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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Ellerby T. Ashworth Jr. and Carol A. Ashworth to Joseph Henry and Sarah E. Hans. Revised lot 15, Banks Mountain Subdivision, $206,000

Kevin J. May to NBS Real Estate LLC. 581 Old Wright Shop Road, $67,500

Locust Hill Realty LLC to Jaimie E. Withers. Lot 32, Amherst Acres, $117,900

Dina L. Jones to Robert William Shagena Jr. and Katherine E. Shagena. 2700 Galts Mill Road, $140,000

James Lee Rook to Dakota R. Burford. Lot 143 and part of lot 144, Kiddhurst Acres, $159,000

Harry B. and Gay A. Stinnett Jr. to Harry B. and Gay A. Stinnett JR. and Christopher B. Stinnett. 330 Burley Hollow Road, $165,000

Andrew C. Wilson to James E. Thornhill III. Lots 59-62, Fairview Place Subdivision, $88,000

Paul G. Burgess and Carolyn G. Burgess to Christopher W. and Tamekio D. Watts. Lot 1A, 4.716 acres, Va. 646, $192,000

Anand R. Swamy and Kristen Burger to Robert A. and Callie Waldo. 156 Red Bud Lane, $249,900

Maria Morano, successor trustee to Christopher C. Reed. Parcel, 49.73 acres and all of a parcel of 52.939 acres, $119,900

Appomattox County

CMS Investments LLC to Country Oaks Land & Timber LLC. Three parcels, 165.44 acres, fronting Va. 24, $350,000

Alice S. Rockefeller to New Leaf Builders LLC. Parcel, fronting North Ave., 0.201 acres, $56,000

Sheila K. Roper and Sharon Bryant to Dwight D. and Denita M. Rhodes. Parcel, Meadow Dr., 22.697 acres, $145,000

Jacqueline Victoria Prioletti to Colby Chase and Jessica Shumaker Layne. Parcel, Gladwood Dr., 0.78 acres, $229,000

Bedford County

James C. Candler and Elizabeth W. Candler to Domenick Fodiato and Sherri Fogiato. 1036 Coveside Circle, Lakes District, $641,000

Log Homes of Virginia LLC to Susan E. and Robert T. Fitzhugh III. Lot 5, section 2, Year Round Shores, Lakes District, $600,000

Shawn N. Williams to Jorge L. and Penelope X. Lopez. Lot 11, Spring Oak, Lakes District, $400,000

Donald L. Brown and Deborah R. Brown to Michael and Jennifer Steffen. Unit 113, building 7, cluster 4, Monoacan Shores, Lakes District, $380,000

James F. Huffman to Thomas Kevin and Sandra Jean Samson. 9350 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $318,000

Tammy Ballengee Conner and Dorinda B. Nolen to Matthew D. Baumgardner. 9529 and 9359 Stewartsville Road and additional parcel, Blue Ridge District, $282,000

Barry D. and Judie C. Stewart to Brian N. and Melissa A. Jones. Lot 14, block 1, section 2, Cascade Forest, Blue Ridge District, $236,500

Frank and Eleni Pecjak to Robert S. and Anne L. McGowan. Unit 50, phase 5, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $229,900

Donna L. Bowyer to Arthur T. and Edith C. Meador. Tract 1, off of Moneta Road, 71.824 acres, Lakes District, $220,000

Kent S. McGrath to Kaitlin Elizabeth and Robert Wayne Saul III. 1388 Hoffa Road, Blue Ridge District, $125,000

Melissa A. Bowling to Fred W. and Judy S. Smith. 9454 Stewartsville Road and additional parcel, Blue Ridge District, $116,000

Florida Virginia Line LLC to Sean O. Adamy. 16109 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway #G-8, Lakes District, $96,000

Todd C. and Kimberly W. Goode to Wetzel T. and Jenny L. Wooten. Lot 2, Ivie Estates, Lakes District, $90,000

Shannon L. Simmons to Chad A. Simmons. 5060 Stewartsville Road, Lakes District, $80,000

James C. and Charlotte W. Reese to William D. Latham. Lot 5, Reese Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $75,478.56

Eva Marie Paxton, Gregory Allen Nelson and Melisha Dawn Nelson Elkins to Matthew D. Baumgardner. 2209 Ephesus Road, Lakes District, $75,000

Amanda Marie Huddleston to David G. Mount. Tract 15, section 3, Scenic Acres, Blue Ridge District, $69,950

Dolores C. Gussoni to Jason Lynwood and Erin Dowdy Grisso. Residue 31.08 acres, Goose Ridge Estates, Lakes District, $66,000

Hendricks Store Road 1711 Land Trust to BDL Enterprises LLC. Lot 3, The Ridge, , Lakes District, $65,000

Taylor Montgomery Burnett to Brian Lee Edmonds and Ashley Nicole Grim. 1347 Island Creek Road, Lakes District, $55,000

Frank L. Leftwich Jr. to Creative Investments Inc. 6854 Jordontown Road, Blue Ridge District, $47,500

James K. Carter to Suzanne H. and George M. Snead III. Lot 20, Southview, Lakes District, $23,000

Mark T. and Hannah N. Shelton to Southeast Property Holdings LLC. Lot 8, Westcove, Lakes District, $20,000

Shelby Witt Klaiber to Christopher Thaxton and Kimberly Brooks Parker, parcel, off of Big Island Highway, 70.093 acres, Peaks District, $235,000

Ryan James and Emily Kay O’Donnell to Danielle Sydnor. Lot 218, section VI, Terrace View, $489,900

Matthew J. Mouser to Danielle N. Mouser to Cody B. and Keara M. Massie. 909 Lake Dr. and two additional parcels, $173,000

Ellen H. Brooks to David Robert Hubbard, Cynthia W. Hubbard and Julie Ann Hubbard. Revised lot 4, Panorama View Estates, $70,000

John E. and Joanie C. Smoot to Aniqa Zaheer. Lot 34, Lake Manor Estates, $795,000

Ronnie B. Thompson and Wanda G. Cress to Curtis L. and Phyllis L. James. Lot 12, section 5, Walkers Crossing, $438,000

Joseph W. and Sharon A. Ulland to Leonard F. Almond and Patti A. Pierucci. Lot 12, section 2, Oak Ridge Estates, $253,000

George K. and Leslie D. Walden to Susan O’Dell. Lot 4, section 3, Great Oaks Subdivision, $335,000

Brian N. and Melissa A. Jones to Jeremiah E. Steele. Lots 64 and 65, Elk Garden Club Subdivision, $168,500

Robin Tuggle-Campbell to Howard J. and Vivian S. Brown. Lot 231, section 8, Somerset Meadows, $481,900

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Roger E. Schneider and Dawn M. Schneider. Lot 6C, phase 1, Oakwood Villas, $319,900

West Crossing LLC to Stonebrook Enterprises LTD. Lot 15, section 18, Farmington at Forest, $259,900

Charles H. Patterson to Aaron Tally and Margaret D. Burnett. Lot 12, section 2, Weatherwood, $35,000

Daniel C. Cyrus to Justin M. and Kristi M. Tucker. Lot 3, Bells Mill at Goode, $399,900

Kim C. and George R. Griffin to Jason A. and Bailee Towles. Lot 21, section 2, Great Oaks Subdivision, $339,900

Roger E. Schneider and Dawn M. Schneider to Robert W. Chambers and Lisa L. Chambers. Lot 128, section 1, Somerset Meadows, $380,000

Thomas Scott and Cynthia Garrett Wilkerson to Randall Travis and Brittany Paris Wade. Lot 11, section 2, Claymont, $350,000

Letishya R. Goad to FCHB Inc. Lots 27 and 29, Maybeury Hills Subdivision, $95,000

Robert W. and Lisa L. Chambers to Michael Gary and Kylinn Maire Howard. 7195 Big Island Highway, $499,900

Eric Brian Smith and Sharon Beach Smith to Alexander B. and Lizabeth C. Averin. Lots 215 and 216, section VI, Terrace View, $527,000

Campbell County

Amanda Mills to Debra A. and Michael A. Torres. Lot 174, Timberlake Drive Subdivision, part of East Quadrant, $275,000

Jerry Michael Booth to Tony Byrd. 10575 Richmond Highway, $100,000

Michael S. and Cynthia Sanchez-Epps to Stephen P. Siefret. Lot 59, section II, Tavern Grove, $141,650

Deborah K. Hughes to Brian K. Hughes and Leeann S. Hughes. Lot 13, McCoy Estates, $166,000

JC Land & Timber LLC to Robert L. and Samantha J. Fazio. Lot 2, section 1, Willow Estate, $293,025

Dawson Custom Woodworking Inc. to Joshua K. White and Hannah N. Woods. Lot 6, Meeting House Subdivision, $219,800

Carlton Keith Roberts to Joel C. Hart. Lot 21, section A, Clearcrest Subdivision, $97,500

Daniel L. Fort to Loanna Posey and Valerie W. Waller. Lot 16, section 2, Hunters Mill Subdivision, $474,500

Anne Trice Thompson, Vernon S. Thompson, Marshall Alan Thompson, and Mary Thompson Gardner to Marshall A. and Susana L. Thompson. 424 Mortimer Dr., $166,000

Freddie Lee Millner Jr. to Michele G. Wisskirchen. Lot 31, South Quadrant, $275,000

Robert L. and Nina C. Thomas to Steven S. and Tabitha C. Worley. New lot C, fronting Calohan Road, $80,000

Lorraine Blanks Potter to Redwood Property Investments LLC. Parcel, off Ward’s Road, $20,000

G. Herbert Peak Jr. to David A. and Phyllis J. Harvey. Parcel “A”, Wheeler Road, $78,547.50

The County of Campbell, Virginia to C. Matthew Fariss. Parcel, Goat Island Road, $3,300

Rudell L. McCraw Jr. to Andrew G. Turner. Lots 12 and 13, section II, Ivy Knoll, $164,900

Nancy H. Caudill to Robert J. Borowski II and Beth M. Borowski. Lot 18, section F, Powhatan Cox Tract, $245,000

R. Channing Haas Jr., Valerie H. Pillow, Tracy H. Munn, William Cartrett and Joseph Cartrett to Fernando Ponce. Lot 12, section 1, block 4, Rainbow Forest, $262,000

Scott H. Langendorger to Ethan and Jennifer M. Hagner. Lot 3, Hunter Have Subdivision, $212,000

City of Lynchburg

Mitchell Blake Shorter to Tina Y. Colbert. 425 Patrick St., 211 Wadsworth St., and additional parcel, N. Patrick St., $65,000

Beverly Parr Godsey and Michael Allen Godsey to Kevin John Deanna. 2500, 252, 2604, 2612, 2616 and 2618 Dudley St., 2500 Loraine St., 2509 Davis St., $10,500

Vernon E. Reid and Lina L. Reid to Mervin and Valerie Lambright. 6004 Sunderland Place, $279,900

Maureen Elizabeth Rajaballey and Michelle Elizabeth Rodriguez to Walkers Crossing-Forest LLC. Lot 12, Fountain Gate Townhomes, $117,800

Murrayplace LLC to Project E, LLC. 4005 and 4009 Murray Place, $3,400,000

Leslie T. Mitchell to Noble Holdings LLC. 4115 A Tremont St., $4,000

Emanuel E. Guerreiro and Susan M. Guerreiro to Robert A. and Tifanie N. Hoffman. Lot 15, section 2, Carter’s Grove, $520,000

Richard William and Lisa Herman Haskins to Isiah Strong. 1503 McVeigh Road, $80,000

Charles W. Hammer to Two Ravens Properties LLC. 511-513 Victoria Ave., $85,000

Warren L. and Yvette H. Anderson to Ronald Henry and Kallyn Spohnholz. 1013 Harrison St., $155,500

Ashby L. Milstead Jr. and Juanita H. Milstead to Brent L. and Christy Cassell. Lot 6, section G, Linkhorne Forest, $252,000

Lynette S. Page to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 23, block 1, section 2, Long Meadows, $125,000

Mary Lee M. Bell to Ronnie B. Thompson and Wanda G. Cress. 121 Craftsman Way, $424,900

Howard J. and Vivian S. Brown to Benjamin J. and Heather N. Katka. Lot 35, Brookville Village, $270,000

Michael C. Tolley to Ivy Trace LLC. Lots 5 and 6, block G, Barksdale Place, $33,000

Hunt Properties LLC to Thomas A. Seals. 4732 Oakdale Dr., $193,000

Charles Robert Paris to Paul J. Dudley. Lot 9, section 3, Cedar Ridge, $174,900

G & D Investments LLC to Joshua Robert Rosene. 1519 Taylor St., $25,000

1200CommerceStreetLynchburg LLC to E & J Investments LLC. Condominium unit 102, Parkview on the Bluff, $261,308.98

Tyler J. and Erica M. Gallagher to Seth Jordan, Raymond Jordan and Sheri Jordan. Lots 12-14, block A, plan A, Rivermont Company, $139,900

John D. Pettie Jr. and Alison D. Pettit to Bradley Sheridan Weast. Lot 2, block D, amended map of Fairmont Addition, $149,000

Larry F. Smith to Shane and Emily Evans. Lot 25, section 5, Cedar Ridge, $200,000

122CommerceStreetLynchburg LLC to Robert W. Carter Jr. Condominium unit 403, Parkview on the Bluff, $470,248

Kodi and Samantha Rath to Erwin Z. and Shanea M. Raj. 2916 Langhorne Road, $96,800

Alice C. Martin, trustee to Joyce Stephens Dixon. Unit 8-4, building 8, Stonegate Villas, $267,500

ECCDH LLC to James M. and Trista N. Matthews. Lot 34, block M, Cornerstone, $200,900

Octavia Myers and David Tucker to Kent Charles Meyers. Lot 10, block B, section 2, Woodbine Village West, $121,300

TMJR Properties LLC to Laura I. Francis. 1015 Cabell St., $103,500

Willard Bailey to Mark A. Morrison Jr. 1927 and 1931Boston Ave., $76,000

James H. Johnston to Matchless Home Improvement Inc. 805 Old Forest Road, $78,000

Stephanie Y. and Robert W. Carter Jr. to Chad M. and Alaya L. Sexton. 428 Elmwood Ave., $171,000

Nae Hugh Pearson Jr. Elizabeth Builders Inc. Lots 107-116, Royal Oaks Circle, $28,000

Eric J. Stern to Lee Vida and Lee Jarvis. 808 Sixth St., $137,900

Theresa J. McBrien to Erin J. Long. 5812 Quaker Parkway and 5741 Edinboro Ave., $140,098

Hartless Storage LLC to WPXI Timberlake LLC. 8209 and 8213 Timberlake Road, $625,000

1200CommerceStreetLynchburg LLC to U & Me Baby LLC. Condominium Unit 105, Parkview on the Bluff, $260,835

Resurrected Homes LLC to Nadia Batirev. 1000 Polk St., $127,900

Brittany L. Hammersley and Connor Edward Michael Burke to Jeffrey Loftus, Paige Loftus and Todd Loftus. Lot 4, block A, Evergreen Subdivision, $340,000

Robinson Properties Inc. to B & R Properties Inc. 4604 Oakdale Dr., $150,000

C. Newell and Catherine F. Sanders to Matthew Hopfenspirger. Lot 15, section 3, New Town, $196,000

Melody R. Infinger to HDR Properties LLC. 4618 Alabama Ave., $160,000

DNP Properties LLC to Daniel J. Flynn and Nora C. Flynn. Unit 20, 51 11th Street Lofts, $195,000

Ty Investments LLC to LC Special LLC. 707 Madison St., $70,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

Gerald Wilbun, 211 Walton Dr., remodel kitchen, $10,000

Earl Wirth, 2115 South Fork Road, bathroom and laundry room, $10,000

Kevin Mitchell, Oakleigh Ave., new dwelling, $330,000

Bill Burke, 3605 Double Bridges Road, bath addition, $10,000

Alfred Jones III, 813 Woodchuck Dr., tree house, $15,000

Ryan Atkins Masonry LLC, Stage Road, commercial building, $300,000

Ezra Walton, 412 Thomas Farm Lane, bathtub, $15,600

Brad Rosson, 309 Snapps Mill Road, solar panels, $52,213.60

Daniel McPeak, lot 41, Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $340,000

Latitude 37 Appomattox LLC, Armstrong Lane, cell tower, $174,000

Phillip Pettet, lot 4, Police Tower Road, new dwelling, $350,000

Dawn Tolley, Dunn Roamin Road, pool, $49,000

Ronald Harvey, 3055 Cedar Bend Road, pool, $43,000

Ryan Atkins Masonry LLC, Stage Road, pole barn, $25,000

Richard McGhee, 218 Walton Dr., pool with deck, $16,000

Robert C. Bryant Jr., 2327 Rock Spring Road, garage, $37,000


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