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Letters to the editor for June 13, 2021

Letters to the editor for June 13, 2021

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What’s next after Jan. 6?

There have to be consequences. My house was invaded by an angry mob and they vandalized the place. Yes, the police were there but they were outnumbered. Therefore, the mob injured some of them and killed one. They wanted to capture or kill all the people in the house who did not think as they did. Your house was also invaded because the U.S. Capitol is the people’s house.

What about the individuals who inspired this or told them to do this; will the facts behind the invasion be investigated? I can’t believe it but some of us are unable to agree that the violent partisan mob did wrong. I can’t believe it that some of us want highly partisan state legislators to determine our election results in the future. I can’t believe it that some of us want to suppress the voters for our opponents.

What a mess we have created for ourselves! Could we be any more divided than this — where some people believe insurrection is OK and lying is made into alternative facts? Will the Lynchburg council or the Virginia Capitol or my personal home be invaded next? Who is going to stop all this?



Denial stands in the way of solutions

As I read the writings of many folk these days, I see many things that are to them a road too far. Polls suggest nearly 90% of Republicans may never believe the 2020 election was fairly decided. So many people see Trump’s Big Lie as God’s truth. The claim that liberals favor wide-open borders has been fodder for years. The fact that the borders are not now open and likely never will be seems moot. I’m also not likely to convince anyone that climate science is very settled concerning global warming, the only uncertainty being one of degrees.

The big boogie man these days is of course critical race theory, which many conservatives see as an existential threat. It seems that CRT is only as divisive as one chooses to make it. That teaching about racism is forbidden in many states is a huge mistake. It seems to me claiming that most folk are not racist and do not condone racism completely misses the point. I have never supported, participated in, nor been harmed by slavery, segregation, voter suppression, lynching, sundown towns, red-lining & lending bias, education bias, hiring and promotion bias, disparities in health care, DWB nor other things that are part and parcel of Black history. However, all along the way I know I have benefited from all these inequities to some degree, from where I grew up, to my education, my subsequent opportunities, and more as I get older. I think it’s a tall order to say there’s no such thing as systemic racism.

So far as I know, no problem is solved until we agree it exists. Perhaps that is why denial is so ingrained in right-wing dogma and affects nearly every hot-button issue.



Immigration problems are Biden’s fault

[Vice President] Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala in order to understand the “root cause” of the flood of illegals crossing our Southern border was a total waste of money and time. To see the “root cause,” all Harris and [President Joe] Biden needed to do was look in the mirror. Without question their “open border” policies are the “root cause.”

During the last administration, the policy was clear: we would enforce our laws, apprehend illegals, deport them, and strong-arm Mexico into assisting us. Guess what? Illegal border crossings dropped like a stone. But now these are back and up dramatically. Why? Because this administration has invited them and curtailed law enforcement.

When border crossings go unchecked, it isn’t only illegals (seeking a better life) that come in. We are also open to the influx of drugs, sex slaves, terrorists, and criminals of every description. When and how is that ever a good policy? Without (controlled) borders, a country isn’t a country. Perhaps you should leave your doors unlocked and see how well that works out.

Remember, this is not about legal immigration. This is about entering our country illegally, violating our laws, and draining our resources for education, medical care, food and housing. We have homeless vets, while Biden spent hundreds of thousands of dollars housing illegals in hotels because he ran out of space where he is keeping all the kids in cages.

Don’t be fooled by media spin and liberal talking points about our southern border. It is without a doubt the administration’s policies that are the cause of the flood.

FYI: This administration is shipping plane-loads of illegals unannounced to many states and unloading them mostly after midnight? New “wards” that states will bear the cost of supporting. Don’t believe me. Research it yourself.


Madison Heights


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