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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as “sunshine laws.”

Property transfers

Amherst County

Gregory W. and Victoria H. Smith to Phillip R. Keys. Lots 6-8, 11 and 29, Izaak Tract Subdivision, $75,000

Pamela Powell Williamson, Rebecca Powell O’Connell and Celia Powell Liebl to Woodland Resources LLC. Tract one, 75 acres, Old Stage Road and tract two, 15.57 acres, $337,500

Christina Carter Matthew to Vu Nguyen and Malaysia Page. Lot 68, Lakeview Subdivision, $200,000

Andrew L. and Julie A. Mays to Craig R. and Mary C. Stevens. 1126 Lowesville Road, $525,000

Patricia J. Webb to Joseph Scott and Darly Lorelai Panebianco. Lot 3, phase III, unit 703, Royal Gardens, $180,000

Virginia Davis Wydner to Pedlar River Ranch LLC. 7913 Lexington Turnpike, $1,128,750

Thirty-Thirty LLC to Yvonne Preston. Lot 29, section 1, Stanford Place, $269,900

Tony West to Chelcie Elizabeth and Raymond Ross Jr. Lot 1, Elizabeth Manor, $190,000

Appomattox County

Jarmaine E. Haynes to Larry R. Ware Sr. Parcel, Rock Spring Road, $7,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Karl and Loyola Leinheiser. 6303 Red House Road, $73,100

Sheila M. Roper and Adam K. Moore to Patricia C. Richardson Revocable Trust and Ian A. Jerome. Lot C, Lime Plant Road, 20.722 acres, $105,000

Justin M. Lawson ad Robert C. Stephens to Morgan A. and Ciarra D. Joyner. 1777 South Fork Road, $293,100

Robert D. Markey Sr. and Janet F. Markey to Marisol Marcano and William Malay. Lot 10, section III, Wildwood, $299,900

Bedford County

Jessica Clatterbaugh to Christopher Devin and Kristina Irene Marshall. Lot 11, section 1, Lake Vista, $282,500

Neil Alan Dudley to Leigh A. Patten. Lot 45, section 8, Farmington at Forest, $415,000

Clifton H. Griffin II and Jennifer O. Griffin to Corey A. and Shiree D. Thompson. Lot 40, Silver Creek Subdivision, $390,000

Steven and Elizabeth Willis to Robert J. and Joyce E. Petrochko. Lot 194, section 7, Somerset Meadows, $815,000

Michael Bates Sparks and Angela D. Sparks to Luke Staite and Nancy Mishler. Parcel, 5.476 acres, Peaks District, $350,000

Southeast Property Holdings LLC to Troy E. and Diana L. Bowling. Lot 16, Westcove, $533,296

Steven D. Davis and David A. Harris to Terry Real Estate-Lynchburg LLC. Tract A, Va. 221, 3.08 acres, $1,300,000

Richard W. and Robin Annette Hannabass to James E. Gates Jr. Lot 11, section 2, Watson Woods, $125,000

Hospitality And Housing LLC to Bobby L. Thomas. Lot 3, Va. 24, Blue Ridge District, $20,000

Roger D. and Faye S. Cox to Nicolas Henley. Lot 9C, 1.21 acres, Lakes District, $170,000

Joseph D. Buehrle to Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi Najafi and Ferdous Fendereski. Lot 17, section 16, Farmington at Forest, $321,000

Wally L. Arcayan to F&L Holdings LLC. 1144 Pearl Cove Dr., $1,300,500

BGRS LLC to Mitchell Perry and Lindsey Jean Moore. Lot 1, section 1, Autumn Run, $550,000

Jeremiah Peropat and Kortni Peropat to BGRS LLC. Lot 1, section 1, Autumn Run, $550,000

Martin A. Miller and Diana B. Miller to Shawn A. and Deborah Giese. Lot 21, Savanna Hills, $330,000

Chidi I. Njoku to Tyler L. and Rachel L. Frazier. Lot 14, section 10, Blumont, $324,000

Heather M. Keen to Joseph Gregory Trent, Melony Phillips Trent and Tristan Tyler Trent. 1332 Whistle Stop Way and additional parcel, $136,000

John A. McAfee to Roland L. Thompkins. Lot 26, section D-3, Beechwood West, $10,300

Dale A. Whitten and Kenneth Steven Abbott to Davisbuilt Inc. Lot 29, section D, Woodlawn Subdivision, $28,000

Grayson Evan and Susan M. Cochran to Timothy J. and Catherine McCullagh Finotti and Sean Kosmann. Lot 101, block 2, section 2, Beechwood Shores, $787,919

Wayne E. and Brenda G. Lawhorn to Joseph G. Foutz and Chassity B. Foutz. Parcel, Va. 122, 51.558 acres, $525,000

Anita Rosalind Wilkerson and Catherine Lynn Wilkerson to Carsen I. Wilkerson. Parcel, Va. 625, 3 ½ acres, $114,300

Sundance Design & Build LLC to Greg Eugene and Betty Easley. Lot 19, section 5, Farmington at Forest, $625,000

Tony A. Claytor and Jeffrey D. Witt to Landon D. Jones. Lot 43, Hill Crest Subdivision, $165,000

Campbell County

Darryl C. Burks and Angela C. Aloisi to Noah Isaac Fretz and Anna Maria Escalera. 22 Slice Lane, $136,200

A. Willard Arthur Jr. and Brenda T. Arthur to Louella L. Mattox. Lots 16, 18 and 19, section III, Howard’s Manor, $128,000

BBC Properties LLC to Miguel A. Roman. Lot 50, section 1, Braxton Park, $259,900

Gloria S. Lewis, Mark A. Hubbard, Mitchell S. Hubbard, Gary P. Hubbard, John W. Bell, Mark A. Bell, John A. Hubbard, Anthony J. Hubbard and Angela R. Hudson to Betty R. Parrish. 37 Old Tavern Circle, $165,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Michael William and Natalie Rae Rolewicz. Lot 29, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $245,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Christopher Grant and Angela Cassell Hutchins. Lot 34, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $242,100

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Joseph Michael and Deborah Callaghan Rolewicz. Lot 32, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $245,000

Troy E. Bomar to Diane M. McDaniel. Revised lot 2, section V, Kings Grant Subdivision, $115,000

Michael Craig Herts and Deborah J. Bostock Herts to Troy L. and Nita Born. Lot 155, section 3, Braxton Park, $274,900

Theresa A. Bream to M.L.B.C. Property Management LLC. Unit 313, The Lighthouse Condominium, $142,000

Steven E. and Shawna Ireson to Amber N. Burford. Lot 7, section 10, Russell Springs, $397,500

Jadon LLC to Xuhua Cai. Lot 91, phase 2, English Commons, $199,900

Jeffrey Tod Carwile to Melissa C. Davis. Not 38, section 1, Country Haven Estates, $18,000

City of Lynchburg 

ALC Management LLC to 11101 Midlothian LLC. 20276 Timberlake Road, $1,850,000

Brian M. and Jordan A. Pieklik to Corey Wright. Lot 12, section 4, Oakwood Club Estates, $315,000

Janet Davis-Moody, Alison Davis-Bayne, Kevin S. Lewis, Michelle Wayne Anthony and Roy Lamont Wayne to DRV Construction LLC. Lots 1 and 2, section 3, Richland Hills Subdivision, $127,500

Robert E. Austin Jr. and Michael W. Austin to Chestnut Realty LLC. Lot 118, Rives Addition, $30,000

William R. Walker and Christine E. Savarese to Barbara Elaine Baker and Stephen John Semock. Lot 3, block E, Evergreen Subdivision, $319,000

Raymond Matthew Franz, trustee to Raymond Matthew Franz. Lot 41, section 2, Panorama Hills, $68,761.41

Blanchette Famility LLC to Bates Family Properties LLC. Lots 11 and 12, section 3, Tate Springs Farm, $850,000

Barry Michael Waltz to Bell Terrace Developers LLC. Lot 10, section 2, Palmer Woods, $290,000

Brian C. and Simone H. Morgan to William H. and Delores A. Bohn and William M. Bohn and Heidi I. Bohn. Lot 5, J. Cabell Early Estate, $375,000

William O. Boyd III and Julia G. Boyd to Jonathan Lee and Megan Emanuel Current. Lot 1, section 3, Boonsboro Forest, $367,100

Laura J. Bradley to Sherrie Richburg. 101 Hood St., $130,000

Laurie C. Brizi to Lauren M. Worthey. 623 Wyndhurst Dr., unit 207, $154,397

Leslie M. and Elke J. Velz to Timothy M. and Melanie R. Brower. 103 Barrington Way, $191,000

Carter E. Garrett to Tiffany Amber Campbell. Lot 142, Sterling Park Townhomes, $170,000

Candlewood LLC to Yiong Fang and HuanPing Zhang. Lot 18, Candlewood Court Villas, $322,000

Carrington Properties LLC to ECP LLC. 517 Leesville Road and additional parcel, $525,000

Josephine W. Ferguson, Edwina M. Wilson, India Carter and Jeremy Wilson to Michael L. Dillard. 1610 Filmore St., $75,000

Robert E. Austin Jr. to Chestnut Realty LLC. Lot 5, block 24, Lands of the South Lynchburg Land Company, $15,000

David Benjamin Clarke to Nicole A. and Jeffrey A. Yeingst. 1210 Stratford Road, $142,000

Kemberley E. Cobb to Robert Bradford and Sarah Ann Rohla. 155 N. Princeton Circle, $240,000

Robert N. Cooper II and Alicia C. Cooper to James Barry and Cynthia Preston Smith. Lot 1, Amaya’s Way Subdivision, $575,000

Jane H. Petrey to Supriya Sanket Dhat and Sanket Rajaram Dhat. Lot 117, Sterling Park Townhomes, $180,000

Karen Duran and Ruben Duran to Joanne E. Howard. Lots 51 and 52 and part of lots 49 and 50, Golf Park Addition, $239,900

Candon G. Walker, Joseph I. Gantt Jr. and Debra M. Gantt to ECP LLC. 808 Wiggington Road, $315,000

Sonya F. Eanes to Michol Wade Stout. Lots 1-4, and part of lot 26, section B, Perkins Park, $135,000

Philip A. Eckenrode to Mickie G. Vecera. Lot 18, section 1, Courtney Springs, $265,000

United Restaurant Group L.P. to Freedom First Federal Credit Union. 7815 Timberlake Road, $1,500,000

Gilliam M. Cobbs to Yamel Yvette Guerra. 1222 Floyd St., $77,000

Patrick Owen Goodie and Marisela Goodie to Amanda Cueto Ordaz. 1112 Hollins St., $30,000

Regan Kirk to Newell Smith Price III and Lindsay Neill Hargett. New lot 46, amended plan C, Peakland, $450,000

Alissa L. Williams to Miketa A. Turner and Willie M. Harris. Lots 6-8, block 4, Westover Heights, $249,300

Joanne E. Howard to Barbara S. and Daniel Jr. Perkins. 3126 Maryland Ave., $142,000

Todd N. Tenpas and Laura C. Tenpas to Isaiah 117 House. 1620 Grace St., $199,900

Sinclair Television Stations LLC to Langhorne Road LLC. 2412 Langhorne Road, 107 and 109 Morgan St., $1,475,000

MB Development LLC to Lighthouse Beloved Community Two LLC. 2200 Tazewell Ave., 1700 Patterson St., and 1721 Price St., $275,000

Mustard Seed Chesterfield LLC to Realty Income Properties LLC. Lot 1, The Vistas Subdivision, $3,339,130

Daniel B. Sweeney to Larke W. Riordan. Lot 17, section 2, Oak Park, $680,000

Pelikan Properties LLC to Lara Winn. Lot 274, Dearington, $135,000

John R. and Sally W. Tener to Ashby J. and Whitney H. Perrow. Lots 11-15, block 1, Mountain View Acres, $417,000

Sundance Design and Build LLC to John C. and Stefanie D. Romano. Lot 60, Bethel Estates, $542,000

Loretta Stacy and John Stacy to Charles E. Davis. 700 Norwood St., $105,000

Nicholas E. and Brandy Vancil to Joseph and Kaeghlan M. Strasshofer. Parcel, Taylor Road, $218,000

Virginia University of Lynchburg Inc. to 1501 WWLLC. 1300 Campbell Ave., $1,300,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Lojon Property 71 LLC, 2019 Wards Road, new construction, $600,000

Millers Rest Apartments II LP, 6115 Old Mill Road, new construction, $115,000

Virginia Episcopal School, 400 VES Road, addition, $768,000

Liberty University Inc., 1971 University Blvd., addition, $1,500,000

Lynchburg Retail LLC, 4018 Wards Road, renovation, $104,000

Douglas Atkinson, 416 Main St., renovation, $10,000

Stud Muffins LLC, 1701 12th St., renovation, $2,600,000

ANCH LLC, 2204 Bedford Ave., renovation, $500,000

530 Walnut LLC, 1217 Church St., renovation, $2,750,000

Centra Health Inc., 1901 Tate Springs Road, renovation, $125,000

Lois Briggs, 2110 Wards Road, renovation, $2,700,000

Steelcut Flower LLC, 507 Harrison St., renovation, $180,002

Boxley Block LLC, 110 Lynchpin Lane, addition, $50,000

River Ridge Mall JVLLC, 3405 Candlers Mountain Road, renovation, $100,000

LU Candlers Station Holdings LLC, 3700 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $109,000

Blue Skys Co. LLC, 100 Archway Court, renovation, $44,000

LU Plaza Holdings LLC, 6015 Fort Ave., addition, $45,000

Lynchburg College, 1501 Lakeside Dr., renovation, $205,000

Donald Pendleton, 1213 Commerce St. A, renovation, $4,000

Yuba Aviv LLC, 2406 Atherholt Road, renovation, $120,000

Westwood Corporation, 1901 Memorial Ave., renovation, $15,000

Miller’s Rest Apartments II, 6105 Old Mill Road 1, new construction, $3,700,000

Miller’s Rest Apartments II, 6115 Old Mill Road, new construction, $3,400,000

Miller’s Rest Apartments II, 6105 Old Mill Road 2, new construction, $3,720,000

Earnest Harris Jr., 1212 Garfield Ave., renovation, $15,000


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