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Letters to the editor for April 5, 2021

Letters to the editor for April 5, 2021

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The border surge

How can President Biden not realize the mistake allowing free entrance at our southern border?

Even unaccompanied illegal migrant children entering the United States and in custody this past weekend reached more than 18,000, according to CNN.

What kind of policy is Biden orchestrating? He is so confused and stands before the press not able to articulate what he has done or will do. This is the leader of our country!

CNN estimates nearly 158,000 additional children could arrive in the next six months. As Biden stood before the press last week, he surely lied that it was Trump’s fault as well as some desert cooler weather! “Come on, man!”

Former President Trump had a policy with Mexico to keep the immigrants on the Mexican side of the border, no catch and release. Trump had the construction of the wall ongoing. Biden stopped construction, already paid for, and opened the door letting in anyone. “Come on, man!”

Anyone who voted Democratic got it wrong. Even though he said he would open the boarders. Biden stands before the press, totally scripted, attempting to look professional but very sadly comes off stoic and unhealthy.

China, Iran, and Russia are like sharks going after bait when they see the Democratic leaderless government.

Maybe the solution is to have every Biden voter family to temporarily house all illegal immigrants having crossed the border since the surge. That seems fair!




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