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Letter to the editor: What's really at stake

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There are many important issues at stake in the upcoming election: Abortion/women’s rights, economy, climate policy, pandemic response, immigration, gun regulation, Medicare/Social Security cuts, Christian nationalism, Ukrainian support, and others. Whatever your view on these issues, there is one that rises above all others: Should our democracy and the will of the people be preserved, or is an autocratic government better?

A recent survey of candidates running across the country for this election concluded that over 50% of Republican candidates are 2020 election deniers. Close to home, local Congressmen [Ben] Cline and [Bob] Good voted not to certify [President Joe] Biden’s election just hours after sheltering behind locked doors, hoping the Trump mob couldn’t break through.

Virginia Gov. [Glenn] Youngkin was recently in Arizona campaigning for a strong denier, Kari Ann Lake. The damage to our election system from [former President Donald] Trump’s “Big Lie” is huge and ongoing. There is no question that the story of massive voter fraud is indeed a big lie, after numerous recounts and dozens of lawsuits dismissed for lack of evidence. Now it has become clear that the Big Lie was more than the ranting of one man, as false electors were in position in several locations. That didn’t happen only because of patriotism of local election officials (of both parties).

So what is really on the ballot is whether we wish to have free elections or live the Big Lie? Your call.


Bedford County

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