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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

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Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Mark A. and Victoria W. Campbell to AZ Homes LLC. Lot 30, section 1, Ivanhoe Forest, $77,000

Miguel A. Zarate and Alexandra S. Zarate to Hannah M. Inge and Jeremy J. Borchert. 105 Cape Lane, $183,000

Scott R. Holmes to Nicholas Bowen. Lot 1, section 1, Running Cedar, $220,000

Hannah L. Rosene and Richard H. Rosene to Jeffrey Nathaniel and Neisa H. Owen. 454 Seminole Dr., $182,000

Mark Opoka and Mary Opoka to David A. Prior. 2091 Elon Road, $220,500

Michele S. Sexton to Kevin S. Fry. 455 Ambrose Rucker Road and 2 additional parcels, $324,300

Mack Arnold Fitzgerald to William Aaron Tomlin and Jody Elain Miller. 181 Woods Edge Lane, $304,900

Patricia M. Brockman and Sarah S. Brockman to Burgdash Properties LLC. Lots 1-10, Peyton Place, $175,000

Luther L. Rose to Sean M. Wood. 195 Glenway Dr., $181,000

Appomattox County

Kathleen A. Swartz to Richard Alan Schaad. Parcel, fronting Church St., 0.716 acres, $152,000

John A. and Kori J. Zirkel to Jeremy A. and Lacie C. Page. Lot 1, section I, Suanee Creek Estates, $39,000

Rochelle E. Belcher to Andrew H. Wingfield. Lot 2, Morning Star Road, $98,500

Ronald Wayne and Virginia Carter to Brooke E. Mathna. 2741 Purdum Mill Road, $199,500

Rebecca M. Wheeler, David S. Wheeler, Brenda M. Goin, John H. Goin Jr., Alfred E. Marsh Jr. and Anita D. Marsh to Christopher M. Ferguson. Parcel, 1.33 acres, fronting Va. 26, $91,000

Matthew D. Garrett to Jonathan D. and Jennifer S. Garrett. Parcel 3, 7.94 acres, U.S. 460, $40,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Travis Knick Cottrell. Lot 49, section IIB, Sunset Ridge, $59,000

Bedford County

James Arthur Armstrong Jr. to Joyce F. Fox. 2120 Shady Run Road, Blue Ridge District, $175,000

Mary F. Jarvis to Tracy McClure and Brenda K. McClure. 1205 Green Hill Court, Blue Ridge District, $77,800

Ricky W. Fralin to Marion D. and Irene E. Childress. 1023 Little Paradise Lane, Blue Ridge District, $257,450

Vipool K. Goradia and Laura J. Goradia to Grayson Evan and Susan M. Cochran and Timothy J. and Catherine McCullagh Finotti. Lot 101, block 2, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $555,000

John Joseph Grieff to Milton R. Fore III and Roxane S. Thomas. New lot 76, section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $439,000

Dennis L. Charles and Deborah T. Charles, trustees to Joseph H. Caldwell. Lot 7, C.M. Waldron Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $25,000

Roxanne S. Thomas to Jeremy Patrick and Kaytlyn Irene Dolan. Lot 3, 2.015 acres, Flint Hill Estates, Lakes District, $339,900

Shelby Jean Welch to BSCB LLC. 1104 Dearing Lane, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

Courtney H. and Hugh W. Powel III to Marshall L. Huffman. 1205 Sam’s Way, Lakes District, $103,000

Jeanne S. Logwood and Judy S. Leftwich to Fred W. and Judy S. Smith. 3220 Hales Ford Road and additional parcel, Lakes District, $43,500

Judy Mattox LaPrade to Tyler D. Doss. Tract 27, section 1, Willowridge, Blue Ridge District, $80,000

Jamie A. Jennings to Patricia W. Mann. 301 Cascade Dr., Blue Ridge District, $214,000

Dennis K. and Peggy T. Stump to Steven B. and Carol S. Murphy. 1160 Sandy Level Road, Blue Ridge District, $229,950

Sean Lavelle McDonald to Joseph E. and Susan S. Hubbard. Lot 65, section D, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $4,200

NBS Development LLC to Hattie H. and Jacob B. Elder. Lot 23, Mayberry Hills, Lakes District, $201,200

Waldo D. and Melissa Grace Johnson to Caleb Barbour and Caileigh Riggs. 1389 Headens Bridge Road, Lakes District, $229,500

Judith Leblanc to Jadah T. Tubbs and Sean M. Peregoy. Lot 53, section II, Victoria Lakes, $246,842

Albert G. and Sally E. Finch to Matthew J. Bowyer. 204 Peters Dr., $229,000

Liu Zuoming to Jeremy C. and Kara M. Jude. Lot 7, section 1, Quail Ridge Subdivision, $305,000

Brian O. and Kathy B. Kidd to Dean and Susan Quarterley. Lot 192, section VI, Terrace View, $450,000

Kara M. Jude to Corbin H. and Maria B. Pillow. Lot 10, The Hollows, $245,000

Blue Gap Properties LLC to Mark and Christina R. Miller. Amended parcel 10, Blue Gap Subdivision, $231,000

Somerset Farms L.L.C. to David Warden. Lot 236, section 8, Somerset Meadows, $48,500

Brad A. Merrell and Melissa A. Waddell-Merrell to John Russell Beverly and Lillia Jade Dimattia-Mullins. Parcel, Peak St., $167,000

Russell Farms Inc. to Russell & Company. New lot 1, Russell Farms, $55,000

Helen L. Fiaschetti to Demond L. and Jamelle T. Bolden. Lot 18, Lakepointe, $86,500

Donald L. and Lisa K. O’Regan to Billy Joe and Hannah Arrington. Tract 33, section IV, Fox Runn Subdivision, $475,000

Crosswind Contracting LLC to Luke M. and Ronielle Roberts. Revised lot 15, Mountain View Estates, $514,900

Michael A. and Cathleen L. Bennett to Christopher Rigas. Unit 3, building C, Clay’s Crossing, $144,900

Irish Enterprises LLC to Ryan David and Arianna Noel Cook. 1166 Commonwealth Circle, $208,000

Sandra T. Correia to Phillip Davis and Ann J. Davis. Lot 8B, London Downs Townhouses, $315,000

Frances M. Harker to Town of Bedford, Virginia. Tract 6, 4.925 acres, Center District, $30,000

Campbell County

Allkes LLC to Javier E. Caycedo Medina and Makenzie F. Caycedo. Lot 4, Emberly Way Subdivision, $313,334

Buford N. Thornhill Sr. to Jason and Carrie Jennings. Parcel, 2.5 acres, Holcomb Path Road, $17,500

David J. Cash Jr. and Brittney R. Branzelle to Justin H. Watts. Lot 13, section II, Carriage Grove, $259,900

Kevin D. Creasy to Jacqueline G. Creasy to Mark T. Garrett Jr. Lots 6, 7, 10, and 11, block 83, intersection of Bowman Ave. and Va. 715, $109,900

Frieda S. Marston to Equity Trust Company Custodian. Lot 4, fronting Va. 600 and Va. 601, $30,000

Stephanie A. Dearing and Shirley St. John Dearing. Parcels, near Stevens Road, $172,000

Laurel Ann and Robert Lee Weaver II to Shaun A. and Brandee H. Megredy. Lot 36, section 1, Nottingham-Forest, $243,000

Mitchell Blake Shorter to Gerome C. Mitchell IV. 215 Plateau Dr., $72,000

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Bridges Valdez. 128 Carriage Lane, $72,055

Alfred K. Moore to Stephen M. Smith. Lot 2, section 1, Va. 609, $28,000

Paul Boyer Herr and Leola Brechbill Herr, co-trustees to Gwendolyn R. Good. Lot 25, Troublesome Creek, $200,000

Brandon B. and Heather V. Taylor to Brandon C. and Heather M. Hayes. Tract 3, block 1, section 5, Holiday Forest, $333,000

John J. and Marian C. Douglas to Michele H. Boice. 506 Powell Road, $125,000

Joseph C. and Cathy E. Brewer to Ryan Edward and Amanda Florsch Jordan. Lot 105, North Quadrant, $374,900

Ryan Edward and Amanda Florsch Jordan to David A. and Allison D. Deaton. Lot 28, section B, Farfields, $349,900

Elizabeth Robertson, trustee to Westridge Circle Trust. Lot 30, section L, Powhatan Cox Tract, $155,000

City of Lynchburg

Hong Bui and Melissa Park Bui to John E. Howard to Adrienne M. Howard. 104 Oakwood Place, $750,000

Stone Trust Properties LLC to Victoria’s Inventory LLC. 301 Blackford St., $43,500

Robert B. and Christie D. New to Matthew R. and June H. Smith. 318 Wyndhurst Dr., $279,900

Christopher D. Osborne to Britney R. Mattox. Lot 23, section 9, block A, Vista Acres Subdivision, $167,000

Geoffrey R. Mather and Janet L. Mather to Alyssa C. Hammond. Lots 11 and 12, block 4, Sunset Heights Addition, $202,000

John H. Flora and Susan G. Flora to Taylor Kidd Hensley. 5108 Wedgewood Road, $230,000

Angela C. Stevens to James and Kate Kudlich. 1001 Rockbridge Ave., $114,000

Landon S. and Taegan Fischer to Midland Trust Company. Lot 1, block D, Forest Townhouses, $105,000

Matthew K. Forbes to Cota Enterprises Inc. Lot 1030 Morey Place, $125,000

University of Lynchburg to Kenneth D. and Chelsea L. Tinklenberg. 3708 Faculty Dr., $171,667

Debra F. Bauserman to Brandon W. and Sarah F. Miller. 3009 Ravenwood Dr., $205,000

Clarice Payne to Laurie and Samuel Cambeletta. Lot 5, Candlewood Court, $211,700

Joy Crombie and Lee Ann Parece to Tyge Gibson. 3437 Ivylink Place, $265,000

Zachary R. and Mallory L. Bailey to Romone Kelly. 513 Savannah Ave., $169,500

Barbara W. Hamilton to RW Beeker & Associates LLC. 623 Wyndhurst Dr. Unit 2, $132,000

Jon C. and Tammy P. Dupin to Logan Macgregor and Landyn Dupin. Lot 8, section 5, New Towne, $180,000

Clay and Bethesda O’Connell to Nand B. and Lisa M. Giri. Lot 11, block 9, section B, Sandusky Acres, $204, 900

Lewis R. Williams III and Daniel S. Williams to Martin Kolar. Lot 16, The Villas at Stonemill, phase 1, $215,000

Mary B. and C. Earl Guthrow Jr. to Ryan C. and Elizabeth K. Brown. 1909 Quarry Road, $369,900

Brandon William and Sarah F. Miller to Sean W. Burns. 1608 Sangloe Place, $167,500

Matthew F. Stram to Jarrett Oliver Hooper. Lot 10, Knollwood Townhouses, $86,500

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Jewel F. and Emma H. Massie. Lot 57, Legacy Oaks Subdivision, $239,500

John Goebel and Kaytlin Maureen Jones to DRV Construction LLC. Parcel, Westover Heights, $51,000

Jonathan A. and Katherine T. Coffey to Devon C. and Mary Helen Brickhouse-Bryson. 1046 Rivermont Terrace, $279,950

Michael C. and Angela C. O’Brien to Vicky T. and Luis M. Ledesma. Lot 37, block E, section V, Vista Acres, $201,900

DFS Land of Lynchburg LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 57, Legacy Oaks, $30,000

Christopher A. and Patsy F. Crooker to Minor James Harrington. Unit 9-2, building 9, Stonegate Villas, $245,000

Corey Alexander LLC to Evan Towles. 524 Oakridge Boulevard, $170,000

Quinton B. Miles, Carol M. Cooper and Terry Lee Miles to Bradford L. and Cynthia B. Via. 2028 and 2032 Overbrook Road, $125,000

Carroll Wayne and Carolyn Bretz Moon to Brent V. and Terri A. White. 2139 Wiggington Road, $569,900

Building Permits

Appomattox County

Sharla Kvasnicka, 232 Mountain Cut Road, adding bedroom, $8,000

Stewart Barney, 961 Sunset Ridge Dr., garage, $60,000

Stewart Barney, 961 Sunset Ridge Dr., pool, $15,000

Robert C. Stephens LLC, lot 3, Martha Corner, new dwelling, $150,000

Robert C. Stephens LLC, lot 4, Martha Corner, new dwelling, $150,000

Robert C. Stephens LLC, lot 5, Martha Corner, new dwelling, $150,000

Tyrell Holmes, 5293 Oakville Road, storage container, $1,000

Brenda Collier, 355 Chestnut Grove Road, deck, $4,500

Michael Caler, 6514 Wheelers Spring Road, garage, $6,365.14

Home Alone LLC, lot 3, Beckwood Estates, new dwelling, $200,000

Ricky Turner, 404 Cedar Cove Lane, shed, $2,500

Andrew Chandler, 369 Soybean Dr., deck, $4,400

Todd Craft, 1234 Wildway Road, covered porch, $13,000

James McDaniel, 5894 Old Courthouse Road, deck, $3,500

Julian Saunders, 258 Pine St., shed, $9,429.69

Christine Joseph, Heritage Trail, new dwelling, $150,000

Lowell Fleshamn, 2757 Stonewall Road, rehab dwelling, $25,000

Matthew Van Marshall, 288 Golfers Circle, pool, $1,000


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