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Letter to the editor for Oct. 25, 2021
Letters to the editor

Letter to the editor for Oct. 25, 2021

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A fox guarding our hen house?

With less than two weeks before Election Day, it’s concerning that [Rustburg District write-in candidate for Campbell County School Board] Mr. Phil Stevens has yet to release any specific information about his positions.

He is currently a pastor who, in August, told The News & Advance that “his church is in discussion about starting a private Christian school.”

Three days after announcing his bid for Campbell County School Board, Mr. Stevens and his church voted to start Winfall Christian Academy. I would assume that as pastor of this church, Mr. Stevens would have some level of responsibility in regards to this newly launched private school. Obviously, this would create a conflict of interest with the position he is seeking on the Campbell County School Board.

A conflict of interest occurs when a person owes duty or loyalty to more than one organization, or when personal self interests and competing duties or loyalties may result in actions which are adverse to one or both parties. Would it not be a conflict of interest if a public school board member also has an affiliation with an area private school? Would there not be conflicts/competition in regards to student enrollment, teaching staff, funding, curriculum, etc.?

In light of this, I don’t know what polarizing political games he wants to bring to the Campbell County School Board.

Mr. Stevens currently has one child attending a private school. Why on earth would a parent with children in public schools want an advocate for private education sitting on the public school board?

School board members serve as representatives for their community, advocating and prioritizing the needs and interests of our students in our public school system — not private schools!

The pandemic has been stressful enough for families and educators. The last thing we need is Mr. Stevens pushing a divisive political agenda.

I’m voting for Mr. David Phillips — the independent candidate who supports public schools and will work to keep political drama out of our local school board.




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