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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

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You know, I am continually impressed by the ability of many individuals to appear in public and online spaces and spew total nonsense into a microphone or a computer keyboard. The latest conservative boogeyman to get this treatment — much like transgender children, sharia law, and evolution — is critical race theory. Psychologically fragile white people have latched onto the idea that our public schools are “indoctrinating” our children to “believe” in radical leftist ideas like critical race theory.

Let me be clear: Here are some things that critical race theory is not.

It is not the assumption that racism occurs in every interaction.

It is not the indoctrination of children into anti-American values.

It is not the belief that participation in society is inherently the same as racism.

It’s not even being taught in our schools, and nor is it part of any curriculum. At best it’s a college level concept covered — with many others — in 400 level law classes.

The real motives, though, of anti-critical race theory activists are far more sinister. Opposition to CRT is just one symptom of a fascist disease sweeping through our country. The real aim of conservative demagogues is to prohibit the teaching of true American history in favor of a heavily whitewashed and Christianized version of the true facts that feeds into hypernationalism and fascism. White folks are so terrified of losing their societal power that they regularly engage in a downright Orwellian fabrication of the truth. In that, I suppose, they’re right: critical race theory is un-American! But only because America, past and present, is so inextricably linked to racism that the two are impossible to divorce. Therefore, I urge all members of the public to take a firm stand against those who would oppose inclusion and anti-racism.




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