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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Sarah K. Scott, Gracie K. Anderson, Janet K. Higgins and Gloria K. Dubose to Mann Enterprises LLC. Parcel, Va. 657, .91 acres, $40,000

Alexander Reed Structures LLC to Heaven Nicole Hunter. Lot 2, block 1, Silk Farm Subdivision, $140,000

Julia S. Wingfield, K. Calvin Bailey Family Limited Partnership, Wayne B. Bailey and Barbara J. Bailey to Sherri A. and Daryl E. Mumaw Jr. Parcel C, Little Piney Road, $25,280

Linwood Allen to Gaspar Michael and Jordan Burks DiGiovanni. Parcel, 91.5 acres, north of Va. 627, $357,500

ECAA Properties LLC to Jake Donald and Jackilyn Nichole Barr. Lot 32, Abee Manor, $235,000

Realty Acquisitions LLC to Monacan Indian Nation. 151 Laurel Cliff, $5,500,000

Albert M. Mays to C&M Freedom Farms LLC. 929 Sardis Road, $140,000

Leif Aagaard Jr. and Teresa Gail Witt Aagaard, trustees and Boxwood Lake LLC to Cottage Lake LLC. 192 Boxwood Farm Road, 229 Industrial Dr. and additional parcel, $145,000

Alice W. Ogden to Myesha J. and Norvell L. Anderson. 410 Amelon Road, $254,900

Stephen T. and Kayla R. Amburgey to Thomas and Amanda C. Abrams. 151 Crescent Lane, $189,900

Appomattox County

Earl P. Banton to Monica S. Culpepper. Lot 16C, Acorn St., $200,000

Joyce Catherine Huffman, Karen Terhune Kakobsen and Gregory E. Terhune to Tyler J. Franklin. 8935 Old Courthouse Road, $252,000

Douglas Mawyer to David A. and Elizabeth Shelton. 6630 Hollywood Road, $83,500

Mark W. Marston to Home Alone LLC. Lot C, Trent Hatchery Road, $20,000

Cathy Gowin Blanks to Terry E. and Stephanie A. Jones. 3668 Pumping Station Road, $219,900

Bedford County

Paul M. and Gloria J. Winter to Carla Marie Nester. 1201 Longview Estates Dr., Lakes District, $1,300,000

Virginia Woodmen Fraternal Corporation to Customed Inc., 1336 Simmons Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $999,950

Beverly J. Lewis to Melissa J. Blacksmith and William P. Cheadle III. Lot 73, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $350,000

Craig W. Manges to Lance John and Kelly Jo Hunziker. Parcel, Thomason Lane, Lakes District, $325,000

Billy F. and Joyce D. Warf to Joseph James Baylor and Christopher Joseph Baylor. Revised lot 20, section 1, Mariner’s Landing, 8th Fairway Villas, Lakes District, $300,000

Frank and Karen R. Nikic to Stephanie H. Roland and Steven Crosby. Lot 4, Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $249,900

Justin E. and Kristin M. Duke to Amy R. Del Percio. 1399 White House Road, Lakes District, $225,900

Melvin Eugene Higgins Jr. to Angeline J. Quinn. 1188 Airport Road, Lakes District, $190,000

Michael Charles Hafey to Logan T. and Madelyn B. Harrison. 1532 Flint Hill Road, Lakes District, $180,000

Vickie J. Carter to Cornerstone Investments IRA LLC and ECP LLC. Parcel, Hickory Cove Lane, Lakes District, $140,000

Danny J. Barr to Kevin and Deanna Pellant. Lot 16, Wenwood Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $115,000

Tonya C. Gordon and Tracy N. Craighead to Covenants Fellowship of Moneta VA. Parcel, off of Moneta Road, Lakes District, $90,100

Timothy M. McGuire to Linda Lancaster. Lot 14, Pleasure Point, Blue Ridge District, $26,000

Southeast Property Holdings LLC to Robert Burkholder and Nancy Stouffer. Lot 6, section 1, Sunset Cay, Lakes District, $20,000

Happy Hollow Holdings LLC to Anthony Jefferson, Tract 5, Goodview Acres, Blue Ridge District, $19,900

Paulita R. Puzon to Jeffrey Scott and Terry Bradley Parker. Lot 30, section A, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $17,500

Calvin C. and Caleigh Janabee Madeline Shepherd to Lisa K. Loudin, Parcels, Dickerson Mill Road, $118,000

Ruby L. Heck to Stuart W. Whorley. Parcel, 2.489 acres, Peaks District, $130,200

Michael D. and Jacqueline A. Amert to Chelsea L. Wilson. Lots 9-12, Peaks St., $130,000

Peter and Rita Hutchinson to Mark A. Eldred and Kimberly A. Henderson. Lot 9, phase 1, London Meadows, $379,900

V. Jean Gregory to Maria Ann Csernik. Unit 3211, building 2, phase !!-A, Spinnaker Point Condominium, $200,000

Matthew and Jennifer Becker to Christopher Warren and Kathryn Colleen Barber. Parcel, Bellevue Road, $40,000

Brian R. Hough to Kendrick and Maryl Rozelle. Lot 4, section 1, Lake Vista, $354,900

Robert B. Hancock and Georgia A. Hancock to Cesar H. Marroquin and Kelly T. Marroquin. Lot 62, Peaks View Lake Estates, $655,000

Ernest W. and Tina G. Cassada to Christopher J. and Kimberly A. Brown. Lot 4, section1, Kensington, $425,000

Eleven Construction LLC to Jordan and Ashley Boston. Lot 27, Berkley Page Court, $65,000

Steven Wayne and Jody Kahl Lambert to Cory G. and Jennifer Deniker. Lot 35, section 1, Autumn, $380,000

Cynthia M. Gramlich-Covello to H. Leon and Patricia Snead Thomas. Lot 22, Toni Lane, $60,000

Mark B. Meador and Donna S. Meador to Tanicia L. and John C. Prosch III. Lots 6 and 7, Edmond St. and additional parcel, $111,550

Otterview Inc. to Jefferson Woods Village LLC. Parcel, Poplar Forest, $315,000

WC Properties LLC to Carpe Diem Real Estate LLC. Lot 1, Lake Vista Corporate Centre, $5,300,000

Stoney Ridge LLC to Linda Higgins. Unit 108, Stoney Ridge Condominiums, $203,500

Hilda Morris Smith to Kyle D. Balchik. Lot 15, High Acres Estates, $299,950

Scott S. Stahley and Kimberly R. Barnes to Tial Hnin Thang. Lot 15A2, section 2, Maple Hills Subdivision, $285,000

Campbell County

Ivor Petrie to Wayne E. Thacker Jr. Lot 119, West Quadrant, $229,900

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Viviana Aguirre. Lot 69, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $215,600

Randall Johnson and Brian Johnson to Justin R. and Cerra F. Sampson. Lot 15, block A, Lo-Ray Acres, $308,245

Todd B. Mason and Lisa A. Mason to Megan and Carlton Bruffy II. Lot 53, section 5, Wildwood, $320,000

T. Delaware Properties LC to Beechwood Block LLC. 52, 92, 138 Beechwood Dr., 20569 Timberlake Road, 63 Shelor Dr. and two additional parcels Beechwood Dr., $2,000,000

21934 Timberlake LLC to Koto Japanese Steakhouse Inc. Lot 51, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $216,900

Dawn Tropp and John Wright to Margaret Leann Loyd. Lot 13, section 12, Vista Acres Subdivision, $220,000

Premier Realty Investments LLC to Richard and Marilyn DuMoulin. 811 Church Lane, $127,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Blue Ridge Commons Rentals LLC. Lot 80, section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $209,900

Sylvia P. Whitmore to Terrell Kent and Frances Webb Ford. Parcel, Timberlake Dr., $130,000

Aaron L. McRorie to Ashley E. Coffey. Lot 78, section 2, Poplar Forest, $269,500

JC Land & Timber LLC to Reyna Govea-Feliped. 976 English Tavern Road, $135,000

Daniel L. Buckholz and Katherine C. Buckholz to Kathleen A. Newton. Lot 147, North Quadrant, $220,000

Jadon LLC to Linda Kay Joseph. Lot 14, phase I, English Commons, $215,900

Clanton’s Drug Store Inc. to First National Bank. Lot 8, block 7, Broad St., $229,000

Jeffrey Hall and Loretta Hall to Vincent Wade Garner II. Lot 10, section 1, Braxton Park, $179,000

Alan W. Tibbs to Blaze Kerr. 218 Old Main St., $80,000

Donna L. Franklin to John E. and Barbara A. Ansted. 292 Woodrow Lane, $267,500

City of Lynchburg

Crystal E. Collins to Monika Celeste and Frank Wilson Hackney III. Lot 26, section 5, Cedar Ridge, $249,900

James Jenn Jiang to Christopher Michael and Carrie Brown Bradley. Lot 2, City Place and Wyndham at Wyndhurst, $172,000

Dorothy J. Hall to Richard W. and Joan M. Garman. 111 Thornfield Dr., $310,000

Joan F. and Barry M. Smoot Sr. to Roland A. Achtau. Lot 11, section 1, Woodbine Village West, $152,000

Yan Shing Cheung and Xiu Huan Cheung to Joseph D. and Kristen E. Rosasco. Lot 3, Olde Towne Greenview, $309,900

Denese G. and Kenneth L. Griffin III to Benjamin Hudson and Lauren Paxton. 1236 Grove Road, $215,900

Phillip E. Banks to David L. Casper. 56 Polk St., $85,000

David Thomas Lockewood and Lindsey Lockewood to Jason Andrew Brown and April L. Watson. 104 Pennsylvania Ave., $260,500

Kathleen M. and William R. Gary Jr. to James Lee and Mildred Ann Enoch. Lot 18, block 2, section 2, Sandusky Hills, $205,000

Frances Briley to Langley & Martin Holdings LLC. Lot 5, section 1, Golden Pond, $51,500

Clayton M. Patterson and Anne Louise Young to Mae A. Phillips and Alfred B. Phillips. Lot 4, block 31, plan A, Rivermont, $118,000

Vincent Guidi-Louviere and Erin Guidi-Louviere to Robert B. Laverty. Lot 6, block 5, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $430,000

Thomas W. and Ellen G. Nygaard to Shane R. and Jennifer N. Claiborne. Lots 7 and 8, section 4, Oak Park City, $805,000

Stephen E. and Patricia A. Brooks to Brandon Staples. 1327 Wood Road, $147,500

D. Kent Spencer and Mary S. Spencer to Chinook Place Trust. Lot 11, section 2, Sandusky Hills, $180,000

Dana N. Sanders to Juan and Rodolfo Sanchez. Lot 4, section 1, Kenwood Hills, $299,900

Spencer Christopher and Kaelynn Dawn Judd to Home-forYou LLC. 201 Warren Ave., $135,000

Clifford J. and April J. Stumme to Chelsea M. Hubbard. 1133 Lindsay St., $157,000

Joseph Stephen Dutka to Stephen J. Acree. Lot 13, block 23, Glenwood Addition, $10,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC to Matthew and Tahmina Brady. 926 Elmwood Ave., $95,000

Southern Traders LLC to Volk LLC. 502 and 512 Fifth St., 509 and 511 Clay St., $360,000

Raul D. Ortiz to Amber L. Moore and Bayla F. Jernigan. Lot 36, section 2, Long Meadows, $215,000

Adam Wesley Dean to University of Lynchburg Inc. 3816 Faculty Dr., $226,167

University of Lynchburg Inc. to Adam Wesley and Kara Eaton Dean. Lot 12, section 1, College Lake Park, $330,034

Matthew R. and Sarah S. Reddell to Michael Kincaid and Jessica L. Brockman. Lots 21, 22, and 23, Royal Court Addition, $299,900

Brian J. McAvoy to Matthew R. and Sarah S. Reddell. Lot 2, section 2, Oak Grove Place, $699,000

Adam Karol to Lynchburg Heat Air Floor & More LLC. Lot 10, block B, section 1, Vista Acres, $165,000

Steven Dale Wright Jr. to Joshua R. Wright. Lot 19, block 5, Westover Heights, $139,900

Teresa A. Wooldridge to Barry M. and Joan F. Smoot. 309 Beverly Hills Circle, $220,000

Melvin Wright to Peachtree Investments LLC. Lot 4, section A, Peaks View Acres, $110,000

Building permits

Campbell County

Crosspoint Properties LLC, 20722 Timberlake Road, commercial alteration, $8,000

Billie Cook, 113 Central St., deck, $6,000

Dwight Lane, lot 5, Foxcrest DR., new dwelling, $300,000

Campbell County, 18891 Leesville Road, commercial alteration, $215,722

Joana Murphy, 1511 Gough Road, shed, $20,000

Town of Altavista, 508 Seventh St., commercial alteration, $425,000

Travis Bullock, 4815 Browns Mill Road, alterations, $5,000

Bradley Moore, 43 Benchmark Dr., porch, $12,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, David’s Way, new dwelling, $126,000

Lewis Davis, 107 Traverse Dr., porch, $40,000

Kelli Allen, 2053 Sunburst Road, decks, $11,500

William Stowe, lot 2, Evington Acres, new dwelling, $190,000

Jeffrey Townsend, 27 Emberly Court, roof, $5,600

Lynn Davis, lot 18, Trents Landing, new dwelling, $571,000

Robert Elliott, 3431 Covered Bridge Road, pool, $50,000


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