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Letter to the editor for Dec. 29, 2021

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Seeing a pattern

Déjà vu? Nearly seven and a half years ago, Aug. 18, 2014, The News & Advance published my article titled, “A crisis of American leadership.” It outlined the international and domestic issues facing the U.S.: Russia threatening Georgia and Crimea, Islamic extremists attacking our embassies and killing our ambassador in Benghazi, illegal alien minors flooding our southern border, North Korea ignoring warnings about missile tests, and Iran pursuing nuclear capability unimpeded.

Here we are again, now. The very next time Democrats gain control of government, it all comes raining down. Russia threatening Ukraine, China threatening Taiwan, North Korea missile test, Iran enriching uranium, the greatest flood of illegal aliens in most of our lifetimes, inflation devastating our wallets — especially energy — and Americans abandoned in Afghanistan along with abandoned weapons — making the Taliban great again.

Can anyone see a pattern? Seven and a half years ago it was the Obama Democratic administration, and now it is the Biden Democratic administration. I’m sure there is a clue here someplace.

During the intermittent Republican administration, our economy was booming, we were the chief producer of energy in the world, Russia was quiet, Iran was restrained, ISIS obliterated, illegal aliens all but stopped, fairer trade with China, criminal justice reform, Black college endowments extended, NATO nations began paying their fair share and the lowest unemployment in half a century. All this accomplished while the administration was under daily, unrelenting political and pseudo-journalistic attack based on proven false allegations. Just imagine what could be achieved with even just fair journalism and modest political cooperation.

If you want a great economy, U.S. foes held in check, illegal border crossings stopped, low unemployment, fair trade, and American preeminence in the world, then for anyone with two brain cells to rub together, how to vote should be obvious. Please do so.


Madison Heights


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