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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as “sunshine laws.”

Property transfers

Amherst County

Sims Realty & Mortgage Corp. to Carrie A. Appel. 155 Turner St., $79,500

Edward E. Austin St., Carrol J. Austin, Elsie R. Lee, Albert R. Austin, Rosezella Austin, Shelby Austin, Carolyn Austin, John B. Austin Jr., Patsy D. Hill and Violet L. Austin to Austin Life Opportunity LLC. Lot 3, Braxton Road Subdivision, $75,000

Wesley C. Payne to Zachary and Lauren Barnett. Lot 7, Monocan Run, $95,000

Randy E. Bixler to Johnny Lee Eagle Jr. and Barbara Renee Eagle. New parcel A, near Ivy Hill Church on Va. 621, $12,000

Rebecka Jane Stecker Lee, Kimberly Rose Stecker, Richard Joseph Stecker, Russell Robert Stecker, Terry Lee Castagna and Renea Lynn Stecker to Jason and Meghan Stecker. 126 Stecker Circle, $209,300

Raymond M. Chupp to Marion L. Parcell. 445 Stage Road, $349,000

Essen G. and Cathlene D. Daley to Sherri Lynn and Michael Patrick Dawley. Lot 28, phase 1, Elon Forest, $295,000

James W. Dalton Jr. and Monica P. Dalton to Dustin and Jennifer Tapia. Lot 17, section 2, Hunt Club, $262,500

Lawrence E. Randall to Daniel Keith Lane Jr. and Tiffany Miranda Gail Lane. 360 Randall Road, $65,000

Appomattox County

Michael S. Williamson Sr. and Tonya Dianne Reed Williamson to Joseph V. Molluzzo. Parcel, Va. 627, 5.090 acres, $27,000

Ethan Baker to Christopher N. Pugh. 4378 Hummingbird Lane, $175,000

Caleb M. Beasley to Cody G. and Ariadna D. Hoagland. Lot 21, section II, Sunset Ridge, $319,500

LAR Enterprises LLC to Daniel M. and Amanda M. Booth. Parcel, near Liberty Chapel Road, $120,000

Gary J. and Sabrina M. Carpenter to MOAB Properties LLC. 4970 Reedy Spring Road, $40,000

Bedford County

Sundown Construction Company Inc. to Raymond and Olga E. Agront. 2688 Centerville Road, $330,000

Marvin L. Templeton to Dennis Edward and Kim M. Freeman. Unit 27, Boonsboro Commons, $390,000

Eilene C. Connor to Gregory Lynn Douglas and Deborah Ann Douglas. Parcels 4-6, Connor’s Hill, $40,000

Jonathan L. Harrington and Georgia C. Harrington to Michael E. and Melissa Sims. Lot 34, section 7, Farmington at Forest, $620,000

Amy Schaefbauer Hall to Robert Schroeder. Lot 9, block 1, Hillandale, $30,000

Angela E. Woodson, Chad P. Eckart and Stephen R. Eckart to Stephen R. and Jody L. Eckart. Lot 11, section 2, Oakwood Circle, $ 121,533.33

Karin Ann Persinger to Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC. Lots 98 and103, section 6, High Point Subdivision, $35,000

James R. Goodwin III and Brittany J. Goodwin to Joel F. and Susan S. Marques. 1532 Wideview Dr., $90,000

Timothy Ayers and Brandy Tuck Dalton to Elizabeth and Jeffrey Cambeis. 5315 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, $402,000

Samuel E. Stroud and Jill S. Stroud to Craig Thomas and Lisa R. Markowski. Lot 8, section 3, Westwood Subdivision, $406,010

Kaypey Holdings LLC to Linda S. Stenzel. Lot 7, section 5, Mariner’s Landing, $19,000

Linden O’Toole to Michael L. Cook. 4 parcels, Pilot Mountain Road, $99,900

Gregorie Venning to Edward L. and Casse Willard Matney. Lots 2 and 3, Waterford, $60,000

Kimberly R. Mosely to Michel and Brittany Irby. 215 Millspring Dr., $381,100

Alisa Rene Bell Anderson and Beverly Bell Winston to Anthony Todd Ernst and Sara Larissa Ernst. Parcel, 15.87 acres, near Goode, $62,500

Eleven Construction LLC to Trevor M. and Kristen B. Martinez. Lot 21, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $599,900

Doris M. Engle to Michael Scott Black and Krystle B. Weaver. Lot 21, Waywood Hill, $238,000

Brenda M. Douglass to Bryce M. and Malcolm Blair Plessinger. Lot 19, The 40 Acres, $742,500

David Brian and Tara Beth Gurbarg to Custom Builders & Renovations LLC. Lot 37, Omni Place, $175,200

Daniel P. Bukoskey and Christine E. Bukoskey to Treig and Heather Wood. 7 parcels, near Big Otter Dr. and Otter Mountain Dr., $785,000

Westyn Village LLC to Judith and Sean M. McDonald. Lot 9, Westyn Village, $439,900

Ruth E. Radford to Stephen Lee and Patricia Radford. 2118 Goodview Road, $12,000

Dallas A. Collins to 30 Moneta LLC. New lot 30, Lake View Knolls Subdivision, $253,000

Rita Louann Forbes to Anthony David Mancillas. 1935 Morris Road, $291,800

Donna Marie Runyan to Darrick Andre Jones. 1170 Destiny Lane, $370,000

Richard Douglas Lemon II and Barbara Anne Painter to Elijah Patterson. 1437 Audrey Lane, $180,000

Richard J. Huie Jr. to James K. and Janet P. Collins. Unit Villas V-15, phase 10, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, $803,000

James E. and Joyce W. Falls to Jonathan Schubert and Michelle Schubert. Parcel, Hawkins Ridge Road, $110,000

Kathy B. Gupton to Ora G. Browning Jr. and Shelly A. Browning. Lot 12, Pony Acres Subdivision, $199,900

Laura Bryant to David Frank Dobel. 1060 Grandset Dr., $373,000

Altadonna Enterprises LLC to Edward L. and Casse Willard Matney. Residual tract 18, Waterford Heights, $80,000

Coffee Road LLC to Jo’Ann R. Benar. Lot 8, The Subdivision of the Stables at Coffee, $145,000

David A. Neighbors to Tony D. West. Lot 15, section 2, Claymont, $175,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc. to Dawn Hemeon, Jamie Hemeon and Kelly Lee Portnoy. Lot 21, section 7, Farmington at Forest, $669,900

Acute Design Company LLC to 1501WW LLC. 580 Grove St. and two additional parcels, $160,000

West Crossing LLC to Christopher Brandon and Samantha A. Moore. Lot 25, section 17, Farmington at Forest, $319,000

Jamie Wade Hemeon, Kelly Lee Hemeon Portnoy and Dawn Louise Hemeon to Edmund Kirk and Jennifer Lynn Rowland. 108 Quail Ridge Dr., $440,000

Marc G. Nevin to Jeffrey L. Sesler and Emily C. Sesler. Lot 14, Lakeland Pines, $600,000

Diane E. Moch to Tracey N. Lindsay and Darrin P. Lindsay. 980 Ashland Ave., $333,000

Campbell County

Sandra T. Correia to Jason Edward McNabb. 124 Mallard Lane, $265,000

Joel Corson to Steven Thomas Vander Giedssen and Miria White. 154 Cricket Lane, $269,000

Stephen Wayne Cox and Karen Faye Cox to Jean T. Ferguson and Larry Witt. Lot 7, Crescent Hills, $165,000

Eugene F. Moorfield III to DAWN Inc. Lot 17, block 28, Town of Altavista, $110,000

Gregory E. Wright to Joel A. and Debra S. Dawson. Parcel, Whipping Creek Road, $21,000

Cherent Dinke and Firehiwot A. Fikare to Quang Thanh Phung. Lot 20, section 10, Russell Springs, $303,000

Eric M. Duncan to Alexandra N. Kefalas. Parcel, 3.00 acres, Three Creeks Road, $196,200

Justin R. Mason to Gavin Ray and Kaitlin Parks Elder. Lot 2, Winfall Estates, $62,500

James Keys and John Jennings, trustees to Elite of Virginia LLC. 48 Oak St., $30,000

Harold Wilson Fitch and Margaret Jennings Fitch to Gary N. Garner III. Lots 67-72, Woodlawn Subdivision, $160,000

Richard A. and Sheila E. Vaeth to Timothy Jason Ramsdell and Wendy Y. Floyd. Lot 3, section 1, Braxton Park, $245,000

Aimee Nicole Ford to L&B Family Properties LLC. Parcel, 3.00 acres, Lawyers Road, $45,000

Jean S. and Paul R. Vankerckhove to Gary R. and Victoria B. Mattox. Lot 36, Eighth St., $38,000

Shirley A. Mikkelson to Good Life LLC. Lots 22, 24-26, section 1, Sunburst Hills, $600,000

City of Lynchburg

Mallory Powell and Mauri D. Anderson to Scott D. Brown. Lot 6, section 5, Richland Hills Subdivision, $205,000

Gen 284 Realty LLC to Robert D. and Heidi Mohn Appel. 2102 Early St., $220,000

Donald W. and Carolyn T. Banker to Peter G. Traber. 400 and 408 Washington Street, $1,190,000

Bell Terrace Developers LLC to Scott and Maureen Washburn. 306 Alta Lane, $487,500

Timothy Brennan and Bonni J. Brennan to GLH Properties LLC. Lot 17, block T, Wyndhurst City, $229,000

Mildred G. and John A. Hudson Jr. and Patricia A. Hudson to Ronald F. Burnette Jr. 1718 Graves Mill Road, $104,900

TWN LLC to CH Realty X/CH VA HEAS LLC. 1001 Creekside Lane, $4,500,000

FOI Builders Inc. to Alisha Carroll. 3010 and 3014 Hillview St., $5,000

Cecil M. Morris and Eugene E. McDaniel to Thomas Watson and Amanda Leigh Cash. 227 Bryant Road, $248,000

Cole Rice Inc. to Deron Jerell and Wakeshia Lynette Jefferson. 1120 Standish Circle, $195,000

LREI LLC to Daniel and Donna Cruz. Lot 11, block 6, Roseland Addition, $100,000

Bryn E. Debass and Hailemariam Debass Jr. to John Schuttloffel and Tanner Schuttloffel. Lot 23, section 1, Turtle Creek, $260,000

Maple Tree Partner LLC to Dogwood Rentals LLC. 1128 Stratford Road, $95,000

Fifth & Clay LLC to LaHart LLC. 500 Fifth St. and 503 Clay St., $215,000

Robert A. and Veronica E. Ford to Daniel and Melinda Roney. Lot 17, section 4, Wexford Townhomes, $245,000

Marie Gesila Capital LLC to Christopher Antoine Garland Sr. 1720 Gordon St., $146,200

London Inc. to Davione James Green. 702 Norwood St., $214,900

Aron B. and Bradford C. Hackworth to J. Mark and Stacie Sawyers. Lot 65, section 1, Golden Pond, $108,000

Leonard A Hanson to Phillip and Sierra Smith. 4205 Tremont St., $240,000

Tianna R. Tyler to Karen K. Hellems. 200 Chambers St., $180,000

Jason R. and Jessica M. Hite to Nathanael Paul and Rebecca Lynn King. Lots 20 and 21, block 8, Greenwood Dr., $169,900

Trinity Properties VA LLC to Cassandra Beth Kling. Lot 18, block 7, Roseland Park Addition, $170,000

John R. and Danielle R. Madril to Jeremey J. and Lindsay M. Langett. 1037 Ashland Place, $379,000

Noble Holdings LLC to Brittany L. Melvin. 326 Jackson St., $131,400

Patrick L. Monetti and Jena C. Monetti to White Mountain Investments LLC. 3501 Fort Ave., $145,000

Ray Phillips and Judy Phillips to Stephen A. Nanney. Lots 74-77, Roundelay, $213,000

Kathryn L. Ott to 4SONS LLC. Lot 19, block A, Fort Hill Manor, $199,900

Angela Genevieve Palmer to Yeet Retreat LLC. Lot 1, Windsor Hills, $165,000

John D. Proffitt Jr. and Tracy J. Proffitt to Peter Royce and Cheryl H. Smith. 417 Wessex Road, $200,000

Matthew C. and Claire G. Thompson to Debra Jane Saucier. Lots 19 and 20, Golf Park Subdivision, $239,500

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Alfred Marshall Crawford LLC, 2006 Bedford Ave., addition, $7,000

Marsh Architects & Builders LLC, 435 Coffee Road, new construction, $550,000

Langley Land LLC, 580 Leesville Road, new construction, $400,000

John Haney, 950 Lindsay St., renovation, $5,000

Lola Borella, 407 Legacy Oaks Circle, addition, $19,800

Main LLC, 1500 Main St., renovation, $2,000,000

Charles Lowe Jr., 1673 Spottswood Place, addition, $57,270

Benjamin Craine, 811 Hancock St., addition, $3,780

Stephen Welsch, 132 Walton Dr., renovation, $88,199

Steven Claunch, 116 Hillview Dr., addition, $57,150

James Hamlin, 3625 Craighill St., addition, $3,800

Scott Brabrand, 104 Waterton Dr., addition, $40,000

Wade Stewart, 1407 Harrison St., renovation, $9,650

Christopher Blackwell, 1505 Gates St., renovation, $10,000

Glen Nyhus, 1723 Spencer Place, renovation, $20,000

Jeffrey Grey, 3536 Ridgecroft Dr., addition, $19,650

Derek Hamlet, 4708 Oxford St., renovation, $118,668

Joshua Campbell, 106 Roberts Ave., repair, $5,000

Henry Redd, 713 Pearl St., renovation, $15,000

William Sanford II, 100 Colonial Court, addition, $462,000

Across The Bridge LLC, 432 Blackford St. 434, renovation, $30,000

Parker Campanella, 3617 Manton Dr., renovation, $155,000

Sylvia Hobson, 107 Pacos St., addition, $72,159

Scott Ferrell, 3504 Willow Lawn Dr., repair, $26,923.62

Jeffrey Scott, 1210 Brandon Road, addition, $16,512

Born Again Christian Construction Co. Inc., 1508 Grace St., repair, $6,500

Elmwood Holdings LLC, 107 Runaway Court, new construction, $300,000

Foster Construction LLC, 114 Waughs Landing Dr., new construction, $300,000

Foster Construction LLC, 135 Waughs Landing Dr., new construction, $300,000

Jacqueline Hamlet, 602 Gum St., repair, $14,000

Antonee Trayham, 222 Saint Augustine St., addition, $39,600

John Robinson, 635 Sandusky Dr., renovation, $5,000

Faith Of A Mustard Seed Consulting LLC, 1108 Rockbridge Ave., repair, $20,000

Seam Cox, 201 Cornwallis Dr., addition, $14,040

Dinah Lipford, 1601 Pierce St., addition, $34,037.34

Douglas Hales, 1336 Wiggington Road, addition, $40,000

Sandra Sharp, 2423 Mimosa Dr., repair, $50,904.55

Catherine Madden, 105 Lee Circle, renovation, $60,000

Dalton King, 7108 Meadowbrook Road, addition, $59,200

Christopher Kepler, 3729 Woodside Ave., repair, $5,000

Vic Shelton, 113 Dreaming Creek Dr., addition, $85,000

Benjamin Magnin, 1717 Wards Ferry Road, addition, $70,548

Ruby Anderson, 624 Pierce St., repair, $28,000

Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc., 3003 Hillview St., new construction, $94,000

Marie Gesila Capital LLC, 82 Jackson St., renovation, $24,000

Rise Up Properties LLC, 1436 Northwood Circle, renovation, $15,721

Investments MDC LLC, 2248 Otey St., addition, $5,000

Donna Wright, 7115 Suncrest Dr., renovation, $6,500

Donna Burford, 2228 Lakeside Dr., addition, $17,070

Daryl Barclay, 109 Huron Ave., addition, $50,000

Christine Johnson, 103 Euclid Ave., renovation, $7,500

Andrew Labar-Dietz, 422 Stafford St., renovation, $8,000


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