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Letters to the editor for April 22, 2021

Letters to the editor for April 22, 2021

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Obsessed with gun restrictions

The Democratic Party is known for disregarding facts, ignoring the Constitution and not applying the rule of law equally to all citizens. Their obsession with gun restrictions is simply another case of their misguided beliefs and desire to control our lives based on misinformation and untruths.

Since 2014 [through 2019], the average death rate by gun violence (from all types of guns) is about 15,000 per year. In 2019, only 364 people were killed by rifles, which recently is the main focus of the Democratic Party to ban assault rifles. In 2019, the FBI's Uniform Crime Report stated four times as many people were killed in the U.S. by stabbings than by rifles.

From January 2020 to September 2020, about 28,000 people died in car crashes. If we look at the facts, banning the assault rifle makes no sense. More people die from pistols, knives and car crashes than rifles. Are they going to ban pistols, knives and cars? No!

So why do Democrats want to ban assault rifles? The answer is simple. It's an irrational approach to a problem that they created in their minds. There is not a huge problem with deaths caused by assault rifles in the U.S. Just look at the numbers.

Remember, these are the same people who want to kill babies after they are born; these are the same people who think it is OK to require an ID to get into a movie theater but not to vote, and these are the same people who allow illegal immigrants to enter our country with COVID-19 while at the same time closing down businesses or fining business owners if they don't require face masks or fail to meet social distancing requirements.

Just look at the facts — the Democratic Party is obsessed with irrationality.





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