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Letters to the editor for April 11, 2021

Letters to the editor for April 11, 2021

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The political ploy

The recent faux outrage at the election reform bills passed by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor of Georgia is a well-orchestrated attempt to further slander Republican lawmakers as racist bigots looking to disenfranchise working-class minority voters as retribution for record turnout at the polls during the 2020 election cycle.

However, this move by the state’s lawmakers is perfectly constitutional despite all the whining and complaining from the liberals and their sycophant media allies, not to mention Major League Baseball.

The liberal democratic agenda uses the same tired old playbook time after time. When they can’t argue the merits of their position, they default to conclude the opposing views are racist in an attempt to shut down any further discourse on the topic du jour.

If you are a conservative voter and have been branded as a racist, bigot, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic unredeemable deplorable, that allows them the freedom of conscience to ignore your point of view. Simply put — you don’t exist in their warped mind.

To hell with the First Amendment. To hell with the constitution because it was written by a majority of old white men who were slave owners. Don’t be fooled by the Democratic Machine. They are using the wounds of racial relations and the emotions of Black Americans to make way for the prize they truly covet — the transient souls of the undocumented people who’ve invaded our nation and regularly vote Democrat. That’s why they advocate not needing an ID to vote. That’s why they argue the need for mail-in ballots and extending voting hours and registration deadlines.

It’s a nice ploy to retain political power. Don’t be fooled.



The earth isn’t flat

Cal Thomas’ column, published April 4, offers information that provides an alternative viewpoint to criticism of Georgia voting law changes.

Unfortunately, Mr. Thomas either spins or falls into trap in his last paragraph with his statement, “More people are willing to accept the defeat of candidates for whom they voted if they believe the system was fair and the tabulations were accurate.” He implies the voting restrictions are necessary for voters to gain confidence in the system. Really?

The key words are “if they believe.” Belief and facts don’t always coincide. Climate change and evolution are both scientifically accepted. Only the cause of each is theory.

However, polls often have shown many don’t believe in either or both. Why does belief arise that is contradictory to hard data? Often, the answers are corporate, political, religious, and/or personal expediency. As long as the belief is stated over and over as the truth despite contrary evidence, the belief can gain momentum, buoyed by talking heads, sensationalist media, and social media and search engine algorithms.

There are many exits from this continued division. One is for the news media to report and opine responsibly. Mr. Thomas fails the latter by supporting restrictive Georgia voting laws in the name of “belief” that has no basis in fact. We know and I’m sure Mr. Thomas knows the numbers of fraudulent votes and voting illegalities were nearly zero in the 2020 election; there is no problem to solve. His using “belief’ as rationale for Georgia voting laws despite the overwhelming data to the contrary is harmful, irresponsible divisive, and disingenuous. This is where “belief” needs reckoning and called for what it is: false rationalization.

No matter how many times one repeats the earth is flat, it isn’t so.




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