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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Property transfers

Amherst County

Angela Powell Cassidy to Tiffany J. Mann. Parcel, 79/100th acre, Winesap Road, Elon District, $159,900

Robert W. Martin to Glenn H. Campbell Jr. Lot 30, 5.36 acres, Madison District, $75,000

Christine Puckett Mitchell and Casey Austum Mitchell to Barry L. Randolph, Gwendolyn L. Burford, Angelia R. Johnson. Parcel 1, lot 59. Parcel, 0.814 acres, Elon District, $160,000

Minnie Bussie to Clinton Kuster. Parcel B, 2.002 acres, Elon District, $128,000

ECAA Properties LLC to Haley Nicole Burch. Lot 36, Abee Manor Subdivision, Madison District, $177,900

Roxanne Leigh Woodson Cyrus, Michael Amos, Laurie McGurn, Ward A. Tawney and Michelle T. Raines to Mark A. Dalton Jr. New lot, 4.552 acres, part of William M. Woodson Jr. Estate, Courthouse District, $135,000

Amherst County Habitat for Humanity to Linda A. Massie. Tract 11, Hunting Woods, 6.13 acres, Pedlar District, $232,500

American National Bank and Trust to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lots 1 and 2, Wynbrooke, Sanitary and Madison District, $4,500

Nathan and Julie A. Notargiacomo to Michael D. and Tami L. Mills. Lot 1, Va. 657, 46.12 acres, $270,000

Appomattox County

First Properties Inc. to Ronnie and Alice Jenkins. Parcel 1, real estate designated 1 and 2, 27.17 acres and additional 5 acres, $115,000

James T. Myers and Ruby D. Myers to Daniel J. Esh and Ike Y. Yoder. Tract 1, lot 2, 35.07 acre near Va. 716. Tract 2, lot 3, 27.61 acres near Va. 718. Tract 3, lot 4, 31.95 acres near Va. 716. Tract 4, lot 5, 27.21 acres, Va. 716, Southside District, $300,000

Philip M. Dukes to Sherman Patterson and Veronica Cook. Lot 11D, 5.97 acres, 4 miles north off of Va. 24, Stonewall District, $15,000

Traci J. and John F. Davids Sr. to Eric N. and Jammie C. Johnson. Parcel, 5.75 acres, fronting Va. 630 and Va. 676, Cloverhill District, $232,000

Cub Creek Properties LLC to Christopher Donald Deaner. Lot 8A, Burnett Place, section A, 4.929 acres, Stonewall District, $119,900

Bedford County

R.E. Lawhorn to Rossette L. Mitchell Jr. Tract 4, Rock Cliff Road, 27.122 acres, Lakes District, $75,000

Anna Mae Klik to Daniel and Brandi Fields Orange. Lot 48, section VI, Virginia Woods, Lakes District, $50,000

Fred W. Smith to Kathleen M. Myrman and Traci T. Nagy. Parcel, Saunders Road, Blue Ridge District, $195,000

Ian Arthur William Howes and Margaret Mary Howes to Steven W. and Laurin R. Young. Lot 143, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $748,000

Lena M. Struppler to Terry W. and Dawn R. Hall. Lot 50, section 1, Brookledge, Blue Ridge District, $215,000

Granard R. Simmons to John T. Morton and Mary K. Morton. Lot 5, section 1, Map of Regency Hills, Blue Ridge District, $195,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Kevin B. Shotwell. Lot 15, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Bettie May Sutton to Terrell Bryant and Nancy N. Wright. Unit 1, building R, Clays Crossing, Jefferson District, $185,000

Jedi Construction LLC to Carter and Brooke Moss. Lot 42, section II, Governors Hills, Town of Bedford, $207,500

Roland R. Bousquet Jr. to Frank Good Building Contractors Inc. Lot 20, section 3, Gilfield Village, Jefferson District, $35,000

Justin M. Groomes and Vicky F. Jones to Christopher Thaxton Parker and Kimberly Brooks Parker. Lot 96, Town and Country, Center District, $103,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Michael R. and Patsy T. Rieley. Lot 9B, phase I, Oakwood Villas, Town of Bedford, $309,896.92

Campbell County

Jennifer Cook to Rozinah Z. and Phillip J. Mack Jr. Lot 4, section 1, Wayne Estates, $176,000

Charles A. and Amanda Paige Richardson Counts to Kevin Henry. Parcel, half of lot 1, block 50, Bedford Ave., Altavista, $147,000

Dianne T. Hammock to Kimberly R. Davis. Lot 21, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $310,800

Kevin S. Henry to Javier A. Diaz. Lot 147, section 2, Braxton Park, $164,000

Edward W. and Rachel L. McDonald to Irene M. Evan. Lot 4, block 66, Bedford Ave., Altavista, $170,000

Jane M. Garland to Jason L. McNeel and Jessie S. McNeel. Parcel, north of Otter River, 39.20 acres, Vista District, $120,000

Tammy C. Powell and Robert L. McConnville to Alisah I. Haley and Kathryn T. Winebarger. Parcel, Holly Place, 3.15 acres, $281,500

Paris C. Hudnall II and Angela L. Hudnall to Alvin J. Walker and Linda K. Walker. Lot 30, section 1, The Crossings, $179,500

Ray L. and Jane M. Garland to Royal Oak Farms LLC. Parcel, north of Otter River, 60.80 acres, Vista District, $650,000

Locksley Place Trust to Mulligan Holdings LLC. Lot 13, section 3, Nottingham Forest, $152,500

John A. Schinigoi and Kirza M. Schinigoi to Robert L. McConville. 2 parcels, Rocky Road, Long Mountain District, $135,000

Cecil Edward Waller Jr. and Ernest Lee Waller to Bea S. and Sylvia D. Stone. Lot 3, block 1, section II, Seminole Ridge, $149,900

City of Lynchburg

Stephanie R. Berkland to Isaac W. Pelletier. Lot 5, block 12, Craddock Addition, $128,000

Graves Mill Associates LC to Burgdash Properties LC. Unit 1, McConville Park Condominium, $99,750

Jeff Dunn to Donald B. Cornish. Lot 211, Dearington Subdivision, $28,000

W. Calvin Falwell Family Limited Partnership II and Lawrence W. Falwell Family Limited Partnership to James F. Deacon Jr. Parcel, Tyreeanna Road, $2,500

David E. Halla and Susan L. Price to Jaymes Anne Rohrer. Unit 4-I, Riverviews Artspace Condominiums, $226,000

Yo-Frog LLC to Aaron S. and Emily P. Herwig. Lot 18, section 2, Windsor Hills Addition, $223,500

Christopher L. Kinder to Elliott L. and Isolde A. Shearer. Lot 2, block 14, Gorman Subdivision, $285,000

Jewel F. Massie to Chad Earl Martin. Lot 4, block A, Dreaming Creek Subdivision, $128,000

VWJP LLC to Priority One Properties LLC. Lot 37, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $54,000

Coretta L. Thurman to Lillie L. Thurman. Parcels, Locust St., $40,400

Amazing Grace Baptist Church to Julian Bradley Adams. Parcel, Rivermont Ave., $7,000

Joshua T. Moore to Donovan R. Mays. Parcel C, Thomas Addition, $97,500

Betty A. Mills to Sarah L. Wilson-Walsh. Parcel, Irvington Springs Road, $233,150

Justin and Alicia Morgan to Carl W. Yates. Lot 24, block 3, Fort Hill Subdivision, $192,000

L.T. Falwell and Liz T. Falwell to Julian Bradley Adams. Lots 14-18, block 18, plan A, Rivermont Company, $23,000

Corolla Management Corporation to Bellvue Enterprises LLC. 104, 108, 111, 116, and 117 Candlewood Court, $1,792,300

Brookville Heritage LLC to ECP LLC. 502, 504, 508 and 510 Leesville Road, $791,680

Caroline T. and John C. Brown to Yancey Street Trust. 1468 Yancey St., $64,000

Jordan L. and Jacqueline R. Bolt to William Jessie and Laura Jeanne Hunter. 609 Washington St., $197,000

Craig A. and Keeley C. Tuggle to Neal D. and Jennifer E. Gibson. Lot 7, section 2, Oakwood Club Estates Subdivision, $209,900

John Parham Ward to Sadegh Shahdi. Lot 3 and part of lot 2, block 2, Brooklaw Addition, $190,000

Michael L. Slaughter and Melody F. Sharp to Craig A. and Kelley C. Tuggle. Lot 6, section 3, Oak Park Subdivision, $357,500

Building Permits

Amherst County

Craig A. McCarty, 188 Stonefield Court, finish basement, $4,000

Donald Friend, 1653 Earley Farm Road, roof, $4,000

Barry Hunt, 244 Briarcliff Lane, addition/renovation, $39,000

Allen Parks, 264 Falls Farm Road, storage building, $5,000

G.C. England, 241 Garland Ave., gas logs, $4,000

Percy Taylor, 158 Cabell Lane, roof, $2,000

John Shimp, 2758 Lowesville Road, carport, $40,000

SKIBO LLC, 4728 S. Amherst Highway, lean to, $15,000

Caleb Martin, 1511 Boxwood Farm Road, addition/renovation, $10,000

Marvin Coblentz, 121 Blue Ledge Loop, addition/renovation, $7,100

Joel Hinkley, 443 Oak Grove Dr., pool, $25,000

Herman Chilton, 1449 S. Coolwell Road, addition/renovation, $16,700

Joy McDaniel, 135 Eighth St., addition/renovation, $15,000

Marie McCoy, 571 Monacan Park Road, solar array, $11,935

James Cooley, 126 Izaak Road, addition/renovation, $1,000

McDonald’s Real Estate Company, 4971 S. Amherst Highway, sign, $4,500

Pleasant Ridge Inc., lot 62, Pleasant Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $225,000

Trevor Gillispie, lot 2, Winesap Road, new dwelling, $250,000

Jeremy Capps, lot 18, Rosecliff Court, new dwelling, $311,000

John Woods, 583 Woodland Dr., deck, $10.090

Alice Simms, lot 2, Deerwood Manor, new dwelling, $467,341

Raymond Kreuziger, lot 5, Possum Island, new dwelling, $40,000

Howard Tyree, 208 Mays St., enclose porch, $7,000

Hometown Bank, lot 2, Wynbrooke Place, new dwelling, $127,867

Waffle House Inc., 4886 S. Amherst Highway, signs, $24,132

Hometown Bank, lot 1, Wynbrooke Place, new welling, $139,654

Amherst County School Board, 139 Lancer Lane, entry alterations, $192,200

Amherst County School Board, 257 Trojan Road, entry alterations, $52,698

Amherst County School Board, 287 Learning Lane, entry alterations, $65,100

Timothy Fuller, lot 51, Poorhouse Farm Road, new dwelling, $48,000

Coburn Bergum, 395 Main St., front stoop, $1,000

Cuttin Edge Construction LLC, lot 17, Abee Manor, new dwelling, $135,000

Alfred Jenkins, 1484 Richmond Highway, tower, $88,422

157 Stowaway Lane LLC, 157 Stowaway Lane, addition of commercial building, $200,000


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