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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

William H. Tucker and Ann G. Tucker, trustees to Andrew C. Wilson.234 Garland Ave., $258,000

Raymond E. Lloyd and Harold T. Lloyd to Raymond E. and Martha C. Lloyd. Parcel, Slapp Creek Road, $2,500

Tony Conway Cash to Terrick Moyer. Parcel, Hillcrest Dr., $18,000

Gloria Irwin to Jose G. Chavez Duarte. Lots 15-17, just off Wright Shop Road, $60,000

New Bethel Estates LLC to Peter Charles and Pamela Schnabolk Colella. 2nd Amended lot 16, section III, New Bethel Estates, $80,000

Peter Ted Simopoulos, trustee to Peter Ted Simopoulos. 154 Mountainview Dr. and 1636 Dixie Airport Road, $36,413

Vernon A. and Barbara R. Batten to Dawn M. and Harold O. Thomas Jr. 158 Grandview Dr., $225,000

Timothy Allen and Pamela Hahn to Elizabeth Wilson. Lot 23, section III, Forest Oaks, $266,900

Dennis J. and Jewell L. Williams to John Ross Metz. 111 Alex Court, $214,900

Jeanne Marie Bishel to Schuyler M. Bryant and Cassidy B. McDaniel. Lot 27, section 1, Hunt Club, $200,000

Ami C. Davey to RTRO Land Inc. Tract 15, section XVII, Amherst Plantation, $35,000

Patricia McAdams Gibbons to Joan M. Klaus and Elizabeth and Samina Ategou. 1769 High Peak Road, $800,000

Dorothy Thacker Burks to Marcy L. Seward. Lot 3, Amelon Woods Subdivision, $65,000

John J. Houston to Dannie Vincent and Patricia Grace Rios. Lot 6, section 1, Grandview Estates, $319,000

Appomattox County

Karen Faye Baker, trustee to Talton Shane and Michelle Leigh Richardson. 3166 and 3167 Piney Ridge Road, $470,000

Carlton E. Womack and Kathy O. Womack to Travis R. and Alexandra E. Fullerton. Parcel, off Cedar Tree Road, $36,900

Carlton E. Womack and Kathy O. Womack to Travis R. and Alexandra E. Fullerton. Parcel, off Cedar Tree Road, $31,900

Vicki Dickerson Mason to Justice Real Estate LLC. 223 Richmond Highway, $206,135.96

Genesone and Associates to Mark Anthony Early. Lot 8, Echols Tract Subdivision, $13,975

Felicia Astatkie to Elaine J. Apt. Lot 8, Holiday Acres, $125,000

Bedford County

William T. Garbee Jr. and Ann R. Stutts to Juergen U. Gallert and Juliana Shah. 107 Tradewind Terrace and adjoining parcel, Lakes District, $799,900

OM Shri Inc. to Laxmi Mata LLC. 1672 Rock Cliff Road, Lakes District, $600,000.

Robert S. Ball and Joyce E. Ball to Teresa Shea. 122 Fawn Haven Lane, Lakes District, $589,000

Craig W. Manges, Mark Pretro Friend and Tracy Lynn Friend to Daniel C. and Rachael M. Wynn. Parcel, Thomason Lane, Blue Ridge District, $450,000

Chad Thomas and Kristin Tyree Conner to Michael James and Kristin Nicole Gallagher. Unit 218, building 3, Monoacan Shores, Lakes District, $418,000

Chris D. Lineberry and Teresa R. Lineberry to Richard A. and Tammy C. Dehart. Lot 2, Westcove, Lakes District, $380,000

Jeffrey M. and Sarah W. Newman to Mark D. and Cristi B. Aaron. Lot 13, Private Shores Dr., Lakes District, $370,000

Gianina and Altory M. Miranda Jr. to Patrick M. and Emily B. Good. Tract 66, section 2, Brumfield Graves, Subdivision, Lakes District, $324,900

Leron and Laura C. Howard to Marshall N. and Susan D. Smith. Unit 42, phase 4, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $272,071

Laura L. Pellitteri to Jacob Benjamin and Jenna Lynn Kerr. 110 Hickory Lake Lane, Blue Ridge District, $257,000

Roxanna Garrett to Madison Altice. 2555 Morgan’s Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $240,000

Randy L. Briley and Margaret Renee Semones to Clifford C. and Tiffani Amber Cosby. 108 Pleasure Point Dr., Blue Ridge District, $210,000

Randall Lee Jankins to Bradley J. and Karla J. Arens. 1100 Guthrie Place and additional adjoining parcel, Blue Ridge District, $194,950

Cody A. and Sierra C. Ashby to Samantha A. Browley. 1145 Shady Rest Lane, Lakes District, $160,000

John W. Whorley to Michael Wayne and Deborah G. Nichols. 1423 Circlewood Loop, Blue Ridge District, $159,950

Richard Elmer Entsminger Sr. and Sharon Louise Entsminger to James E. Terry. Lot 37, section 2, Mountain Meadows Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $128,000

Sharon C. Webber to Teresa C. and James C. Bowman Jr. Two parcels, Hays Meadow, Blue Ridge District, $78,000

OM Shree Inc. to Laxmi Mata LLC. Parcel, Va. 24, 3.227 acres, Lakes District, $55,000

Garland L. Simmons and Carolyn P. Simmons, trustee to Roger Atkins II and Michelle Atkins. 1213 Stallion Lane, Blue Ridge District, $45,000

Ronald E. and Peggy J. Hawkins to Christine M. and John D. Moody. Parcel, Moss Meadows Dr., Lakes District, $24,000

RC Feldman LLC to Ethan Lee Pittman. Parcel 3, Huntington Wood Estates, Lakes District, $11,000

Romel Soriano and Kira Damitra Soriano to Deoborah L. and John J. Meise Sr. Lot 123, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $9,000

June N. Hamlett to Michael Wayne Rorer and Jessica Nicole Wright. Lot 54, section D-3, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $7,900

Pamela J. Brown to Nancy L. Brown and Bonnie C. Smelser. Lot 9, The Oaks, Peaks District, $16,000

Irving Road Land Trust to Charles B. and Mary F. Tinsley. 2511 Irving Road, $164,950

Cynthia H. Smith to Travis and Brittany Fernatt. 1096 Penicks Mill Road, $160,400

Scott E. Shaw and Kayla Matthews to Tanya L. Hipp. Lot 17, section 18, Farmington at Forest, $263,900

R. Moorefield Construction Co. to Robert and Kelly Boesch. Lot 20, section 3, West Crossing Subdivision, $475,000

Donald M. Rowe to Jack Riley Eutsler and Skyler Eutsler. Parcel, Va. 615, 27.983 acres, $353,000

Gregory and Kathryn W. Jamison to William L. and Jana M. Terrell. Parcel, Lee Jackson Highway, $62,000

Lila F. Howard to Jesse B. and Esther J. Davis. Parcel, fronting Va. 668, 6.178 acres, $448,000

Louise H. Nance to Marty R. Hamrick. Parcel, Burks Hill Road, $150,000

Hudson Builders Inc. to Christopher and Jennifer Dorcsis. Lot 5, section 2, Pleasant View Acres, $494,900

Danny Lee Stump to G. Scott Pittman. Lot 37, Twin Peaks, $10,000

Daniel W. Overstreet to Jessica K. Debord. 1034 Dogswood Farm Road, $160,000

TNT Group LLC to Roberto and Lisa Rubilar. Lot 17, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $365,000

Jason and Heather Schonfelder to Hygge LLC. Lot 16, Mill Lane Woods, $231,700

LaCarol L. Wynne to Theresa Y. and John F. Netzel III. Lot 45, section 3, North Hills Estates, $305,000

William C. Thornton to Patrick W. Thornton. Lot 37, block 1, section 2, Ivy Hill, $210,000

Hospitality and Housing LLC to Lisa Renae McMahan. Lot 3, Va. 24, $175,000

Danielle M. Seward to James K. and Anji Johnston. 1117 Lakeview Lane, $194,000

Rex D. Geveden and Gail R. Geveden to Logan L. and Brandie L. Thomas. Lot 42, Lake Manor Estates, $760,000

Daniel Alexander to Linnaya M. Grae. Lot 5, Forest View Subdivision, $270,250

Bradley Leonard and Lisa Petrusha Hawkins to Greg S. and Christie D. Schmitt. Lot 12, section V, Kensington, $45,001

CNT Properties LLC to M. Salem Properties LLC. 876 E. Main St., $334,300

Robyn G. Hamilton to Angela Critchely. 1193 Ivy Woods Dr., $232,000

Nancy A. Doneghue to March and Ashley P. Lyttle. Lot 19, section 1, Terrace View, $470,000

West Crossing LLC to F&S Building Innovations Inc. Lots 30, 32 and 33, section 19, Farmington at Forest, $140,000

Shamrock Construction Enterprises Inc. to Dara and Curtis R. Farrar Jr. Lot 33, section 17, Farmington at Forest, $255,900

Bank of the James, Amit H. Patel and Puja R. Ganjwala to Harivadan M. and Kailas H. Patel. Parcel, East Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, $315,000

Shamrock Construction Enterprises Inc. to Michelle D. Bennett. 1583 Helmsdale Dr., $249,900

Jefferson Meadows Inc. to Next Properties LLC. Lot 3, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Campbell County

Mann Enterprises LLC to Octavia Myers. Lot 39, section 1, Tanglewood Subdivision, $254,500

Douglas C. Rogers to Trek Properties LLC. Lot 1, block 1, Hunter Farm and Hunter Addition and additional parcel, $110,000

DPG Properties LLC to Trek Properties LLC. 5 parcels, Charlotte St., $155,000

JC Land & Timber LLC to Jonathan K. Mitchell. Lot 1, section 1, Gable Crest Subdivision, $264,900

Reedy Creek Properties LLC to White Mountain Investments LLC. Parcel, Maddox St. and West End St., $70,757

Michael D. and Amy F. Crump to Fangfei Jiang. Lot 13, section II, Jefferson Gardens, $249,900

Linda O. and Jim T. Dinkle Jr. to Levi Walker and Mary Sirmans. Lot 26, block 3, Briarcliff, $179,900

Flat Creek Properties LLC to M.J.D. Builders Inc. Lot 14, section 2, Hyland Farm, $41,000

Rebecca Yoder and Lydia Yoder to Kimberly J. Witcher. Parcel, Va. 614 and Va. 635, 5 acres, $159,900

William Reginald Sizemore to Scott Matthew and Julieann Carol Cunningham. Lots 5 and 6, block 48, Kenland Heights, $89,900

Susan P. Clanton to Elliott K. Perkins. 311 Myrtle Lane, $80,000

Drugstore Properties LLC to Brookneal Cheers LLC. Parcel, Rush St. and Main St., $330,814.81

Pritt and Pritt LLC to Brookneal Cheers LLC. 103 Main St., $133,185.19

Sally Shepard to London Inc. Lots 16 and 17, subdivision of part of Williams Tract, $42,000

STC Investments Inc. to Mark L. and Cheryl M. Warren. Parcel, 4590 Red Oak School Road, $300,000

Danielle G. Krantz to Hunter Bryce Johnson and Ashley Nichole Campbell. Lot 1, 1 acre, $185,000

Jeffrey R. Phillips to Lyndsey M. Altice. Lot 17, section 2, Jefferson Manor, $185,000

Dannie and Elizabeth Burgess to Byron W. and Stevie Jo Tibbetts. Lot 4, Lynnfield Farms, $325,000

City of Lynchburg

Oaklink LLC to Ronald L. and Wendy M. Nicholas. 424 Preserve Dr., $515,000

Erin T. Lawson to Sherrill T. Wilson. Lot 8, block 13, Westover Heights, $145,000

Regina H. Hammer to Steven J. and Grace F. Cover. Lot 9, block 6, section C, Bedford Hills, $261,000

John E. Charlton and Lisa W. Charlton to James R. Marston Jr. Lot 15, block 8, section 2, Long Meadows, $120,000

Luis E. Pazmino and Veronica E. Pazmino to Timothy R. and Lorraine C. Hoy. 1056 Coronado Lane, $134,600

2612 Greene LLC to John Alfred Bisaga. 2612 Greene St., $88,900

Christopher Alexander Ruiz to Christopher Shane and Sarah Michelle Blackwell. 1505 Gates St., $159,900

Janice W. Fowler to Abigail S. Lowrey. 611 Pearl St., $220,000

John E. and Linda S. Wingfield to Christopher Bryan Collins. 244, 248, and 252 V.E.S Road, $90,000

Borel Construction Company Inc. to Jeffrey Benson Jr. and Miranda Bryant. Lot 9, section 1, Skyview Park, $243,050

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Matthew and Katelyn Schweiger. 125 Seven Oaks Dr., $25,000

Daniel G. and Susan M. Murphy to Suzanne K. Krzyzanowski. Lot 50, block E, section 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $75,000

S&S Properties of Lynchburg LLC to OM Shree Lucky2 Inc. 612 Leesville Road and 19293 Leesville Road, $850,000

Thaddeus A. Dunnam to Tarrance Jevon Bryant. 808 Dinwiddie St., $61,600

Sharon A. George to Noble Holdings LLC. 501 Charles St., 100 F. St., 56 Harrison St., and 2437 Benton St., $1,500

John Robert Griffin Hughes Sr. and Holcombe Adams Jones Hughes Jr. to Shawn M. Farish. Lot 8 and half of lot 7, section C, Linkhorne Forest, $355,000

ZZ&ZZ Construction LLC to Tin Minh Le. Lot 5, section 1, Sky-View Park, $231,000

Edwin C. and Theresa L. Peterson to Joyce A. Candler. Unit 5, The Gables at Wyndhurst, $120,000

Ivy Trace LLC to Alpine Builders LLC. New lot 1, Phillips Circle, $89,900

Scott H. Urann to Uplift Lynchburg LLC. Lot 7, block 2, section 1, Long Meadows, $110,000

Autumn Cheryl Reklis and Cindy Lynn Gouge and Robin Carole Wion to Andrew Edward and Taylor Paige Hindes. 110 Buckingham Dr., $213,000

Shawn M. Farish and Joy H. Farish to Haley E. Wilson. 5152 Wedgewood Road, $308,100

Becky Elizabeth Griffin to Ronald Larry Thomas Jr. and Elody Esther Samuelson. 1711 and 1715 Rivermont Ave., $250,000

Powhatan Jessie Pepper Johnson to RB30 LLC. Lots 52-54, block 12, Edgewood, $115,000

LP Apartments LLC to Bernard and Dianne T. Paige. 1218 Craigmont Dr., $199,900

LP Apartments LLC to Freeman Family Enterprises LLC. 2206 and 2214 Early St., $250,000

Tobias W. Williamson to Troy Andrew and Allison Leigh Brown. 816 Old Forest Road, $72,500

Paclantic LLC to Cale David Baker. 1915 Bedford Ave., $155,000

Rocco Nagy to Shenandoah Valley Homes Buyers Inc. 1605 Boston Ave., $47,000

The Lynchburg Humane Society Inc. to F&L Concepts LLC. 104 Parkview Dr., $12,500

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Andrea L. Miller. 123 Seven Oaks Dr., $25,000

TLC Property Group LTD to Aaron and Brooke Patterson. 2023 Lakeside Dr., $150,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

Thomas Hall, lot 21, Hunting Ridge, addition, $40,000

Clayton R. Bryant Jr., 865 Pumping Station Road, garage, $29,000

Kevin Goodman, 1307 Paradise Road, new dwelling, $170,000

Sheila Roper, Meadow Dr., new dwelling, $175,000

Richard Kuehne, 546 Bear Branch Dr., garage, $26,200

Laura Guthrie, 375 Trent’s Mill Road, pool, $50,000

Laura Guthrie, 375 Trent’s Mill Road, garage, $60,000

Matt Garrett, lot 2, Woodchase, new dwelling, $300,000


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