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Letters to the editor for April 7, 2021

Letters to the editor for April 7, 2021

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Look around folks, America is changing before our eyes and, unfortunately, no one seems to care as long as they are getting those stimulus checks.

Some changes I have noticed are: Everyone calls the AR-15 an assault rifle. It is a Armalite Rifle named for its origin. Contrary to popular belief, we have open borders, cities are defunding police departments, cities are removing qualified immunity from police officers, convicted cop killers are being appointed to police reform advisory boards, more victims in one city are shot in one weekend and there is very little media coverage.

But when mass shootings occur, the media is fast to call them hate crimes.

There are district attorneys that favor criminals over victims, governors have ruined states and face recall, Homeland Security denies there is a border crisis, the U.S. Senate and House have some very unstable members who introduce insane bills ever since a black man died in police custody. We have heard nothing but equity, equality, racism.

The president’s radical agenda is prime example of the Democrats’ motto, “tax and spend.” Immigrants are given preference over U.S. citizens, our vice president laughs before answering serious questions. And, just think, most of this is happening because the voters of this fine country have elected some very radical unstable people and now we must live with the choices.

Yes, America is changing and not in the good way. If everyone ignores the radical changes we are not going to recognize America as we know it today. Remember this when you go to the polls to elect the local, state and federal candidates. Progressive does not mean going forward, it means radical, just like the Biden administration.




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