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Letter to the editor for Aug. 31, 2021

Letter to the editor for Aug. 31, 2021

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Teachers must protest CRT

There are about four million public school teachers in the US. Every one of these teachers — all four million of them — need to vehemently, adamantly, and angrily oppose the teaching of critical race theory.

What is CRT? Basically that whites are a privileged class of racists who oppress all other races, and that they are inferior to the races they oppress. Have we not spent the last 300-plus years improving race relations? Yet CRT seeks to undermine and destroy such relations. Increasing friction and division among classes and races is a communist goal and must be vigorously opposed.

Race is not a clear division. What if the person is part black and part white? Is his white portion the oppressor and the black portion the oppressed? Pure stupidity.

The history of the U.S. is, among other things, the steady progression of better conditions for all classes. We fought a civil war to free blacks from physical slavery, and throughout the 20th century, blacks, in addition to other classes, fought for, and were given, increased freedoms and opportunities in every arena of life: arts, sports, education, industry, even where to live.

CRT suggests that racism is the chief evil of our time, but it is not. The chief evil is our separation from God. Racism can separate us from God, but so can robbery, infidelity, greed, hatred, homosexuality, and a host of other sins. I am not saved by casting off racism, but by confessing my sins and allowing Jesus Christ to take control.

All people, regardless of race, are equal, and deserve to be treated in a Christian manner. CRT, teaching that races are unequal, and that certain ones are superior, is anti-American, anti-Christian, and immoral. It deserves to be thrown out onto the trash heap of fatally flawed human ideas.




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