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Letters to the editor for Feb. 14, 2021

Letters to the editor for Feb. 14, 2021


Waiting my turn

People, take a good look around you, even within yourself, at media information being received day and night. And, think who and why certain people have a tendency to perpetuate misinformation, false facts, conspiracy theories, etc., in order to influence our citizens and communities.

This type of fungus only has a tendency to destroy the respect and comradeship that we have for each other. Look at what one of the great leaders, Winston Churchill said during World War II right after a British victory over the Nazis: “It is perhaps the end of the beginning!” Then look at our present situation with COVID-19 where some of our local political leaders are supporting misinformation that our rights are being violated by the requirement to wear masks, social distancing, gun laws, etc.

What’s wrong with this picture? Who are we to believe: (1) the political officials with their questionable motives aimed at protecting their status and positions, or (2) the highly qualified expert scientists and doctors who deal with scientific facts and supported research and data who are providing these guidelines in an effort to save lives?

After the first line responders, health care professionals, and those providing critical care to others get their vaccinations to help eradicate this deplorable pandemic; in my opinion, the next vaccinations should be given to confined people, such as nursing homes, retirement facilities/communities, and prisoners.

People like myself, retired elderly veteran without disabilities, would proudly wait my turn, mask on at a distance for my vaccination.

Most of all the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be a little brighter with “The New Administration” trying desperately to bring all the people together in a healthy, truthful manner, providing rules and guidance based on scientific facts.

Wear a mask, you may save a life including yours.



Democrats’ shifting beliefs

In a matter of moments, Democrats quickly shift from believing elections are sacred to supporting overturning the election of Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene of Georgia.

It seems like only yesterday concerns over election fraud in the 2020 election were a treasonous threat to the Republic. But today is a new day and from the comments of congressmen to letters to the editor in this newspaper criticizing Reps. Ben Cline and Bob Good, Democrats are calling for her removal from committees and even her expulsion from Congress.

Rep. Greene has made some off-the-wall comments in her short political career. However, the voters of Georgia were fully aware of those comments when they voted to elect her to represent them in Congress. Denying her a seat in Congress or on committees where most of the legislative work gets done is an explicit attack on her constituents’ right to representation.

To flip-flop from ravenous outrage to a perceived as an attempt to overturn the presidential election to immediately attempting to overturn the election of Rep. Greene is the type of vile partisan hypocrisy that will keep our country divided.



Thoughts on the death penalty

The liberals want to eliminate our death penalty.

It is OK if someone kills a police officer. They always treat us like we are criminals anyway. That’s why we should defund them. And when you are in trouble, you just can call your mother. They don’t care if someone kills your family because they will be paroled in 12 years or 15 years for a life sentence.

That will teach them not to kill anyone. Those times in prison are just too long for someone trying to express themselves. If someone kills you, we will put him or her in jail for six months. Unless you think that’s too long. I personally disagree with you.



You know, balance

Newspapers often have features looking back to the past, with stories from 25, 50 or even 75 years ago.

Readers of The News & Advance only need to read Cal Thomas’ all-too-frequent scribblings to travel back to a time when there was no recognition or acknowledgement of systemic racism.

Ah, how Cal must pine for the good old days, when Ronald Reagan held a rally during his 1980 presidential campaign in Neshoba County, Mississippi, site of the murder of three civil right workers in 1964. “State’s rights!” Ronnie cried, apparently including a state’s right to subject the descendants of slaves to slavery by another name, or even to murder them.

Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, Black people!

Oh, you don’t have boots? Sorry, but it’s not my job or the government’s job to help you. Not even if that government has practiced (dare we say it?) systemic racism for centuries. Or to realize my skin color gave me a head start in life.

At least the paper that carried Cal’s latest cluelessness also carried an Associated Press article entitled “Race war evident long before Capitol siege.” Not that this represents balance, though. Putting white supremacist mythology alongside painful but truthful analysis is akin to giving flat Earthers equal time because, you know, balance.



Loving your enemy

I never understood how the governments of Europe fell into extremism during the 1930s. Not until Jan. 6, 2021, did I understand the perpetual warfare of realities that causes evil.

The big mystery lies with people of good social standings acting with evil (such CEOs, retired military members, off duty policemen, small business owner and more). This warfare started before Trump. Yes, the mean and lean politics of destruction wormed itself into all aspects of our lives from wearing masks, religious beliefs, racial relations, sports, historical interpretations and even who we chose to like or dislike.

As a Navy Damage Controlman (a firefighter), I understood fire. Fire wants to change everything it touches into itself.

Evil is spread by the heartfelt fires of division, indifference, hate and violence like any mob will do.

Evil justifies its actions by the wrongs in its opponent. Evil verses evil does not make right. As children we are taught right from wrong but evil disguises itself as righteous.

Evil can motivate by fear through power and abuse. It appeals to our self-interest (our selfishness) and it wraps itself up in strength and intimidations.

Evil says: “The weak cannot survive; therefore, fight like hell.”

To those evangelical Christian followers of extremism: what happened to “the meek will inherit the Earth?”

It saddens me to see your values left behind through anger that is produced by falsehoods. Our common gospel is not a gospel of prosperity, or a gospel of violence or a gospel of worldly politics.

Christian spiritual warfare is not of blood and violence.

Google “Didache or Teachings of the 12 Apostles” and see the values of the Early Christian Church in 140 AD. My Christian siblings through faith, for Christ’s sake, change (make your enemy a loved one).



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