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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Shirley Iseman Lewis, Joyce Anne Iseman Branch, Anthony S. Thompson, Lisa T. Campbell, Rueben Campbell, Sabrina Campbell and Thelma P. Iseman to Bruce and Rhonda Norconk. 139 Grandview Dr., $127,500

Keith E. Norvell to Dalene A. Bonsie. 603 Burley Hollow Road, $15,800

Judy D. Mooney to Jean W. Churan. 287 Crest of Pedlar Dr., $570,000

Rivers Realty LLC to Phillip R. Keys. Lot 37, Abee Manor, $25,300

James L. Bennett and Shirley A. Bennett to Michael Walter and Anita Brady Neville. Lot 2, section 1, New Bethel Estates, $455,000

Arise Property Solutions LLC to Lester R. Wilmer. Lot 1, section 2, Mountain View Hills, $232,500

Lloyd C. Katz to Tina R. and Oren Foutty. Lot 33, Whispering Oaks Subdivision, $279,900

David Mark Schrock Jr. and Vivian J. Schrock to Nathan J. Ross. 2694 West Perch Road, $125,000

Shawn Silver to Azalea Faye Smith and John Cannon. 201 Main St., $20,000

Sherline C. Jones, Mary Frances C. Jenkins, James H. Collins, Cynthia Franklin, Susan Collins, Delphine Collins, Tara McKee, Tonya Collins, Tony Collins and Donna M. Cross to James R. Vaughter Sr. Parcel, Galts Mill Road, $6,500

Appomattox County

Home Alone LLC to Randie W. Kiger. Lot 5B, Red House Road, $152,000

Mark W. Marston to Randie W. Kiger. Lot 5C, Red House Road, $15,000

Good Life LLC to Lisa May Baldwin, Larry Ray Baldwin and Cody Ray Baldwin. Parcel, Oak Lane Subdivision, $10,000

Jason Paul Decanio to Susan P. Walton. 319 Cora Lee Lane, $99,900

Kathryn R. Burge to Caleb Cooper. 3383 Piney Mountain Road, $202,500

Bedford County

Michael D. and Angelita C. Zechman to Dexter Lee and Deborah Lynn Atkinson. 1242 Haven Lane, Lakes District, $942,000

Donald R. Bowyer and Patsy Bowyer Stull to Donald R. Bowyer and Karen H. Bowyer. 3567 Saunders Grove Dr., Blue Ridge District, $260,000

Lloyd Bruce and John Raymond Shaw to Matthew William Marrs. 111 Parkway Lane, Blue Ridge District, $179,000

Robert E. and Holly H. LaFon to Michael A. Hatcher Jr. and Chelsea Patsell. 12333 Dickerson Mill Road, , Blue Ridge District, $175,900

Justin R. Mayhue to Michael Wayne Conner. Lots 2-4, section 2, R.L. Ward Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $144,950

Walter S. Brown Jr. to Greenway Plaza LLC. Lot 11, Variety View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $85,000

Mark and Sandra Fitchett to Ramey A. and Robyn Sue Bower. Residual parcel, 17.656 acres, Lakes District, $70,000

Sherri A. Lafon Walker and Melia Rose Lafon to Timothy May. Lot 59, Pleasure Point, Lakes District, $45,000

Carolyn S. Knowles to Tyler Sexton. 201 Shady Grove Dr., Blue Ridge District, $32,500

Mark E. Eli and Judy A. Houck-Eli to Mark and Sandra J. Fickett. Parcel, Tolers Ferry Road, Lakes District, $22,500

Sandra Presley to Richard Alan Dooley Jr. 1213 Jrs Ponderosa Trail, $12,000

Annette G. Miller to Tracey W. and Robert Mack Bryant Jr. 1515 Timber Ridge Road, $400,000

Tyler D. and Katelyn A. Litz to Joseph Crawley. Lot 14, section IV, Town and Country Subdivision, $243,500

Christopher R. and Kindsay N. Maulbeck to Jennifer L. and Edward S. Marzano Jr. Lot 3, section 7, Farmington at Forest, $655,900

Bret A. Piechowski to Oleksandr Hnatiuk. Lot 11, section 19, Farmington at Forest, $325,000

Marilyn Leigh Mason to Logan Kenneth Gaebe. Tract 4B, 4.991 acres, Jefferson District, $199,000

Donald B. Cyphert and Janay C. Cyphert to John C. and Lindsay N. Harvey. Lot 7, section 11, Peters Estate, $439,000

David D. Garrard and Robynne C. Garrard to James L. and Lynda J. Ontiveros. Lot 18, section 4, Cedar Rock, $510,000

Frank B. Villa II to Brenda L. Sizemore. 712 Ivy Lake Dr., $172,000

Burnbrae Properties LLC to John Barrick. Lot 11, section III, Burnbrae Subdivision, $103,500

Shamrock Construction Enterprises Inc. to Christopher Wimer. Lot 9, section 17, Farmington at Forest, $279,000

Robert Christopher Nuckols to Courtney Gayle Bunch. 1243 Willow Oak Dr., $369,000

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Mark W. and Teresa R. Murdock and Loretta H. Ragland. 1048 Stoney Ridge Blvd., $462,920

Goshen Living LLC to Luke S. Williams and Samantha K. Jones. Lot 3, Madison St., $169,500

Jay Ferdinand and Kimberly P. Morales to Mary E. and Carl R. Matice II and Kay F. Blake. Lot 127, section VI, Lake Vista, $376,000

Rhonda M. Castagne to Brian Johnson. Lot 3, Boone Hill, $493,000

Betty E. King to Jody D. and Barbara K. Lipford. Parcel, near Va. 640, 39.910 acres, $124,800

Equity Trust Company to Jaime K. Budy. Parcel, 5.34 acres, Peaks District, $52,000

Campbell County

Peak Rentals LLC to Lonnie E. and Laura G. Scholl and Landon Michael Scholl. Lot 8, section 1, Happy Valley Subdivision, $135,000

Robbin D. Dalton, Pamela D. Pillow and Melody D. Clark to White Mountain Investments LLC. Lots 7-9, Wards Road, $17,000

Tony Byrd to Stone Gate Farm LLC. Lot 3, section 1, Pine Acres Estates, $105,000

Fonda N. Martin to David and Michelle Warden. Lot 7, section 2, Carter’s Crossing, $50,000

John R. Marks and Cathy S. Marks to Kurt Allen and Juleah Christine Bricker. Lot 10, block 3, section A, Hyland Springs, $270,000

Christopher M. and Amanda G. O’Brien to Blake and Kristen Edmondson. Lot 15, section 1-F, Wildwood Subdivision, $257,000

William James Wallace to Linda Lee Harding. Lot 70, phase 1, Runaway Bay, $675,000

Chad H. Pomajzl to Isaiah Eli Rogers and Elisha Rogers. Lot 151, section 2, Braxton Park, $197,500

William A. Howard to Gratitude Land LLC. Lot 105, section 2, Braxton Park, $217,000

Sean D. and Michelle J. Bradley to Ronald J. and Susan D. Borer. Lot 54, Windcrest Manor, $240,000

Patsye H. Kohinke to Mark A. Daulton and Chrismeldy S. Santana. Lots 1 and 25, section 3, Ridgewood, $285,000

Graydon L. and Marida M. Lamb to Kenneth W. and Kimberly D. Lawson. Lot 3, New Chapel Farms, 39 and 118 Farmview Lane, $275,000

Margaret A. Branham to Samantha J. Wilson. 183 Plum Branch Road, $120,000

Gary P. Hostutler and Chris E. Brown to Brown Apartment Rentals LLC. Lot 45, Bob Hill Subdivision, $300,000

NBS Real Estate LLC to Matthew B. Toller. 772 Nickland Dr., $139,900

Hazel Yvonne Riddle Wade to Emmett L. Almond. Lots 58-66, Subdivision of part of Eddie Foster Farm, $55,000

D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. to Brent Edwin Smith. Lot 17, Emberly Way Subdivision, $389,900

Brian E. and Lora H. Cash to Nicholas A. Dodson. 270 Turf Road, $145,000

City of Lynchburg

George E. and Pamela G. Roper to Jackalyn A. Bell. 2207 King St., $130,000

Rachel A. Distefano to Rick and Cheri Distefano. 2025 Woodcrest Dr., $170,000

Millside Development LLC to Land 1609 LLC. 1606 Graves Mill Road, $475,000

Stacey D. Ballowe to Angela R. Rucker. 1527 Augusta St., $65,880

Daniel Algarin to Clyde A. Patterson Jr. and Ashley R. Holt. Lots 16-18, block 13, Golf Park Addition, $190,000

David Lewis Woolley to Thomas Bradford and Gwendolyn Buford Wimler and Taylor Max Wilmer. 1107 Chestnut Hill Dr., $198,000

Lucas C. Bianco and Audra J. Della Rosa Bianco to Stavros Tsanos. 3205 Cary St., $150,000

Mary Ann Campbell to Glenn Bradley and Jordan D. Smith. Lot 5, block 1, Melwood Addition, $169,900

Carrington A. Mosley and Jessica Mosley to Michael R. and Caitlin N. Johnson. Lot 3, sections 2 and 9, Vista Acres, $170,000

Long Meadows Inc. to Frank Robert North and Jessica Marie McIntosh. Lot 3, Stonehaven, $253,400

Charles C. England to Shobha Joseph. 207 Countryplace Lane, $144,900

Damien O. Bartholomew to Meghann E. Hansen. 1004 Polk St., $70,000

Paul Jimmy Zarres, Maria Zarres Deyerle, and Maria Zarres Deyerle to Paul Jimmy Zarres. Lot 12, section 1, Sandusky Hills, $180,000

Arlene D. and George Burkhardt IV to Randy G. and Sheryl J. Parrish. Lot 18, block E, section 2, Georgetown Forest Townhouses, $107,500

Richard L. Perkins to Lisa D. Carr. 2410 High St., $140,000

Home Front Rentals LLC to Marlene Y. and Michael P. Collard. 505 Savannah Ave., $194,900

Ryan C. and Elizabeth K. Brown to Erica Autumn Kerns. Lot 3, block A, Oakwood Farms, $460,000

John T. and Wanda R. Stewart to Lowe Haydn Bibby V and Jenna Elizabeth Bibby. Lot 3, block 8, Radcliff Addition, $182,500

Courtney G. Bunch to Jacob and Daini Eades. New lot 7, block 5, Westover Heights, $250,000

Dennis R. Jamerson Jr. to Logan G. and Erica L. Midgett. 415 and 417 Stafford St., $150,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC to Mary Theresa McCarthy. 913 Elmwood Ave., $95,000

Robert L. and Pauline B. Flint to Belvedere LLC. Lots 1-9, block 3, Forest Hills, $355,000

Vroom Marketing LLC to The Craft Crucible LLC. 1416 Tilden Ave., $18,500

Carol A. Bradley to NBMM Holdings LLC. 100 Mountain View Dr., $110,000

James Mark Shadoan and Lynnette L. Shadoan to Steven F. and Leah Curtis. 2450 Rivermont Ave., $359,900

Lynchburg Rental Properties LLC to William Chad and Erusa Carmack. 1916 Union St., $35,000

Carrie Robinson to 607 Madison LLC. 607 Madison St., $179,000

Ann van de Graaf to Sandra Ferguson. 22358 Garfield Ave., $59,750

Karen M. Walthall to Kyle Roach. Lot 8, Belleview, $430,000

Derbyshire Proh Enterprises Inc. to Millennium Trust Co. LLC. Lot 5, Tenbury Square Townhouses, $87,000

Celestine S. Haulsey to STK Investment Group LLC. 921 Rockbridge Ave., $200,000

Scott H. Wingfield to City of Lynchburg. 1628 Wiggington Road, $15,000

Jonathan Susman to Morgan N. Murphy. 215 Norwood St., $101,900

Rachel Leigh Johnson to Sylvia J. Riegel and Derek R. and Katherine E. Lee. 416 Thomas Road, $145,000

Timothy Lawrence and B. Delane Bradley Coggins to Jason P. and Rachel L. Donahoo. 4605 Hill Top Dr., $175,000

Resurrected Homes LLC to Justin D. and Sally T. St. Clair. 104 Denver Ave., $236,000

Building permits

Campbell County

William Thiel, 0 Mantle Dr., new dwelling, $200,000

Kevin Bryant, 778 Daniel Road, addition, $5,000

TSR Properties LLC, lot 11, Walking Trail Dr., new dwelling, $275,000

Jay Shree Dutt Properties LLC, 14339 Wards Road, commercial alterations, $100,000

Ronald Pillow, 1354 Rainbow Forest Dr., deck, $2,500

Herbert Jones, lot 19, Mt. Vista Dr., new dwelling, $233,000

Vanessa Isaacs, 3217 Pigeon Run Road, new dwelling, $120,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 50, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 51, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 52, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 53, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 54, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 55, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, unit 56, Blue Ridge Commons Townhouse, townhouse, $80,000

Timothy Seay, 108 Howards Manor Dr., pool, $20,000

Carrington Connelly, 410 Maddox Road, pool, $45,000

Joshua Rosene, 28 Preston Place, pool, $25,000

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