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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Property transfers

Amherst County

Douglas C. Rogers, Terrance J. and Julie L. Glover to Lori A. Miller. 249 Mathoe Road, $85,000

Stephen Douglas Robinson and Mary Williams Robinson, trustees to Casey Joe and Megan Knight Bowling. Lot 1, 1.999 acres, Subdivision of Christian Springs Farm, $45,000

Barry H. Jamison Jr. to Brian Keith Escher and Savannah Brooke Benoit. 1765 Cedar Gate Road, $227,500

Robin A. Jenkins to Charles C. and Dolores D. Early. Parcel U.S. 60 and Old Route 13, 1 acre, $9,000

Patricia A. Hunicutt, trustee to Charlene D. Copeland Patterson. Lot 10, Riviera Townhomes, $112,000

Brian K. Escher to Blake Andrew Dalton. Lot 14, section 1, Pleasant Ridge, $185,000

Bill L. Jamerson, trustee to Clayton C. Bryant Jr. Parcel, 128 acres, Stapleton Road, $220,000

Ronald Dale Tyree Jr. to Nicholas S. Rankins. Lot 11, section 1, Pleasant Ridge, $196,500

Sharon F. Curtain and Sterling F. Peters and James P. Faulconer to Craig S. and Lindsay M. Terwilliger. Parcel, 8 acres, Elon District, $28,000

Virginia A. and Lawrence W. Hall Jr. to Kiara C. Morris. Lot 1, block 3, phase III, unit 301, Royal Gardens, $144,000

Eric Casey and Cathy Gutierrez to Stevie L. Angus. Lot 55, 1.114 acres, subdivision map of the T.M. Kent Farm, $200,000

R.B. Brooks Properties LLC to Stephen and Angela G. Wheeler. Parcel, village of Monroe and near the Monroe Methodist Church, $57,500

Chester Johnson to Justin S. and Tiffany Dewald. Parcel, Kings Road, 2.170 acres, $4,450

Chester Johnson to Justin S. and Tiffany Dewald. 561 Kings Road and additional parcel, $99,000

ECAA Properties LLC to Nathan S. Trevillian. Lot 44, Abee Manor, $210,800

Appomattox County

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Kari D. Mayberry and Jesse H. Nunnally. Lot 9, section 2, Rock Spring Road, subdivision of Oakridge, $129,900

Dorothy S. Lair to Wesley Snyder. Parcel, north side of U.S. 460, 1.715 acres, Cloverhill District, $4,000

Virginia B. Fulcher, Peggy B. Gobble, Faye J. Baldwin, Cavil G. Baldwin and Nancy B. Letterman and Billy E. Baldwin to Billy E. and Deborah Ann Baldwin. Parcel, one mile west of the Town of Pamplin, 8.6 acres, Cloverhill District, $70,000

Slate River Properties LLC to Allen Berkley and Judith Ann Gregory. Parcel, fronting Church St., $98,000

Eric M. and Martina S. Gonzalez to Tyler Lee and Taylor Newsome Jones. 7009 Stage Road, $203,4000

Frank Archibald Perdew to Edith Saldana Trejo. Lot 8A, Mill Pond Subdivision, $145,000

Bedford County

Carl E. Fleisher to Kevin McGraw. 1076 Sumdat Trail, Blue Ridge District, $445,000

Aaron E. and Susan E. Burnette to Tyler C. Lucy. Lot 10, section 1, Crum Estates, Lakes District, $185,000

James C. Bunch to WBH Inc. Lot 23, section 3, Waterfront Paradise, Lakes District, $5,000

Jerrell Grant Huneycutt to Robert Wirt Eanes II and Tricia Reyes Eanes. Lots 1-3, Meadors Spur Road, Lakes District, $131,900

Harold E. Heselton to Dana Lynn Brunk and Barbara R. Mayes. Parcel, Union Church Road, 1.775 acres, Lakes District, $18,800

Stardust Realty LLC to Steven L. Schrader. Unit F4b, phase III, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $249,900

Rocco and Susan L. Procopio to Robert L. and Kathleen M. Trice. Lot 5, section 1, Deerwood Pointe, Lakes District, $385,000

Louis Shultz to Scott Alan Reed and Lori Kristen Law-Reed. Parcel 28, section IV, block B, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $400,900

TAMMAC Holdings Corporation to Quimberli Lopez Figueroa. 4567 Horseshoe Bend Road, Lakes District, $38,000

Donald Lee Thaxton and David Guy Thaxton Jr. to William Nance and Shirley Nance, trustees. 8400 Dickerson Mill Road, Lakes District, $350,000

Michael Chenault to Dustin T. and Mallory O. Rosser. Lot 21, section 2, Laurel Lake, Jefferson District, $375,000

David M. Jacobs and Robin L. Dillon to Seth A. and Laura L. Eastman and David E. and Ida C. Lopez. Lot 2, near Va. 626, $271,000

Daniel J. and Kendra D. Swartz to Debra A. and Richard W. Grooms Jr. Lot 35, section 6, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $475,000

David L. Shaw and Ann L. Shaw to Todd T. Truong and Daisy A. Truong. Lot 46, Haines Point, Jefferson District, $425,000

INOR LLC to Gregory R. and Kacie R. Craft. Lot 3A, The “Jones: property at Walnut Hollow, Jefferson District, $195,900

Christina Lynn and Stephen Todd Sixbey Sr. to Leonardo A. Jimenez. 1075 Candy Stripe Road and additional parcel, Center District, $50,000

James V. Miller and Kacie D. Miller to Ryan M. Szumierz and Olivia K. Szumierz. Lot 9, Woodlands, Jefferson District, $353,500

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Sabrina Y. Tomlin. Lot 16, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

West Crossing LLC to T.P.B. Enterprises LLC. Lots 19-26, section 19, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $280,000

Christopher Wayne Saferight and Angela Rutherford Saferight to Joanna L. Schwartz. Lot 6, Liberty Heights, Center District, $190,950

Jon F. and Lisa A. Hannell to Brandon S. and Jessica H. Caldwell. Lot 6, section 4, Woods Landing, $334,900

Maddox & Son Construction Inc. to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 5, section 1, Boonsboro Meadows, $50,000

RFC2017 Land LLC to SD-MF Holdings LLC. Lot 20, Forest Edge Subdivision, $40,000

Andrew G. and Carley E. Hogan Epperson to William E. Thornhill Jr. 1038 Wren Lane, $160,000

Deborah Joy Sadowski to Jacob M. and Misty F. Fisher. Lot 8, Cobbs Corner, Jefferson District, $272,000

Adam C. Debord to Andrew Josiah and Karley Lynne Huddleston. Lot 57, section D, Bedford Hills, Town of Bedford, $168,000

Shirley W. Barnes to Brad and Terri Anzenbruber. 6120 Rocky Mountain Road, $134,000

Richard L. Brooks to Heidi S. Watkins. Lot 4, near Va. 122, 5.020 acres, $292,700

Micah J. and Samantha Eads to Bobby Lee Shelton. Lot 31, section 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $138,000

Sherry D. and William H. Stafford II to Charles W. and Maureen Anne Crowder. Lot 37, block C, section I, Meadowridge Farms, $382,500

Scott A, Jones to Sheri Baldwin Brown. Lot 46, Windy Ridge Dr., $123,500

Kathryn Herbst to Michael Ray Andrews. Lot 2, Grove St., $88,000

Steven R. and Claudia M. Gardner to Ross A. and Sherry L. McFaden. Lot 51, section 3, Hooper Woods, $429,900

Gail F. Brown to Keith A. Wilson Sr. Two parcels, Bells Mill road, $475,000

Cymric Davidson Latham and Spencer E. Latham to Justin Mark Murdock. Lot 39, section 13, Farmington at Forest, $217,900

Benjamin A. Vaughan to Pamela and Carl L. Bryant II. Lot 5, section 1, Mirror Lakes Estates, $599,900

West Crossing LLC to Foster Construction Inc. Lots 12-16, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $265,000

Gregg M. and Susan P. Allen to James Stephen Vames. Lots 78-81, plan A, Boonsboro Place, $30,000

Joel A. and Courtney E. Leachman to Amanda L. Prosser. Lots 11 and 12 and a portion of lot 10, Watson Addition, $225,000

Robert N. and Mary E. Creasy to Jennifer Self Meade. Lot 46, section 1, Jefferson Woods, $216,000

James H. Wilkes to McFishin LLC. Lot 4, Harold’s Acres, $45,750

Gary R. and Susan D. Warner to Timothy James and Angela Seayoung Garvey. Lot 6, Goode Road, Center District, $287,500

D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. to Logan B. and Alyssa F. Squires. Lot 1, block 3, Ivy Hill, Jefferson District, $389,000

Mark E. Hemric to Conrad J. and Dana A. Stevens. Lot 31, Running Cedar Ridge, $279,000

James H. Wilkes to M.J.D. Builders Inc. Lot 5, Harold’s Acres, $45,750

James H. Wilkes to M.J.D. Builders Inc. Lot 2, Harold’s Acres, $45,750

Paul J. and Stacy B. Merriam to Craig M. Hanson. Lot 2, block 5, section 2, Valleywood Townhomes, $145,900

Verna F. and Roy Daniel Moore Jr. to John A. and Trudy M. Neiderer. Lot 134, section II, Glenbroke, Jefferson District, $380,000

Robert K. and Lori A. Rich to Zachary Ryan and Mallory Lauren Bailey. Lot 10, section 1, Ivy Trace, $395,400

David M. and Patricia R. Silvers to Todd J. and Misty D. Powers. Lot 32, section 1, Farmington at Forest, $384,000

Campbell County

DRV Construction LLC to HRS Real Estate Holdings LLC. 1414 Lynch Road, $49,500

Stonebrook Enterprises LTD to Cory and Ashley Harbour. Lot 21, section 2, Hunters Mill Subdivision, $69,000

Brian S. Hensley to Trevor G. and Megan K. Robertson. Parcel, Va. 695, 5.764 acres, $195,000

Danny Melvin and Mary Ruth Varwile to W.K. Land & Timber LLC. 5 acres, near County Line Road, $10,000

Jacob B. Lee to Bradley Keith Tribble and Abby Puckette Tribble. 2816 Swinging Bridge Road, $225,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC to Lacy N. Hamlett. Lot 24, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $264,900

Robin Lynn Maddox to William Brandon and Amanda Stanbery. Lot 17, section 7, Lo-Ray Acres, $241,400

C.Matthew Fariss to D&D Land Holdings LLC. Lot 6, Colonial Highway, $45,000

Jeffrey Darnell Walthall to Julie Ann Toren. Parcel, Chapel Grove Road, $13,500

Goshen Living LLC to Amanda R. Otey-Hall and Thomas Otey-Hall. Lot 32, Stonegate, $225,000

Thomas G. Newman to Tamian Glover. Lot 20, Llewellyn Subdivision, $135,000

Gary Conner and Janet Conner to Gary S. and Joyce A. Bozella. Lot 374, phase XVII, Runaway Bay, $39,000

Wheeler Estates LLC to H&S Properties LLC. Lots 1-7, 10, 11, and 14-16, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $580,000

Jennifer R. Jessen to William D. Husser. Lot 42, section 5, Wildwood, $246,000

21934 Timberlake LLC to Chase H. Smith. Lot 45, Emberly Way Villas, $206,000

Alvenia Malissia Peerman to Stanley E. and Melissa L. Peerman. Parcel, Collins Ferry Road, $118,000

Robert A. Lemon Sr. and Joyce B. Lemon, trustees to Daniel M. and Kelly J. Lumpkin. Lot 3, block A, section A, Fairfields, $320,000

Bobby L. and Ilona W. Burris to David R. and Jeanette A. Witt. Parcel, 1.43 acres, Va. 695, $55,000

Kimberly Haynes to Allen J. Vanfleet. Lot 1, section 5, Royal Oaks Subdivision, $130,000

M.J.D. Builders Inc. to Kristin Hunley Smawley. Lot 13 and 14, Robertson Village, $310,000

Andrew J. and Sarah M. Bonner to Mark J. and April L. Deshano. Lot 1, section 13, Vista Acres, $186,000

City of Lynchburg

Michael J. King to Theresa D. McCaskill. Lot 19, Wellington at Wyndhurst, $175,000

Leedy Custom Homes LLC to William R. and Karen J. Partridge. 514 Atlanta Ave., $190,400

James F. Deacon Jr. to Robert G. and Terri D. Staton. 5004 Tyreeanna Road, $2,900

Steven F. and Marie Liana Benningfield to Kevin W. Lacy. Lot 3, Hillside Village, $254,300

Cecilia O. Hull and Stanley R. Hull to Trinity Properties VA LLC. 1518 Wise St., $30,000

Carolyn B. Ramsey and Christopher Scott Ramsey to Frank A. Burns IV. 704 A Leesville Road, $116,000

Jose David Ochoa to NBS Real Estate LLC. 1313 Gates St., $69,000

Economic Development Authority of The City of Lynchburg, Virginia to Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. 20 Millrace Dr. $425,000

Mark R. and Elaine Reinhardt to Joy Lynn and Thomas Edward Palmer Sr. Lot 51, Bethel Estates, $434,900

Craft Properties LLC to Alwahban Real Estate LLC. 2519 Lakeside Dr., $725,000

Melken LLC to Shana M. Turner. 1609 Bedford Ave., $112,000

Brandy S. Randoo to Roger Fons. 1311 Monsview Place, $116,000

Vernon T. Davis to Willie L. and Loretta I. Scott. Parcel, corner of 15th St. and Floyd St., $41,500

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Bruce A. and Heather J. Eck. Lot 51, Legacy Oaks, $268,950

DFS Land of Lynchburg LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 51, Legacy Oaks, $30,000

James W. Elliott to Jonathan Bacco, Austin Meyrick and Drew Harrilchak. 1507 Taylor St., $6,500

Kevon Mark Bejean Hekmatdoost to Julia Jean Sansone. 2012 Burnt Bridge Road

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Liberty University Inc., 1971 University Blvd., new construction, $8,229,000

Liberty University Inc., 1971 University Blvd., renovation, $1,840,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $50,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $400,000

McDonald’s Corporation, 2325 Memorial Ave., renovation, $25,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3405 Candler’s Mountain Road, addition, $20,000

Carpet Care of Central VA. Inc., 300 Oakley Ave., $10,000

Forest Brook Ventures LLC, 3245 Forest Brook Road, renovation, $200,000

Rock-Tenn Company Mill Division, 1805 Concord Turnpike, addition, $49,340

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $50,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $50,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $50,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 127 Brunswick Dr., new construction, $1,750,000

James Deacon Jr., 508 Bent Oak Court, addition, $4,000

Long Meadows Inc., 3041 Fulton St., new construction, $132,000

Diane Gowen, 716 Erskine Ave., addition, $4,600

Frank Tiller, 1360 Wakefield Rd., renovation, $21,000

Sarah Barnett, 4600 Hartford St., addition, $20,000

Jeremy Stone, 1916 Roxbury St., addition, $2,362

Irvington Properties LLC, 201 Waterton Dr., new construction, $425,000

Thomas Thomas Jr., 109 Trinity Court, addition, $8,000

WBW Investments LLC, 1202 Wards Ferry Road, renovation, $40,000

James Rudd, 211 Waterton Dr., addition, $56,000

Michael Hagen, 3823 Manton Lane, addition, $11,031.10

George Ballard, 211 Windsor Road, addition, $11,250

William Robertson Jr., 112 Ridgeline Lane, addition, $2,500

TT Rehab LLC, 1014 Polk St., renovation, $90,000

Barbara Johnson, 1609 Lexington Dr., new construction, $177,500

G&D Investments LLC, 405 Harrison St., renovation, $45,000

Christopher King, 60 Clopton Court, new construction, $350,000

Kevin Bryant, 4111 Tremont St., addition, $8,527

Ronald Allen, 357 Blackhawke Dr., addition, $2,000

Eric Myers, 93 Clopton Court, new construction, $375,000

William Cox, 2214 Duke St., addition, $5,500

Carter Builders Inc., 117 Victor Dr., new construction, $180,000

Sellari Enterprises Inc., 142 Craftsman Way, new construction, $325,000

Bendini Lambert and Locke LLC, 1601 Bedford Ave. ½, renovation, $9,000

Peggy Jones, 728 Chikasaw Rd., addition, $5,000


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