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Letter to the editor for July 23, 2021

Letter to the editor for July 23, 2021

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More important things to worry about

The Republicans are at it again. The same folks that were worried about Mr. Potato Head’s gender are now worried about the tone of voice President Biden uses in his speeches. I didn’t realize the President’s “whispering” was an issue until I read Michael Roach’s letter of July 13 and Googled “Biden whispering” to see what that was all about. What I found were snippets from Fox Entertainment that were the usual much ado about nothing but would perhaps serve as clickbait for those with too much time on their hands.

I have several suggestions for better use of their time: I would suggest that they ponder The Big Lie and where it started. It can be traced 100% back to Donald Trump, the world’s sorest loser and proud winner of the Zero Sportsmanship Award — not exactly an unbiased source. Along with this they need to think about the irreparable damage The Big Lie is doing to the American democratic system. Next they should consider the GOP’s penchant for voter suppression. Some of the red states have even made it possible for their legislatures to choose the electors for president. Does the GOP plan to ignore or do away with voting by the citizenry? I believe the Potato Head and anti-whisper warriors should devote some thought to this possibility unless they don’t really care if their vote counts.

Finally, I think the Potato Head crowd should compare the 2020 political map with the vaccination map. Red states are also unvaccinated states. Have they considered that multitudes of their voters are fated to die of COVID? Maybe that shouldn’t matter to me since I’m a Democrat, but since I am a Democrat, I am a true patriot with a sense of responsibility to my fellow Americans, even if they are Republicans. This basic responsibility is sorely lacking in today’s GOP.

Republicans need to do a lot less griping and whining about Biden’s elocution and ridiculous cultural non-issues. They really need to worry about what would happen if Trump were elected president again. We would never be rid of him until his diet of hamburgers and soda did its job. By then he would have executed all his detractors and crowned one of his sons his successor. Is that what you really want for America? You don’t have to like President Biden, but at least he is a decent man who operates within the democratic framework our country used to profess to value. The Trumpian alternative would be its death knell. That’s what you need to worry about.


Lynch Station


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