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Letter to the editor for Sept. 9, 2020

Letter to the editor for Sept. 9, 2020


Talking points, not facts

Kenneth Brown’s letter to the editor published on Sept. 4 was nothing more than the usual Republican talking points of exaggerations and downright lies. First of all, if Brown thinks the government should control women’s bodies, his argument against government control in our lives immediately goes into the waste bin.

He cannot have it both ways. Actually, he should be encouraging birth control that would prevent the need for abortions. Beyond that, he could discourage other Republicans from having so much sex, since it causes so many of them embarrassing problems that frequently make the news.

Also, Joe Biden has never said he would defund the police or open the borders. Democrats believe the demonstrations and the riots — that Trump’s dog whistles are encouraging — will stop when the underlying problems are dealt with. Also, Democrats believe in sophisticated, more effective border control measures, not medieval walls that anyone who halfway tries can go over, under, or through.

As far as socialism is concerned, that old, tired argument has been used in every election going back at least to Franklin Roosevelt. Americans overwhelmingly like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and we are not a socialist country. Trump is working to destroy all of these programs.

Young folks, if you want to assume financial responsibility for your elderly parents that includes paying their medical bills, just believe what Mr. Brown tells you and let the Republicans finish off “socialism.” Unfortunately, all of us would get what you deserve. Vote for Joe Biden.


Lynch Station

Vet disappointed in Trump

I am a Vietnam War Veteran that is very disappointed with Christian supporters for Donald Trump.

Sacrifice is greatest act of love (Christ on the cross is the best example of that). We sacrifice for country, in relationships and for all the people we should be loving. There was no personal profit or gain as Christ sacrificed for all humankind (what a Trumpian looser and sucker he was). You (people of Trumpism), keep supporting this immoral man and his unethical behavior within a fantasy world that lacks any actual reality. As for me — I will roll or crawl or be carried to wherever I can vote against this corrupt minded man.

I will say or do whatever I can to get this man out of office. Trumpism can say what it wishes against all decency in our society and break up all functional governmental operations with its constant destruction of their own administration, but when your leader (Mr. Trump) calls my military brothers and sisters (those heroes — fallen, wounded or just survivors from combat) “Losers” — you (all of Trumpism) lose my respect. I am just another military looser and sucker believing in reality.



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