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Letters to the editor for April 15, 2021

Letters to the editor for April 15, 2021

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A few questions

I’ve noticed several letters to the editor in The News & Advance lately have heaped scorn on the many who simply don’t toe the right-wing media line.

My New Year’s Resolution of 2018 saw me openly abandon conservative politics and Christian Nationalism with its 45 years of culture wars. Sadly since, liberals and moderates became even more the enemy. I assert politics dominates the faith of conservative Christians far more than they know.

In recent news, West Virginia pastor Joel Rainey’s lamented, “[Preachers] get their people for an hour a week, but Sean Hannity gets them the next 20!” I expect most conservatives will never be convinced President Biden is far more honest than his predecessor, can talk in complete sentences, that our border really is not open, and COVID-19 is not a plot to take away our freedom. Still, I have some questions.

So conservatives hate “cancel culture?” How about The Dixie Chicks? Or Colin Kaepernick? Or Samantha Bee? Or Jane Fonda? Much canceling from you there. Do you believe Joe Biden won a free and fair election? Polls say many conservatives don’t, and likely never will. Do you still believe tax cuts increase revenue more than simply leaving them alone? The 2001 and 2017 tax cuts certainly didn’t work. At current tax rates, even the Laffer Curve refutes this dogma.

How about science? Many including Rep. Marjorie Greene, of Georgia, claim biology says sex is binary male or female, internal or external plumbing if you will, but behavioral science says gender is on a spectrum, people all develop differently. There’s also climate change as that multigenerational conservative Al Gore attack line.

Finally, I’ll bet I can infuriate most conservatives by showing some respect for “Nancy Pelosi” or “AOC” or “BLM” or “ANTIFA.”




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