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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Isabel C. and Preston B. Hundley Jr. to Austin Grooters. Lots 39-41, Whispering Oaks Subdivision, $100,000

Gary L. Gilbert to Kenneth D. and Dorothy S. Pruitt. Parcel, Ned Brown Road, $25,000

Granville W. Patterson, Frances P. Crowder and Rebecca P. McFall to R&R Residential Properties LLC. 286 Ridge St., $60,000

Ronald Collins to Jeffrey Troy and Amy Canterbury Scruggs. Lot 4, Thomas Road, $174,900

Michael Oliver to Jessica E. Williams. Parcel, High Peak Road, $242,500

Charles Hammer to Todd Buffa. Parcel, fronting Thomas Road, 0.53 acres, $35,000

Angel L. Alberio and Maria J. Rodriguez to Angelita J. Rucker. 197 Washington St., $70,000

Robert Grant Timberlake to Carrie C. Goff. Lots 17 and 18 and parts of lots 16, 19, and 20, block A, section 1, Woodland Heights, $108,500

Jeffrey M. and Sharon Z. Thomas to Rodney Farrington. 124 Odins Bow Road, $141,000

Lofton Leasing LLC to Samuel Ray Martin. Lot 6, phase 1, Elon Forest, $275,889

Jamie W. Austin to Anna D. and Bryan M. Carson. Lot 13, section 2, Pleasant Ridge, $166,100

Thomas Edward Firaben to Malcolm B. Goff. 123 Troy Lane, $143,400

Phillip E. Steege to Thomas Firaben and Sandra Alba. Lot 8, Clifford West Subdivision, $295,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Austin Len Tosh and Anelisa Deri Smith. Lot 4, Wynbrooke, $208,793

Lillian H. Floyd to Bethany H. Walker. Tract 2, Father Judge Road, $300,000

Appomattox County

Susan A. Warner to Chester Peron Laughlin III. Parcel, fronting Va. 675, 1.50 acres, $114,000

Luther and Barbara W. Leighton to Susan Ann and Peter Lawrence Warner. Lot 5, fronting Va. 616, 15.13 acres, $159,900

James E. and Virginia B. Fulcher to Frederick R. and Rhonda F. Vine. Parcel, fronting Va. 698 and Va. 607, 18.05 acres, $135,300

Sheila K. Roper and Sharon Bryant to Noel Martinez Quintana and Maria C. Loredo Castillo. Parcel 1, 21.030 acres, frontage on Black Foot Creek and parcel 2, 13.156 acres, with some frontage on Meadow Dr., $165,000

Dustin K. Sarrage to Edward J. and Mariah R. Burrell. Lot 10, Cannon Oaks Subdivision, $169,900

Bedford County

William D. McCarty and Karen L. McCarty to John D. and Catherine D. Buhler. Lot 25, Map of Harbor Village, Lakes District, $950,000

Frances Burns to Pal Sunkara, trustee. Lot 144, section 7, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $595,000

Timothy and Lisa Wilson to Jason R. and Julie H Harris. 3008 Sandy Ford Road, additional parcel, Sandy Ford Road and three additional parcels, Blue Ridge District, $480,000

Rochette Vejar Moss to Brady Thomas and Crimsen Paige Huffman. Lot 71, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $304,000

Randy M. Furrow, Cindy S. Furrow, Edward G. Furrow and Keith W. Furrow to Roger W. Furrow. Lot 6, section 1, Hickory Cove, Lakes District, $300,000

Trevor R. Kendrick to Brandon Ray and Meletha Jordin Saunders. 4348 Stewartsville Road, Lakes District, $250,000

Laura Ann Wallace to Timothy Loren and Elizabeth Decker. 1624 Atkinson Hollow Road, Blue Ridge District, $230,000

James R. and Patricia A. Figliozzi to Donald Figliozzi and Priya Lavappa. 1181 Bear Claw Way, Lakes District, $200,000

Norma Miller Carlisle to Jay J. and Laura G. Baudendistel. 4540 Bore Auger Road, Blue Ridge District, $199,000

Alvin Lee and Mavelyn J. Harless to Michael Douglas and Gail Moretz Biggs. 10739 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $192,500

Summit Investors Group Inc. to William G. and Anne H. Dailey. Lot 3, block 11, section A, Wildernest, Lakes District, $179,900

Robert T. Wright to David C. Moore and Cassidy S. Aker. 108 Maple Ridge Court, Blue Ridge District, $174,000

Tonia B. Siggins to Edward J. and Peggy A. Wall. 1270 Turner Branch Road, Blue Ridge District, $169,000

Jerry Darrell and Laura Burton Flowers to Ruben Cruz Del Cid and Chelsey Jane Cruz-Delcid. 101 Ironwood Court, Blue Ridge District, $146,000

Erik Goughnour to William R. and Dawn P. Fisher. Parcel, Wyatt’s Way, Lakes District, $105,000

Darrell E. Costa and Donald R. Costa to Alton J. and Marla M. Hundley. 1281 Sunrise Loop, Lakes District, $92,000

Richard L. and Sandra K. Phillips to Sherry D. Overstreet. 6913 Virginia Byway, Lakes District, $85,000

Michael L. Donahue to Marshall A. Laviner. Lot 8, section 1, Tuckaway Subdivision, Lakes District, $75,000

James R. Barton to Nancy H. Schmidt. 304 Ridgelake Road, Blue Ridge District, $64,000

Richard Lee Woodburn and Kimberly Ann Long to Richard Lee Woodburn. 3493 Phelps Road, , Lakes District, $60,000

Gregory Alan Wood to Carmen A. Morales and Joel Jackson. Lot 17, section 1B, The Cove at Mariner’s, Lakes District, $50,000

Ralph E. Steele and Mary V. Steele to Patrick Kenton Jones. Lot 1, section 1, Whisperwood Cove, Lakes District, $35,000

Robert E. Hatcher Jr. to Casey Dalton Smith. 1959 Sweet Hollow Road, Peaks District, $55,000

Benjamin D. and Angela M. Anderton to Zoran and Jill Korajac. 14631 Lee Jackson Highway, $317,000

Countryside Land Company LC to James R. Bernhardt. Tract 4, Gregory Lane, $100,000

Louise R. Witt Jr. and Denise B. Witt to Carrell Wayne Noble and Valleta S. Noble. Parcel “C”, Cornerstone Estates, Town of Bedford, $15,000

Betty R. Parrish to Jayne M. Harlow. 1157 Penicks Mill Road and additional adjoining parcel, $10,000

Donald W. Banker and Carolyn M. Banker to Donald W. Banker, trustee. Lot 10, Highland Oaks, $825,743.61

Travis Fernatt and Brittany Leigh Fernatt to Gabriel Joseph Delong. Lot 7 and 5 feet of lot 8, Blueberry Hills, $146,000

Nathan R. and Deonna W. Shumaker to Bibai Ren and Nicole Margaret Roberts. Lots 2 and 3, section 2, Mirror Lakes Estates, $828,000

Ruth D. Booth to Scott E. and Christy Montano Martin. Lot 24, section IV, Town and Country Subdivision, $83,000

Kathleen M. Acorn to Glen A. and Deborah G. Rae. Lot 38, section 2, Great Oaks Subdivision, $335,500

George M. Bellant to Gregory Scott Franca. Lot 17, Silver Creek Subdivision, $281,500

Ware & Shotwell Properties LLC to Brian J. Becker and Rhonda Becker. Lot 23, section II, Governor’s Hill, $192,000

Trivium Estate LLC to Pride & Prejudoodles LLC. Revised lot 13, Bellvue Terrace, $1,200,000

Todd A. Roberts to Barbara M. Quartrone. 1106 Park St., $215,500

Joan Powers Turner and Jeffrey Macon Powers to Daymeon and Lauren Bonds. Parcel, 8.443 acres, Va. 24, $75,000

Edward L. Boyers and Susan M. Boyers, trustees to Lorie Hostetter and Wendel Gregory Franklin. Lot 20, section 3, Somerset Meadows, $752,500

Jonathan A. Jauch to Michael J. and Amanda G. Lewis. Lot 18, section III, Lake Vista, $373,500

Gary D. Cooper and Melinda A. Cooper to Mark Glazebrook and Nancy Glazebrook. Lot 1, Big Otter, 188.144 acres, $835,000

Highland Oak LCLC to Lynne Neal Thomson. Lot 13, Coffee Road Estates, $47,900

Matthew L. Turner to Jason C. and Crystal L. Hinds. Lot 54, section 2, Jefferson Woods, $166,884.86

Jeffrey A. Johnson to Robert W. Updike. Parcel, 1.227 acres, Center District, $169,000

Lone Wolf Investments LLC to George R. and Kim C. Griffin. Lot 1, Peaks Valley Farms, $95,900

Charles Kolakowski to John Dormishian and Mariam Farjah. Parcel, Ashland Ave., Town of Bedford, $260,000

Kyle C. Garlough to Steven D. and Stephanie L. Tait. Lot 3, section 1, Great Oaks Subdivision, $329,900

Brennan R. Lollis to Kenneth F. and Adrienne N. Beck. 1382 Boxwood Lane, $712,500

Campbell County

JADON LLC to Brandi Tomlin Sligh. Lot 137, phase 1, English Commons, $179,650

Juanita T. Hudson to Helena M. Gilbert. Lots 8 and 9 and one-half of lot 7, block 34, Kenland Heights, $125,000

Shawn E. Cooper and Christopher B. Cooper to KJ Land Holdings LLC. Lot 351, phase XIV, Runaway Bay, $7,000

Roger Wayne Tweedy, John Dennis Tweedy and Pamela Ella Tweedy Laughon to Phillip Andrew Tweedy. Lot 28, Winden Hills Subdivision, $38,000

Sydney L. Duncan to Alexis Raven Gregory. Lot 112, section 2, Braxton Park, $173,400

Jenna S. Maddox to KML Realty LP. Lot 150, section 2, Braxton Park, $200,000

Winfred N. Yeatts and Freda H. Yeatts to BDI Properties LLC. 3678 Oxford Furnace Road, $127,500

Andrew Trevor and Katie Lynn Rasberry to BDI Properties LLC. 3708 Oxford Furnace Road, $160,000

Ryan E. Harris to Chase C. Armstrong and Jerry T. and Jennifer L. Armstrong. 34 Cape Charles Square, $137,000

Krystal G. Stevenson to James W. and Wendy C. Walker. Unit 370, Lighthouse Condominium, $120,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 1, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $55,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 2, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $55,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 3, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $55,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 7, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $55,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Revised lot 8, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $110,000

JADON LLC to Baree A. Horner. Lot 135, phase 1, English Commons, $185,000

Robert J. and Christine A. Allen to Michael B. and Marsha F. Reynolds. Lot 9, section 8, Holly Hills, $248,000

Coy E. Monk Jr. and Kendell L. Monk to Mann Enterprises LLC. Lot 39, section 1, Tanglewood Subdivision, $170,000

Richard J. Gravette and Carmen M. Hamlett Gravette to Bruce F. and Mary M. McMullan. 165 Stonewall Road, $208,050

Robert L. and Nina C. Thomas to William C. and Erica J. Cartrett. 711 Calohan Road, $275,000

Richard F. and Tempra M. Ballamy to Brittany Pangerc. Lot 3, Monroe Lots, $139,000

Craig A. Blackstock to Kyle P. Schultz and Madison B. Reynolds. Lot 4, section 1, Hutcherson Heights, $169,900

S&R Rentals LLC to Beeler Properties 4 LLC. 41 Tanzalon Dr., $140,000

Marilyn Ann Valentine to Sharlita Y. Swain. 215 Peerman School Road, $143,800

City of Lynchburg

Matthew R. and Virginia J. Haske to Jean Mangold, Melissa Marie Mangold and Jeremy Ryan Brigance. 233 Kensington Ave., $238,000

Kyle E. Scheren and Elizabeth M. Scheren to Paul A. Pond and Alyssa A. Pond. Lot J-12, block J, Cornerstone, $279,900

Daniel L. Morse and Amie E. Kennedy to Darrell W. and Sarah Mahle. 2716 Hurdle Hill Road, $269,000

Sherwood S. Day to Howard G. and Sharon S. Alm. New lot 45A, phase II, The Villas at Stonemill, $222,200

Uplift Lynchburg LLC to Joel A. and Michaela N. Mathews. Lot 4 and part of lot 3, section 1, Long Meadows, $180,000

Steven T. and Melissa L. Hackworth to Horseshoe Holdings LLC. Lot 22, block 4, section 2, Long Meadows, $167,500

Tabbatha D. Terry to Iron Orchid LLC. 1507 14th St., $48,000

Charles Kent Laverty to Matthew R. and Virginia J. Haske. Lot 6 and portion of lot 5, block 5, Inglewood Hills, $330,000

Chelsey L. Putt to Nicholas Feldman. 126 Primrose Lane, $132,500

James W. Elliott to NBS Holdings LLC. Lots 71-73, block Q, Mountain View Addition, $37,000

The Presbytery of the Peaks of the Presbyterian Church Inc. to Dale Weizencker, John Bollig, Rodney Chrisman and Daniel Tuckwiller, trustees. 108 Melinda Dr., $850,000

James P. Mee, Claire E. Mee, Michael D. Mee, Kathleen M. Malloy, Margaret Ann Sullivan, Thomas A. Mee, Kevin F. Mee and Christine M. Garrison to Betty A. Gibbs. Lot 72, Legacy Oaks, $220,000

Courtney M. Woody to Gordon K. Thompson and Linda Thompson. Lot 2, section 4, College Park, $225,000

Osman Joel and Charity Ann Medina to Adam and Zoe Saylor Hall. 1002 Enterprise Dr., $167,200

Carolyn F. Harman to Kathleen D. Harman. 1418 Ashbourne Dr., $108,000

Fontaine Howard to Michael L. Dillard. 916 and 1020 Virginia St., $60,000

Best-Lap Properties LLC to Gator Properties LLC. 37 Millrace Dr., $3,000,000

Sellari Enterprises Inc. to Kevin Thomas Byrd and Danielle C. Byrd. Lot 15, Cottage Hill, $446,550

FOI Builders Inc. to Raynor Hoyt and Melinda Hoyt-Mellott. 117 Victor St., $264,900

Tina L. Friar to Kate G. Friar. 4707 Oxford St., $136,000

Richard C. Warner to Streamline LLC. Lot 8, block 63, Rivermont, plan A, $76,000

Timothy A. Amon and Elaine K. Amon to David M. and Donna H. Turner. Lots 46 and 47, section 1, Richland Hills, $192,500

Kuhn Properties LLC to Covenant Holdings LLC. 1225 and 1229 Knight St., $8,000

Justin E. and Vanessa J. Bobbitt to Michael B. and Emma C. Gordon. 1 West Princeton Circle, $135,000

Randall E. Jennings to NRB Investments LLC. 108 Phillips Circle, $114,000

Zachary T. and Lauren B. Collins to Hollie Gail Jennings. Lot 44, section1, Turtle Creek, $223,000

Freeman Family Enterprises LLC to Streamline LLC. 309 Newberne St., $32,500

1200CommerceStreetLunchburg LLC to J. Lyons Davidson III. Unit 602 Parkview on the Bluff, $383,900

Building permits

Amherst County

Roger Johns, 223 Ridgecrest Dr., deck and remodel bathroom, $16,000

Jerry Hise, Dancing Creek Road, new dwelling, $438,000

James Piccolo Jr., 368 Blue Ridge Lane, storage canopy, $7,000

Jordan Clark, 179 Manse Road, additional, $40,000

Arthur Cunningham, 2717 Alhambra Road, screened porch, $14,000

Coolwell Presbyterian Church, 577 N. Coolwell Road, roof, $4,900

Galilee Baptist Church, 180 Galilee Road, roof, $10,600

Shawn Nappier, 121 Summerhill Road, deck, $1,000

Arthur Case III, 941 Ambrose Rucker Road, converting porch to kitchen, $25,000

Matthew Moser, Misty Hollow Road, new dwelling, $180,000

Glad Manufacturing Company, 317 Zane Snead Dr., sub 6 installation, $89,623

NBS Holdings LLC, 357 Main St., repair, $20,000

Thomas Spicer Jr., 248 Larkin Mountain Road, garage, $15,000


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