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Letter to the editor for July 30, 2021

Letter to the editor for July 30, 2021

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Protecting our health care workers

Honor, duty, truth, caring, sharing, helping, sacrifice, responsibility. This is the American way. These are the values of the majority of your health care team. They also accept working weekends and nights, missing holidays and birthdays, and having risks to exposure of themselves and family to possible fatal diseases. Recently the COVID pandemic treatment has been made difficult by misleading and often blatantly false information from political leaders, social media and media. Much of this has been directed at those who provide care.

These falsehoods have stalled the vaccination process by causing many to be emotionally opposed. Caregivers have dealt with this often with people (smokers, drunk drivers, obese, etc.) But this disregard affects many more and provides hosts for the virus to continue to mutate. Some giving care are asking, “Why should I do this for these people?” They suggest if no vaccination, then the freedom to deny care if you get COVID. This would be freedom like denying a wedding cake to an LGBT person. Surely “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ranks near religious freedom. Freedom has always been earned and protected by those who sacrificed for us.

Of course our providers would never deny care because they live the values of the American way. Many are becoming discouraged by this “spit in your face” mantra. Many are burning out, retiring, quitting, changing jobs to avoid this burden of care.

Psychologists recognize one cannot win arguments against emotional beliefs with facts. Look back at the American values and think about all who contributed to your freedom. Wearing a mask and getting a vaccine too big of a sacrifice for you? Can you get involved in demonstrating our American values and protecting our health care team?




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