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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as “sunshine laws.”

Property transfers

Amherst County

Frank P. Deane III and Ella J. Deane to Rogers R. and Debra L. Tinnell. Lot 1, block 1, phase V, unit 101, Royal Gardens, $174,900

Samuel C. and Jean P. Delaura to Brian Kevin and Kasey Allamong Smith. Lot 10, Tusculum Lane East, $55,000

Edward R.M. Kane to Willow Creek Investments LLC. Parcel, 142.5 acres, near Indian Creek Road, $275,000

MLN Capital LLC to Annie L. Ellison and Joseph L. Wach. 137 Woodrow Ave., $230,000

United Bank to Phillip R. Keys. Lot 43, Abee Manor, $25,300

Randy L. Mounts to Judith Swedonia Marie Pruett to Bobby Taylor Gilligan. 265 Dreaming Creek Hollow, $340,000

Tony West to Brian Stewart Haley. 265 S. Hillcrest Dr., $189,000

T&E Properties Inc. to Jacqueline L. Pesce. Lot 21, section 1, Wedgewood Manor, $124,900

Appomattox County

Christina Blankenship to Sarah H. and James L. Sligh Sr. 557 Vineyard Road, $496,000

George M. Evans Jr. and Gene R. Bowles Jr. to George M. Evans Jr. and Vickie R. Evans. 208 Autumn Lane and additional parcel, $185,000

Linda B. Mayo, Danny R. Bryant, Clifton Thomas Bryant, Rodney D. Bryant and Tanya Denise Cummings to James A. Burks III and Matthew W. Burks. Parcel, 30.3 acres, Va. 654, $230,000

Zachary Tyler Willis to Dawnwood Investments LLC. 683 Morning Star Road, $25,500

Harry T. Ferguson to Robert C. Stephens. Lot 41, section II, Courtland Subdivision, $46,500

Bedford County

Brandon S. and Dara R. Brown to Terae Austin and Whitney Pardue Harris. Lot 28, London Meadows, $568,000

Arlene Parker to Dawn Cobb Fossness. Lot 5, Woodbrook Subdivision, $514,000

Joshua Dean Lee Goff to Stephen G. Goff. Lot 10, section 2, Panorama Acres, $120,000

Southeast Property Holdings LLC to Paul Francis Ferguson and Karen Louise Keyes. Lot 15, Westcove, $655,000

James Christopher and Carrie Ellen Reebals to Robert and Cathleen E. Cowden. 117 Sunset Point Dr., $1,100,000

Brian M. and Jessica L. Martin to Kenneth W. Weaver. Lot 3, Madison St., Town of Bedford, $125,000

Ibrahim Z. Yousef to Richard Lee West Sr. Lot 99, High Point Subdivision, $13,500

Robert S. Bass to Ana Worcester and Richard H. Barnes. 1095 Lizard Ridge Road, $305,000

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Jorshe Alan and Megan Brooke Joseph. 1177 Stoney Ridge Blvd., $472,070

MHD LLC to Karen R. and David A. Bowen. 108 Sweeney Circle. $250,000

Mary Jo Tucker to Moab Properties LLC. Lot 19, Peakwood Farms, $62,500

Janet Ballard, Olivia D. Selden and Mishonne Bonds to Katrina Brown. Tract 1, Lowry Subdivision, $3,090.96

Jadah T. Tubbs and Sean M. Peregoy to Ryan and Krystina Mitchell. Lot 53, section II, Victoria Lakes, $310,000

Coffee Road LLC to Stephen G. Alvis and Patricia A. Alvis. Lot 9, The Stables at Coffee, $145,000

Jonathan E. White, Jonathan Bryan White and Timothy L. White to Christopher and Sydney Nicholas. Parcel, near Rock Cliff Road, $45,000

Gordon G. Dewhurst to Matthew A. and Lesiley Tingler. Lot 47, Virginia Ridge, $361,001

Lynwood E. Arrington to David and Kimberly Stewart. Lot 3, Va. 669, $85,000

CT Squared Realty LLC to Dorian Veterinary Real Estate Fund I LP. 1037 Lipscomb Road, $475,000

William E. Leach and Sandra J. Leach to Peter and Donna Both. Lot 64, Haines Point, $515,000

Nichole Gohman to Jacqueline M. Andree. 3405 Headens Bridge Road, $820,000

Patricia A. Culp to Jigar J. and Lydia J. Raval. Lot 72, Summerfield, $377,000

Rebecca L. Brooks and Anthony McMillan to Matthew Blair. 2723 W. Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, $197,000

Richard L. Culp and Karen P. Culp to Gabriel and Leeann Stephens. Lot 17, section 1, Kensington, $400,000

Jeff R. Nasman and Jolene M. Nasman to Troy L. and Nita Born. Lot 46, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, $376,000

Connor A. and Jennifer A. Bryant to Harper J. and Kaitlin Loy. Lot 23, Quail Ridge Subdivision, $435,000

John W. and Regina A. Cassady to Timothy D. and Jessica J. Lee. Lot 14, section 3, West Crossing Subdivision, $825,000

Campbell County

Jacob Ancheril and Susan J. Ancheril to Richard Jesse Marilla III and Chelsea Susanna Marilla. Lot 3, section 1, Jameswood, $315,000

Tyler Ryan Anderson to Robert P. Stump. Parcel, U.S. 460, 0.459 acres, $105,000

Mina Min to Nilesh Bhandare and Neha Bhandare. Lot 18, section 1, Braxton Park, $235,000

CMF Farms LLC to James Franklin Lippitt. Parcel, Pigeon Run Road, $380,000

Jadon LLC to Luis and Bethany Garcia. Lot 92, phase 2, English Commons, $214,900

Dustin J. Miller and Crystal S. Miller to Taylor E. Nida. Lot 17, section 6, Russell Springs, $309,900

Dianne L. and Albert Nathaneal Whit to Timothy Gordon Steltzer. 147 Indian Ridge Dr., $305,000

Thornton Critchley Sr. and Christine Critchley to Charlie A. Watts II and Jaiden A. Lane. 1013 7th St., $42,500

Wheeler Estates LLC to Robert W. Fox and Jo Ann Fox. Parcel, Wheeler Road, $50,000

Robert Richard and Robin J. Honeycutt to Michael James and Samara Rae Wilson. 445 Brookwood Dr., $237,900

City of Lynchburg

Teresa S. Antonelli to Dreama B. and Billy E. Fritts. Lot 11, Overlink Estates, $482,000

Jorshe A. Joseph to Keisha Moser and Tracy Armstrong. 1919 Roxbury St. $240,000

Ronnie E. Thomas to Ileana Olga and Dumitru F. Asanache. 95-97 North Princeton Circle, $250,000

Brent A. and Karen L. Holland to Darren W. and Hyon J. Bachman. 2221 Taylor Farm Road, $331,000

Mackenzie C. Case and Joshua William Baker to Bridget H. and Alexander Don Michael Gregory. Lots 319-322 Landland Subdivision, $280,000

Baltic3 LLC to Hunter J. and Sophia G. Bassett. 1001 Early St., $96,039

Poppy Regina Bilbra-Jacobs to Jessica Nicole Tucker. 4606 Alabama Ave., $211,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC to Blackwater Custom Homes LLC. Lot 36, phase 1, Blackwater Run, $75,000

Bradley Hart LLC to Kenechukwu and Rachel A. Nnoli. 223 Denver Ave., $280,000

Gerald Wayne Quillen and Patricia L. Brannen to Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc. 1511 Knott St., $17,200

Katherine F. Llyod to Jackson Breakell. Lot 6, section 2, Tate Springs Farm, $269,900

Kenneth S. and Susan F. Mayo to Alexander W. Brebner III and Tina P. Johnson Brebner. 3226 Rivermont Ave., $520,000

Lucas M. and Jessica S. Brown to Cameron Dean and Heidi Lynn Cook. Lot 5, block 4, Oaklawn Addition, $328,000

Ruth M. and William W. Pearson II to David B and Erin J. Bruce. 4606 Alabama Ave., $207,500

Brian Lee Burnett and Matthew Zaczyk to Jonathan A. and Angela M. Button. 1120 Heath Ave., $260,000

Rodney Douglas Schmitt and Nancy Suzanne Hahn to Jeffrey Michael Carter. Parcel, Maple St, $3,500

Todd David Clingman and Kathleen Mary Clingman to Peter James and Deborah Lynn Wallace. 131 Portico St., $250,000

David M. McDonald and Kimberly Quynh-Khanh Gibson -McDonald to Lawson Todd Creekmore and Julia Claire Colopy. 201 Lansing Ave., $353,500

Donald G. Pendelton Jr. and Dodd F. Harvey to Commerce Street Collaborative LLC. 1213-1215 Commerce St., $600,000

Nathan S. and Vitoria France to Jennifer Lucinda Current. 311 Westover Blvd., $238,000

Kare H. Richeson to Milton A. Dalton. 1913 Early St., $42,500

Adam R. and Tracina M. Penrose to Nikunj G. Davda. Lot 79, section 2, Boxwood Subdivision, $565,000

Rebekah Leann Hager to Supriya S. and Sanket R. Dhat. Lot 201, Wyndsor Place Townhomes, $149,900

Elmwood Holdings LLC to Matthew and Johanna Schubert. Lot 25, phase 1A, Blackwater Run, $95,000

Justin T. and Amber K. Matzker to Caleb M. Esuary. 3506 Fort Ave., $270,000

GOBLU LLC to Michael Raymond Serro. Lot 26, Sterling Park Townhomes, $132,000

Harclay Corporation to Gabrol LLC. 3502 Mayflower Dr., $1,450,000

LREI LLC to Peter M. Green. 2202 Haden St., $99,900

Brittany A. Harris to Stephen Lee and Terry Lee Temple. Lots 30 and 40, block I, Dowdy, $225,502

Stephen A. and Amanda T. White to Laurie Selz Harris. Lots 15-20, block C, Spottswood, $294,000

Brooke E. McNamara to Teri L. Harris. Lot 5, block 21, Westover Heights Addition, $215,300

Roger D. and Debra G. Woody to Blake K. Huddleston. 85 Belle Terre Dr., $134,900

Austin Robert Jackson and David Robert Jackson to Jackson Ray Parrish and Alexa Jean Posa. Lot 139, Stuart Heights, $146,000

Percy O Kephart Jr. and Carol K. Kephart to Tiffany A. Kephart. Lot 23, block 3, section 1, Long Meadows, $200,000

David Wayne Lemar and Sheryl Marie Lemar to Donna Marie Tyree and Thomas M. Tyree III. 910 Dearing St., $19,500

Laura Elizabeth Marble to Jonathan Jacob and Tammy J. Litzau. Lots 6 and 9, block 15, Westover Heights, $201,001

Katherine J. Lum MacDouglass to Suvhada Stanley, Ananya Singhaputra and Kanokvun Thanasobhon. Lot 22, phase 1, section 1, Townhouse Subdivision of Three Fountains, $142,000

Mack Renting LLC to 1480 Holdings LLC. 502 Wyndhurst Dr., $290,000

Melvin Douglas Ramsey to Dorothy L Martin and Shane Ashlin Martin. Lot 12, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Company, $115,000

Beatrice A. Rice to Dorothy L. and Shane Ashlin Martin. 1505 Augusta St., $115,000

James Edward and Kelsey Rene Sasko to Anant and Jennifer Mohan. Lot 19, block 5, Craddock Addition, $155,000

Charles M. Warner and Jonathan L. Shipe to Charles M. and Lynn S. Olmsted. Lot 20, Ivylink, $445,000

Sherry F. Ridenour to Sonya F. Stanley. Lot 19, block A, Raleigh Heights, $50,000

1218 Park Avenue LLC and Tony D. West to Sunbeam Park LLC. 722 Wise St. and additional parcel, $395,000

Walkers Crossing-Forest-C LLC to Ashton Powell. Lot 3, phase 1, unit 302, block A, Fieldstone Manor, $180,000

Building permits

Campbell County

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1I, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1J, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1K, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1L, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1M, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1N, new dwelling, $40,000

Idyl Hour 1984 LLC, lot 12, Lynbrook Road, new dwelling, $225,000

Taeseong Kim, 57 Holland Court, finish basement, $60,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1O, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1P, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1Q, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1R, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1S, new dwelling, $40,000

Stone Ridge Foundation, 745 RBF Lane, unit 1T, new dwelling, $40,000

Melville Wilson, 68 Vet Lane, renovate bathroom, $64,989

Kenneth Lester Jr., 401 Tanglewood DR., screen in deck, $7,500

Harold Walker III, 247 Hickory Hill Road, pool, $80,000

Dalton Mosser, 1220 Sunnymeade Road, addition and alteration, $12,000

Masman Development LLC, 0 Woodlawn Circle, 2 self-storage building, $400,000

Jason Basham, 325 Burr Oak Road, garage, $30,000

Billy Rankins Jr., 24 Pershing Dr., pool, $8,000

Christopher Gilbert, 720 Bear Creek Road, shed, $21,855

Lynchburg Partners LLC, 3412 Waterlick Road, rebrand signs, $2,220

Tracey Yager, 660 Dunivan Dr., alterations to bathroom, $9,450

Discovery One Land Holdings LLC, 1163 Wards Road, sign rebrand, $2,750

Mary Svalstedt, 142 Tanzalon Dr., metal carport $4,500

Grace Evangelical Free Church Inc., 21129 Timberlake Road, signs, $25,600

Jay Yancy, lot 13, Lynbrook Road, new dwelling, $420,000

Amy Henderson, 80 Williams Road, addition, $42,000

Robert Dees, 245 Woodrow Lane, garage, $150,000

Matthew Blanks, 44 Wood Duck Court, finish basement, $10,000

Rodney Bell, 213 Howards Manor Dr., accessory building, $15,730

Len Stevens, 439 Traverse Dr., pool, $52,000

Matthew Blanks, 44 Wood Duck Court, finish basement, $10,000

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