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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Lillian F. Johnsen to Adam B. Greene and Melanie Lynn Carrier. 1840 Coffeytown Road, $460,000

Carolyn A. Singleton and Mark E. Escherich to Stephanie L. Williams. Lots 14-16, block 2, section 2, Elon Heights Subdivision, $211,000

Nora Jane Foster, James Edward Tomlin, Shirley Marie Bryant, Linda Gale Thompson, Harry Allen Tomlin and Sheila Annette Trent to Harry Allen and Patricia Tomlin. Parcel, 99 acres, Sweet Home, fronting Va. 633, $237,500

Joanne M. Campbell to Travis A. and Victoria C. Lewis. 233 Riversedge Lane, $227,900

Robin L. Eubank and Harry T. Eubank Jr. to Jason T. and Amanda M. Weber. 335 Lakeview Dr., $359,500

Martha R. Sandidge to Phillip Justin Perdieu. Lot 4, Peaks View Manor, $189,900

Christine Mae Terreo to Ricky Pomeroy and Janet Pomeroy. 684 Grandmas Hill Road, $117,679

Evelyn J. Loyd to Jonathan W. and Katelyn S. Perutelli. 130 Grove Ave., $159,900

Appomattox County

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. and Benjamin D. Cole to Benjamin D. and Kelly D. Cole. Parcel, 48.36 acres, near Richmond Highway, $19,344

Barbara V. Utterback to Janet S. Ferguson. Lot 3, section 1, Evergreen, $119,500

Triple 2 Farms LLC to Trygve and Beth N. Teigen, Albin and Kimberly Hawkins and Arlene Wright. 8 parcels, Bellview Road, $430,000

Benjamin Kyle Martin to Karleigh H. Moore and Christian Hunter Ison. Lot 36, Cannon Oaks Subdivision, $165,000

Gerald V. Sims II to Robert R. Morris. Parcel, fronting Va. 627, 6.72 acres, $25,900

Bedford County

Anne P. McCroskey to John N. and Mary M. Anderson. 1200 Rock Spring Road, Blue Ridge District, $117,000

Gaila D. Thompson to CMH Homes Inc. 102 Indian Rose Road, Blue Ridge District, $35,500

PMC Distribution Inc. to Peter L. and Elizabeth A. Spielman. Lot 14, section 8, High Point, Lakes District, $1,041,400

Caroline Therese Finnegan, trustee to Julie P. and Ronnel S. Parker Jr. Lot 8, Gross Point, Lakes District, $1,024,709

Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC to Allison Michelle Repp. Unit 3301, phase 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $71,500

Robert Linwood Quick Jr., trustee to DarkoVrljic and Kathleen R.E. Garland. 1032 Family Circle Lane and additional adjacent parcel, Lakes District, $167,000

John T. Davis to James Terry. 1314 Altice Road, Lakes District, $259,000

Sherrie D. Thibodeau to John Steven Stanczyk. 3691 and 3693 and additional parcel, Horseshoe Bend Road, Lakes District, $410,000

Roberto Alexander Machado to Carolyn Reynolds. Lot 3, phase A, Mayberry Villas, Lakes District, $169,900

Charles L. Chauvin to Terry D. Bradley, Jacqueline J. Bradley, David A. Bradley and Patrick M. Bradley. 103 Shore Dr., $680,000

Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC to Tracie and Teresa B. Grant. 1273 Graves Harbor Trail, Lakes District, $77,000

James McKelvey to Smith Mountain Lake Farm LLC. 14917 Moneta Road, Lakes District, $319,900

Robert A. Witt to Troy Bennett. Parcel, 0.953 acres, Va. 715, Lakes District, $12,000

David R. and Donna Schoenberg Haarz to Douglas N. and Mandy Eames. 205 Oak Crest Dr., Lakes District, $340,000

Mary Ann Howley to Michael Cote and Noshaba Ihsan Haq. Lot 121, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $782,500

John A. and Georgina K. Fedrigo to Michael S. and Debra Lee O’Donnell. Lot 14, 6th Fairway, section 14, Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $375,000

Gloria J. Thomasson to Kevin Dana Thomasson. New lot A, Thomasson Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $119,000

Mark A. and Teresa A. Shaffstall to Michael Johnston and Eric M. Johnston. Unit C6b, phase III, The Pointe at Marnier’s Landing, Lakes District, $246,000

Roger D. and Faye S. Cox to Joseph C. Pitts and Josanna Simpson. 5069 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $127,000

Brittany D. Crinkleton to Summit Investors Group Inc. Lot 3, block II, section A, Wildernest, Lakes District, $90,000

Ronald W. and Karen Coman to John M. and Tiffani V. Childress. Parcel, near Forest Cove Dr., Lakes District, $95,500

Edward W. Crismond Jr. to Robert McWhirt and Elizabeth M. McWhirt. Parcel 15, section III, block A, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $30,000

Robert A. Sitterley and Sharon P. Sitterley to Ann M. and Thomas B. Stevens Jr. 3357 Trading Post Road, Lakes District, $520,000

Bradford Crossing LLC to Thomas E. and Debora S. Green. Lot 21, Bradford Crossing, Center District, $89,500

Marc J. Degroat and Ingrid A. Vargas to Christopher Neil and Rosa Deloatch. Lot 23, block 3, section 2, Ivy Hill, $357,500

Mary T. Robinson to Chad James and Amy Jo Erb. Lot 11-A, Fox Creek Farm, $323,000

Evan Matthew Boyd and Taylor R. Stanley Boyd to Lajoya C. Parrish. Lot 8, block B, Village of Jefferson Woods, $145,000

Daniel W. and Cassie K. Brown to Crystal S. Brown. 1153 Bowyer Loop, $155,000

Blake T. Moore to Drake E. Whitlow and Amy Alise Zimmerman. Lot 25, Town and Country, $211,500

Donald T. Ritchie and Almetrius B. Hicks to Tramybe Wyatt and Ronetta Sharee Hicks. Lot 75, section 1, Homestead Haven, $164,900

Frank W. Hunter to Rock Castle LLC. 0 Rock Castle Road, $19,000

Sue P. Hillsman to David Alexander and Nasalia Leticia McKinney. Parcel, Longwood Ave., $230,900

Jefferson Meadow LLC to Brenda T. Tymchyn. Lot 36, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Calvin Drew and Caroline Holt Cayton. Lot 51, Lake Manor Estates, $640,000

John Wesley and Mary Dianne Davis to Jeffrey A. and Marlena P. Eggeling. Lot 10, section 4, Forest Lakes, $329,100

Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc. to Stacy Dean and Mary Erquiaga Pettry. 2, section 7, Farmington at Forest, $504,900

Joshua Thomas Harrison and Kara Michelle Harrison to Caleb E. Berthiaume and Cassidy L. Knowles. Lot 8, section 19, Farmington at Forest, $238,300

Jedi Construction LLC to Cody A. Williams and Kayla R. Simpson Williams. Lot 2, Crossroad, $256,000

Bernard M. Fauber Jr. to Cleo A. Samuel. Revised lot 30, Sleepy Oak Villas, $301,500

Highland Oak Partners LLC to Aaron Bruce and Courtney Lynn Stamn. Lot 14, Jefferson Meadows, $439,900

Stacy D. Pettry and Mary Erquiaga Pettry to Christopher V. Daniels. 1154 Lowry Ridge Court, $375,000

Donna Stratton to Lauren Metz and Andrew Bennington Anderson. Lot 1, phase 2, Brookstone Estates, $500,000

Ryan M. and Sarah J. Pettit to Joshua Thomas and Kara Michelle Harrison. 129 Sailview Dr., $316,900

Jennifer W. Ring to David C. and Cindy M. Helfrich. Lot 34, section 2, Jefferson Woods, $225,000

Robert B. Hancock and Georgia A. Hancock to Tracy K. Harris and Jeremy B. Harris. Lots 3 and 4, Goff Valley Subdivision, $725,000

Larry Montecino and Cheryl A. Montecino to Robert B. Hancock and Georgia A. Hancock. Lots 56 and 57, Peaks View Lake Estate, $460,000

Campbell County

21934 Timberlake LLC to Kristen N. Stafford. Lot 47, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse, $199,900

Kevin C. Mann to Kristopher James and Charlotte Marie McNaney. Lot 5, block 7, section 2, Forest Park, $212,900

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to SD-MF Holdings LLC. Lot 47, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $45,000

William E. Hughes to Kevin S. Justice. Lot 2, Greenhouse Road, $251,000

Barbara Powell Staton to John Blair Mitchell Jr. Parcel, 1 acre on Va. 656, $157,500

Howard R. Heim and Mavourneen A .Heim to John M. Fabor and Pamela A. Milson. Lot 4, phase VI, Runaway Bay, $95,000

Teresa Fox and Jeremy Weatherford to Zachary L. Steadman and Felicia Mason. 473 Hickok Road, $235,000

Rouchdy Ghezail and Robin Penelope Patton to James F. and Della M. Burnette. Lot 7, section 1-B, Wildwood, $76 North Ridge Lane, $270,000

Dorothy Romo to Walter Otis Laughlin Jr. Lot 2, fronting Va. 600, $125,000

Helen S. Brown to Larry E. and Lee Ann Rose. Lot 56, section 4, Rainbow Forest, $215,000

Menyhert N. Csabi and Katherine M. Morales-Csabi to Irene Buss. 811 Tenth St., $76,000

Gregory R. and Phyllis R. Mason to Steven Dwayne Bobbitt. Lot 4, Twin Lakes Subdivision, $176,000

William S. and Sarah C. Parsons to Eric Rickman and Bonita Hucks. Lot 45, section 6, Rainbow Forest, $246,900

Town of Altavista, Virginia to Armory Holdings LLC. 1502 Avondale Dr., $475,376

Mark A. Epperson and Rose S. Epperson to Summer A. Lang. Lot 34, phase 1, section 1, Lighthouse Townhouses, $123,700

City of Lynchburg

James L. Lipscomb and Brenda Lipscomb to Yogendra Patil. Lots 7 and 8, block 2, Brooklaw Addition, $90,500

Lozetta S. Johnson and Cynthia M. and Charles M. McGinnis Jr. to Joanne M. and Robert T. Morse Jr. Lot 2, Candlewood Court Villas, $200,000

TNT MGMT 1 LLC to Lynchburg Real Estate LLC. 2369 Aragon St., $44,000

David J. Baggett to Melissa R. Truman. Parcel, Ashburn Hills, $169,000

Michael P .Henry to Alfreda R. Spinner. Lot 4, block F, phase 1-A, Fieldstone Manor, $154,000

William T. Ramsey and Marianne S. Ramsey to Connected Living LLC. Lots 37-40, block 1, Mountain View Acres, $8,500

William T. Ramsey and Marianne S. Ramsey to Connected Living LLC. Lots 33-36, block 1, Mountain View Acres, $8,500

William T. Ramsey and Marianne S. Ramsey to Connected Living LLC. Lots 29-32, block 1, Mountain View Acres, $1,000

Walker and Kate W. Sigler to Melissa N. and Timothy M. Davidson Jr. 2109 Link Road, $387,500

Scott J. Wilson to Taylor Nelson, Robyn Anderson and Cali Anderson. Lot 112, Northwynd Village and Northwynd Towers, $179,900

John J. and Christine M. Lacoy to Christopher Faraldi. Lot 6, unit 406, block 1, Wyndhurst, $154,000

Darren E. and Lori V. Hercyk to Robert E. Mooty. Lot 16, Wellington at Wyndhurst, $180,000

Long Meadows Inc. to White Cliffs Properties LLC. 3033 Fulton St., $256,900

Nicolas A. Slagle to Joseph Andrew Ruck. Lot 131, Stuart Heights, $80,000

Abram Loper to Frank Arbusto and Sarah Roy. 1515 Rivermont Ave., $175,000

Jorge D. Nichols to Lokate LLC. 132 Phillips Circle, $137,580

Brayden G. Hogan to Mann Custom Builders Inc. Lot 2, bock C, section 1, Seven Oaks Development, $23,000

Curt N. Baker and Patricia E. Leveski to Christopher V. Daniels and Melissa K. Daniels. 1500 Linden Ave., $360,000

Robert R. Johnson and Gail P. Johnson, co-trustees to Michael H. Freund and Vicky L. Freund. Lot 86, Legacy Oaks, $218,000

Michael K. Myers and Angelique M. Swogger to James Elder. Lot 21, Northwynd Villas, $204,000

E & J Investments LLC to Wistar Nelligan III. Unit 14, 11th Street Lofts, $187,500

Lorenzo K. Watson to Jonathan Glenn Miller. 1321 Cherokee Ave., $155,000

Phyllis C. Vassar, Shirley C. Caskie and Paul J. Feinman to Aaron C. Moody. 175 Holmes Circle, $90,286

Richard C. and Patricia A. Adams to Nathan Harrison and Gabrielle Lead Camera. Lot 16, section 7, New Towne, $220,000

Peter R. and Cheryl H. Smith to James E. Watkins III and Kanikia J. Campbell. Lot 13 and part of lot 12, Chipokim, $307,000

Fred C. and Shirley T. Thomas to Robert P. Minneci and Tommie Jean Christensen. Lot 9, block 1, section 3, Sandusky Hills, $292,500

Matthew J. and Susan C. Braud to Thomas M. Blackburn Jr. Lot 8, block B, Raleigh Heights, $50,000

Lois M. Noel to Karen A. Stober. 2007 Pansy St., $175,000

David D. Bellows to LMST Ventures LLC. 110 Yorkshire Circle, $177,500

Alan R. Tunkel to TT Rehab LLC. 210 Cleveland Ave., $205,000

James T. and Tracy T. Ellett to Sue Ann Lunt. 406 Fleetwood Dr., $177,400

Tony Curtis Davis to Mary Kay Campbell. Lot 9, block 4, Linkhorne Forest, $330,000

Angel L. Olds to Kirsten Joy Filiberto. 2756 Greenhill Lane, $255,000

Brenda Darlene Bryant to Noble Holdings LLC. 1112 Knight St., $7,000

Justin Noah and Gabriella Antonia Cummings to Darrin Deshano, April L. Deshano and Mark Deshano. Lot 3, Stuart Heights, $116,000

David Craig Minner and Renee Minner to Paul and Cathleen R. Bishop. Lot 31, block 12, Radcliff, $90,000

Building permits

Bedford County

Scott Hicks, Crowder Road, pole barn with lean-to, $80,000

Woodberry Associates LLC, 1071 Woodberry Square Place, Blue Ridge Montessori School, building 3, $500,000

Hilbish Investment Group Inc., 1036 Jubal Early Dr., roof, $14,850

Leo Van Buuren, 14901 Forest Road, renovation, $285,000

Kevin Foster, lot 11, section 20A, Farmington, new dwelling, $255,000

Stephen Jackson, 1092 Brigade Place, deck, $25,950

Mark MacGregor, 1618 Bethany Church Circle, garage, $10,000

Christopher Barber, 2743 Bellevue Road, add bathroom, $8,500

James Wade, Diamond Hill Road, garage, $14,000

Christopher Clark, 1067 Blue Heron Circle, porch, $7,000

NBI Development LLC, lot 170, Mayberry Hills, new dwelling, $180,000

Forrest Gray, 5511 Dundee Road, new dwelling, $226,400

Rachel Walter, 131 Charmwood Circle, alteration of basement, $25,000

Debbie White, lot 115, Somerset Meadows, new dwelling, $285,000

Fred Smith, lot 1, Goodview Road, new dwelling, $180,000

Richard Ferguson, Thaxton Mountain Road, new dwelling, $299,600

Brandon Shafer, 9608 Falling Creek Road, building, $33,000

Riley Mayhall, 1855 Teass Terrace, new dwelling. $567,351

Jonathan Davison, 1340 Old Goffs Road, shed, $10,000

Thomas Bell, 2895 Patmos Church Road, new dwelling, $750,000

Zachary Crowgey, tract 2, Legacy Springs Road, new dwelling, $220,000

John Hibbs, lot 5, Tall Timber Dr., new dwelling, $750,000

Derek Wilkins, 100 Willowood Dr., garage, $50,000

Justin Victor, 2122 Elkton Farm Road, finish basement, $40,000

Patrick Hooper, Hawks Hollow Road, new dwelling, $399,000

Rockland Ritenour, 1223 Lester Lane, deck, $6,000

Brad Farr, 1875 Lone Oak Crossing, pol, $25,000

Karen Graybill, 2978 Mt. Olivet Road, swim spa, $17,495

Kenneth Goodman, 1621 Meadow Down Dr., pool, $40,000

Brian Gray, 1070 Fairview Church Road, solar panels, $59,656

Charles Mitchell, 6202 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, solar panels, $60,040


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