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Letter to the editor for Sept. 2, 2021

Letter to the editor for Sept. 2, 2021

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Mandates build distrust

Why has Centra Health climbed on the vaccine mandate train?

COVID-19 has an overall survival rate of 98.4% and much higher for most demographics. And that was with five Democrat governors pressuring nursing homes to admit patients who had been hospitalized for COVID-19. AARP data shows 186,000 (28%) of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. were people in nursing homes.

A recent study in Israel unsurprisingly affirmed that getting COVID-19 builds a stronger immunity than Israel’s most-used vaccine. So why are vaccines being pushed on those who actually had the virus?

While the pro-vaccine side rightly claims the adverse effects and deaths in the thousands who were vaccinated is a small percentage, they reject that logic for the virus itself. While many who suffered after the vaccine had compromised health, the same is true for those who suffered from the virus. Heart-breaking stories have been used by both sides, but what really matters, especially for policies, are percentages and demographics — age, health and population density.

Forced vaccination, especially with such a woefully weak case, builds distrust. It divides our nation and community. It will strain our local healthcare system as workers feel forced to choose between their health and their job.

Indeed, the mandate by Centra just does not seem to make sense — until you follow the money and consider that a huge portion of Centra’s budget comes from state and federal governments.

While the Democratic Party claims to work for the regular person, once elected, Democrats eagerly use big corporations to shred our constitutional protections and force a mindset of mindless submission into citizens. Don’t be fooled again this November. Vote to empower regular people, not elitist politicians.

When dealing with areas that most people lack expertise, trust is needed, and that requires honesty, openness, respect and tolerance.




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