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Letter to the editor for Sept. 8, 2021

Letter to the editor for Sept. 8, 2021

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GOP is not for law and order

Contrary to the spiel delivered in their local TV commercials, the GOP is not the party of law and order. They are the party of lawlessness and vigilante “justice.”

When they don’t like election results, they create an insurrection, never mind how many laws they break or how many police officers they injure. And look at Texas’ new GOP anti-abortion law that will be enforced by private citizens — vigilantes — not by the legal system. Then there is the other new Texas law, passed by the GOP over the objections of law enforcement, that allows just about anyone to carry a handgun anywhere and at any time. It could turn out like the Wild West on the old TV shows with random hanging parties and gun fights in the street. That may be entertaining to watch from here, but we Virginians deserve better.

Don’t let [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Glenn Youngkin turn Virginia into a Texas-style GOP mess. He told the local sheriffs that he “has their backs,” whatever that means, but words are cheap. The GOP promises law and order and then does everything possible to undermine it.

Support [Democratic nominee] Terry McAuliffe, the real law and order candidate, and if any local sheriffs wish to retire when he is elected, I wish them the best.


Lynch Station


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