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Letter to the editor for Sept. 13, 2021

Letter to the editor for Sept. 13, 2021

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Opposed to McAuliffe

What Virginians will continue to get with [Democratic candidate] Terry McAuliffe as governor:

Crime in Virginia and most Democratic-controlled cities has soared. Police murders are common events throughout the US; massive police resignations are a by-product of the murders and lack of support from politicians.

DMV facilities remain closed while workers in the private sector work every day regardless of the pandemic. Are they special?

Unemployment claims are delayed as much as six months due to incompetence at the top while [Gov. Ralph] Northam strolls along Virginia Beach posing for pictures with tourists without social distancing.

Northam touted the need to raise vehicle title fees by $5 during a pandemic to fund State Police salary increases; immediately, he found ample revenue to give school employees a 5% salary increase while two-thirds of school children nationwide are failing. Now Virginia has a nearly $3 billion dollar budget surplus that will be squandered rather than returning it to taxpayers.

The state gasoline tax was raised by 5 cents per gallon during a pandemic to provide funds for roads and other infrastructure. Have any roads been repaired near you or is it all being spent in Northern Virginia?

Mail-in voting, without justification, is now allowed in Virginia without an ID or anything other than a Social Security number. Massive fraud will occur as a result, including more votes cast than registered voters.

Northam signed a Democratic-sponsored bill allowing babies to be killed just prior to birth.

Northam approved a bill authorizing two years’ free tuition at Virginia’s community colleges funded by working taxpayers in lieu of parents or students.




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