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Letter to the editor: A handshake

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In times past, a handshake was sufficient to fulfill an agreement between two people. Today, honest people are presented with forms, cameras, background checks, etc. to "prove" who they are, and to "prove" they will pay their bills, and to "prove" in they are honest people.

Today's citizen has to have a photograph taken in many places such as the dental office, optometrist's office, and doctor's office for facial recognition software to "recognize" who they are. Everywhere we go, there are cameras recording our every move. Younger people are accepting of these types of activities and criteria because they have known nothing else in their lifetime. Has our society progressed so much in "distrust" that we have reached this point?

I recently visited a business in which I had been a client for over 20 years. I was presented with a policy form in which I was ask to agree. There was a section on the form that I did not agree to, so I circled it and wrote that I did not agree. I was called from the waiting area and asked by an employee about the section I had circled. That employee escalated it to the manager, and the manager escalated it to the owner. The section involved paying the collection fees in the event that my bill went into collections. Those fees are a business expense and a risk a business owner takes when going into business. No one had checked my 20-year history which would have shown that I have always paid my bills. The office was so intent on procedure and fear of non-payment that they forgot about their loyal and good customer who always pays on time.

I never thought in my lifetime that we would have reached this point.



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