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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Paul E. and Elizabeth L. Humphrey. Parcel 3, 21.318 acres, Walnut Springs Road, $68,000

Christina Joy Wilkerson to Patricia S. Hawkins. Lot 48, Abee Manor, $210,000

Clayton M. and Christy L. Breeding to Taylor Duff. 148 Woodrow Ave., $177,000

Amanda Michele Minnick to Talmage R. Eubank III. 172 Mountainview Dr., $179,900

Steven D. and Bonnie A. Clancy to Mary C. McDonald. Lot 53, Poplar Grove Golf Community, $75,000

Emery L. Grosvenor to Alexia R. Taylor and Bradley J. Gillmore. Revised lot A, Lakeview Subdivision, $212,900

Kimberly R. Emerson to Chance Barkyoumb. Lot 55, block B, Greenwood Dr., $153,500

Blue Sky-Coffey Partnership to Ryan E. and Karen D. Bresach. Lot 4, Naola Springs, $24,900

Good Investments LLC to Matthew D. and Katelyn M. Hicks. 235 Ridge St., $260,000

Janice D. Honzu to Caleb J. and Rachel F. McAllister. Tract 8, section 6, Amherst Plantation, $342,000

Joyce Whitten to R.B. Brooks Properties LLC. Parcel, 1 acre, near Oronoco, $99,000

Appomattox County

NBS Real Estate LLC to David Alfonso. Lot 21, Burnett Acres, $125,000

Concord Central LLC to Raymond A. and Karen G. Lawson. Tract 1, 66.17 acres. Tract 2, Va. 643. Tract 3, 1.93 acres, off of Va. 719, $100,000

William C. Pergerson to Earle G. and Dorenda S. Greaves. Lot 5, Holiday Acres, $100,000

Alice S. Rockefeller to Jeffrey Patch. 856 Old Grist Mill Road, $134,000

Eric D. Gilliam and Cole R. Gilliam to Ian P. Kincaid. Lot 2A, section A, Burnett Place, $179,900

JC Land & Timber LLC to Kelley Burns. Lot 2, Bell View Road, $55,000

Bedford County

Barry D. and Angela J. Beckner to This David Beckner. 3764 Spradlin Road and additional parcel, Spradlin Road, Blue Ridge District, $500,000

John A. Carter to Joseph R. Trahey and Kristin W. Trahey. Unit G-2, section 2, building G, The Waterways, Lakes District, $432,000

Everette W. Myers III to Tammie A. Pinn-Skinner. Parcel 2, Va. 627, 2.145 acres, Lakes District, $317,000

Peter B. Barker Jr. to Charity L. and Jack E. Adams III. Lot 41, section 2, Autumn Hills, Lakes District, $279,000

Brian Lee Yeager to Karolyn Marie Stober. 108 Chasewood Court, Blue Ridge District, $275,000

Alice T. and James E. Madelle Sr. to Michelle M. Seifert. 1290 Whispering Hills Roas, Lakes District, $250,000

Glenn Robert Priddy Sr. and Ann B. Priddy to Shawn P. McNulty. 112 Woodlake Dr. and adjoining parcel, Blue Ridge District, $215,000

Tann Investments LLC to Curtis Lee Welch. 15630 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $215,000

Brent A. and Linda K. Dicker to Michael Samuel Pupillo and Katelyn Elizabeth Weems. 1729 Goggin Ford Road, Lakes District, $184,000

Judy L. Long to Stephanie L. and James V. Housden. 111 Deerhill Road, Blue Ridge District, $175,000

Joyce M. Thomas to Michael W. and Mistie D. Montgomery. 1050 Alvinwood Lane, Blue Ridge District, $175,000

Four Fifty-Five LLC to Margaret Elizabeth Reyes. 5916 Johnson Mountain Road, Lakes District, $167,500

Barbara C. Witt, Helen C. Reynolds, and Fred L. Casey to M. Christopher Mabry. 2354 Glenwood Dr., Lakes District, $150,000

Web Investing LLC to Evan Keith Bowers. 1054 Garner Road, Blue Ridge District, $140,500

Rebecca A. Updike, Debora L. Angell, Donna A. Morgan and Jamie A. Roland to JTC Construction Inc. 1243 Meadors Spur Road, Blue Ridge District, $140,000

Todd W. Wargo to Samantha R. Clingenpeel and Diane R. McClung. 2498 Dowdy Crossing, Lakes District, $127,900

Garland L. Simmons and Carolyn P. Simmons, trustees to Roger L. Atkins II and Michelle L. Atkins. Parcel, Stallion Lane, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

Donald Miller to Jimmy Andrews, 7111 and 7113 Big Island Highway, $3,500

Sunset Mountain LLC to Eric B. Naraine and Cynthia M. Naraine. Lot 1, section 8, Farmington at Forest, $333,000

Jedi Construction LLC to Scott R. Gresham. Lot 6, Crossroad, $248,000

James Thomas Messier and John Philip Messier to Daniel G. Bowden and Pamela M. Bowden. Lot 17, section 1, Northhampton, $245,000

West Crossing LLC to Nolenhoke LLC. Lot 8, section 10, Farmington at Forest, $59,000

Bradford C. and Terri L. Anzengruber to Tristen T. Fuller. 1269 Peters Creek Road, $177,500

Sabrina Y. Tomlin to Dominic J. Studzinski and Hayley J. Studzinski. Lot 16, Jefferson Meadows, $398,000

Ronald S. Godwin and Carol S. Godwin to Ruben B. and Andrea N. Harris. Lot 121, section VI, Brookstone, $745,000

Charlene D. Scott to Cornerstone Contracting of VA LLC. Lot 5, 13.8 acres, Center District, $100,000

Sandra A. Jarels to Gary Clegg. 1103 Hermans Hollow Road, $80,000

Paul T. Young to Brennan R. Lollis. 1255 Blackberry Lane, $295,000

Jordan D. and Brittany N. Linial to Samuel Landa Jr. Lot 32, Summerfield, $282,400

Chelse M. and Alan G. Matheny Jr. to Olamide and Dawn M. Kehinde. Lot 57, Oakview Subdivision, $207,500

Gilliam M. Cobbs and Cobbs Corner-Forest LLC to Daniel P. and Justine N. Paterson. Revised lot 1, Cobbs Corner, $309,900

Michael D. Jurkus and Patti O. Jurkus to John E. Ripley and Rachel G. Ripley. 1170 Longbranch St., $135,000

Daniel G. and Pamela M. Bowden to Benjamin L. Singleton and Jordan J. Ramsey. Lot 64, section 3, North Hills Subdivision, $230,000

David Wheaton Jr. to Kristen Moses and Isaac Ray Wheaton. 1344 Lowry St., $112,200

Stephen Hamilton to Stephen Acree. Lot 11, phase VI, section 1, Lake Vista, $230,000

Matthew J. Nolen to Thomas E. and Cynthia D. Miller. Lot 21, block 3, Ivy Hill, $289,000

Bedford Farms LLC to Jo Ann Bumgarner, Sue Lynn Nichols, and Carey D. Chenoweth. Lot 4, Randolph St., $150,000

Daniel S. and Elizabeth A. Crompton to Fred and Jennifer Newell. 903 Leander Dr., $619,900

Trent’s Meadow LLC to Kristin A. Hampton. Lot 3, Trent’s Meadow Farm, $202,500

Lelia Mae Hyatt, Marsha G. Lauer, and Patrick Alan Overstreet to Gene A. Harris. Lot 13, Twin Peaks, $115,000

Thomas E. and Mary E. Kittrell to David W. Carper. 11839 Lee Jackson Highway, $86,500

Richard L. and Patricia J. Padelford to Ryan and Jhanet Lorena Spears. Lot 2, section 1, Springwood Farm, $154,500

Campbell County

J.J.S. Incorporated Inc. to Shelton & Hailey Holding Company LLC. Parcels on Lynchburg Highway. $385,000

Jonathan P. Gilbert to Justin E. and Vanessa R. Bobbitt. Lot 19, section B, Westwood Manor, $251,000

Mitchell-Floyd Properties LLC to KAR Investments LLC. 2600 Dearing Ford Road, $1,300,000

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. 159 Webster Dr., $31,550

Emberly Way LLC to D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. Lot 18, Emberly Way Subdivision, $52,500

Emberly Way LLC to D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. Lot 13, Emberly Way Subdivision, $52,500

Emberly Way LLC to D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. Lot 1, Emberly Way Subdivision, $52,500

D & D Land Holdings LLC to Tyler W. Martin. Lot 6, Va. 24, $297,890

Charles K. and Saundra L. Doss to Thomas C. Jenkins Jr. Lot 5, fronting Va. 603, 5.242 acres, $19,700

Robin M. and Richard L. Somazze Jr. to Nathan L. and Gabrielle E. Hopkins. Tract 4, block 1, section 1, Holiday Forest, $275,900

Susan D. and Alvin R. Gill Jr. to Jacob Shelton. Parcel, Va. 696, 1.161 acres, $119,000

English’s Auto Alignment LLC to Todd Hoerner. Lots 12-15, 25-28, block 23, Town of Altavista, $180,000

Carter Bank & Trust to 21886 Timberlake LLC. Lots 1 -3, Whitestone Village, $549,000

David F. Johnston to S & S Properties LLC and Sharon K. Johnston and Lee Haley Johnston. 612, 620, 624, 628 and 19293 Leesville Road and 1516 Greenview Dr., $552,000

Donald W. Cyrus and Brenda Cyrus to Teon L. Burford and Rachael L. Burford. Lot 56, Concord Estates Subdivision, $266,900

NRB Investments LLC to James M.S. and Sherry D. Brady. Parcel, section 1, The Crossings, $210,528

Big Tom’s Original LLC to C. Bryan Stott. Residue of tract 3, Littleberry Moon, 116.29 acres, $202,985

21934 Timberlake LLC to Lauren Casey. Lot 28, Emberly Way Villas Townhouse Development, $191,900

Sandra Burks to Big Day LLC. Lot 4, Hillsview Estates, $230,000

Celia Hevey to Michael D. Monroe. 4866 Three Creeks Road, $70,000

James H. Persinger Jr. to NBS Real Estate LLC. 75 Wilson Dr., $111,000

City of Lynchburg

Manacore LLC to Kellye Desha Kimble. 502 Smyth St., $104,000

Michael P. and Jennifer L. Kellogg to Jared Chase Bennett. 1615 Langhorne Road, $226,900

Samuel Landa Jr. to William Nicholas Moore. Lot 18, block B, section 1, Vista Acres Subdivision, $155,900

David A. and Penny R. Brockman to Benjamin David Miller. $138,000

James M. and Sheila K. Mashburn to Amber Dohrmann. 601 Madison St., $157,300

Bernice B. Trent to TT Rehab LLC. 611 Eighth St., $15,000

Rodney D. Rohrer and Frances A. Rohrer to Harriet B. Carter. 1834 Bedford Ave., $150,300

Buscher Enterprises LLC to Tyler H. Miles. 1000 Early St., $125,000

Sean W. Sheehan to Joseph Tyler and Frances Claire Spriggs. 3440 Landon St., $223,250

Daniel S. George to Laura I. Francis. 403 Grove St., $143,000

Linda E. Bosiger to Erika Ayala-Santiago and Marquis Albert Patrick Johnson. Lot 28, Settlement Estates, $197,000

Jason E. and Kathryn H. Willis to Stephen B. Finhill and Rachel N. Finhill. Lot 47, section 1, Forest Dale, $188,975

Herman Lee James JR. to NBS Real Estate LLC. 712 Pierce St., $15,000

Cynthia Covington to Noble Holdings LLC. 301 Federal St., $9,000

Michael W. Kinnaird to Ryan A. and Tina L. Styron. Lot 3, unit 412, Wyndhurst, $165,000

Faye J. Becker to Liberty Saints LLC. 314 St. Augustine St., $65,000

Fellenger Properties LLC to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 4, block A, section 2, Blue Ridge Farms, $80,000

Joshua T. and Anne M. Rutledge to Steven Hill. Lot 3, Ivylink, $35,000

Lincoln H. Baker and Dori L. Baker to Christopher D. Cooper. Unit 23, 51 11th St., $197,000

Robert Baxter and Jane Rose Gordon to Matthew William Glass. 2714 Dulaney Ave., $170,000

Building Permits

Campbell County

Lori Mann, 402 Deborah Dr., porches, $25,000

John Sobola, 85 Homewood Dr., addition, $45,000

Javaugh Colbert, 160 Collington Dr., accessory building, $4,500

David Warden, 196 Caleb Court, new dwelling, $400,000

Wards LLC, 475 Simons Run, commercial alteration, $1,500,000

Kimberly Thomas, 101 Mary Ann Dr., metal building, $12,000

Ray Triplett, 801 Bethany Road, solar panels, $52,800

Edward Parks II, 225 Virginia Ave., solar panels, $16,000

Paul Master, 1050 Clear Pointe Run, finish basement, $18,000

Kirk Schultz, 268 Northgate Road, garage, $8,500

Cassell Properties LLC, lot 1, section 1, Hyland Farm, new dwelling, $400,000

Liberty University, 102 Second Amendment Dr., classroom facility, $195,000

Stephen Meinhardt, 1122 Cabin Field Road, solar panels, $61,131

Augusta Clark Construction LLC, lot 3, Suburban Road, new dwelling, $170,000

Cody Daniel, 451 Willow Oak Terrace, finish half of basement, $4,000

Milton Woodruff, 261 Oliver Road, repairs, $7,000

George Winston, 6650 Sugar Hill Road, shed, $9,700

Eleven Construction LLC, lot 9, Leeward Way, new dwelling, $289,900

Brown Heating + Air Conditioning LLC, 407 Crowell Lane, metal building, $30,000

Jennifer Entsminger, 326 Royal Court, addition, $70,000

Samantha Maxey, lot 24A1, Hunt Road, new dwelling, $156,460

Dennis Maddox, 172 Conner Road, exterior fireplace and chimney, $20,000

John Seamster Jr., 237 Smith Road, pool, $12,000

Lonni Wickard, 449 Pearson Dr., solar panels, $49,896

Jonathan Franklin, Springs Mill Road, addition, $189,650

Mark Dalton, 298 Doe Run Lane, pool, $92,000


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