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Letter to the editor for Sept. 14, 2021

Letter to the editor for Sept. 14, 2021

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Good job, patriots

Calling all Lynchburg anti-masking and anti-vaxxing patriots. Congratulations on your steadfast refusal to knuckle under to the outrageous demands being placed on your liberty.

Your actions are having an immense impact in our city. You can be proud of your individual effort in achieving the new all-time high of new COVID cases in the ‘Burg, but we still trail Fairfax by 47 cases per day so don’t lessen your effort. You patriots have also set a record making the Central Virginia Health District the statewide leader with the highest percentage of positive COVID tests.

Most impressive of all, however, is that you have Lynchburg the third most infectious locality in the entire USA! This means that each infected Lynchburger is estimated to infect 1.49 other people. You’re doing a fantastic job of spreading the disease to your spouse, kids, total strangers, friends, and everyone. Now, that’s something you can be really proud about.

You’ve already done so much, but you must ask yourself if you’ve done enough. Why settle for being the third most infectious locality? Why not shoot for number one? Why settle for infecting just 1.49 other people? With just a little more effort you could easily double the number of people that you are making sick.

Centra Health recently reported that COVID patients are dying a rate of two per day. If you continue to deny the science, remain vigilant in refusing to wear a mask or get a vaccination or keep your distance, if you can do just a little bit more, you won’t have to settle for just two deaths per day.

The sky is the limit, patriot!




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