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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits


Freedom of Information laws are commonly referred to as "sunshine laws." 

Property transfers

Amherst County

Philp S. Gorman, Michael E. Gorman, Margaret E. Gorman to Timothy Craig and Rebecca Skelton Marshall. Lot 5, Blue Shale Springs, $60,000

Bethany N. Good to Ryan Crist and Billie Carroll. Lot 11, Forest Oaks, $221,000

Lloyd A. Wright Jr. to Derek A. Wright. Parcel, 3 acres, Higginbotham Creek Road, $145,000

Jeffrey L. and Jennifer M. Hall Crews to Clayton M. and Christy L. Breeding. Lot 46, Sugar Mill, $320,000

Matthew S. Maynard to Orlando X. Garland and Briana C. Blair. Lot 22, Abee Manor, $243,900

Evelyn Watts to Nicolas and Ashley Gil. 108 E. Rucker St. and additional parcel, $135,000

Nelly O. Branson, Ieke O. Scully and John H. Osinga to Nelly O. Branson. 252 Waughs Ferry Road, $178,843

Caleb L. Bailey to Elizabeth A. and Travis D. Girts. Lot 3, block A, section B, Lynmoor Subdivision, $210,000

Betty F. Daniel to Lawrence R. and Sue W. Christian. Lot 8, Wynbrooke, $279,900

Casey Johnson to Derrick Lee and Trey Ashlee Smith. Lot 18, section 2, Lamont Acres, $216,000

Appomattox County

Amanda W. Fuller and Chad B. Martin to Brendan Jackson. 1602 Stonewall Road, $237,000

Alexander C. Oaks and Sommer L. Oakes to Robert Lloyd Charte. Lot 6, Reedy Creek Subdivision, $245,000

Marvin Dixon to Ardon and Christie Erwin. 304 Piney Mountain Road, $145,000

Michael Sale to Joshua B. Hochstuhl. 164 Patterson St., $125,500

NBS Real Estate LLC to Crystal D. Low. 5960 Watt Abbitt Road, $90,000

Big Oak Tree Farm LLC to Donald J. Foody and Jessica Maldonado-Foody. Lot 12, Big Oak Farm Subdivision, $64,000

Bedford County

Thomas M. Wheaton to Sean Vello and Allison Mayes Ploskina. Lot 55, Dixie Acres, Lakes District, $701,000

Melvin L. and Norma Jean Stevens to Bailey Financial LLC. Lot 38, Ridgecrest Subdivision, Lakes District, $500,000

Waller S. Perrow III, Thomas O. Branch and Woolwine Holdings LLC to Boddie-Noell Enterprises Inc. New lot 4, on Moneta Road and Diamond Hill Road, Lakes District, $450,000

Milton B. Crotts to Teresa B. and Tracie B. Grant. 103 Catlett Court, Lakes District, $442,000

Terressa B. Woodie to Donnalyn Combest. 1245 Shady Run Road, Blue Ridge District, $415,000

Kenneth Ray Chattin and Traci M. Chattin to Ashley L. and Amit Kumar. 101 Hemlock Shores Dr., Blue Ridge District, $381,000

Mary L. Beverley and William O. Jones III to Alicia Ade-Kuhn. 3294 Ayers Road, Lakes District, $365,000

Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC to Joseph B. Bowman III and Kristine S. Bowman. Unit 314, The Point at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $325,000

Michael Deandre and Jamie Harmon to Virginia Lee Edwards. 6743 Horseshoe Bend, Lakes District, $240,000

Andy Motto Jr. and Kathy Motto to Aaron W. Burnette and Susan E. Burnette. Lot 19, block IV, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $230,000

Barbara Jean Pendleton and James Brown Pratt to David L. Tabor. 1451 Camp Jaycee Road, Blue Ridge District, $199,000

Ashley Chanelle Goin to William J. McClain. Unit E2e, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $90,000

Francis Inman and Thomas Inman to Wilson Alan Tuck. Tract 28, section 1, Willow Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $79,000

Ethan Lee Pittman to Keifer S. Pittman and Courtney T. Lowe. Parcel 3, Huntington Wood Estates, Lakes District, $30,000

Todd A. and Cynthia T. Kavana to David W. and Jennifer C. Semenyna. Lot 5, Stillhouse Creek Subdivision, $360,000

Charles A. and Barbara R. Cutter to Frank Edward and Heather Woodford Ferraiuolo. Lot 38, section 2, North Hills Subdivision, $267,000

Edna Davis Jackson to Joseph R. and Tracey Bell and Susan Fenton. Parcel, Va. 643, one-half acre, $92,500

Bro LLC to Jessica Lynn Holland. Parcel 4, 4 acres, Center District, $110,000

Vivian D. and Artie S. Turner Jr. to Jeremy G. and Morgan A. Stone. Lot 8A, section 2, Stonegate, $305,000

Joshua Kim and Chi-In Kim to Imran Aslam and Faiza Imtiaz. 1487 Turkeyfoot Road, $480,000

Gingerbread Manor Inc. to Autumn Marie Delp. 507 Jackson St., $42,000

Michael K. Delia and Stephanie N. Gomez to Laura Jean and Charles S.L. Poston. Lot 6, section 2, Ashwood Townhouses, $165,000

Korey and Ashley Bosner to Brian David and Raquel Jean Moore. Parcel, 18.575, Jefferson District, $85,000

Pamela A. and John H. Geffken Jr. to Nicole E. Hoerner. Lots 117 and 118, section V, Terrace View, $801,000

Thomas Wayne Tweedy to Jonathan M. Bracewell. Parcel, Va. 651, 2 acres, $155,000

Todd J. Hoerner and Nicole E. Hoerner to Coby K. and Gina R. Shield. 5759 Cottontown Road, $448,000

Robert J. Sloper and Jann M. Sloper to Twin Leaf Farms LLC. 9040 Big Island Highway and two additional parcels, $412,500

Randall S. and Donna Dunn to Daniel Ellgass. Lot 3, Perrow Hill, $399,900

Payden Thomas and Olivia Ludwick to Robert S. Bonheim Jr. Lot 2, section 1, Cedar Knoll, $25,000

Diversified Management Services Inc., Robert T. Wandrei and Mary Sue Nunley to Teen Murti LLC. Parcel, Burks Hill Road, $90,000

James C. and Stephanie A. Hamilton to Justin and Marcella D. Toler. Unit 1, building 12, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $265,400

Patrick S. and Debra J. Neff to Gregory A. and Renee R. Maca. Lot 8, phase 1, Brookstone Estates, $830,000

David W. O’Donnell and Maricel P. O’Donnell to Austin and Laura Rackley. Lot 33, section 6, Farmington at Forest, $475,000

Highland Oak LLC to Peaks View Construction LLC. Lot 4, Coffee Road Estates, $46,500

Campbell County

Barbara A. Hackett to Arthur Lee and Pauline Diane Davis. 850 Whitestone Dr., $202,000

Garry P. Gilliam to Caitlin Nicole Curtis. Parcel, Va. 639, 1.37 acres, $145,000

Twin Leaf Farm LLC to Teisha Stone. 702 11th St. and additional parcel, 11th St., Altavista, $136,000

Michael L. and Penni A. Milnor to Jordan B. and Sylvia A. Noyes. Parcel, Va. 761 and Va. 637, 2.00 acres, $299,850

Wynee A. Woodson, Julie C. Adams, Kathy W. Craft and Tondalaya W. Van Lear to Eric and Kristin Szandzik. Lot 7, Lazy Creeks, $278,400

Jason D. and Elizabeth S. Sumner to Shadae R. Younge. Lot 10, section 5, Lighthouse Townhouse, $170,000

Patricia Smith Patterson, Mary Smith Hamlett and Michael Joseph Smith to Randall Scott and Donna Ragsdale Dunn. 2212 Beverly Heights and additional parcel, $204,900

Jordan B. Noyes and Sylvia T. Noyes to Caleb I. Cook. Part of lot 2, Elliott Subdivision, $180,000

Steven M. Hovis and Annemarie G. Hovis to Sara Anne Davies and Gary M. Gearheart and Diana M. Geissler. Lot 26, section F, Powhatan Cox Tract, $240,000

Robert C. Emerson and Jennifer R. Emerson to Jin and Yu Qin Dong. Lot 29, section 3-B, Wildwood, $210,888

JC First LLC to Krystal Rayanne Mondick. 102 Third St. and two additional parcels, $50,000

William Edward and Brooke Leanne Terry to Sara M. Snyder. Lot 43, Leesville Road Estates, $335,000

Joseph Russell Mason to Robert Keller Hopkins II. Parcel, near Stevens Road, $19,500

Herbert R. Ferguson Jr. to Zackary J. and Rebecca B. Ferguson. Parcel B, Va. 663, 3.722 acres, $210,000

Daniel J. and Brittany N. Hayden to Sara L. and Lacon M. Cash III. Lot 6, block B, Powhatan Cox Tract, $230,000

Concord Lake Haven Inc. to TSR Properties LLC. New lot 11, Concord Estates Subdivision, $38,400

Larry E. and Lee Ann Rose to Brandon K. and Jessica F. Ashby. Lot 7, Poplar Ridge, $27,500

Frank Garnett Talbott Jr. to Kenneth L. Durham and Kenneth L. Durham Jr. 139 Meadow Court, $43,000

City of Lynchburg

Phillip A. Cantrell II and Jessica L. Cantrell to Justin Terrell and Amber Kelsi Matzker. Lot 31, section 5, Cedar Ridge, $243,000

Patrick L. Shagena and Tracie L. Hightower to John and Rosemary Ellis. Lots 7-9, block B, Rivermont Terrace, $279,000

Harold L. Bare II and Davina H. Bare to Phillip Justin Reiman and Joan Leslie Binns. 1510 Rivermont Ave., $501,000

Joseph Stephen Springer to Justin M. and Elizabeth Rose Smith. 2910 Dellwood Circle, $178,000

Daniel K. Dillard to Clinton D. Ferguson. 1135 Moseley Dr., $100,000

Brent Kidd to Austin Lee Woodring. 1002 Enterprise Dr. #408, $175,000

David Lee and Mary Elizabeth Head to Amy Ellen Frey Carrier. Lot 44, phase III, The Preserve at Oakwood, $445,000

Michael P. Fuce and Elizabeth W. Fuce to Alison D. and John D. Pettit Jr. Lot 11, unit 314, block 1, Wyndhurst, $157,000

Kolby H. and Anna K. Matson to Katie D. Gott. Lot 67, section 2, addition to Windsor Hills, $265,000

Eric F. Makovsy to William Casey Wells and Jill Williams Wood. Lots 7-8, block B, N.B. Handy addition to Randolph Macon Heights, $280,000

Steven Gregory Proco and David Wayne Proco to Chad Russell Hotelling. 4625 Alabama Ave., $125,000

Michael C. Chijioke and Danell J. Chijioke to Jon E. and Jennifer L. Hall. Lot 3, section 1, College Park, $227,000

Khristopher John Brooks and Rebecca C. Andrews to Heaven K. Strickland. Lot 5, section 1, Woodbine Village West, $121,500

James M. Chatlani to Phillip Ryan and Maureen W. Lynch. Unit 104, The Gables at Wyndhurst Condominium, $145,000

FPJ Investments LLC to JPFJR LLC. Lot 4, section 1, Woodbine Village West, $75,000

FPJ Investments LLC to JPFJR LLC. Lot 20, Watergate, $115,000

Katherine P. Lesnak and Thomas P. Lesnak to Dezmond W. and Latoya Jones. Lot 27, block C, section 6, Blue Ridge Farms, $195,500

Frank J. and Pamela S. Nemeth to Sharon E. and Robert L. Thoburn III. Lot 58, block H, section 12, Blue Ridge Farms, $210,000

Clayton G. and Heather Jordan Copeland to Keely Montana and Matthew Kenneth Craig. 233 Towne Crier Road, $229,900

Keeling H. and Bradford K. Pennington Jr. to Joshua S. and Natasha S. Yeoman. Lot 6, section III, Locksview, $360,000

James Alec and Linda Joyce Coleman to Jonathan William Thomas and Katelin Deanna Peters. Lot 44, section 1, addition to Windsor Hills, $255,200

Judith G. Schulz to Keeling H. and Bradford K. Pennington Jr. 3613 Manton Dr., $378,500

Andrew M. and Abigail E.G. Schmidt to Dominick Joseph and Hope Qinglewis Sarazen. Lot 6, section 7, New Towne, $209,500

Erin J. and David B. Bruce to Joseph D. and Theresa S. Aboid. 542 Leesville Road, $113,500

Portico Properties LLC to Brian and Amber Neal. Lot 21, block G, Cornerstone, $227,500

Bonnie Turner to Lauren A. Castillo. 700 Orchard St., $161,000

Jessie A. Rogers to Linda Carl Atkinson. 6101 Igloe Dr., $160,500

Brenda Johnson, Heidi Armstrong and Douglas Liedtke to Michael S. Lovett and Amanda G. Adams. Lots 3-4, bock C, section 1, Seven Oaks, $240,900

Ronnie L. and Regina R. Lane to Donald R. Graham. 1208 Tilden Ave., $59,000

Jonathan Bacco, Austin Meyrick and Drew Harrilchak to Joshua R. Rosene. 1507 Taylor St., $5,050

Kim R. Wright to Sushant Thapa and Bethany Taylor Federico. 721 Wyndhurst Dr., $191,900

Jeremy D. Monetti to Richard Nicolas Pachis. Lot 15, block 64, Fairview Heights, $105,000

FLOMAR 2 LLC to Jessica Anne and Nathaniel Mark Talada. Unit 209, The Gables at Wyndhurst Condominium, $149,900

Shawn M. Mays to Eric E. and Bethany A.S. Harrison. 301 Riverside Dr., $152,000

Weston L. and Elizabeth Erbentraut to Tanya L. Gallego-Colon and Hector Luis Baez-Ayala and Victoria Anthia Baez. 125 New Towne Road, $221,900

Picket Fence Investments LLC to Crystal C. and John R. Brown Jr. Lot 1, block 5, section 2, Long Meadows, $200,000

Chris M. and Britney L. Thomson to Promisor Relocation LLC. Lot 16, section II, Carter’s Grove, $561,000

Burgdash Properties LLC to Kimberly J. Miller. 110 Warfield Road, $231,000

Brian D. and Teresa D. Leeper to Patricia H. Wingo. Lot 9, section 1, The Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $286,900

Aaron S. Lockhart and Sarah A. Lockhart to Christopher J. Zahne. 1012 New Hampshire Ave., $195,000

Foundry Real Estate LLC to Terrapin Properties LLC. 1119 Lakeview Dr., $127,000

Joshua A. and Sara E. Kozerow to Alysha Denee Brown. 1461 Ashbourne Dr., $125,500

Liberty Saints LLC to Jonathan Knowles. 314 Saint Augustine St., $134,900

Warren Scott and Terrance Scott to Juvis Alexander Guzman. 621-623 Gum St., $39,300

Holly D. Ferguson to Joshua A. and Sara E. Kozerow. 504 Riverside Dr., $199,000

Zachary K. Cox and Amanda W. Cox to Matthew F. Sterner and Kira A. Earley. Lot 11, Smoketree Lane, $259,900

Elizabeth R. Sims to Michael A. and Sheena R. Norfield. Lot 24, section 2, Panorama Hills Subdivision, $385,000

Jaspal Singh and Navdeep Singh to Stephen T. Lenik and Liza A. Gijanto. 2713 Greenhill Lane, $394,900

Building permits

Campbell County

Shelton & Hailey Holding Company LLC, 55 Hicks Road, commercial building, $250,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 126 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 122 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 118 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 114 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 110 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 106 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Sunburst Properties LLC, 102 Sunburst Villas Dr., Sunburst Villas Townhome, $200,000

Phillip Farmer, 1803 Bedford Ave., remodel, $200,000

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC, 366 Beech Tree Lane, new dwelling, $280,000

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC, 348 Beech Tree Lane, new dwelling, $285,000

Lynchburg United Soccer Inc., 5635 Campbell Highway, pavilion, $40,000

H&S Holdings Properties, 448 Collins Ferry Road, new dwelling, $300,000

Robert Reynolds, 457 Pauls Road, pole barn, $10,000

Benjamin Fisher, 3690 East Ferry Road, new dwelling, $500,000

Archie Reisberg, 1491 Wickliffe Road, accessory building, $28,400

Mark Garrenton, 7144 Hat Creek Road, additions and alterations, $90,000

CG GPS Altavista VA LLC, 103 Ogden Road, signs, $2,000

D&D Landholdings LLC, 707 Ruckers Road, new dwelling, $150,000

Nathaniel Marshall Jr., 575 Carwile Road, enclose sunroom, $7,000

Boris Braunroth, 1021 Elliott Road, decking on pool, $2,400

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 28, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 27, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 26, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 25, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 24, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 23, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC, lot 22, Blue Ridge Commons, townhome, $80,000

Keith Rodwell, 1075 Lynbrook Road, addition and alterations, $10,000

Eric Glass, 1352 Mitchell Mill Road, pool, $45,970

Kenneth Peery III, 100 Patton Dr., finish basement, $23,000


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