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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Eric D. Grunwald and Lorene A. Rodan-Grunwald to Luther L. Rose. 121 Turkey Mountain Road, $175,900

Donna J. Dick to Scott R. and Debbie A. Schubmehl. Tract 41, section 10, Amherst Planation, $35,600

Jacob C. Sirocco to Casey Johnson. Lot 18, section 2, Lamont Acres, $106,900

Robert S. and Donna W. Donovan to Chad M. and Natalie M. Rogers. Lot 14, section 1, West Briar, $190,000

DRV Construction LLC to Damion L. and Samantha L. Totty. Lot 26, Buffalo Ridge Subdivision, $156,000

Eugene C. and Sally A. Orme to Danielle N. Martin and James A. Putz II. Lot 22, Amherst Acres, $147,900

Alan J. and Trudy L. Wood to Patrick W. and Christine M. Gries. Lot 40, section II, Hans Hills Estates Subdivision, $405,000

James W. and Irene C. Dean to Bobby L. and Susan P. Dobyns. Lot 28, Black Forest Dr., $69,000

Bruce E. and Beverly G. Barrett to Gregory Repko and Stephanie D. Safarik. Lots 19-22 and a portion of lot 23, block A, subdivision of part of Mountain View Farm, $174,000

Marvin Gelnn and Anita S. Corbett to Jerry Bradford Rhodes. Lot 8, Lakeview Subdivision, $150,000

Appomattox County

Carlton E. and Kathy O. Womack to Lynn E. and Robert F. Adam. Two parcels, Cedar Tree Road, $73,800

Gerald Wolgamuth and Susan Wolgamuth to Michelle W. and Fred R. Davis Jr. 503 Sunset Ridge Dr., $300,000

Allan L. Cooper, Joann M. Trohan, Hatley N. Mason III and Keith M. Mason to Gerald E. and Linda B. Tyler. Parcel, Va. 616, Liberty Chapel School Lot, $47,500

Dale R. Kent, Gloria Reynolds Deaner, Rosiland Reynolds Whitley and Ruby M. Reynolds to Anne S. Hobbs. 2852 Wildway Road, $145,000

Tayler S. and Ricky T. Johnson Jr. to Lauren Edwards and Cody Bryant. Parcel, fronting Marston St., 1 acre, $249,900

Susan M. and Charles E. Midgette Jr. and Emily E. Browning to Lee W. and Ellen G. Payne. Parcel, near Va. 672, 3.65 acres, $232,450

Bedford County

SML Mayberry Villas Inc. to John B. and Diane L. Crockett. Lot 34, phase A, Mayberry Villas, Lakes District, $145,000

Mark B. Goode and Susan K. Goode to Michael J. and Heather R. Foy. 8787 Falling Creek Road, Lakes District, $251,200

Larry B. Morris to Jamie Carrington and Kathleen Johnston Dalton. Unit 325, phase 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $265,000

Scottie Glenn and Dawn Elizabeth Davis to Michael Johnston. Unit 324, phase 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $232,250

Charles and Donna Burton to Amanda Marie Inc. Unit 2200, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $74,000

Robert W. Chilton Jr. and Jane M. Chilton to Michael Joseph and Celie Rose M. Powers. Unit 105, building 6, cluster 2, Monoacan Shores, Lakes District, $370,000

Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC to Philip R. Foster, Jill C. Foster and George A. Foster. Unit 3400, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $70,000

Carl R. Powers to RealEstate Buy It Now LLC. Lots 31L, 31M, and 31N, section 2, Lake View Estates, Lakes District, $65,000

Joseph A. Marraccini to Craig S. and Stacey Lynn Standlick. 1291 Lakefield Dr., Lakes District, $340,000

Michael C. Zeien, Pamela J. Zeien and Nicole Zeien to Tamera A. and Robert W. Burrill Jr. Lot 4, block II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $460,000

Timothy M. Pettis to Kevin P. and Debra K. Lawlor. 201 Oakcrest Dr., Lakes District, $219,900

Tammy Seckara Barocsi and Donna Seckar Manceri, trustees to Rodger Scott Gober and Margaret Lyons Gober. Lot 26, section II, Park Shores, Lakes District, $30,000

James Wilmouth Sr. to Kathleen Jones. Lot 1, Park Shores, Lakes District, $147,500

Roanoke Rental Homes LLC, Bluewater Financial Services LLC, Downtown Holdings LLC, and Star City Investments LLC to Prime Realty Partners LLC. 1037 Eaffa Lane and additional six parcels in Roanoke and Salem, Blue Ridge District, $790,000

William J. Roderique to For Whom The Brothers Towles LLC. Lot 110, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $500,000

William D. Telford Sr. and Anna Telford to Richard L. and Susan H. Ickes. Villas V-24, phase 18, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $529,000

Timothy Ray Hudgins to Cheryl Mathis-Fanney and Keith W. Fanney. Unit 2303, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $68,500

Gary W. Creasy to Sandra K. Creasy. Parcel, Moneta Road, 11.99 acres, Lakes District, $6,000

Raymond Brent Swanson and Lisa Kaye Swanson to Peter W. Karras and Jamie Floyd. 3839 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $265,000

Terry G. and Elizabeth J. Lyon to Donna Bolt Benson. Unit 315, phase 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $242,500

Riley Dan and Rebecca Jane Thornock to Virginia A. and John E. Diggs. 3110 Thomasson Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $120,000

Ronald and Deborah Carlisle to Kevin Culbertson and Stacie C. Anderson. 3043 Airport Road, Lakes District, $230,000

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Benjamin Lyon. 1725 Fish Hook Trail, Lakes District, $131,700

Elizabeth M. Burt to Russell E. and Susan A. Smith. Lots 88, 89, and 90 section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $355,000

Bank of the James to Tanicia Leonette John Charles Prosch III. Parcel, Edmond St., Town of Bedford, $12,000

Reginald L. Purvis, Richard L. Purvis and Patricia N. Hutteman to Jeremy M. Welsh. 1029 Joe Watson Dr., $70,000

Gleason A. Branscome Jr. and Diane D. Branscome to Jennifer K. Hayes. Lot 21, section 1, Autumn Run, $381,000

Rodger W. Fauber, Carl Milko, Michael Valentine and Maria Hanackova-Stroobant, co-trustees to Rudolph W. and Melissa G. Wolf. Parcel, 20 acres on Va. 24, Jefferson District, $215,000

Gary L. and Agnes M. Holt to Ryan M. and Sarah J. Pettit. Lot 71, Haines Point, Jefferson District, $45,000

Foster Construction Inc. to Sarah Jane and Joseph William Girandola III. Lot 8, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, $364,515

Michael J. and Marcia C. Lemaster to Michael J. Gotard. 1532 High Acre Road and two additional parcels, $420,000

Edward L. Wisenbaler Jr. and Margaret Dean Wisenbaler to James W. Andrews. Parcel, near Independence Ave. and Shady Knoll Ave., Town of Bedford, $1,500

Justin McIntyre and Sommer E. McIntyre to Jason T. and Kristin J. Burke. Parcel, Town of Bedford, $305,000

Kimberly D. Kusserow to Clarice E. Payne. Unit 1, building 3, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $240,000

William Halsey and Sheila Halsey to Dustin E. Crouch and Paige B. Crouch. Parcel 1A, Foster Road, 6.047 acres, Peaks District, $66,500

Lewis Woodrow Murray Jr. and Lisa Mitchell Murray to Amber L. Jackson. 4564 Timber Ridge Road and two additional parcels, Timber Ridge Road, $195,000

Brandon and Elisabeth R. DeWitt to Joel Quincy Calloway. Lot 79, section 1, Jefferson Woods, $218,200

Cynthia C. and Johnnie F. McKinney Jr. to Derek Michael Anderson. Lot 22, section II, Hawkins Farm, $258,000

Jonathan S. and Irina G. Fuller to Julie Lynn Mann. 5670 Forest Road, $258,900

Cornelia Farrar Phillips to 304 Ivy Lake Drive LLC. Lot 1, section 2, phase 2, Ivy Lake Village, $250,000

Kevin F. and Aimee D. Camm to Gregg L. and Katelyn M. Chewning. Lot 57, Forest Edge Subdivision, $274,900

Jason T. Burke to Jason E. Bowles and Alaina J. Thomas. Parcel, Bunker Hill Road, $160,000

Delores K. Zimmerman to Natalie M. Waters. Lot 4, block 5, section 1, Phase 3, Valleywood Townhomes, $132,900

David Leroy Bowen, William Purnell Bowen, Paul Richardson Bowen and Susan Bowen Sineath to Dorothy Ann Lynette and Kenneth Robert Romo. Tract, 33.693 acres, section II, Foxwood, $400,000

Pacot Builders Inc. to Jacob E. and Emily K. Brumfield. New lot 302, Boonsboro Place, $319,900

Jennifer J. and Jason J. Davidson Sr. to Caleb S. and Lois E. Mast. Lot 11, Summerfield, $243,000

Garrett E. Hurt to Matthew L. Pack. 423 E. Main St., $130,000

Bradford Crossing LLC to GSA Properties LLC. Lot 24, Bradford Crossing, $65,000

Campbell County

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 7, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $45,000

Jacob T. Fridley and Julia R. Marstell to Krista M. Lipscomb and Bryan M. Boyd. Lot 6, section 6, Russell Springs, $244,000

Kay S. and Russell T. Harris Jr. to MHD LLC. 406 Cook Ave., $52,000

Shelton & Hailey Holding Company LLC to The Town of Altavista. 606 Seventh St., $65,000

Samuel P. Lipscomb and Kaye S. Lipscomb, trustees to Mark S. and Nicki L. Engstrom. Lot 38, South Quadrant, $479,900

Sherry D. Heavner to Phillip Terry and Betty Ann Jones. Lot 36, section 1, Country Haven Estates, $35,000

Charlotte S. Roberts to Joshua P. and Katie P. Minso. Lot 2, block U, section 12, Vista Acres Subdivision, $215,000

M.J.D. Builders Inc. to Aaron Thomas Kidd and Lauren Elizabeth Davis. Revised lot 14, Robertson Village, $293,400

Thomas J. Comparetta Jr. and Monica A. Comparetta to Joshua and Danyelle Turner. Lot 83, section 2, Poplar Forest, $259,900

William C. and Dan C. Mosebrook to Jason C. and Kathie B. Taylor. 512 Wildlife Dr., $20,000

Anita O. Davis to Christine Eaton. 390 Wileman Road, $60,000

In Good Companny LLC to Alfonso Velasco Martinez and Marciela Loredo Castillo. Lot 16, Long Mountain Farm, $29,000

Barnyard Properties LLC to Twin Bros. Property Management LLC. 415 and 425 Crowell Lane, $750,000

Flynn Street Trusts to Phillip Blaine and Teresa Colbert Sheppard. 264 Flynn St., $185,900

Dale Ray Drumheller to Streamline LLC. 100 Old Rustburg Road and three additional parcels on Old Rustburg Road, $66,000

L&D Rental Properties LLC to Thomas Kelly Lawton III. 1170 Peerman School Road, $197,000

City of Lynchburg

Vance L. Thornton and Adair R. Bolt to Joanne Elaine Foltz. Lot 34, block H, section 8, Blue Ridge Farms, $150,000

Jessica R. Merrow to Tyler J. Vaught and Anna Gray Owens. 200 Warren Ave., $134,900

Linda E. Melton and Linda E. Melton to Ann Marie and Joseph N. Harper Jr. Lot 13 and part of lot 14, section 3, Oak Grove Place, $350,000

Linton C. Beasley to Dirk L. Beasley Sr. Lots 17-19, block 2, Gorman Subdivision, $185,000

Ben Beverly Jr. to Elevation LLC. Lot 55, Map of Dearington, $500.00

Aldo Barbieri and Joann Rivers to Ariel J. Weisman and Jason M. Cholewa. Lot 39, Bethel Park Subdivision, $404,000

Robert R. and Kay L. Nystrom to Craig A. and Angela K. Pettitt. Lot 13, blocks L and M, Cornerstone, $187,000

Melissa Sue Dorner to Patrick Edward and Samantha Harvey Sweeney. Lot 4, block 15, Westover Heights, $173,000

Michelle F. and Gregory H. Fultz to Alicia M. Valencia Saavedra, Andrea E. Rodriguez Villavicencio and Irene M. Valencia Saavedra. Lot 234 Nottingham Circle, $214,500

Susan D. Hundley to Jonathan Davies and Susannah Obenchain Lichtenstein. 2013 Link Road, $250,000

Sharon Ruth Oglesby to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 9, section 2, Pleasant View, $17,300

Mary S. Rinehart to 1512 Lockwood Drive Trust. Parcel, Lockwood Dr., 1.362 acres, $140,000

James R. Wyatt to Matthew T. Wyatt. Lot 2, block C, Forest Townhouses, $80,000

Christopher M. D’Amico and Lory S. D’Amico to A.J. Denson. Lot 45, block N, phase II, Cornerstone, $210,000

Richard K. Kirkpatrick, Vicki L. Cash, Laura K. Perdieu, James H. Kirkpatrick Jr. and Barbara R. Riddle to Lynchburg Home Solutions LLC. 3026 Fulton St., $50,000

Patti M. Phillips to Pamela Greene. Lot 9, Candlewood Court Villas, $200,000

Ryan E. and Barrett S. Divina to Robert J. and Sarah E. Porter. Part of lots 10A, 10B, 11A and 11B, Vue Land Place, $305,000

Guy A. and Metta Z. Warner to Reginald Keith Hairston. Lot 9, block 6, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $284,900

Angie L. Evans to J. Michael and Vicki L. Thomas. Lot 10, block 7, Central Park Addition, $34,900

Matthew and Bethany Pearson to Sara J. Peterson. Lot 20, block 13, new addition to Fort Hill, $144,900

Richard Langhorne and Virginia Scott McCarthy to Kathryn S. and Robert D. Richards Jr. 301 Old Trent’s Ferry Road, $50,000

Andreea Calentina Cotuna to Mikhail Alvin and Anna Corbin Lobatos. 8022 Timberlake Road #45, $100,000

Matthew H. Kaplan and Elizabeth L. Russell to Wade Edward Stewart and Ann Morrison Schoew. 1407 Harrison St., $299,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Sam’s Real Estate Business, 3912 Wards Road, renovation, $86,000

Boonsboro Village LLC, 4715 Boonsboro Road, repair, $149,000

Fairview Heights LLC, 1900 Martin St., renovation, $225,000

Greenstone Lofts LLC, 829 Church St., renovation, $15,000

Burton Creek Renewal LLC, 679 Leesville Road, addition, $15,000

Virginia Episcopal School, 400 VES Road, renovation, $800,000

Kevin Shotwell, 108 Goldenrod Place, new construction, $300,000

Morris Property Management LLC, 2300 Bedford Ave., repair, $9,200

Cook-Out-Lynchburg Inc., 2629 Wards Road, repair, $10,000

Planters Bank & Trust Co. of VA., 2102 Langhorne Road, repair, $62,400

3810 Campbell Avenue LLC, 3810 Campbell Ave., renovation, $6,300

SAGAR Incorporated, 2400 Stadium Road, repair, $20,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 301, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 303, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 305, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 307, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 309, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 311, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 313, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 315, new construction, $130,000

McNeil Group LLC, 3008 Hill St. 317, new construction, $130,000

DRV Construction LLC, 592 Leesville Road, new construction, $86,500

DRV Construction LLC, 590 Leesville Road, new construction, $86,500

Ellen Nygaard, 65 Clopton Court, new construction, $300,000

Thomas Muniz, 5309 Hickory Hill Dr., addition, $10,000

Howard Hertzler, 4113 Crescent Road, addition, $4,300

Jonathan Bacco, 1507 Taylor St., renovation, $15,000

Ahmed Ektoukhy, 404 Paulette Circle, new construction, $111,653.07

Harvey Hartman, 122 Bryant Road, addition, $7,500

Martha Ballou, 1371 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $120,000

Lisa Ramsey, 2430 Old Forest Road, new construction, $170,000

Clayton Townes, 5919 Igloe Dr., renovation, $2,000

Laurie Schweinsburg, 1002 Enterprise Dr. 404, addition, $10,000

Jerry Price, 3206 Rivermont Ave., addition, $140,000

Henry Yates, 309 Graves Dr., renovation, $45,576

Dennis Flynn, 4507 Oakdale Dr., renovation, $59,400

William Shannonhouse, 220 Majestic Road, addition, $7,600

Edward Vranian, 3820 Peakland Place, renovation, $249,000

James Harris, 1068 Rivermont Terrace, renovation, $11,000

Louis Watson, 806 Wise St., repair, $2,834.40

Katelyn Ross, 128 Bon Ton Road, addition, $40,000

Tyler Britt, 5729 White Oak Dr., addition, $13,000

Ernie Sawyer Jr., 245 Farley Branch Dr., addition, $24,000

Jerry Evans, 3223 Downing Dr., addition, $18,000

Burnett Wilson Jr., 2805 Herbert St., repair, $10,000

James Reeves III, 2403 Terrell Place, renovation, $4,500

Chad Haiar, 202 Coffee Road, addition, $20,000

Dodd Harvey, 203 Whitley Way, addition, $10,000

G&D Investments LLC, 405 Harrison St., renovation, $1,000

DRV Construction LLC, 739 Winston Ridge Road renovation, $3,000

Zachary Campbell, 410 Euclid Ave., renovation, $41,800

Justin Spengler, 1723 Spottswood Place, addition, $1,500

Daniel Mitchell Sr., 2312 Heronhill Place, renovation, $39,400

Benjamin Linn, 117 Creekview Court, renovation, $15,000

Matthew Suwala, 209 Wooldridge Circle, renovation, $15,000

Russell Jones, 812 Dinwiddie St., addition, $2,600

Angela Parker, 2205 Mayflower Dr., repair, $36,000

Christopher Carpenter, 1700 Richmond Ave., renovation, $24,692

Joshua Pratt, 4600 Hartford St., addition, $5,000

Carey Gravely, 117 Bennington Dr., renovation, $35,000

Anthony Robinson, 1830 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $3,800

Steven Glover, 203 Langhorne Lane, addition, $41,800

Kurt Cornfield, 1523 Club Dr., addition, $100,000

Jesse Darling, 111 Carnell Lane, repair, $17,483.87

Michael Neuland, 1522 Clayton Ave., renovation, $20,000

Lewis Stevens Jr., 204 Omega Dr., repair, $40,000

Brian Showalter, 712 Sanhill Dr., renovation, $8,000


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