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Letters to the editor for June 23, 2022

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Is abortion merciful?

In response to Margaret Y. Bowling’s letter (“A perspective on abortion,” June 7): In her letter, Ms. Bowling says “Becoming a parent means accepting responsibilities. Not everyone is ready to assume child care responsibilities. … If you pressure a woman to have a child they do not want, it could be detrimental to the child. Aborting a fetus may prevent an unloved, unwanted child from the living hell many children are living in today.”

I find the argument that abortion is a loving thing to do absolutely dumbfounding. We know now that fetuses can and do feel severe pain before birth when an abortion is performed, and so the suggestion that killing — and no, we cannot get around the fact that it is indeed killing a human being — is merciful is absolutely absurd.

I would consider myself and I hope anyone else who meets me would consider me willing to listen to arguments from the side I do not agree with, but again, this is ridiculous. May I propose a very simple alternative to having a child and having him grow up neglected or abused or having the child aborted? Don’t conceive a child until you are ready to handle the responsibility; for the much smaller percentage of women who are raped and therefore impregnated, if you literally cannot handle the responsibility of raising a child and fear you will do him more harm than good, that is what adoption is for.

And also to the argument that we should kill kids to keep them from terrible lives, should we just go into foster homes and start shooting the kids there? No sane person would agree to the idea.



Political pandering

Finally, the Virginia General Assembly has passed a budget for fiscal year 2023-2024, after prancing around and playing little games with each other. Not on two decades as a state employee did I ever see a biannual budget approved so close to the end of a cycle. What’s with the grandstanding...? The governor signed off on it in a grocery store in Glen Allen, Virginia?

Additionally, what’s with the military retirement pensions tax exemption? They are federal government employees. Let the feds give them a tax exemption. What about our state and local employees who take even greater risks and more frequently, like police, corrections and fire services? Governor Youngkin sent the message they’re less important. Again, thanks for nothing.





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