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Letters to the editor for Feb. 18, 2021

Letters to the editor for Feb. 18, 2021


How does this help America?

I would like understand how higher gas/diesel prices help Americans? How does open borders with anyone coming across them help Americans? Does the country staying closed and no school for our children help anyone?

These policies put forth by the Democrats will ruin America. This will include job loss, depending on countries abroad for America’s fuel and less money for American families.

Americans should be self-sufficient with energy dependence, children should be in school and working parents should be working, as many Americans do not want government handouts but take pride in making their own way. Open borders allow more drugs and violence into our country even when many Democratic governors are allowing violent criminals back on America’s streets.

I would also like to touch on the Democrats’ claim America is racist. Americans are far from racist. People treat others with the same respect they are given. The outside is not the factor but it is what resides in one’s heart. We are all Americans, black and white, and we need to unite for the love of America and understand the Democrats are selling us out.

Black or white, please understand what your candidate stands for before going to the polls because some tell you what you want to hear for the vote and when elected do something totally different. Trump was not the most delicate speaker but someone that kept promises.

I truly believe he is a man that loves his country and the citizens of America, all of us. I would say if the Democrats are concerned with climate change bring back the horse and buggy, quit flying.


Madison Heights

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