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Letter to the editor: Gas stove rules affect millions

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A governmental agency has started a campaign to ban all gas stoves in the name of climate change and health concerns. The agency was not the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]. In fact the EPA issued a statement that said gas stoves (and fireplace inserts) do not require EPA certification. Whether designed to burn natural gas or propane, they burn very clearly, emitting very little pollution. To eliminate any doubt, turn on a vent or open a window to exhaust any fumes.

To ban gas stoves and replace them with electric ones will only bring our power grids to max usage and beyond their capacity on outdated equipment. With the mandate of electric vehicles and charging them and the rolling blackouts this proposed ban is not reasonable thinking. If we have everything electric and no alternative heat or cooking source we will definitely experience power outages.

Even though the federal govt has put the brakes on issuing a federal regulation there are some cities that have implemented their own bans which will affect millions. Those cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and New York City.

If we have everything electric we still need a power source to fuel the electric grids. Coal and natural gas are the main sources with the lesser nuclear, wind turbines, solar and hydropower. We cannot just haphazardly ban all fossil fuels just because some agency in D.C. says they are harmful or affect the climate. Just because D.C. says something is so does not mean it is the truth. Most of the time it is a lie. I do not know how some agency can start a rumor and then the Democrats and Democratic-run cities start banning something without the proper data and research. This is America and it is not governed by "it's my way or the highway."



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