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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

Kami Ashworth to Katrina Taylor. Parcel, Va. 661, 0.69 acres, $209,000

Billy W. Jennings Sr. and Sadie C. Jennings to John Mark Bardwell Jr. and Elizabeth Bourland Elmore. 345 N. Main St., $150,000

David G. Blondino Jr., Mary Angela Thompson, Cynthia Carol Blondino Thurston, Susan Elenore Blondino and Brenda Carmine Blondino to Linda S. and George L. Blondino Sr. 370 Thomas Road and additional parcel, $75,000

Glenn R. Cantrell to Jeremy F. Ware. Lot 31, Viking Fjord, $165,000

Marvin J. and Karen G. Coblentz to Sandra J. and Justin Durkee. Parcel, Va. 151, 4.617 acres, $275,000

Lewis T. Falwell Jr. and Liz T. Falwell and Jerry L. Falwell Jr. and Rebecca T. Falwell to Equity Trust Co. Custodian. Six parcels, off Earley Farm Road, $110,250

Thomas V. Meeks to Jennifer L.P. Follett. 823 Sardis Road, $336,000

Appomattox County

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Phillip C. Jamerson. Lot 5, section 1, Confederate Blvd., $20,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Phillip C. Jamerson. Lot 4, section 1, Confederate Blvd., $260,000

Mark A. Marston to Carl Chase Journell and Abigail Rose Nee. Parcel, Trent Hatchery Road, $269,900

K&A Homes LLC to Calvin D. and Tabitha R. Perkins. Lot 3, Columbus Road, $309,000

Annie J. Trent to Ray E. and Linda M. Phelps. Parcel, 25 acres, Va. 608, $30,000

Bedford County

Reid H. and Carol B. Graves to Keoth and Susan Metzler. Amended lot 34, fronting Callaway Springs Drive, $740,000

Stephen and Lynn Petilli to Gordon Wood and Robin Lindsay Elliott. Lot 10, Ryan Estates Lane, $40,000

SC Petrine LLC to Christopher Scott and Meredith Elliott. Lot 13, section 2, Lakeland Pines Subdivision, $290,000

James Michael Robertson, Brenda F. Robertson, Joyce R. Green, Janie Robertson and Francis M. Robertson to Angela H. Janney and Terry G. Janney. Parcel, Stewartsville Road, $40,000

Marilyn P. Ehrhorn to Kirk B. and Robin T. Fritz. Parcel, 54.24 acres, Va. 221, $1,510,000

Joan M. Wright and Robert L. Connelley to Nathaniel Lee Richardson and Alyssa Nicole Peterson. 6080 Old Country Road and additional parcel, $200,000

Keith A. Caron to Fred J. and Deborah L. Pearson. Lot 3, Aspen Point, $340,000

Equity Trust Company to Kevin Lessord. Lot 1, Village North, $17,500

Teresa Smith Muse to James M. and Heather S. McGlothlin. 5892 Joppa Mill Road, $419,950

Central VA Homes Buyers LLC to Kerry Patrick Barrett. Parcel, near Cedarberry Lane, $86,000

Trisomy 2 Properties LLC to Tammy M. and David Wayne Bryant. 1538 Swisher Drive, $110,000

Craig D. Gramlich and Lauren M. Perhala to Douglas O. and Donise M. Farmer. Lot 14, section 7, The Meadows, $454,000

Mann Enterprises LLC to Barbara J. Fowler. Unit 2405, Twin Springs, Garden Villa Condominium, $155,000

Countryside Land Company LC to David J. Dudley. Parcel, near Ephesus Road, $35,000

David R. and Tonya R. Gearhart to Kalpeshkumar and Sweety Shah. Revised lot 33, section 9, Farmington at Forest, $482,000

Deborah L. Henley to Christopher C. Langley. 3520 White Road, $700,000

Jacob M. Fisher and Misty F. Fisher to Michael J. and Sharon Dennehy. Lot 8, Cobbs Corner, $385,000

Kenneth E. Moore to Jennifer Marie Pate. Tract 5, Roaring Run Hollow, $387,500

Laura K. Ashton to Jacob and Maegen Elizabeth Vanderbleek. Lot 51, Oakview Subdivision, $259,900

Central VA Homes Buyers LLC to Steven Alexander Maltese. 100 Westin Ridge, $99,900

Robert J. Wertz and Maxine W. Wertz to Geoff Brandon Tuck and Devon Ashleigh Tuck. Parcel, Va. 732 and Va. 739, $225,000

Noah Steven Cousino to Bradley Dewayne and Elizabeth Jane McCollum. 1655 Teass Terrace, $599,900

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Kevin Raymond Ader Jr. and Katherine Elizabeth Ader. Revised lot 39, Lake Manor Estates, $895,000

Robert William Sigman and Susanne Sarver Sigman to JBN Investments LLC. Lot 3 and 3B, Winifred Shores, $1,000,000

Ivalace LLC to Efrain Moreno-Maldonado and Johanna Idaliz Moreno. Lot 10, phase 1, Grandview Course, $429,900

Campbell County

Juan De Dios Hernandez and Kayla Abrego to Nicholas J. Nassar. Lot 13, section 2, London Forest, $345,000

Christopher G. and Angela K. Casola to Abbie D. and Daniel E. Gardner Jr. Lot 16, section 1, Russell Springs, $365,000

Abbie Dodgion and Daniel Earl Gardner Jr. to Douglas P. and Pamela S. Chaney. 218 Forest Ave., $197,000

Timothy Flowers and Janice Flowers to CMMI Management Group LLC. Lot 1B, Hunt Ridge Subdivision, $60,000

D&R Dynamics LLC to Courtney O’Sullivan. Lot 10, Carson Subdivision, $235,000

Jadon LLC to Chelsea R. Dews. Lot 62, phase 2, English Commons, $225,000

Love Real Estate Inc. to Ervin Properties LLC. 2433 Bedford Highway, $40,000

Veronica M. Glover and David V. Miller to Randall and Mary Weatherdon. Lot 8, block 5, Sleepy Hollow Est., $275,000

John K. Gloss III and Robin G. Gloss to Daniel L. and Wanda G. Konkright. Lot 9, section 5, Holiday Forest, $60,000

JC Land and Timber LLC to Melissa A. Kemen. Lot 10, section II, Gable Crest Subdivision, $279,900

Suburban Trailer Town Inc. to Garnet L. Manley Jr. Parcel, off of Old Richmond Road, $7,816.60

Angel H. Mason to Kurt and Elyse Schussmann. 516 Orrix Creek Road, $151,900

David M. and Amanda M. Tucker to Susan Ashley Tyree. 3660 Depot Road, $120,000

City of Lynchburg

Sharon Allen Manley to Ronald A. Achtau. 123 Holmes Circle, $125,000

Truist Bank and Jamie L. Sharman to Bradley Stricklin. Lot 19, Northwynd Villas, $265,000

Charlina Anthony to Jeffrey Jenkins and Helen Jenkins. Lot 5, section 2, Keystone Forest, $219,000

Richard Lee Bailey to Christopher J. Melton. Lot 17, block 4, Roseland Park, $117,500

M. Elwood Clingempeel to Edward James Cutshall and Sally E. Barca. 1701 Richmond Ave., $64,000

Phillip D. Berdahl to Joseph R. and Karen Duffin. Lot 44, section 1, Forest Dale, $279,900

Karen G. Berry to Vector Space. 2004, 2020 Memorial Ave. and 2804 and 2810 Langhorne Road, $1,200,000

Jean Capital LLC to Bethel Consultant Group LLC. 1618 Buchanan St., $35,000

Jimmie Dewitt Childress III to John W. and Dorothy B. Block. 3002 Rivermont Ave., $305,000

Evelyn Jean Hawkins, Afuluenu Ebo-Brown, Nwabufo Ebo, Aury Kim Conner, Justin Lee Rose, Helen Adair Martin, Deborah Ann Martin, Marvene Diane Martin, Keith Saunders, Tracy Saunders and Pamela Saunders to 907 Main Street LLC. 1416 Taylor St., $30,000

Debra C. Wall, Kristy C. Burks and William T. Campbell T. Campbell Jr. to Daniel Cyrus. 1408 Tilden Ave., $110,000

Tailormade Properties LLC to Gary K. Clegg. 812-814 Monroe St., $49,900

Bainon Myles Couresy to Nat H. Reasor Jr. and Maureen S. Reasor. 110 Canterbury Court, $270,000

DBI Capital Group LLC to NVR Inc. Lot 24A and 24B, section 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $77,500

Equity Trust Company to John H. Trayham and Melinda Dickinson Trayham. 1810 Broadway St. 200, $210,000

Dodson Brothers Extermination Company to Wireless Realty Advisors II LLC. 3618 Oak Tree St., $310,000

Lynchburg Renting LLC to Karen Walker Hall. Lot 46, phase III, The Preserve at Oakwood, $655,000

Mary Stuart Taylor to Ioric Investments Inc. 302 Washington St., $265,000

Nancy B. Jaqueth Morey to Matthew and Stephanie Wilkinson and Peter Wilkinson. 909 Old Trent’s Ferry Road, $375,000

Michael S. and Kristy P. Middleton to Owen D. and Dianne R. Stevens. 204 Warren Ave., $48,554.35

Noble Holdings LLC to Winston T. Schuler. Lot 16, section 1, Westerly Acres, $180,400

White Mountain Investments LLC to Sunset Mountain LLC. 105 Chambers St., $69,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

PSA Properties LLC, 2346 Aragon St., repair, $20,000

Edward Wetherell, 1165 Park Ave., renovation, $50,000

Ivy Trace LLC, 103 Phillips Circle, new construction, $200,000

Jeffrey Scott, 1210 Brandon Road, addition, $7,872

Paul Thompson, 2450 Link Road, renovation, $9,800

Foster Construction Inc., 143 Waughs Landing Drive, new construction, $350,000

Zachary Lawrie, 206 Woodway Drive, repair, $5,130.42

Michael Neighbors Sr., 119 Holcomb Path Road, renovation, $12,285.48

Raintree Business, 775 Bonair Court, addition, $5,000

Gero McClellan, 811 Westview Drive, renovation, $9,950

Shawn Hayes, 3524 Willow Lawn Drive, renovation, $87,097.51

Ygnacio Santos, 608 Taylor St., renovation, $14,500

Chelsey Lester, 1309 Harding St., renovation, $7,800

Verna Guanzon, 203 Preserve Drive, renovation, $16,380

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