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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Joseph P. and Ashleigh L.T. Cascio to Marquise Wesley. 120 Abbitts Dr., $169,000

Julie Ann Broyles Haddy, Rebecca B. Sturgill and Robert E. Brown to Good Investments LLC. Parcel, Ned Brown Road, $50,000

Isabel C. Hundley to Douglas Kames Komoroski and Kimberly Druen Thompson. Lot 1, Family Subdivision of property of Preston B. Hundley Jr. and Isabel C. Hundley, $42,000

Patricia J. Bolling, Alice J. Parrish and Hester J. Patterson to Tosey R. Sparrow. 109 Jonz Dr., $22,000

Ryan W. Bennett to 434 Realty Group LLC. Lot 1, 896 Possum Island Road, $118,000

Mark Lindsey and Jennifer Joan Redden to Chase A. Johnson and Katie M. Swann. Parcel, Stapleton Road, $57,000

Ella Louise Wright to NBS Real Estate LLC. 580 Dixie Airport Road, $86,250

Roger Wilson and Sabrina Gail Wood to Carolyn Bruce Hendricks Cocho. Parcel, Magruder Hills, $10,000

Larry Wayne Tomlin, Lynn T. Conner and Lewis Edward Tomlin to Marion V. Tomlin. 535 Sardis Road, $200,000

James D. and Rachel L. Berryman to Jacque Charle Zimny. 159 Tomlin Road, $235,000

James K. and Sarah E. Ryan to Brandon Phillip Townsend. 522 Kenmore Road, $230,000

William H. and Sandra K. Maitland to Leigh M. Pigg. Lot 2, section 1, The Meadows, $240,000

Mary Grose Bobis and Tes Slominski to Ferrum Mountain Holdings LLC. Parcel, 89 acres, Va. 636, $210,000

Lynn P. Harrington, Kate E. Denious and James R. Everitt to Christie W. and Talmage R. Eubank Jr. Parcel, 38.25 acres, off of U.S. 29, $120,000

Stephen A. Baker to Jordan Mink. 339 Thomas Road, $130,000

Basil Joe Clark to Martha Jo Clark. Lot 2, Autumn View Subdivision, $147,100

Appomattox County

Richard A. and Linda S. Seay to Vivian Seay Giles. 570 Court St., $100,000

Michael H. Torrence to Countryside Land Company L.C. 261 Honey Bee Lane and 2 additional parcels, $42,525

Ronald A. Wilson to Christopher S. Glass. Lot 47, section 3, Country Haven Estates, $167,000

Home Alone LLC to Michael Howard Burrell. Parcel, Red House Road, $139,900

Handy Appliance Inc. to Amy Denise Carder and Brett Carder Meador. Parcel, Old Courthouse Road, $55,000

Charles W. Benhoff to Carl Combs. Lot 33, Burge Place Subdivision, $26,000

Eric Hauser to Wayne E. and Laura A. Sherman. 292 Mountain View Road, $76,000

Bedford County

BANDD Holdings LLC to Gavin H. McIntyre and Lynn F. McIntyre. Tract 5, Red Hawk Ridge, partially in Blue Ridge District, $375,000

Bernard R. Craighead Jr. and Kim P. Craighead to Joseph P. and Vanessa Richardson. Lots 3 and 4, Villawood, Blue Ridge District, $315,000

Cori K. and Ludwell B. Fairchild Jr. to Amanda G. Moseley. Lot 10, Mayberry Hills, Lakes District, $289,900

Bradley K. Sampson and Raven A. Sampson to Philip Wheeler and David Wheeler. Lot 12 and 12B, section 1, Hickory Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $279,950

Walter D. and Dana L. Hewartson to Sherri and Leroy Chapman Jr. and William and Amy Chapman. Unit 26, phase 3, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $278,000

Jolie Lee-Hornyak to James D. and Jean A. Maas. Lot 6, section 2, Lakeview Estates, Lakes District, $252,000

Steven M. Baker to Stephen M. and Rhonda M. Graham. 1888 Trails End Road, Lakes District, $213,500

Lynne Terry Schumacher, trustee to William W. Terry III and Leslie M. Terry, trustees and Lynne Terry Schumacher. Parcel, Alpha Lane, 0.759 acres, Lakes District, $210,000

Kelley D. Hughes to Heather Marie Amos. Lot 3, section 1, Honeytree, Lakes District, $205,750

Shirley Ann Updike McNulty to Quentin Lloyd. Lot 7-B, Hidden Forest, Blue Ridge District, $202,000

Deborah and Lewis A. Kellison Jr. to Joey D. Grooten. Lot 22, section 2, Cascade Forest, Blue Ridge District, $154,500

John R. Spence Jr. and Carole Rae Spence, trustees to Jason and Bethany Anderson. Lot 2, Thunder Ridge, Lakes District, $23,000

Lowell C. Seal to Ralph J. Erb. Lot 63, section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $14,000

Brian K. and Tracey Anderson to Mariner’s Landing Devco LLC. Lot 9, section 3, Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $10,000

Linda L. Sowards to Jeffrey Clay and Cynthia G. Sowards. Lot 3, Woodlawn Subdivision, $85,000

Ware & Shotwell Properties LLC to Michael B. and Nicole P. Nicholas. Lot 10, section II, Governors Hill, $203,000

Matthew R. and Karen B. Allison to Crystal Crosby. Lot 11, section 1, Autumn Run, $386,400

John C. and Nevada P. Brown to Charles D. Pennington. Lot 25, section 2, Ivy Hill, $369,900

Mark T. Garrett to Russell J. and Sharon K. Huggins and Nathaniel Quinn Huggins and Jacqueline E. Bulmer. Lot 63, section 1, Poplar Forest, $279,000

Thomas J. and Barbara G. Terzakos to Schyler Coleman and Brooke Campbell Higgins. Parcel, Cottontown Road, $900,000

Roger T. Orange to Kris and Karen Hubbard. Parcel, Buffalo Run, $75,000

Nicole P. Nicholas to Donna S. MacDonald, trustee. 1306 Gills Road, $235,000

Sundown Construction Company Inc. to Bradley Lee and Raven A. Sampson. Lot 17, section 1, Cedar Knoll, $275,000

Landfall LLC to Premier Investments Group LLC. Lot 26, section II, Landfall, $69,000

Judy A. Harrison to Jonathan B. Lester. Unit 2, building 2, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $245,000

Russell E. Farmer and Monica N. Farmer to Fred J. and Jennifer L. Holder. Lot 49, Lake Manor Estates, $795,000

Stephen J. and Gabrielle J. Milacci to Kyle and Ravin Werthman. Lots 14 and 15, section 14, Peter’s Estate, $650,000

Haiyan Huang to American Properties LLC. Union 2302, phase V, Building 5, Twin Springs Garden Villas Condominiums, $50,000

Robert L. Flood Jr. to Lacy C. Montgomery. Lot 4, section 4, Smithfield, $229,000

Lynn Spradlin and Kathryn Spradlin to Cullen Spradlin and Sierra Spradlin. Parcel, 10.661 acres, Peaks District, $50,600

Bradford Jay and Julie Wall Hill to Kimberly S. and John C. Kling Jr. Parcel, Everett Road, $55,000

Luke D. and Mary Lisa DuBois to Stephen Q. and Suzy Hsia Adams. Lot 215, section 2, Forest Lakes District, $560,000

Kyle A. Werthman and Ravin Werthman to Marc Andrew and Jennifer Ann Bergin. Parcel A, 7 acres, Peaks District, $485,000

625 Railroad LLC to 620 Railroad LLC. Parcel B, Railroad Ave., $110,000

Cornerstone Contraction of VA LLC to Sundown Construction Company Inc. Lots 2-5, Centerville Road, $150,000

Campbell County

Erica Jackson to Eric G. Allen and Salena D. Pitts. Lot 3, fronting Va. 24, 0.607 acres, $195,000

James C. Johnson to Ciarra D. Joyner. Lots 72 and 73, section A, Reynolds Subdivision, $162,000

H&S Holdings Properties LLC to Christina L. Cordell. Lot 6, Wheeler Estate Subdivision, $338,900

Douglas C. Rogers to James D. Williams and Deanna L. Williams. 114 Sycamore St. ad four additional parcels, $9,000

Pickrel Properties LLC to F&P Development LLC. 716 Main St., and additional parcel, $195,500

Jami M. Zeno to Zane L. and Sasha G. Ashby. 123 Webster Dr., $155,000

Jefferson Manor Properties LLC to Jefferson Manor Apartments Group LLC. Lot 8, and parcel 9-A, section 2, Moss Creek Village, $1,475,000

Kevin W. and Crystal M. Wheelous to Thomas E. and Karissa Ruthann Troyer. Lot 31, section 2-A, Wildwood, $302,000

Charles P. and Katie S. Anderson to Jonathan M. and Heather N. Hewitt. Lot 26, section 2, Spring Oaks, $284,000

Stanley Baker and Tammi Ashcroft Norwood to Charles Frederick and Erica Jackson. Lot 10, section 2-A, Wildwood, $279,900

Bruce W. and Grace I. Olsen to Patrick W. Murphy. 4356 Village Highway, $415,200

Gloria P. Carter to North River Farm Investments LLC. Lots 60-64. Thomas Terrace, $160,000

Mann Enterprises LLC to DSS Properties LLC. 416 Westridge Circle, $170,000

Barry Daniel Higginbotham and David William Higginbotham to Daryl Wayne Higginbotham. 1743 Lawyers Road, $96,166.67

Tammy H. Morrell to Albert Charles Feist. 407 Riverview Lane, $223,000

Jade Key Mcelroy to Brian K. Blackstock. Lot 11, Westward Park, $233,000

City of Lynchburg

Morgan Wingate Hollister and David H. Peters to Rebecca L. and Scott A. Collier. 601 Harrison St., $219,000

Kelly S. Love and Richard J. Pannell to William Carter Wingfield St. and Jane Blanks Wingfield. 951 Cabell St., $90,000

Class Enterprises LLC to ECHE LLC. 8104 Timberlake Road, $1,125,000

Emerald D. Hines and Ana M. Hines to T.P.B. Enterprises LLC. 216 Lake Crest Lane, $150,000

Bethel Partners LLC to R. Moorefield Construction Co. Lots 1 and 2, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $80,000

Farshid and Patricia S. Shahrokhi to Sidney H. and Jenna A. Vermilya. Lots 14-16, block 2, Peakland, $294,800

Professional Medical Suites of Virginia LLC to Lynchburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority. Lots 24 and 25, section 3, Tate Springs Farm, $319,000

Lawrence F. and Joy I. Poletti to Jacob Daniel and Debra Kellerman Kott. Lot 22, Wildwind Subdivision, $499,000

S. Cooper Dawson IV and Louise L Dawson to Louise A. Stevens. Lot 1, block D, Rivermont Park, $250,000

Maria L. Nathan to Pattie Willis Ames. 3456 Ivylink Place, $329,000

Peter C. and Karen S. Amato to Danilo H. and Rahnee Mariano. 301 Portico St., $314,900

David M. Damon and Camille R. Damon to William H. Burks Jr. Lots 11, 12, and part of lot 10, Ross Addition, $175,000

Aaron Properties LLC to Blue Skys Co. LLC. 100 Archway Court, $475,000

Mark H. and Elizabeth D. Reasor to Joanne Caylor. 1609 Laxton Road, $169,000

Sarah C. Capps and Phillip M. Dodgion to Nathan D. Kolb. 2029 Burnt Bridge Road, $240,000

Michael R. and Ina L. Harkness to Daniel Wayne Harris. Lot 14 and part of lot 15, block B, Peakland Heights, $245,000

Connie Crotts Sowa and Kenneth Claiborne Towler, co-trustees to Hugh Thomas Tyner Jr. Unit 202, Parkmont Condominium, $139,900

Ben J. and Janice A. Wright to E-Town Investments LLC. 1610, 1612, and 1618 Park Ave., $50,000

Richard R. Johnson and Christine M. Johnson, co-trustees to Sarah Elizabeth Buck. Unit 102, building 2, The Parkside Grande at Cornerstone, $139,500

Craig E. and Betsy S. Sprout to Jonathan D. and Leena G. Hart. Part of lot 5, Thomas Addition, $148,000

Amy T. Defries to Robert E. and Barbara J. Saum. Lot 8, section II, Waterton, $530,000

Mark Mills to Adam H. Mills. Lots 17-19, Traylor Subdivision, $135,000

Carroll J. Harvey Jr. to Michael L. Arthur. 1501 Oakmont Circle, $155,000

Tony West to HP Reinvest LLC. 1370 Rivermont Ave., $140,000

TY Investments LLC to Lacey Enterprises LLC. 2110 and 2112 12th St., $55,000

Curtis M. and Cynthia O. Talbott to NBS Holdings LLC. 1957 Fort Ave., $230,000

Building permits

Campbell County

Lonni Wickard, 449 Pearson Dr., solar panels, $27,360

John Toler, 351 Harbor Dr., pavilion, $60,000

Sunburst Storage Inc., Lynchburg Highway, self-storage, $120,000

Derrick Moon, 300 Addie Way, solar panels, $8,160

Rachel Santiago, 3090 Bear Creek Road, solar panels, $15,840

Kenneth Tomlin, 428 Langdon Road, solar panels, $11,880

Thomas Parmiter, Clarks Road, new dwelling, $400,000

Randolph Moore, 5951 Bethany Road, deck, $29,868

Mark Creasey, 119 Cresthaven Terrace, deck, $15,000

Eldridge Dunn Jr., 57 Benchmark Dr., shed, $9,100

Wallace Thompson, 1111 Beaver Creek Crossing, $10,000

Wooldridge Landscaping LLC, lot 41, Mantle Dr., new dwelling, $180,000

Russell Meadows LLC, lot 42, Mantle Dr., new dwelling, $180,000

Lyn-Dan Heights Volunteer Fire Department, 578 Lawyers Road, commercial alterations, $5,000

Ryan Croster, 560 Addie Way, solar panels, $13,920

Russell Lake, 101 Caleb Court, accessory building, $35,000

Clifton Daniel, Clarks Road, new dwelling, $370,000

David Wilmer, 183 Whip Poor Will Dr., deck, $20,000

Donald Bailey Jr., 5123 Covered Bridge Road, shed, $10,000

Michael Mitchell, 31 Shady Grove Lane, solar panels, $55,713.60

Hudson Builders Inc., parcel, Colonial Highway, new dwelling, $295,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, lot 66, section 2, Leesville Estates, new dwelling, $165,000


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