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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Robert L. Sales Jr. to Rebecca Mae Goodson. Lot 5, Cool Branch, $10,000

Larry S. Scruggs Jr. to Ronald Dale and Crystal Dawn Hall. Parcel, Riverville Road, 4.21 acres, $289,000

Powell Dillard Neblett to DRV Construction LLC. 205 Cedar Gate Road, $85,300

WSR Inc. to Logan Land Company LLC. 186 Dillard Road, $680,000

Phillip R. Keys to Jason and Jennifer Brake. Lot 39, Abee Manor, $204,400

Carrie Lynn Johnson to Dale Warren Braxton Jr. Parcel, Winesap Road, 31 acres, $162,000

Patrick W. and Jennifer F. Jessee to Andrew Daniel and Katherine Clare Shimpock. Lot 17, section 1, Ivanhoe Forest, $206,000

Jo Ann Mays to Aaron M. Savastano. Lot 1, section 1, Bruner Ridge, $212,000

Mindy S. Mullins to Samuel Stelle and Emily Hawk Melson. 160 Lyttleton Lane, $238,400

Harold T. Lloyd, Barbara G. Lloyd, Raymond E. Llyod Sr., Martha C. Lloyd, Roy D. Zangari and Lynn C. Zangari to Woodland Resources LLC. Parcel, Va. 60, near Forks of Buffalo, 173.20 acres, $346,000

Michael W. and Janet O. Minnick to Hien Duong. Parcel, VA. 636, 95.44 acres, $336,000

Denise Ophelia Pace to John Henry Sparrow Jr. Parcel, Old Stage Road, $10,000

Appomattox County

Mitchell B. Roberts and Shannen C. Roberts to Cody Daniel Masterson. Lot 2, Snapps Mill Road Subdivision, $224,900

Kevin L. Mitchell to James C. Pemberton and Sara Miller. Lot 11, Ivy Ridge Subdivision, $269,900

Mark Lanham to Siegfried C. and Teresa L. Mills. Lot 13, Happy Trails Subdivision, $49,900

Darrell D. and Robin M. Mayberry to Sarah Lawson. Lot 32, fronting Winston Place, $218,000

Peter Zdgiebloski to Alice and George J. Doeppe Jr. 2065 Church St., $259,900

Sharon K. Bryant to Aubrey B. Evans IV. Lot 24, Courtland Subdivision, $35,000

Bedford County

Rockydale Quarries Corporation to William F. Sutton Family Limited Partnership LLC. Nine parcels, near Montvale, Blue Ridge District, $1,935,000

101 Scotch Pine Dr. LLC to Airmont Properties II LLC. 101 Scotch Pine Dr., Lakes District, $1,185,000

Patricia C Bailey to Gary J. and Linda C. Worthen. Lot 6, Lakeland Pines Subdivision, Lakes District, $630,000

Roger Lynn Abrell and Sadrone Abrell to Kimberly D. Egenole. Lot 3, section 3, Harbour Village, Lakes District, $499,000

Raymond E. and Barbara L. Fischer to William F. Sutton Jr. 1051 Lonesome Pine Dr., Blue Ridge District, $475,000

Alan M. Blevins and Courtney C. Blevins to Justin K. and Meagan W. Dillon. 1183 Carroll Road and additional parcel, Carroll Road, , Blue Ridge District, $316,000

John C. Balzarini and Doreen E. Balzarini, trustees to Claudia Rae Graff. Lot 6, section 4, Galway Bay, The Waterways, Lakes District, $280,000

Spencer T. Bobbitt to Spring Rose Lane LLC. Parcel, Virginia Byway, 55.773 acres, Lakes District, $260,000

Chauncey Wilder to Kevin Jay and Christina Marie Heauser. 1695 Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge District, $219,000

Jessica Allen Wheeler and Ronald Roger Dixon to Jessica Allen Wheeler. 1435 Angel Place, Lakes District, $183,376

Larry C. Williams and Linda G. Williams to Kirk B. Clark and Brittni Lee Ryder. Lot 16, Dove Valley, Blue Ridge District, $175,000

Kim L. Doner to Jeffrey M. and Nanci B. Ahearn. Lot 8, section 1, Waterfront Paradise, Lakes District, $158,000

BKC Properties Inc. to Wyatt Samuel Bower. Lot 14, Shoulder Run Estates, Lakes District, $140,000

Emmett G. and Shannon Renee Mitchell to Paul Caldwell and Rosesca Blankenship. 1118 Fieldview Dr., Lakes District, $135,000

Kelley J. and Ramonda O. Standard to Valleypro Properties LLC. 13119 Hardy Road, Blue Ridge District, $120,000

Jereme D. Greer to Nelson R. Abbott Jr. Lot 1, section 1, Beaverdam Plantation, Blue Ridge District, $102,500

Alan D. and Janet M. Evers and Barry L. Redwood to Ty Investments LLC. Lots 4 and 5, section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $86,200

Lynn G. Farren to Donna H. Hawkins. 3952 Toler’s Ferry Road, Lakes District, $70,000

Christopher D. and Tammy M. Fowler to Leonard F. and Sharon L. Vail. Parcel, near Va. 608, 11.734 acres, Lakes District, $59,900

Geryl Ryan Gilbert Wade to James G. and Ann Marie Fleming. Lot 8, Ryan Estates, Lakes District, $35,000

June B. Dudley to Jacob S. Smith. Lot 49, section D-3, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $5,700

Sundown Construction Company Inc. to Layne G. and Amber N. Hart. Lot 18, section 1, Cedar Knoll, $225,000

Twin Leaf Farm LLC to Roselee L. Britton. Lot 3, section 5, phase 3, Valleywood Townhomes, $139,900

Airspun Properties LLC to Ivey Creek Properties LLC. Lots 2, 4, and 5, section 17, Farmington at Forest, $653,500

Elmer C. Hodge Jr. and Alice R. Hodge to William C. and Sheila D. Ferguson. Lot 2D, Peaks St., $38,000

Daryl J. and Laurie B. Hubbard to Phillip M. and Donna-Jean Bridgman. Lot 33, Peaksview Estates, $495,000

Clarice E. Payne to Vicie Lorraine Beach. Unit 1, building 3, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $259,900

T.P.B. Enterprises LLC to Ella Lynn Ware. Lot 20, section 19, Farmington at Forest, $319,900

Sandra T. and Robert E. Day Jr. to Matthew Charles Strand. 1914 Eastway Lane, $327,800

Ashley A. and Julio G. Deanda III to Devon Johnson and Samantha Latham. Lot 53, Oakview Subdivision, $225,000

Brockland LLC to Rodney and Heidi Foster. Lot 32, Ivy Creek Estates, $60,000

Myra G. Pisarek to Ashley N. Solbach. Lot 67, Haines Point, $350,900

William J. Lokar and Amanda W. Lokar to Brian J. and Sheena C. Frost. Lot 25, Ivy Creek Estates, $605,500

William C. Mullins to Charles M. and Nanette C. Buntin. Lot 26, Autumn Run, $489,000

Highland Oak LLC to Ware & Shotwell Properties LLC. Lot 16, Coffee Road Estates, $30,000

Brian J. and Sheena Frost to Tanner F. and Kayla M. Petty. Lot 78, section IV, Lake Vista, $380,000

Benjamin E. Clark and Sue Ellen Clark to Phillip P. Raintree and Barbara E. Raintree. 926 Lake Dr. and parcel, Lakeview Lane, $231,000

Campbell County

Nathan I. and Elizabeth A. Swarey to Gerald and Alma Joan Nolt. Lot 4, Buck Branch Subdivision, $30,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Tara V. Brest. 51 Emmanuel Court, $209,900

Truist Bank to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 2B, Paul Anthony Subdivision, $56,500

Amanda Jane and Devon Michael Dean to Connie Ray Ennis Jr. Lot 15, section 1-A, Seminole Ridge, $184,900

Doshie R. Witcher to Shaun and Donna Mayhew. Lot 1, section 1, Gibsonland Subdivision, $146,000

Carl Matthew Kavanaugh to Celia M. and Jerry Wayne Bazemore Sr. Lot 46, section 2, Poplar Forest, $265,000

Kevin T. and Carrie F. Hyler to Steven M. and Emily J. Gillum. Lot 30, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $330,000

Brenda S. Phillips to Jason Y. Nuckols. Lot 9, Hopkins Road, $320,000

David Jay Edwards Jr. to Brenda Sullivan Phillips, Richard Michael Ferrer and Sharon Smith Ferrer. Lot 17, section 1, Russell Springs, $227,500

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Dannie and Elizabeth Burgess. 575 Whitestone Dr., $200,000

Sue Ann and Robert D. Minnix Jr. to Cody A. and Samantha J. Holt. Parcel, remainder of 35.835 acres, $128,500

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 33, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $45,000

Shontarris C. Hayes and Ashante L. Hayes to Diue Donne G. and Harmony F. Frimpong. Lot 173, section 3, Braxton Park, $230,000

Koddie W. Staples and Paige M. Staples to Meghan E. and Clifford Ernest Lambert III. Lot 1, Hillcrest Subdivision, $157,900

Claude Jeremy Hall and Elizabeth Dover Payne to Jaime B. and Lueann Sell. Lot 37, phase I, Leesville Road Estates, $275,000

Nathan I. Swarey and Elizabeth A. Swarey to Mary June Hershberger and Glen Beachy. Parcel A, 5.171 acres, off of Va. 633, $50,000

Mickey D. Davis to Jenna Madzuma and Clifton Wayne Daniel III. Lot 4, 2.500 acres, Davis Acres, $48,000

Clifford T. and Susan Jo Hartley to Taylor W. Hartley. Unit 322, Lighthouse Condominium, $114,200

City of Lynchburg

Borel Built Properties and Renovations LLC to Cole and Meredith Woods. Lot 10, block 16, new addition to Fort Hill, $196,500

Aubrey Walker Bogert to Brian K. Fowler and Susie Wilkinson. 102 Yeardley Ave., $47,000

Tree of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church Inc. to Brotherhood Construction LLC. Lot 85-B, block Q, Mountain View Addition, $230,000

George and Lisbeth Loper to A.R. Legacy LLC. Lot 128, Marshall St., $80,800

Kenneth R. Chalfant to KCMLW LLC. Lots 13 and 14, section 3, Tate Springs Farm, $255,000

Richard B. and Jill B. Brenneisen to Richard K. and Rebecca S. Boyer-Andersen. 3929 Boonsboro Road, $549,900

Kenneth Edwin and Shannon R. Nolen to Burgdash Properties LLC. 100 Warfield Road, $140,000

Kenneth Edwin and Shannon R. Nolen to Burgdash Properties LLC. 114 Warfield Road, $45,000

Elizabeth Leigh Turner to Tony West. 1605 Rivermont Ave., $115,000

Christopher W. and Justine A. Button to Danielle A. Martin. 3509 Willow Lawn Dr., $285,000

Rodney Stuart Jones, Desiree Jones Ferguson, Sabra D. Jones, Gwendolyn L.M. Jones, Zakiya Jesmar Jones, Jazmin Ashante Jones and Katara Danielle Jones to Rodney Stuart and Clara P. Jones. 301 Pearson Dr., $176,000

Brandon Knoess Sr., Amy Knoess, and Jesse W. Frock to NBMM Holdings LLC. 1247 Walton Dr., $170,000

John David Stinnett to H. Curtis Pearson Jr., James M. Henderson, and Van C. Fry. 610 Thomas Road, $55,000

Terrence M. Peerman and Jan M. Peerman to Jaanna Darlene Ajex Palvannan. Lot 20. Section 4, New Towne, $215,000

Stephen T. and Christina R. Hills to George M. Wright. 113 Wayne Dr., $219,900

James B. and Lee Ann Schaner to William Nelson and Karen M. Reid. Lot 51, section 1, The Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $227,000

Leroy P. Kirstein to Sidney H. Kirstein. 427 Riverside Dr., $220,000

Tina Marie Payne and Lynn M. Hawkins to Nicholas S. Baum and Anya K. Hovanic. 201 Grove St., $95,000

Dennis R. Coan and Clifton H. Griffin II to James Carroll Thompson Jr. Lot 121, Heritage Court, $102,000

Rise Up Properties LLC to Orange Canoe LLC. 415 13th St., $43,000

Gene L. and Donna L. Croce to RW Beeker & Associates LLC. 623 Wyndhurst Dr. # 1, $136,000

Sarah G. Coco to Vincenzo J. Pellicani and Melanie-Anne M. Pellicani. Lot 6, Brenleigh Grove, $210,000

Inez O. Tolley to Jonathan Perkins and Rebecca Tobin. 628 Sandusky Dr., $179,900

Edward B. McNally Jr., trustee to Box Eleven LLC. 1900 Canterbury Court, $1,340,280

H. Thomas Heller III to Myra W. Pisarek. Lot 57, phase H, The Villas at Stonemill, $220,000

JRF Rentals LLC to Adam Investment Properties LLC. Lot 6, block D, section 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $52,500

Mark Acree to Doretha L. and Kenneth Rudolph Jr. Lot 5, block 2, section 1, Long Meadows, $169,900

Anthony Glenn Campbell to Applegate Investments LLC. Lot 2, block 3, Homewood Acres, $44,000

Justin N. Byard and Areeya Jirapongmed to Reginald Tyrone Scott. 2419 Terrell Place, $186,500

Scott Sayles and Renee Sayles to Hygge LLC. 2123 Rivermont Ave., $850,000

Kenneth R. Zeller to Lemia Armistead. 2119 Craig St., $104,000

Donna M. Pritchard to Jeremy M. and Kara M. McGinniss. 104 Frederick Dr., $235,000

Brenton D. Lehman and Aimee L. Lehman to Ryan S. and Megan R. Davis. 232 Cleveland Ave., $214,900

Christopher C. and Jennifer I. Waugh to Jonathan C. Foy. Lot 12, section 2, block 5, Long Meadows, $190,000

Faeryn Cranney to Tanya L. Baier. Lots 7 and 8, block 4, Sunset Heights Addition, $119,900

Angela M. Parker to Jerry A. and Kelly Lakey. Lots 2 and 3, Roseland Park, $126,000

Mark K. Smith and Jamye L. Smith to Jason and Wendy Renee Vranes. Lot 52, section 2, Boxwood Subdivision, $384,900

Nathan Nickerson and Samantha Nickerson to David L. Miner. Lot 1, block 1, Panorama Hills, $214,900

Alphonso Leftwich Jr. to Brotherhood Construction LLC. 1113 18th St., $13,000

Peter A. and Elena L. Stock to Patricia M. Milligan. Lot 14, Cottage Hill, $550,000

Charles R. and Emily P. Grant to Giles H. Crandall. Lot 11, section 1, New Towne, $240,000

Kay Putney Gantt to Jennifer K. and Herbert A. Goodman Jr. Amended lot 43, Wiggington Heights, $143,075

Mary Kay Campbell to Jeffrey L. and Pamela A. Reed. Lo t9, block 4, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $347,000

Andrew T. and Courtney P. Mueller to Jeremy Emmet and Kim Anita Vandebogart. Lot 34, phase III, The Preserve at Oakwood, $575,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Bella Rose Planation LLC, 1220 Graves Mill Road, addition, $45,000

Pinnacle Commercial Holdings LLC, 2410 Memorial Ave., addition, $8,000

Chopper’s Incorporated, 521 Alleghany Ave., renovation, $8,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3405 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $36,000

Centra Health Inc., 1920 Atherholt Road, renovation, $23,760

Jeffrey Boyer, trustee, 3708 Old Forest Road, renovation, $119,000

B&C Properties LLC, 2500 Carroll Ave., addition, $599,000

Swift Creek Capitol LLC, 3911 Wards Road Suite G, renovation, $297,000

Eleven 25 of Virginia LLC, 1125 Old Graves Mill Road, addition, $25,000

Azdel Inc., 2000 Enterprise Dr., renovation, $75,000

Lynchburg College, 1501 Lakeside Dr., renovation, $67,000

Centra Health, 1901 Tate Spring Road, renovation, $72,898

Leawood Baptist Church, trustees, 345 Munford St., renovation, $4,500

MO Lynchburg LLC, 4119 Boonsboro Road, renovation, $245,174

David Flanders, 1136 Glenfield Dr., renovation, $2,500

Adam Ranck, 1119 Rhode Island Ave., renovation, $14,000

Jared Delello, 214 Westover Blvd., renovation, $13,500

Long Meadows Inc., 3031 Fulton St., new construction, $200,000

R. Moorefield Construction Co., 2004 Wiggington Road, new construction, $400,000

Wade Stewart, 1407 Harrison St., renovation, $65,000

5th Street Development LLC, 107 Federal St., renovation, $95,000

Abigail Guthrie, 1501 Lockewood Dr., new construction, $67,824.18

Abigail Guthrie, 1501 Lockewood Dr., new construction, $25,344

Christine Schmelz-Mitchell, 1127 Moreview Dr., renovation, $3,000

Victor Weatherholt, 124 Phillips Circle, new construction, $100,000

Jason Lemmon, 1000 Buchanan St., renovation, $4,500

Christopher Covington, 2006 Roundelay Road, renovation, $5,500

Dean Dykeman, 2901 Ravenwood Dr., addition, $3,000

JG Investment Club LLC, 301 Walnut St., renovation, $7,500

James O’Connell, 3711 Manton Dr., renovation, $40,000

Patrick Combs, 306 Two Creek Dr., addition, $55,000

George Callaham, 2224 Indian Hill Road, addition, $30,000

Trinity Properties VA LLC, 1507 14th St., renovation, $5,000

Lisa Kitto, 1011 Harrison St., addition, $43,000

Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg, 147 Westminster Way, renovation, $19,000

Evan Ownby, 4408 Gladwood Place, addition, $230,000

France Burger, 5118 Boonsboro Road, repair, $45,000

Keith Hatch, 5225 Inglewood Road, addition, $46,000

Alvin Koes, 4905 Locksview Road, renovation, $27,620

David Wilson, 713 Sommers St., renovation, $30,000

Lauren Brown, 4721 Heritage Dr., renovation, $24,000

Pride Real Estate Group LLC, 415 Grove St., renovation, $2,200

Harry Bateman, 901 Johnson Road, addition, $25,000

Janet Waite, 1429 Greenview Dr., renovation, $59,474

David Marple, 1113 Hollins St., renovation, $60,000

CL Overlook LP, 100 Stonemill Dr., addition, $14,106.80

J&J Capital LLC, 1306 Tilden Ave., renovation, $7,000

Debra Magann, 3600 Ridgecroft Dr., renovation, $25,890

Steven Vessells, 107 Briarwood St., renovation, $74,000

Joshua Rosene, 1519 Taylor St., renovation, $2,700

Lindsay Tibbs, 719 Chinook Place, addition, $38,700

Carlito Flores, 415 Biltmore Ave., renovation, $1,500


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