President Donald Trump has devoted much of his 3½ years in office to painting over the name of Barack Obama.

The police killing of George Floyd and worldwide Black Lives Matter protests raise many questions. Chief among them, what can anyone do?

In a week of peaceful protests, violent riots and widespread looting, the removal Tuesday of a Confederate monument in Alexandria may seem alm…

As a few states bow to pressure to reopen businesses, medical professionals warn COVID-19 is sticking around and could get much worse.

Democratic voters have spoken, and they’ve said “no” to presidential candidates who are (1) youngish, (2) female, (3) black or (4) rich.

Four years ago this week, I wrote that voters on Super Tuesday could put the brakes on Donald Trump — “but will they?”

Contrary to popular myth, Rosa Parks was not physically tired the afternoon she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.

Ah, Presidents’ Day, when mattresses go on sale. But wait. Let’s remember the official and legal name of the federal holiday on the third Mond…

The Democratic caucuses in Iowa Monday night were supposed to give Iowans the first say on winners and losers for the 2020 Democratic presiden…

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