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Letter to the editor for Nov. 11, 2021
Letters to the editor

Letter to the editor for Nov. 11, 2021

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Start over on redistricting

The effort at redistricting failed and continues to fail as additional measures are added to fix the process. I applied to participate in the Redistricting Commission. I expressed my reasons and collected letters of recommendation from prominent individuals. Because I was not affiliated with either party, I foolishly believed I would be a perfect candidate — after all, I had no dog in the fight.

It quickly became apparent that the selection process was controlled by the parties. The only nominees each party would put forward were their most vehement advocates who could hold their own in the thrashings of negotiation. What a shame. Wasn’t it obvious that the two parties can’t reach agreement on anything? Wasn’t it obvious that they both only serve to perpetuate their own power and couldn’t care less about serving the people who want effective government?

The whole redistricting system should be completely scrapped and commissioners chosen from a slate of nominees with a history of public service and no party affiliation; at least, no Democrat or Republican affiliation. Only in that way can we get districts that reflect actual communities and not just political voting records.

Redistricting is one path out of our political polarization. When districts are defined by geographic communities regardless of voting records, the candidates elected to represent them will have to be sufficiently moderate, tolerant and liberty-loving to represent their whole district, making it easier for all representatives to reach compromises. Let’s start over.




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