain View Hills, Elon District, $160,000

Kristina Adaire Floyd to Christopher E. Duff. Lot 2, section 2, Sims Acres, $122,500

Carla A. Paiva to Samantha W. and Edgar A. Fitzgerald Jr. Lot 15, section 1, Deerfields, Courthouse District, $392,000

David S. Freeman and Scott A. Williams to Joel T. Williamson. Lot 9 and lower portion of lot 9, 13.63 acres, Brown’s Mountain, Pedlar District, $40,000

Timothy D. Kruggel and Nicole N. Kruggel to Bennett E. and Nancy W. Haden. Parcel, Bob White Road, Courthouse District, $125,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Blake T. Howery. Lot 14, Wynbrooke, $204,850

Appomattox County

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to RAM Realty Holdings LLC. Parcel, 79.94 acres, Stonewall District, $139,000

Gordon E. Ford to Jonathan Gordon Ford. Lot 1, 5 acres, fronting Old Richmond Road, Cloverhill District, $180,000

Joyce Paige Eggleston to Jamerson Real Estate Inc. Parcel, 1 acre, Va. 600, Cloverhill District, $16,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC to Chad M. and Amy C. Pugh. Lot 23, Hunting Ridge Subdivision, Cloverhill District, $235,000

Thomas G. Hughes and Barbara Sheila Hughes to Christ W. Cooper. Lot 38, Jonesfield Subdivision, Southside District, $149,888.30

Bedford County

Deborah A. Rogers to Allen Mountain Properties LLC. New parcel “A”, 0.800 acres, Center District, $2,800

Jackie L. Waller and Tracy R. Waller to Julie A. Phillips. Parcel, Va. 699, Blue Ridge District, $130,000

Vicki G. Raines and Wallace S. Raines to Mark A. and Krista A. Chittum. Parcel, 20 acres, Lonely Hollow Road, Lakes District, $400,000

Vicki R. Raines and Shelby Goad Apffel to Mark A. and Krista A. Chittum. Parcel, 82.359 acres, Lonely Hollow Road, Lakes District, $322,185

Donald H. Phillips to Amanda Hope Martin. Parcel, Va. 688, Peaks District, $86,000

John B. and Jacqueline R. Inge to Kenneth M. Wiegman. Lots 45 and 46, block 15, Price Addition to Montvale, Blue Ridge District, $171,000

BKC Properties Inc. to Frank L. Leftwich Jr. Parcel, Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge District, $31,000

Michael K. and Lisa A. Nutter to Pennie Carol Forehand. Lot 8, Breezy Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $189,500

Bonnie A. Swanson to Joseph W. Johnson Jr. Unit 26, Boonsboro Commons, Jefferson District, $324,500

Foster Construction Inc. to Timothy Darrell Penick. Lot 16, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $240,000

Margie G. Campbell to Roger L. and Dora G. Painter. Lot 1, section 1, Panorama Acres, Peaks District, $2,000

L. Wayne Arthur and Wanda A. Harris to Regina A. Nolan. Lot 3-18, Mountain View Jefferson District, $153,900

West Crossing LLC to Foster Builder Inc. Part of lots at Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $265,000

Patricia Avery to Owen K. Fahy. Lot 22, section IV, Blumont Estates, Jefferson District, $193,500

Jason Dean and Kimberly Dawn Hartman to 4D Construction Inc. Unit 203, Lakeside Manor of Poplar Forest Condominium, phase II, $73,000

Campbell County

Alma Mae Irby to Alvin C. Watts and Deborah A. Watts Parcel Va. 24, 1.90 acres, Flat Creek District, $19,250

Zach D. and Candace B. Kingrea to Tyler Ming and Amanda Rae Nobilini. Lot 2, Aldridge, $177,500

Nelson Davis Kyle II to Timothy A. and Glenda C. Wood. Lot 51 and part of lots 52 and 53, Chellis Ford Road, $15,700

Stanley D. and Vickie Walters Weeks to Justin H. and Kevin W. Lakes Jr. Lot 7, section 1, Rising Sun Estates, $250,000

Craig P. Tiller to Edward Y. Ling. Lot 29, section A, Whitestone Hills Subdivision, $120,000

Edward F. and Diana B. Parker to Tevin T. and Katie D. Manns. Lot 18, White Pine Acres, $197,000

Timothy W. and Celia S. Stern to William Carl and Julie Shankula Rice. Lot 26, Troublesome Creek, $58,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chadley R. Shelton. 2 parcels, part of lots 5 and 6, block 61, Bungalow Subdivision, 10th St., Altavista, $32,500

David L. Smith to Warmstone Properties LLC. Parcel, Va. 622, 1.514 acres, Flat Creek District, $50,000

Kenneth W. and Nancy R. Turner to Bradley W. and Lauren Womack. Lot 3, section 2, Carter’s Crossing, $229,400

William P. Tomlinson and Jane B. Tomlinson to Mason A. Huggins. Lot 23, London Forest, $234,000

City of Lynchburg

Samuel W. and Kimberly C. Yeatss to Jarvis A. Sales. Lot 13, block G, Fairmont Addition, $150,000

Herbert W. and Diane Circkenberger to Ronald P. Aiosa II and William Boswell III. Lot 7, section 2, Hudson Tract, Southland Acres, $175,000

Amanda Marie Olias to Robert W. Austin. Lot 1, block 3, Panorama Hills Subdivision, $217,000

Randolph College, Incorporated to Bald Eagle Properties LLC. Lot 2 and part of lot 3, block 101, plan B, Rivermont Subdivision, $224,900

Lauren D. Olson to Garrett N. and Savannah B. Ballard. Lot 16, block 1, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $119,400

Noah D. Barrett and Rebekah H. Barrett to Thomas E. Brennan. 1220 Clay St., $204,000

Norma J. Blankenship to Sarah A. Gregory. Lot 76, Legacy Oaks Subdivision, $195,500

F. Patrick and A. Noel Yeatts to David A. and Laura S. Brat. Lot 9, block B, Royal Court Subdivision, $685,000

C. Michael Gambone, trustee to Hannah J. Poucher and Grant M. Kittrell. 3102, 3104, 3106 and 3108 Staunton St., $152,500

Marianne C. and Robert H. Branch Jr. to Lone Wolf Investments LLC. Lot 17, section 1, Boxwood Subdivision, $215,000

Pamela A. Carder to Shaun William Roman. Lot 4, block 17, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Co., $120,000

Chesterfield Place Trust to Zachary C. and Lillian C. Carter. Lots 271-274, Windsor Hills Subdivision, $238,200

William L. Chapin to Giles K. Sydnor. Part of lots 2-3, block B, Spottswood Subdivision, $227,500

DRV Construction LLC to Shantez Monet Custis. Lot 24, block A, section 1, Georgetown Forest Townhouses, $79,200

Angelia L. Murphy to Latonya Forrest. 1623 Buchanan St., $73,000

Meredith A. Gardner to Charee C. Gile. Lot 54, Indigo Run Townhomes Subdivision, $119,500

Karoly and Karolyne Gerstner and Kornel Gerstner to Jason D. and Amy R. Moyer. Lot 101, unit 406, College Square Subdivision, $142,500

Jane Himes to Crystal L. Green. 141 Holcomb Path, $155,000

Sharon S. Griffin to Stuart and Taylor Hiers. Lot 26, section 5, Richland Hills Subdivision, $153,600

Omar Hussamy to William L. Hamilton. Parcel, Reusens Road, $2,000

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Joshua M. Vaughan. Lots 31-33, High Point Development Subdivision, $142,900

Patrick Grayson Sherman to Maxwell R. Jennings. Lot 114, Heritage Court Subdivision, $99,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Jeff Overstreet, Blue Ridge District, garage, $5,000

William Roberts, Blue Ridge District, garage, $36,400

Emory Cochran, Blue Ridge District, farm building, $7,000

Robert Meyer, Blue Ridge District, garage, $10,200

Michael Angove, Blue Ridge District, addition, $18,000

Lee Wenzler, Blue Ridge District, addition, $15,000

Frances Bayne, Center District, addition, $17,000

Daryl Hubbard, Center District, new dwelling, $443,900

Richard Goodwin, Center District, pool, $35,500

Benjamin Hodges, Center District, addition, $2,500

Christopher Blair, Center District, addition, $35,000

County of Bedford, Center District, pavilion, $3,300

Danny Tyree Builder Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $410,000

Godsey McGehee Inc., Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $18,000

Grandview Course LLC, Jefferson District, duplex, $180,000

Joseph Lima, Jefferson District, pool, $44,000

Steven Euhus, Jefferson District, addition, $30,000

Randall Dunn, Jefferson District, alteration, $75,000

Nathan Hilton, Jefferson District, alteration, $19,470

Grandview Course LLC, Jefferson District, duplex, $165,000

Daniel Morris, Jefferson District, alteration, $3,000

TEVA, Jefferson District, sign, $1,000

Kevin Shotwell, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $440,000

William Moore, Jefferson District, addition, $5,000

Donald Hendricks, Jefferson District, addition, $1,200

Theodore Williams IV, Jefferson District, pool, $50,000

Andrew Vest, Jefferson District, pool, $35,000

Apocalypse Ale, Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $15,000

David Briggs, Lakes District, alteration, $246,352

Edward McNally, Lakes District, alteration, $274,500

Edward Lazowski, Lakes District, addition, $99,700

Ronald Belle, Lakes District, garage, $20,000

Fred Ruble, Lakes District, addition, $25,000

Daniel Glatfelter, Lakes District, storage building, $25,000

Gary Chapman, Lakes District, storage building, $3,500

JB Enterprises LLC, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $90,000

Diane McVanney, trustee, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $50,000

Byron Powers, Lakes District, addition, $30,000

Alexander Newmark, Lakes District, alteration, $125,000

Basil Bays, Lakes District, addition, $23,575

Theresa Stallman-Corsepius, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $3,000

Richard Hartley, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $100,000

Gregory Plasters, Lakes District, addition, $139,773

Gloria Millner, Peaks District, addition, $45,000

Leo Van Vliet, Peaks District, garage, $20,000


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